Fingernails ripples

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483814 tn?1214315080 I had funky nails , {ripples ,discoloration ,also fungus .} the fungus was because my hands were wet all the time from electroplating for 30 yrs . but I remember early on ,my doc said something about the ripples and other stuff {not the fungus} , are caused from years of having hep . I did some very limited research ,seemed to confirm , now since on tx {peginterferon alpha 2b / ribavirin } I see my nails look much better . just throwing my two cents in . hope all goes well .
Avatar n tn the sagging skin on my arms and legs and the little ripples on my thighs and arms. If anyone has any suggestion for something for skin elasticity, I would love to hear about it. I started taking lutien because i read that there was a 2006 study it improves skin elasticity. Its 2010, you would think they would invent something for skin elasticity and aging skin by now. thanks!