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Avatar m tn Welcome to our Forum. I'll be pleased to answer your question. the short answer to your question is coincidence. Let me elaborate however. The timing and symptoms or your intercurrent illness correspond perfectly with what would be expected if you had experienced the ARS. the chance that it was the ARS however are vanishingly low. The reasons for this include that: 1. The same symptoms also perfectly describe the flu and your illness occurred during the flu season.
7642836 tn?1410611040 Is it true that you can't have painted fingernails for your c section? Im reading online and alot of women were saying that you cant have any on lol... thank you!
Avatar f tn I had a lot of swelling with my first two so I had to take mine off as well and wear them around my neck on a chain...
1735424 tn?1357433558 I sure do appreciate all the info. Great to hear from you, Hector. Wishing you the best, friend. Thanks again.
1674823 tn?1307263620 I have been noted to have domed fingernails but not apparently 'clubbed' They have been like this as long as I can remember What might cause domed nails but not clubbed. ???
Avatar f tn The doctor says my thyroid hormone levels fluctuates as do my symptoms. My fingernails are the worst and I am so very tired and weak. They are very soft and thin with ridges. I thought the synthyroid was supposed to help with these issues. Am I wrong and is something else going wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263637'>Fingernails indicative of thyroid problems?</a>.
745313 tn?1323142298 I knew about the thinning hair, which I am experiencing to a much, MUCH worse degree than I expected (but hey, it's summer!! ) But I have never read anything about tx affecting your fingernails. It only makes sense, as they are both made of the same thing - but has anyone else had this problem? Mine are awful! They are like paper, thin, peeling, and constantly ripping, even though they are cut completely short.
Avatar f tn Anyone have terrible fingernails with their VDD? I ask because for the past few years my nails have been very blah, the minute they start to grow they just split and peel. Now, I have noticed being on the VD for the past few weeks/months my nails finally seem to be growing slowly and not splitting or peeling, yet anyhow.
1067423 tn?1267740670 Hey there, girl.....I don't know. It sounds terrible. When I was getting chemo, I had an eruption of psoriasis and I lost my toenails and they aren't coming back....chemo ended 5 years ago. I hurt my toes all the time; but I know it would be much worse if it was my finger nails. I wish I could offer some help. Maybe someone will come along and know something helpful. Have you spoken to your doc or your chemo team about this? That's a good place to start.
Avatar n tn Do you wear rings? Or something on the hand. Never heard of this from B12, but some silver jewelry can do this.
Avatar n tn My mother, age 84, has had a pacemaker for approximately five years. Is jewelry containing magnets something that is okay for her?
Avatar f tn LMAO Thank you Thank you nooooo diamonds and thats OK. I have never worn much jewelry .he gave me a diamond necklace for Christmas I never take it off .Besides tat and my ring I don't wear any .I like clothes LOL so he gave me a visa gift card.We were going to go to dinner ,but we ended up taking our puppy to walk the trails at the park .We are going to go out tommrow .We are such dorks......
Avatar f tn Do you have to remove all body jewelry before labor? I have my tongue and nose pierced,belly ring fel out.
Avatar m tn If HIV fluid got under your fingernails from hand-genital contact, does the virus die immediately while underneath the fingernails? My understanding is that the virus is damaged/non infectious immediately when fluids are transferred onto the hands no matter if its under the fingernails or any other part of the hand. I think I already know the answer but I would appreciate a response. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Mouth jewelry can injure your child’s gums and teeth. Your child’s gums may be injured or recede (move away form your teeth) if they are in constant contact with the jewelry. Having an object in the mouth all of the time increases the production of saliva. This can contribute to tooth and gum decay. Additionally, the jewelry can cause cracked teeth and damage fillings, crowns, and orthodontics.
Avatar n tn Hi, please tell me what can have caused my fingernails to get purple/bluish after one day of running much more than I was used, on July 14th. Since then, my fingernails stayed purple/bluish. I have gone through EKG, echo, xray, CT scan, blood work and spirometry test, all came back normal. What other tests can I take?
Avatar n tn For the placenta encapsulation I quotidian contact your local doula league/association.
Avatar n tn Four days ago a friend of mine -- who has a problem with my sexual acts -- told me I should stop because I can get HIV if semen gets underneath my fingernails. He told me that underneath the fingernail is mucous membranes that will get infected. I cant find any information about this but it cant be true can it?!?? Short hand -- IF I get semen underneath my fingernails am i at risk for HIV?????
372900 tn?1315512302 well I am on bedrest I make jewelry as hobby to but reading is a big thing with me I am in love with my kindle. I did learn how to do the whole extreme couponing thing which actually hassaved us tons of money.
1237579 tn?1268030575 Can you hide the pens and pencils somewhere else? I used to let my little boy play with safe things in my closet as I organized and dusted my room. He loved my jewelry box too.
Avatar f tn I buy and sell vintage leather coats and purses, jewelry and other stuff I also make jewelry and my **** is everywhere and I mean everywhere. I got the bedroom where I keep my vintage things cleaned up now I'm trying to clean my sewing room where I have all my jewelry making stuff, there's so much it's making my head spin and now my back is sore as hell so I'm going to quite for today. I feel overwhelmed but I have to keep thinking 1 minute at a time when I feel overwhelmed..
Avatar f tn I am not spam or anything like that. There is a website where you can get free silver jewelry when you pay shipping ($5.99). A major magazine (Woman's Day) had an article about them and the editor had bought some jewelry and said it was amazing. Check out the website! It's SilverJewelryClub.
Avatar m tn I recently visited an escort and she was inserting a rubber dildo into her vagina. After she was done with it I stupidly grabbed the toy with my hand and as hard as i could I pressed my fingernails into the toy shaft. I don't know why I did that but I am paranoid that my fingertips or underneath my fingernails I contracted hsv or hpv.