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Avatar n tn I have been on Synthroid and Thyroid (Armour) for hypothyroidism for two years. I have very weak, thin, finger nails that break or split horizontally and/or vertically, moons only on my thumb and 1st fingers, multiple thin ridges going up and down on my nail beds & a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. I also have mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation - grade 3. Are my fingernails indicative of either my thyroid or heart problem?
Avatar n tn I used to bite my fingernails, and one of my teachers warned me that my fingernails would start growing up instead of straight out and over the ridge of my finger. Well, I think that's happened. My nails seem to bend upward as they grow, away from my finger beds. It looks rather funny and I file my nails down as often as possible to make it look as best as it can. Is there any way to remedy this problem? Can fingernails be trained to grow downward?
Avatar n tn a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. Are these heartbeats normal for MVP and are my finger nails indicative of either my heart problem or my thyoid?
Avatar m tn Have you had any trauma or infections? Because in such situations scar tissue could pull the penis down causing a bend in it. Consult a urologist to see if it is peyronnie’s disease, which can be ruled out only on physical examination. I f there is no pain and no interference with sexual activity, then should not be concerned so much, but if any symptoms are present, I would suggest that you get a full workup done. Best.
Avatar f tn A few months later, my fingernails became soft and tend to bend down toward the finger as they grow out. Later the skin on my fingers began to take on a constant "pruny" look; as if I had just been soaking in water. Are these all the symptoms of a fungal infection; the same infection?
Avatar n tn My symptoms include a diagnosed heart murmur, arrhythmias, mild lightheadness, abnormally growing fingernails (see next question), and pressure in middle of chest when I bend down. Dr. has alluded to, but not confirmed, a heart valve problem. 2) All my fingernails have recently started dipping or curving down. Years ago, I read this could be connected to heart disease, but my doctors don't appear to believe this is related. Have you any information about this subject?
Avatar f tn head, welts on arms and face, rapid weight gain (without eating bad), sore muscles and joints, fingernails are beginning to bend back, headache and much more. I know these symptoms are all familiar to you and I need your help. I have seen an endo and a rheumatologist. No one can figure out the severe welts that I get. The endo says my labs aren't bad enough to treat. I'm wondering what your opinions are. T3 95 T4 .8 TSH 1.98 My T4 was 1.
333672 tn?1273796389 I think I was walking faster, but very stiff-legged. I have this tendency to not bend my knees when I walk (not my imagination; the PT noticed this). I did scrape my foot on the pavement a couple times near the end, but all in all it was pretty decent. I also managed to cut the fingernails on my right hand with the regular clippers and not with the mondo size ones that my husband got somewhere that I have to use when I need the leverage. The last time I cut my fingernails, I couldn’t do this.
Avatar n tn About one year ago, I inflicted trauma to two of my fingernails while wearing acrylics. I began picking at the cuticles on one side of each nail (thumb on right hand and middle finger on left hand) to a point where I had separated the nail from the nail bed down to the base of the nail. I then developed a fungus as evidenced by the greenish color forming at the base of the nail where it was detached from the skin. I removed the acrylics and tried treating the fungus.
Avatar f tn But it only hurts when i bend my finger or apply pressure to the bump. My finger is also a tiny bit swollen. In the picture attached, The bump in the red circle is the new one, and the bumps in the black circle, are the old ones that are going away. someone please help! please!
919799 tn?1246037666 Can this just be swelling in front if the shins ? I've had this swelling for months on the left leg but it starts at the bend where my foot meets my leg /ankle then there is a hump from there for about 2-1/2 -3 in up my shin area -wish I could post a pic with this iPhone.I don't have pitting and its not severe but I've definitely wondered about it for months no redness.
Avatar n tn My symptoms include a diagnosed heart murmur, arrhythmias, mild lightheadness, abnormally growing fingernails (see next question), and pressure in middle of chest when I bend down. Dr. has alluded to, but not confirmed, a heart valve problem. 2) All my fingernails have recently started dipping or curving down. Years ago, I read this could be connected to heart disease, but my doctors don't appear to believe this is related. Have you any information about this subject?
636562 tn?1223671045 The docs think I'm crazy and shrug me off. 2 years ago, a few days after my grandfather passed away, a DIP joint on my right hand became tender. It very slowly worsened and a few months later I could see where it was swelling slightly over the joint (if I applied pressure or stretched my hand it would blanch and turn white over the knuckle).
903476 tn?1242240637 I woke up this morning and out of nowhere with extreme pain in my right thumb, it dose get worse when I try to use it and then the pain goes shooting down my wrist. I'm a moderately healthy 35 year old woman I do have some medical issues one of witch dose cause severe arthritis but my osteochondritis dissecans is nowhere near my right thumb it's primarily in my ankles and knees, and it takes many years of noticeable grinding to cause enough damage to cause arthritis.
Avatar f tn Mother nature developed a system to seal the trachea whener there is danger of drowning. Even saliva going down the trachea could produce this response. Fortunately, as muscles develop, this problem tends to go away as the infant grows. You are going to have to keep a close watch on the child - a little bit closer watch that is usual. Momtofourboys deserves two hugs and a kiss for her suggestion to videotape the child, which I didn't think of.
Avatar f tn Just because a man is uncut does not mean he will have a odor or will get an infection and man can have a odor down there from being dirty same with infections my husband is not cut and our son won't be either read about it I don't understand putting them through all that pain for something that is not even medically necessary
Avatar m tn It is going to take at least a week for her to comfortably be able to walk around and up to 1 1/2 weeks before she will be able to bend comfortably. EVen after the 1 week mark she will still be tired and sore. My steri strips weren't removed until my post op appt 1 week after surgery, and then he replaced them with a second set for another week. So i couldn't swim or take a bath for 2 weeks....showers only.
Avatar f tn It's a major surgery and they offer it here in the states as if they're offering to clip your fingernails. Unless it's medically necessary, vaginal is better. If your life or the baby is in danger or if you have complications and need it then go for it. But don't think that getting a c section will save you pain because theybusually hurt more and for a lot longer than delivering vaginally.
Avatar f tn Over here it's more typical to have them separated completely (as in the hob/stovetop is built into the countertop with normal storage underneath and the oven and grill are built into cabinets about 5 feet off the ground. I love not having to always bend up and down just to get stuff out! Great for those low energy days. Kyle, your kitchen looks great! Is this the finishing touch?
Avatar n tn I have had worsening ailments for 10 years. Diagnosed with degen. disc disease of L2-S1 by 1994 lumbar MRI. CT myelogram and discogram in 2000 revealed bulging, torn, leaking discs L2-S1 with L5 nerve root sheaths contact and moderate narrowing of neural foramen and lateral recesses at L2-S1 and a spondylolysis on L5. I take ms contin, ketoprofin, and ambien. In 1997 a failed discogram caused a CSF leak for 9 days.
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Avatar n tn Then it radiates down my left back, behind my shoulder blade and pushes into my spine in that area, and also down my outer left side. This effects my shoulders also. I have a lot of swelling throughout the whole upper left area, including the shoulder. When I look in the mirror, my stature is off, and one shoulder sits higher than the other. Is there anyone with this sort of symptom? I've heard they can remove scar tissue, but I can't seem to find any information on it.
Avatar n tn i wish there was a doctor out there that can tell me what this is... my finger hurts so bad that i cant bend it all the way.. thats partly because its swollen too.. and if i bend it the skin will crack.. i try gloves with cream at nite... but everything is just an endless hope! I hope they can help you soon so this wont be you in a few years...
Avatar n tn Geeeee....I love this "area" for posting, and I will cry "blue tears" when we fill this up to the "thread full" notice. :>) Honey:::: I was hoping you were going to "check in" down yonder here.....this is my second visit down here in "Blue Haven" would think that I do not have a is a good thing I am off to my exercise class soon, it will force me out the door today........
Avatar n tn It is normal to be stressed and scared by illness, moreover something is disturbing your cognitive functions, slowing them down, therefore you need to slow down a bit too. The fact that you were in Rome in Sept. 2011 is a impressive coincidence.
Avatar n tn The rash is mainly in the areas of my knuckles (at the base of my fingers) with the tiny blisters going up to the base of my fingernails. It goes down the webbed area between thumb and forefinger (bilaterally), and continues to my palms and faintly on the wrists. It has crept up slightly toward my ankles but is mainly at the base of my toes (top of feet). It is itchy. The skin at the rash seems thick and tough.
1000775 tn?1256918922 Then 3 months ago out of the blue my thumb tendon broke while I was clipping my fingernails (yes, cliping fingernails). I surf and and quite active an wish I had a better story, but I was cliping my nails. It was painless, in fact, it reduced a little pain and carpal tunnel. The doc said "you broke your thumb tendon" I asked why and he said sometimes it happens with a collapsed scaphoid.
Avatar n tn Now it is May 5th, 2008 and I have 2 more weeks of therapy left but still the finger is a little stiff. I can bend it but not fully and in terms of going back up it doesn't move at all. The therapist has told me that doctor's could do another surgery to loosen up the tendons but I will wait to ask a doctor until my therapy is done. The questions that I had is: 1) What are the chances that I can still gain full momentum in my pinky finger?