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Avatar f tn Its so hard to bend down to trim my nails or even shave. Being soo big isn't fun. Sigh. I heard waxing is very painful while pregnant. So I haven't waxed just shaved.
Avatar f tn hi, i finished my chemo for her2 br/cancer just over a year ago and my nails just keep on peeling back thin. I had the hardest nails around,you could not bend them,they were good. now they are thin and disgusting , will they go hard again and how long will it take. I am running out of patients,I am sick of them peeling thin.Its so annoying.I think a year and a half they should be back to normal by now. Please help me with more info.
Avatar f tn My fingernail has a dent in it! How did it come down and how do I get rid of the nail dent?
Avatar m tn The main problem at the moment is, about once a week my one or two of my 10 fingertips/nails will get extremely sensitive and i will experience extreme pain when i try to bend them. So now i can barely bend my fingertips/nails and i have to be very careful of what and how i touch everything. This pain last about 2 or 3 days in each fingertip then it moves of to another finger. The pain seems to be mostly under my fingernails.
Avatar f tn Im 30weeks tomorrow its grttin hard to bend down is it onky gonna get worse ??
Avatar n tn At how many weeks did you ladies just weren't able to bend down any longer ? For me it's been months now but my oldest brothera wife feels no sympathy when I drop something down. She acts like she didn't see me drop anything.
Avatar n tn Last 4 days I've felt so exhausted. I can't bend down much any more without pain and I feel like she is bearing down and had an urge to push when finishing going for a wee the other day. I feel very run down. How are you doing?
Avatar f tn head, welts on arms and face, rapid weight gain (without eating bad), sore muscles and joints, fingernails are beginning to bend back, headache and much more. I know these symptoms are all familiar to you and I need your help. I have seen an endo and a rheumatologist. No one can figure out the severe welts that I get. The endo says my labs aren't bad enough to treat. I'm wondering what your opinions are. T3 95 T4 .8 TSH 1.98 My T4 was 1.
1674823 tn?1307263620 I have been noted to have domed fingernails but not apparently 'clubbed' They have been like this as long as I can remember What might cause domed nails but not clubbed. ???
Avatar f tn The doctor says my thyroid hormone levels fluctuates as do my symptoms. My fingernails are the worst and I am so very tired and weak. They are very soft and thin with ridges. I thought the synthyroid was supposed to help with these issues. Am I wrong and is something else going wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263637'>Fingernails indicative of thyroid problems?</a>.
745313 tn?1323142298 I knew about the thinning hair, which I am experiencing to a much, MUCH worse degree than I expected (but hey, it's summer!! ) But I have never read anything about tx affecting your fingernails. It only makes sense, as they are both made of the same thing - but has anyone else had this problem? Mine are awful! They are like paper, thin, peeling, and constantly ripping, even though they are cut completely short.
Avatar f tn Anyone have terrible fingernails with their VDD? I ask because for the past few years my nails have been very blah, the minute they start to grow they just split and peel. Now, I have noticed being on the VD for the past few weeks/months my nails finally seem to be growing slowly and not splitting or peeling, yet anyhow.
1067423 tn?1267740670 Hey there, girl.....I don't know. It sounds terrible. When I was getting chemo, I had an eruption of psoriasis and I lost my toenails and they aren't coming back....chemo ended 5 years ago. I hurt my toes all the time; but I know it would be much worse if it was my finger nails. I wish I could offer some help. Maybe someone will come along and know something helpful. Have you spoken to your doc or your chemo team about this? That's a good place to start.
Avatar f tn Don't just bend down. Try squatting down first and then reaching for what ever it is. Don't want to put pressure on your stomach.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had fingernails split down middle? What does 9,430,000 iu - 6.
768015 tn?1333652075 The baby was moving last night afterwards but I am still scared. Is this all in my head or did I hurt my baby? How am I supposed to bend down now? Thanks!!
Avatar f tn It is small and she can pull it out at any time and roll it and bend it and probably reproduce the same feeling she gets from picking holes in her clothes. try something like that and consider that she may have something under the umbrella of anxiety. Straight anxiety or a mild ocd tendancies.
Avatar m tn I guess with guilt from the handjob got me thinking when I was laying on my stomach so back facing her, when she started I felt small pokes but not major which probably was her fingernails? I read on 13 if indeed if was a needle it would be felt like deep sharp pain. Should I be be worried or get testing down now?
Avatar f tn This is so frustrating! I can't grow my fingernails out at all, because when I do, parts of my fingernails 'droop' over the tip of my fingers. It's not the entire nail -not like a club nail- it's just parts of the nail. Parts of the nail are straight while other parts of the same nail 'droop.' The mail becomes 'wavy.' Almost as if parts of the nail are stronger than the rest of the nail. All of my fingernails are like this.
Avatar m tn If HIV fluid got under your fingernails from hand-genital contact, does the virus die immediately while underneath the fingernails? My understanding is that the virus is damaged/non infectious immediately when fluids are transferred onto the hands no matter if its under the fingernails or any other part of the hand. I think I already know the answer but I would appreciate a response. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I'm 21 years old man.I have a strange habit of biting my fingernails and playing with them in my mouth and finally i used to bite them to pieces and chew them. I have been doing these for years. I'm weighing 52 kg. Many say that 52 is very less for my age. I haven't seen any improvement in my weight for 5 years. Is my underweight is due to chewing fingernails. I used to skip breakfast for nearly 8 years.
Avatar n tn Hi, please tell me what can have caused my fingernails to get purple/bluish after one day of running much more than I was used, on July 14th. Since then, my fingernails stayed purple/bluish. I have gone through EKG, echo, xray, CT scan, blood work and spirometry test, all came back normal. What other tests can I take?