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687079 tn?1230952212 hi today my hands are cold and my fingernails have just the slightest tint of blue to them i am also weak (my thyroid is getting pretty low t4 ) but i get this weakness a lot i checked my bp and it was fine 120/74 heart rate is steady no pain or anything, my lips are not blue - i called the endo and she said low thyroid would not do this so not to worry, i was wondering if anyone else had this? i know we have a lot of symptoms that the docs do not recognize so.....
Avatar n tn At times, there are symptoms of oxygen starvation, feeling of unwellness, and sometimes, fingernails, lips go blue. More recently, there was such an episode and the palm of my right hand went blue. I know that when this happens, my oxygen sat goes down because once, I went to A&E, explained the symptoms. The doc took my oxygen sat and this was down to 90%. It was probably much lower, because by the time I saw the doctor, symptoms had subsided. Any idea what these are.
Avatar f tn A couple years,ago after an mri with contrast my nails turned blue and stayed that way until they grew out. I was told it was toxicity probably from contrast. Now I have developed the lines. My Dr told me today its from something toxic possibly a med or it could be something systemic. He seemed very unconcerned although did say it sometimes leads to a necrosis. Does anybody have this? Could it be related to autonomic dysfunction?
Avatar n tn It may be heart related. But when you say "red" turning to "blue" those are colors associated with Raynauds. Do his hands ever look a waxy white color, particularly the finger tips? Just another thing to think about. They can do a capillary test to see if he has Raynauds. Somehow they check the fingernails. I haven't had it done. My doctor took a look at my cold, gray feet and said I had Raynauds. You can google it for more information, see if it fits.
Avatar n tn Do you notice any other parts of your body turning purble or blue like the tip of your nose or your toes? I know you said that your fingers do not feel cold, but what would happen if you put your fingers into contact with something cold?
Avatar m tn The possibilities are quite extensive for lips turning blue, and you can do a differential dx by eliminating that what you know cannot be a condition for you. Hope this helps, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar n tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! This could be due to pressure at the wrist joint causing the median nerve to get compressed. This is called carpel tunnel syndrome. The nail beds turning blue is due to reduced blood supply, which can be avoided by keeping the hands warm. A pressure at the wrist too can reduce the blood supply. Another possibility is diabetes causing peripheral neuropathy. Hypothyroidism and obesity too can cause pressure symptoms at the wrist.
518117 tn?1429279873 I had all the classic symptoms such as the coughing, mucus, sob, etc. But, lately I am noticing new symptoms. My fingernails are turning blue, swelling of the ankles and memory problems. The memory problems are of great concern to me. I am forgetting things that usually come easy for me. Also, hard to explain but my speech is being effected as well. Words just are not coming out right at times. My question is does these new symptoms mean that my COPD is progressing?
Avatar f tn A trip to the emergency room was prompted by his symptoms of throwing up, then proceding to pass out, turn white with blue lips and fingernails. The ER staff said he looked like a drowning victim when we arrived. His blood pressure was 94/64 and his heart rate was very low. After reading about this nerve disorder, the symptoms sounds like what he has. Such as the stomach problems. i.e., indigestion, not feeling full ( he wants to eat constantly).
Avatar n tn I had a collapsed lung following surgery some time back and the blue fingernails were a sign of oxygen deficiency that the nurses checked for almost continuously. This site is not monitored or moderated by an MD, so you will only get patient to patient feedback here. I would suggest that you call you doctor immediately, describe your stmptoms, and see what she/he suggests. I would not delay in making that call, either. Best of luck. I hope all goes well.
518117 tn?1429279873 As I have stated in my last posts, these changes have me really worried and somewhat afraid I admit. Fingernails turning blue, right now my feet and ankles are really swollen and there is probs with memory. Several months ago, I had extreme swelling pretty much all over body. Didn't think too much of it at the time. But, I have never had problems with swelling. I now know it is the COPD. I recently read that there are blue bloaters and pink puffers in COPD.
Avatar f tn My BP had been pretty stable since. Lately I have been having severe fatigue, and recently my nail beds and lips started turning blue. My BP and heart rate are also pretty labile right now, with my BP varying from 98/59-155/90 and my heart rate from 50 to 80. I am guessing something has gone whacky with my medications, and while I am waiting to see my doctor thought I'd ask if anyone has any ideas what is going on? I also have high cholesterol.
9704378 tn?1486774163 I kept waiting and waiting... guess he's gonna be just as pale as mom lol. Blue eyed still too, but i see that there turning green around the pupil.
Avatar n tn The thing that gets us the most is about an hour before she quit breathing my husband made comments to the nurse about the lips looking blue then under her fingernails (we learned alot when she was 1st born from the children's hospital). The nurse came into look at her without turning the lights on (just light from other bed) plus she was in the oxygen tent.
Avatar n tn The oxygen is carried by the part of the red blood cell called hemoglobin. Turning blue may be caused by low hemoglobin or anything that causes the blood to leave the lungs before the hemoglobin has soaked up all of the oxygen that it possibly can. Some examples are problems of the lung or problems of the heart.
536121 tn?1213800530 He confirmed the diagnosis of COPD. I am now having some problems with my COPD. Fingernails turning blue and left ankle is swelling. Doesnt seem like that would be serious. But, with COPD it is. Symptoms very possibly indicating my oxygen level is dropping and there could be congestive heart failure. And I have no insurance. Even if we could get insurance now, I am uninsurable. Pre-existing condition. But, somehow you need to have further tests done.
Avatar m tn I find that so frustrating , as I always had lots of energy in the past. My fingernails are turning blue. I have a left ankle that is swelling. Never had that problem in my life. Left ankle swelling could very possibly mean that COPD is effecting my heart somehow as well. I am praying not. Then, I am dreading winter. This past winter I was sick quite often. Bronchitis twice, pleurisy and pneumonia. I was always a healthy person. So much has changed with this disease. But, I am trying to cope.
Avatar n tn Last Thursday, I went to the emergency room with blue fingernails and lips, shortness of breath, shaking, and dizzyness. This hit me suddenly during a quiet reading session alone in my room, and it scared me quite thoroughly. Moreover, when I arrived at the hospital and saw the doctor, he told me that my health was fine. Since then, I have had numerous "attacks" with varying degrees of these same symptoms. I have an appointment on Monday, if nothing happens between now and then.
Avatar f tn I'm new to this forum. I can't say "yay" or "nay" to the colloidal silver. However, someone recently urged me to take NANO silver. He said is clears the body more rapidly than the other. I have not rushed out to try it yet. I'm wondering if anyone does have any knowledge about this/has tried Nano silver? And the results it may or may not have on hep c. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Sometimes, its hard for me to recover from a chilly area. I have turned blue in 70 degree weather and was shaking violently. My fingernails also turned blue. When I was in middle school, an administrator saw me like this and demanded I go to the nurse because he thought I had a high fever, but my temperature was normal. More recently, I turned blue and coworkers thought I wasn't getting enough oxygen but I got it tested and it was 100% saturated.
Avatar n tn we will have to wear blue too. Blue fingernails, etc.....only eat blue food on that day/night (blue cotton candy)...(now I am turning blue from laughing) Heck you guys are invited to my place for a Blue Moon PJ party!!!!!!!! You can bring your Dudes with you, and we will let the guys go do some Guy Thing...and we can eat and talk, eat and talk, eat and talk...the Girl Things.......I love it. I wrote it on my calendar already!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn The usual method of checking this in adults is a wrist blood draw for arterial blood gases, As long as there is no cyanois, meaning oxygen deficit, reflected by blue lips or blue fingernails, and the baby is not excessively agitated, the chances are this is a normal method of mainatining homeostasis.
168348 tn?1379360675 Been years since she's been on that and hope for a better night -- this came out of the blue and they say the 2nd night can be the worst of 3. 17 .... she used to get croup as a toddler/child all the time but it's been years. All I've read here says it's rare in an adult. Croup - http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I had a second lapse of vomiting/diarrhea and I saw my lips and fingernails were blue. I was really dizzy by this time. Now it's the evening and my stomach has been turning all day. I am very dizzy when I stand up and have been lying down all day. I lost over 3 lbs today from diarrhea/vomit. I have a headache too--I don't know if I might be dehydrated? The hives are basically gone, the blueness didn't last long, I haven't vomited in hours, though I still have diarrhea when I go.
636562 tn?1223671045 The blue discoloration isn't in response to cold, the fingers with the worst symptoms sometimes turn cold and the fingernails turn pale purplish-blue when I've used my hands a lot. First they get hot, warm to the touch, and inflamed.....then they turn cold. To me it's almost as if the swelling starts to restrict the circulation so they go from hot and swollen to pale and cold. But it's just certain fingers, usually whichever ones are having the most problems that week.
Avatar n tn I used to say it felt like someone was trying to climb out that opening and using their fingernails to do it! Once in a while I would get them all of a sudden and then nothing. I think it can be normal.
Avatar n tn If you start feeling like your not getting enough air, look at your fingernails, if they are not really blue, your getting plenty of air. I used to go to the emergency room, and they would laugh when they showed me that I was getting 98% oxygen all on my own and that there was nothing to freak out about. Chill out and tell yourself your fine. It takes alot to knock the life out of someone. Anxiety won't do it. Hope this helps.
377493 tn?1356505749 I don't know about the clear blue tests, but I got early bfp with PRER digital and when I got my beta, my beta was actually much lower than it should have been for dpIUI. Since my beta was low, I know the FRER digital must have been picking up a pretty low hcg. As for the spotting, I started bleeding 16dpIUI. I don't really call it spotting, because it came on pretty strong like AF was here, but then it stopped almost as quickly as it started.
Avatar n tn I haven't noticed the fatigue as much anymore and that seems to be a thing of the past. Just some days out of the blue,,I am congested. I still am trying to tackle that with a humidifier. The biggest concern I have at the moment that bothers me and I would love to see that go away is the brain fog still. I would think by now,,it would be gone! I often have that spaced out feeling. My hair did not grow back as thick as it was post tx,,I can live with that.
182884 tn?1259316506 He could have done a Lumbar Fusion but he said he could not fuse all five levels and not only do I have five bad levels now but the Degeneration is moving up the spine. He has not where he could put that many levels.I also have poor cirulation ( blue colored fingernails and cold feet) It all amounts to he doesnt have the know how to do any other thing with my back. If the Workmans Comp had done what they should have back in 2001 or by 2003 my back would not be what it is now.