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687079 tn?1230952212 hi today my hands are cold and my fingernails have just the slightest tint of blue to them i am also weak (my thyroid is getting pretty low t4 ) but i get this weakness a lot i checked my bp and it was fine 120/74 heart rate is steady no pain or anything, my lips are not blue - i called the endo and she said low thyroid would not do this so not to worry, i was wondering if anyone else had this? i know we have a lot of symptoms that the docs do not recognize so.....
Avatar n tn I am 6 weeks post chemo (Taxotere and Carboplatin) and my fingernails turned black about 3 weeks ago. Now the black spots are turning white and my nails are very loose around the white spots. I trimmed them very low and have been using "Hard as Nails." Anyone else experience this? What did you do? Has anyone actually had their nails fall off altogether? Thank you!
Avatar n tn the only way to know one's status is by testing.
Avatar n tn I am referring this post because the two comments after the doctors reply perfectly describe something my girlfriend has had. It's was small, hard, and clear white. It was a lot like a finger nail material. I found it on her scalp while running my hands through her hair. I was very firm and pokey.
Avatar m tn Today it was observed that my grandson's fingernails and toe nails seemed to be turning white in coloration and are becoming slightly brittle. Is this possibly a vitamin deficiency or could it something more serious?
Avatar f tn This does occur often. Recently we notice that some of his fingernails is turning white from the end of his fingernail to the top. He is not showing an symptoms, or sickness. What is the cause of this?
Avatar n tn sometims my middle finger becomes numb--cold and turns white and the nailbed is blue.
Avatar f tn I have never seen or heard of anybody else with this problem and I was wondering what the cause of it is and if it has anything to do with my nutrition. I understand that normal and healthy fingernails are pink at the base, with a white tip. My tips only stay white for a very short time before slowly turning clear. Any advice about how to prevent this and/or what it means would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn It may be heart related. But when you say "red" turning to "blue" those are colors associated with Raynauds. Do his hands ever look a waxy white color, particularly the finger tips? Just another thing to think about. They can do a capillary test to see if he has Raynauds. Somehow they check the fingernails. I haven't had it done. My doctor took a look at my cold, gray feet and said I had Raynauds. You can google it for more information, see if it fits.
Avatar f tn A trip to the emergency room was prompted by his symptoms of throwing up, then proceding to pass out, turn white with blue lips and fingernails. The ER staff said he looked like a drowning victim when we arrived. His blood pressure was 94/64 and his heart rate was very low. After reading about this nerve disorder, the symptoms sounds like what he has. Such as the stomach problems. i.e., indigestion, not feeling full ( he wants to eat constantly).
Avatar f tn ) aha your baby is completely unaffected, hell even you're completely unaffected hair dies once it leaves your scalp just like your fingernails turning white when they grow past the tip, it's just hair
Avatar n tn About 7 month ago I've got fungal toe nails infection, 5 month later my fingernails got some discoloration (started turning white from the nail bed). My doctor prescribed terbinafine. Afer taking this medication for about 30 days I realized that on both thumbs of my fingernails lunulas atarted turning pink from the nailbed. I know that nails tells us a lot of information about systemic health. What could cause such a problem? Please help me! I can't get rid of the nasty infections.
Avatar m tn On and off for the last three years my fingernails have been turning completly white, only to retain its pinkish color and return white again. During these times when my fingernails turn white I feel like I'm going to get the flu, but never quite do and lasts for a couple of weeks accompanied by fatigue. For the last 6 months I have had loose stools just about everyday. Doctors ran blood test and didn't find anything.
Avatar n tn The infections cleared up on their own, but a few days later I noticed part of both of my nails were turning white at the cuticle. Then the white part of the nails seemed to start to separate from the cuticle area and slough off. Now on both of my fingers, about half of the nail is missing and there is only nail bed. I have been looking for nail to start growing on the missing portions where the infection had been, but nothing appears to have grown and it has been three months!
9704378 tn?1486774163 I've been wondering the same thing lol . I'm having a mixed baby and I know that when all babys are born their basically white . It's crazy that I takes up to a month tho .
Avatar m tn I am 74 years of age.3 years back my right toe nail started turning black.U went to dermatologist.Started medicines anti fungal as ointment and tabelets.but it git completely black and with cracks. i had to got it was very painful.New nail came white n healthy but 3 months later it too turned black..and my toe got inflammation due to injury and again nail got removed. now it has been 4th time nail extraction. Dr says its fungal infection but its not getting cured.
Avatar n tn Sore blistered tongue HURTS distinct Night blindness pale skin/ gray lips little white bumps on my bottom left eyelid right now Deep cystic nodular acne over entire face and neck (NEVER had acne until 23ish) dizziness-faintness when standing/crouching complete brain fog, almost impossible to focus or function irritability inexplainable bruising breath tastes bad over last 2 years, increases in body odor no matter how much I shower chronic sinus drainage - never feels like a cold since
Avatar m tn Itchy rash sounds like eczema, don't know bout the turning brown part, tho. Put some vaseline on it after you shower, before you dry off. Eczema needs to be kept moist, the vaseline seals the moisture in.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who has noticed the moons on your fingernails changing color at all? I have always had nice white moons but right before I started tx this past Jan. I noticed they were turning red and the moons were disappearing but now that I am on the last month of tx they are returning to normal. I have cirhosis and I was having horrible symptoms of bloating and pain in the abdomen.
Avatar n tn My current ailment seems to be an inflamed tongue covered with tiny blisters that HURT. It's not white or really that detectable to the eye unless you look closely but its been this way for a week. Today the Dr. says "no one knows why this happens" despite me telling him that I was concerned that all of my strange ailments could possibly be from a vitamin deficiency...he promptly corrected me by saying that he was the Dr.
Avatar f tn While these changes may be related to cysticercosis of another infectious inflammatory etiology, the dilated perivascular spaces, adjacent white matter gliosis and other peripheral white matter changes most likely are all related to ischemia. All of my life I have been having blindness spells where I will be usually walking from a lit room or outside to a dark room and my vision will fade to black for 3-5 seconds. I did not know this was abnormal because it has happened since I was a child.
Avatar n tn I have other symptoms that may or may not be related. One is the persistent vision of white spots (not floaters) that has been diagnosed as simply viewing the blood cells in the vessels of the retina. The other is occasional weakness of my thighs and reduction of field of vision when when rising from a squat (before the neck problems I practiced weight training).
Avatar f tn If you eliminate protein and medication as the source, one way to check for a blood problem is to look at your fingernails, squeeze one, and when you let go, blood should come right back, turning the white pressure point back to pink. I have low blood pressure and some anemia, my nails don't look very pink to begin with, plus the blood is slow to return them to their original whitish pink color.
529981 tn?1212853666 My hair has also started to fall out and at the end of my hair, a white little grain is at the end. Hair will not stop falling out. I have gotten blood tests at a dermatology office and everything was normal. I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair.
Avatar m tn The only place to get tested from the UK is asking a doctor to draw a blood sample and sending to Red Labs Belgium.It costs atleast £500.
Avatar n tn I have had worsening ailments for 10 years. Diagnosed with degen. disc disease of L2-S1 by 1994 lumbar MRI. CT myelogram and discogram in 2000 revealed bulging, torn, leaking discs L2-S1 with L5 nerve root sheaths contact and moderate narrowing of neural foramen and lateral recesses at L2-S1 and a spondylolysis on L5. I take ms contin, ketoprofin, and ambien. In 1997 a failed discogram caused a CSF leak for 9 days.
Avatar n tn This tx has really turned me sooooo white. I naturally have a olive tone skin color and really get dark during the summer but this summer is going to be a different story! After being down all last week, I suppose I somewhat got a burst of energy at the least to cook a large meal, which I am glad I did! Had my brother over and my big sissy surprised us and drove down from Ft. Worth (5 hour drive). Could not wait to go to bed last nite, it was a chore to walk back there to the bedroom!
330481 tn?1309491843 I am taking 1 supp at bedtime. I hate that I am going to be even MORE tired then I already am. Ugh. And I am scared of the mood swings. Did you guys have those?