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Avatar n tn misshaped fingernails turning yellow kind of warbly and flat in spots and are not growing and splitting
Avatar m tn My father has been suffering with the effects of Yellow Nail Syndrom for several years now. He's had pleurodesis on both lungs and is currently suffering with very profound lower extremity edema. Does anybody know of any way to find a physician in the Carolinas who have experience dealing with this disorder? His local physicians are stumped.
9704378 tn?1486774163 I kept waiting and waiting... guess he's gonna be just as pale as mom lol. Blue eyed still too, but i see that there turning green around the pupil.
Avatar f tn If you eliminate protein and medication as the source, one way to check for a blood problem is to look at your fingernails, squeeze one, and when you let go, blood should come right back, turning the white pressure point back to pink. I have low blood pressure and some anemia, my nails don't look very pink to begin with, plus the blood is slow to return them to their original whitish pink color.
Avatar n tn Lately I have noticed how my skin changes color. I know that prolly sounds crazy, except my employees noticed it the other day. One employee looked at me and said "deb, your face looks yellow, go sit down, I will finish up here" Now the yellow went away, but lately I have been getting lots of remarks about my skin tone. It seems to be like a pendulum, even hubby said to me yesterday, "at least your skin is starting to look like its normal color again".
Avatar n tn I started to clean underneath the nails and now the tips are turning yellow. Hoping it is not a fungal infection. Think I made matters worse by trying to clean them with homemade whitening toothpaste. Not sure if it helped, but I think it did a little.
Avatar n tn If you start feeling like your not getting enough air, look at your fingernails, if they are not really blue, your getting plenty of air. I used to go to the emergency room, and they would laugh when they showed me that I was getting 98% oxygen all on my own and that there was nothing to freak out about. Chill out and tell yourself your fine. It takes alot to knock the life out of someone. Anxiety won't do it. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn After one treatment, the wart is turning hard and yellow with the feel/appearance of dying skin. This is a wart that's continued to grow after multiple doctor's treatments and many at-home freezing and acid treatments. I think the most important thing you can do is not pick at it once it's treated. I was never able to resist the urge to do this with the liquid nitrogen at the doctor, because it created huge, hideous blisters that would become huge flaps of nasty, smelly dead skin.
173930 tn?1196341998 There is always a little leakage when I push it 2-3 drops that leak out of the little yellow cap, I was told this is normal. I was the same way with my second shot...I was stressing, wondering "what did I do wrong"? If you have the redipen, you probably also have access to the Be In Charge program. I can't be sure if you got the full dose, but I would call Be In Charge, they have a nurse on duty 24/7. I found it to be extremely helpful in the beginning..
Avatar f tn The site turned into a large dark bruise approx. 3 inches across. The bruise turned to the characteristic yellow a few days ago, and was almost completely gone. Today, I noticed itching where the bruise had been, and I now have small raised itchy bumps exactly where the bruise was. I put cortisone cream on the rash; however, it burned quite a bit, and the itching is pretty intense. What would cause a bruise to turn into a rash when it heals?
Avatar f tn Many women who want to look and feel their best are turning to all-natural remedies to treat low serum ferritin hair loss. All-natural products will begin acting immediately, and do not carry many of the risks or side effects associated with most medications. An additional advantage is that many all-natural ingredients have added health benefits as they provide important building blocks to the body. An all-natural hair loss treatment that we have seen a lot of success with is Provillus.
549614 tn?1315216713 that I will probably be on the net looking for help when the big one comes along! Wouldnt that be ironic! I think that people like me turning to web and still not receiveing help would make a good human interest story! It is somthing I have been tossing around for a few weeks now. But, I dont know if I have the strength to carry it though. Thanks for reading my story and giving me some input, it really does mean allot to me. you really have no idea.
Avatar n tn I am not just talking his eyes, he was yellow from head to toe, even his tongue was yellow. Again he did not progress as most cirrhosis patients do. He stayed very much awake and lucid. Yes, he was still coughing up the blood, and evenually they had to switch to suctioning the blood out, but as he laid there, he wanted everyone to come in so he could talk to them. We spent from roughly 7 pm to 3 am talking to my uncle.
Avatar f tn That zit immediately started turning into what is on my nose but I nipped it in the bud immediately when I picked out that center core. It’s STILL forming tiny cores and not healing completely. I FROZE IT AS WELL AND IT’S ALMOST INVISBLE NOW. Disinfect ALL TOOLS AGGRESIVELY. LYSOL and disinfect your LIGHT SWITCHES. Wash ALL of your towels in HOT water on sanitary cycle. Do not use the same area of your face towel twice and swap them out if not several times a day, than at least daily.
Avatar m tn So much so that on my keyboard of office desktop, once I was cleaning it by turning upside down, I found zillions of scales of dried pimples from my scalp gathered there over a period of time..:-) But now, I too have resolved that I have to sty with this condition for life. But I really wonder, how come the dermatologists around the world do not come up with a solution to this popular problem?? Or may be simply they dont want you to get cured...else their business will be hampered??
Avatar n tn I was playing on the Wii yesterday and out of no where I felt my finger tingle like it was swelling a few minutes later it was turning blue. I have been freaking out since then looking all over the internet. I thought I was havng a reaction to some new medicine I am taking but I went to their site and it is not listed as a side effect or reason to call Dr. Then my husband said maybe I popped a blood vessel. My hands are very cold for hours in the morning then by about 2pm they are fine.
288415 tn?1231634102 I had a really bad Qtip habit that I fear may have caused all of this trouble. When I used to use Qtips I always had a bit of yellow ear wax on the tip. After really getting aggressive with Qtips and using them several times a day I believe the Ph in my ears became unbalanced and now I/we may have some type of yeast infection. For more than a year I have seen no yellow wax. I'm going to ask for the Derm Otic drops and consider the EPA oils.
429155 tn?1205676864 30. Mood ( temper?? ) was real bad, feel a bit sweaty, stomach turning overand the chills, legs were crawling, but can walk that off.My energy levels seem to need a boost Hmmmm, Lucozade drink maybe ??.. Wednesday 17:00- 20:00 a bit shivery, 21:00 flu like symtoms return and am very tired, cold and shivers,also having bad mood swings. 21:30 take 2 sleeping pills and awake at 05:45. 7 DAYS 2 hrs NOW. ( CLEAN ).
Avatar f tn What I did was I bought a clarifying shampoo from Sally Beauty Supply and bought a big jug of Listerine - the classic kind - its yellow/brownish. I washed real good with the clarifying shampoo, rinsed well, and then poured 4 or 5 capfuls of the Listerine on the problem area. I let it set in for a few minutes, massaged it around slightly, and then I rinsed it out. I did put conditioner on my ends because all this really does a number on your hair.
Avatar n tn dont waste your money on dermitologists they are no help and yes the creams only act as a moistener to help with cracking i actually find relief with gloves to keep the air off has anyone noticed their fingernails grow really fast with an outbreak? i have never had an outbreak on the outer side of hands..only where the sun doesnt fully reach..on the palms and inside of fingers i was thinking light therapy may help a uv light? anyone tried?
Avatar n tn Happy Holidays to everyone. Hopefully Santa remembered to pack our cures! I'm turning 20 tomorrow and Christmas is almost here. And about that allergy issue, it's the sphere or "bubble" that surrounds us. Energies that surround us humans, ive come to the conclusion. yin __ yang. imbalances, "emotions" is powerful than you think. Correlating evidence plus one of the most important finds happened to me personally yesterday. This is fascinating, don't you guys think.
Avatar n tn Bee, I stopped wearing pantyhose at work for this very reason.. the fabric trapped my perspiration and natural vaginal discharge and seemed to cause some sort of fermenation with my normal bacteria, despite "clean" prognoses from my lady-doc. I now wear only cotton knickers with thigh-, or kneehighs, and found that pads caused a smell issue as well. The cotton allows moisture to exit, and air to breathe, eliminating anaerobic and fungal activity. This made a big diff for me.
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