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Avatar f tn Anyone have terrible fingernails with their VDD? I ask because for the past few years my nails have been very blah, the minute they start to grow they just split and peel. Now, I have noticed being on the VD for the past few weeks/months my nails finally seem to be growing slowly and not splitting or peeling, yet anyhow.
Avatar n tn why is the nail on my left hand ring finger split vertically down the whole nail?
Avatar m tn on 9th may i had fingered her nd suddenly she started bleeding im sure that it is due to her hymen on 11th may i fingered her again and she started scared that maybe i caused a wound inside her due to it so or did she bleed due to that hymen split...???
Avatar f tn Has anyone had fingernails split down middle? What does 9,430,000 iu - 6.
Avatar m tn Now what? They hurt when you push on them, but I don't remember hitting them hard enough to cause this kind of bruise. I see my hepatologist for the big decision on when to treat and with what. I hope it's not still whether to treat, unless it is because someone else posted that another really good drug is getting FDA approval in August. Should I show them to him or call my regular doctor? Meanwhile, my fingernails are getting "wavy" and one is split down the middle.
Avatar m tn i was not fully erected. so she compressed my penis glan with her fingernails hardly to put it into her vagina. and then we had vaginal sex. i was wearing condom. but she compressed my glan so hardly. condom was not broken, but it might have small slits maybe i dont know. the next day i saw a little (1mm diameter) wound on my glan - where she compressed. can hiv be transmitted from her vaginal fluid to my wound on my glan even though the wound's so small, if condom has small slits.
551343 tn?1506830518 OH THAT ITCH!!!! Itchy here, itchy there, itchy everywhere Lololol!!! I get that itch in my scalp, chin and neck area. What works is a cool cloth or pack sometimes ice and some lotion. Maybe it might work for you cause that itchy can drive you CRAZY!!
Avatar f tn I had hair fall, then finally frank alopecia and discontinued the MTX one month ago. During the last month of treatment, I asked that my folic acid be changed to folinic acid (Leukovorin). Not sure if it helped the hair loss or not, but it helped my fingernails. I finally discontinued the MTX ~1 month ago . About 1 week after stopping MTX, I stopped my folinic acid and my hair loss seems to be worse and also my nails are splitting and my tongue is sore.
Avatar f tn At 12 years old, you need to eat 2200-2000 calories per day and have a variety of food that includes starches, meats, fruit and vegetables. The fresher the fruits and vegetables, the better nutritional value. If your mother is concerned, suggest going to your MD and getting your blood tested. It will indicate if any nutrient, vitamin or mineral is deficient or not. Thank you for your question.
1067423 tn?1267740670 Hey there, girl.....I don't know. It sounds terrible. When I was getting chemo, I had an eruption of psoriasis and I lost my toenails and they aren't coming back....chemo ended 5 years ago. I hurt my toes all the time; but I know it would be much worse if it was my finger nails. I wish I could offer some help. Maybe someone will come along and know something helpful. Have you spoken to your doc or your chemo team about this? That's a good place to start.
Avatar f tn thanks for the info. i will let my doctor know about this. i haven't felt good since thanksgiving last year. i have had a respitory/sinus infection that just won't go away with a rotten smell in my nose. and my energy level has been at zero for so long now i forgot what it's like to have any! thanks again for the post.
1674823 tn?1307263620 I have been noted to have domed fingernails but not apparently 'clubbed' They have been like this as long as I can remember What might cause domed nails but not clubbed. ???
Avatar f tn The doctor says my thyroid hormone levels fluctuates as do my symptoms. My fingernails are the worst and I am so very tired and weak. They are very soft and thin with ridges. I thought the synthyroid was supposed to help with these issues. Am I wrong and is something else going wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263637'>Fingernails indicative of thyroid problems?</a>.
Avatar f tn yes, dry dry dry, face, legs, feet, hands, mouth, throat, fingernails are split, broken and wont grow. i cant wait to get off of these wicked things.
Avatar f tn I think he was cured by a dermatologist applying a special tape that had steroids in it, on the places he was used to scratching (which both soothed the skin and also prevented his scratching), and finally when the raised sores went away, he could see it was his own fingernails and his constant irritation of the spots that actually caused the worst of the issue. Have you ever tried a steroid cream on the itchy skin?
Avatar n tn Four days ago a friend of mine -- who has a problem with my sexual acts -- told me I should stop because I can get HIV if semen gets underneath my fingernails. He told me that underneath the fingernail is mucous membranes that will get infected. I cant find any information about this but it cant be true can it?!?? Short hand -- IF I get semen underneath my fingernails am i at risk for HIV?????
Avatar n tn Hi, please tell me what can have caused my fingernails to get purple/bluish after one day of running much more than I was used, on July 14th. Since then, my fingernails stayed purple/bluish. I have gone through EKG, echo, xray, CT scan, blood work and spirometry test, all came back normal. What other tests can I take?
Avatar m tn I recently visited an escort and she was inserting a rubber dildo into her vagina. After she was done with it I stupidly grabbed the toy with my hand and as hard as i could I pressed my fingernails into the toy shaft. I don't know why I did that but I am paranoid that my fingertips or underneath my fingernails I contracted hsv or hpv.
Avatar f tn On Monday, my lips became very dry and I felt the center of my lower lip split open slightly. A red sore developed there. I was concerned it was prodrome for a cold sore, which I have had before, but it never blistered, filled with fluid, or ulcerated. It is now Saturday and the red mark is slightly smaller, but still there. It stings if I don't keep it moisturized. Is this just severly chapped lips/the split healing? Can it be a cold sore even if it never blistered after five days?
Avatar n tn s orange and not red, that is significant because there are some causes of red fingernails that are pretty serious. (The most minor sounding one is carbon-monoxide poisoning.) So again, unless you know an obvious cause such as a blow to your hand, I'd see the doctor.
Avatar n tn hey, i suffer from depression and im currently taking Quetiapine, Escitalopram and Ranitidine. Anyways, the other day i was talkin with my sister and somehow we noticed that the underside of my fingernails were quite purplish. i dont know if its got anything to do with the pills i take? could you help me?
Avatar f tn This sounds like a possible nutritional deficiency. Do you have ridges that run across your fingernails? In any case, mention this to your dr at your next visit because our hair and nails are a direct reflection of our nutrition status.
20793158 tn?1508253465 No matter what I said to the doctor, she kept telling me that the lines were of my own doing. She actually told me to cut my fingernails. When I told her the lines were not scratches she treated my like a child and went back to telling me to cover it so I wouldn't keep scratching it. GRRRRR! I've gotten this rash multiple times over the past 2 years and I'd really like to hear something other than instructions to cut my finger nails. Here is the picture: https://www.screencast.
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm trying to find out the cause of this. One and a half month ago, I overexercised (went running a lot more than I was used to) and when I finished, my fingernails were purple/blue. Since then, they have remained purple. A week after that I started developing many other symptoms which I'm quite sure have to do something with that. I went through several tests including EKG, echocardiogram, xray, spirometry, CT scan and blood work. All came back normal.