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Avatar f tn Anyone have terrible fingernails with their VDD? I ask because for the past few years my nails have been very blah, the minute they start to grow they just split and peel. Now, I have noticed being on the VD for the past few weeks/months my nails finally seem to be growing slowly and not splitting or peeling, yet anyhow.
Avatar n tn I have very weak, thin, finger nails that break or split horizontally and/or vertically, moons only on my thumb and 1st fingers, multiple thin ridges going up and down on my nail beds & a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. I also have mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation - grade 3. Are my fingernails indicative of either my thyroid or heart problem?
Avatar n tn why is the nail on my left hand ring finger split vertically down the whole nail?
Avatar m tn I have been having a strange problem with my fingernails for a while now. I began noticing it about 3 months ago, mainly starting on the ring finger of my left hand, but since then it has spread to pretty much all of my nails in varying degrees.
Avatar f tn Has anyone had fingernails split down middle? What does 9,430,000 iu - 6.
551343 tn?1506834118 Does anyone get that know the one....... It just appears out of nowhere especially when it is hot. I have the chilblain itch in my feet...itch itch itch. I have the invisible itch on my shins, scratch scratch scratch... I have the bite itch on my fingers....itch...burn, itch, scratch, tingle, burn..pain itch..... I have the itch on my scalp....itch itch scratch, look...check for nits....itch scratch scratch wash hair....itch scratch no relief. I have the itch on my shoulder ..
Avatar f tn My nails have vertical lines down each of my nails . some of my nails split apart. Also I have red lines in my eyes veins I guess. what is all this?
Avatar m tn on 9th may i had fingered her nd suddenly she started bleeding im sure that it is due to her hymen on 11th may i fingered her again and she started scared that maybe i caused a wound inside her due to it so or did she bleed due to that hymen split...???
Avatar n tn I am also on Synthroid and Thyroid (Armour)for hyperthyroidism. I have very weak, thin, finger nails that break or split horizontially and/or vertically, moons only on my thumb and 1st fingers, multiple thin ridges going up and down on my nailbeds & a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. Are these heartbeats normal for MVP and are my finger nails indicative of either my heart problem or my thyoid?
Avatar f tn I had hair fall, then finally frank alopecia and discontinued the MTX one month ago. During the last month of treatment, I asked that my folic acid be changed to folinic acid (Leukovorin). Not sure if it helped the hair loss or not, but it helped my fingernails. I finally discontinued the MTX ~1 month ago . About 1 week after stopping MTX, I stopped my folinic acid and my hair loss seems to be worse and also my nails are splitting and my tongue is sore.
Avatar m tn Now what? They hurt when you push on them, but I don't remember hitting them hard enough to cause this kind of bruise. I see my hepatologist for the big decision on when to treat and with what. I hope it's not still whether to treat, unless it is because someone else posted that another really good drug is getting FDA approval in August. Should I show them to him or call my regular doctor? Meanwhile, my fingernails are getting "wavy" and one is split down the middle.
2178116 tn?1337612881 I, too, have ridges on my fingernails and one nail that splits lengthwise. When I was really hypo, I also had very low HR (bradycardia); per 2 sessions with a holter monitor, my HR would sometimes go into the mid to upper 30's when I slept. Because thyroid controls your HR, this is a classic hypo symptom, as is the weight gain. Per goolarra's request, could you please post the reference ranges for the FT3 and FT4. Ranges vary lab to lab so must come from your own report.
Avatar f tn Over the past two years, I feel like my hair has gotten thinner and that I've had significantly more hair fall. I'm a sixteen year old South Asian girl. My hair is naturally oily but I've never bought shampoos or conditioners to deal with that specifically. I never put any kind of dryer to my hair, it's always toweled and left to dry on its own. I've also never dyed my hair or done any type of damaging styling to it.
7052683 tn?1392942395 Diagnosed yesterday after a month of thinking it was just allergies, ear wax, etc, DID NOT think it was a big deal---WRONG!!! Do NOT allow this sudden hearing impairment linger for more than 24 hours. That is the window of opportunity you have to possibly reverse this condition. Do not be like me and wait. I have very little chance of reversing this now even with oral and injectable steroids ((but have to admit, don't think I would have gone for either one) EWWW!!!
Avatar f tn yes, dry dry dry, face, legs, feet, hands, mouth, throat, fingernails are split, broken and wont grow. i cant wait to get off of these wicked things.
5466288 tn?1410488785 Does anyone have cuticles that are as tough as nails...and fingernails that are soft and thin like paper?! What could cause this?And what can I do about it?!
Avatar m tn 9 throughout adult life, two years cold sensitivity (sometimes particularly right arm gets cold, hands cold), fits of yawning 1 year, chronic fatigue worsening, low libido with erectile dysfunction (ED 10 years), fingernails split, forgetfulness increasing, etc... However, can't explain the pounding heart and rhythm problems, which occur usually after dinner and remain through the evening. Thought the hear pounding was a symptom of hypERthryoidism? Any explanations?
432097 tn?1318552340 in 6 months and can't lose it, extended stomach, thinning hair all over my body, ITCHING so bad I'm about to go nuts, flaky skin and fingernails that are so lumpy and fragile they just scrape off, skin tags everywhere, adult onset acne on my body, thrush underneath my breasts, and RLS SO BAD, it's 24 hours a day, and they have TRIPLED my meds, I take requip, and I don't think they can up the dose anymore.
1742220 tn?1331360327 I think tomorrow I am going to get fired. fook and the thing is just yesterday I was looking again at that split job from the guy .. .let's call him ... George. I know. im going to apply! tomorrow. whatever I hate it I don't want to goto Holly or Bev Mo. I mean Bev Hills but I got to ... if I got to I will.
Avatar f tn For that reason, many members, myself included, find that symptom relief required that Free T3 was adjusted into the upper third of its range and Free T4 adjusted to around the middle of its range. There is not one level at which everyone feels best. So the clinical approach is the best type of treatment. Since Armour contains T3, it is best to take the same amount each day, to level out the effect.
Avatar f tn I have constant migraines, my skin and hair have become excessively dry and my fingernails have become very thin, dry, split all the time and have deep ridges. I have started taking multi vitamins, evening primrose oil, coenzyme Q10 and omega 3 fish oils daily but this hasn't helped. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Avatar n tn it can be something as simple as you wiped the wrong way recently before the pap, or you had something in your fingernails that could have got inside..or it could be more serious like HPV, or early have to be the advocate for yourself no one else is going to do it for you...
Avatar n tn Symptomes --------------------- Swollen glands (something swells in the upper neck near jaw, it usually goes away) loss of libido (this has been for a few years) loss of hair ( came with the libido loss ) fingernails break, crack, split, don't grow fast ( came with the libido loss) Heart palpitations, pulse skips (Palpitations, wakes me up at night) Neck creeks and cracks head numbness Lightheadedness, wooziness Tremor Difficulty with concentration, reading (I am dyslexic and was hyperactive)
Avatar f tn ) but despite how quickly the weight has gone on, the assumption is that I just sit and eat all day and nothing could be further from the truth - my friends and co-workers could testify to that fact. I have constant migraines, my skin and hair have become excessively dry and my fingernails have become very thin, dry, split all the time and have deep ridges. I have started taking multi vitamins, evening primrose oil, coenzyme Q10 and omega 3 fish oils daily but this hasn't helped.
769702 tn?1236120792 doesn’t seem like there is as much hair as before problem with my fingernails, especially thumbs; split down the middle Don’t have much of an appetite Some days need to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes – will wake me up from sleep Now have GERD and take meds for it Sometimes my hands will shake for no reason; sometimes it’s a violent tremor that goes away quickly sometimes not as violent but last a while.
Avatar n tn Recently I have noticed fingernails of small and index fingers on both hands are split and ridged. The lateral eyebrows are no longer growing. I never have to pluck any brows. I have developed many allergies for which I do bimonthly shots. Metabolic chem panel showed CO2 at 31.6 and random glucose at 112. Phosphorous 3.8. All other labs normal. Routine thyroid in PCP's office stated as normal but do not have the specific results.
Avatar f tn The palm of my hands turn red and sometimes I can see yellow tinges that come and go. my fingernails and toenails seems to turn bluish purpilish when they are cold. I have swelling in my hands and I also have digestive problem. I get adrenaline rushes randomly and I get sharp stabbing pains everywhere. sometimes my muscles feel so weak they make me feel like i would just collapse. everyday i wake up and i feel like im dying.
Avatar f tn My daughter is a senior in high school, and will turn 18 this month. She is 5'7" and weighs 123. Some background on her - her sophomore year, she struggled with fainting and lightheadedness. We took her to doctors, she had blood work, was basically told to eat more frequently because it was probably her blood sugar. Her blood work all came out okay, the only number I could pick out that looked low was her estradiol was 22. At this time she was around 5'5" and weighed 105 or so.