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Avatar m tn It has yellowing underneath the nail, like a fungus which the dermatologist tested for and was negative, and whiteness on top where the nail looks dead, and you can see the new nail underneath. The doctor didn't think I had damaged the nail bed because it was growing out straight, but is funny looking. He prescribed a urea nail stick to aid with the fungus like matter under the fingernail.
1549643 tn?1495759353 // It's not speckled or powdery.
Avatar f tn Need a little more of a detailed description to give a more accurate probable diagnosis. Could also be a fungus of the nail. Actually more common than you realize. Could be contracted from pets or even an unclean manicure.
Avatar m tn Hello, Such kind of nail thickening and color change can be due to trauma or nail fungal infection also. Nail fungus also known as Onychomycosis is very common but hard to treat because of the location of the fungus that happens to be under the nails. There are different ways to treat this infection, but recent studies suggest that using both topical and oral anti fungal medications at same time yields better result.
Avatar m tn About 10 years ago I went to the nail salon and added nail tips to my fingernails. A week later I went back to remove them. Soon after removing the nail tips, I started noticing my nails on my thumbs started to change colors. I went to the dermatologist and they prescribed Penlac to treat the nail fungus. After using Penlac for a while I noticed that it was not working for me. After that, I went back to the dermatologist and they did a culture and they said it was a fungus.
Avatar n tn I was okay trying to control(possibly) the fungus on my toes and my thumb and index fingernails. Now it needs like what my wife is having(black dot on her thumb) now resembles what I had once upon a time. I don't want her to fight with fungus. I did see a dermatolgist yesterday and she said my toes are likely fungus-related but she had I didn't have enough nail for samples. Prescribed me Penlac(sp?) and asked me to go back when the toenails grow out... I am so confused now.
Avatar f tn So my nail edges look yellow. I've heard that yellow nails can be indicative of health problems. I also have yellow toenails but I went to the dermatologist and she said I had a toenail fungus. I was prescribed terbinafine for my toenails and have been on it for a week. But she didn't really check my finger nails. My nails have been like that for a while though.
Avatar n tn One month after got sick (many symptoms), fungus toe nail infection. 8 month after unprotected sex all 20 nails became discolored,dull. Fingernails started turning white from the cuticle up. Is it sign of HIV infection? Please help.
Avatar n tn Then went on line to a vitamin store and bought three different treatmnts for toe nail fungus. The one thing I used 2-3 times a day was nail repair tea tree oil and I bought oreagano oil caps and opened one of themand put the oil in the nail repair. It worked really well. I have been able to keep it under control. I use this 1 -2 times everyday! I apply it after every shower.
Avatar f tn I have suffered from a fungus attack on my fingernails for 5 months. It began with a rash in the palm of my hands. Within weeks, my fingernails showed spots at the base of the nails, and then rapidly became destroyed. I took Lamisel for 6 weeks, beginning in Nov/Dec. I've also been prescribed various topical anti-fungal creams (Clotrimazole and Betamethanose; and Ketoconazole), as well as an anti-fungal nail polish (Ciclopriox), and also a nail film (Umecta).
1356637 tn?1277263982 There is no discoloration on any nail and no sign of fungus or infection. I took him to the pediatrician and he said he was stumped. He referred me to a dermatologist but I can't get in for a while. I looked online and anything I could find that seemed to match what my son is going through sounds pretty bad. I am pretty nervous. What could be happening???
Avatar n tn Now that all of his nails have completely fallen off, the nail bed is puffy, dry and when the nail trys to grow back, it splits off the bed because of the puffiness. He's gone and recieved a biopsy, it came back NOT a fungus. He has also recieved an STD test and that came back negitive as well. He does not drink much anymore and is not prescribed pain medication anymore either, but he suffered from a dependency from both and still no change.
Avatar f tn Now, she has the same problem happening to her left thumb. There is a large circular area at the base of her thumb nail that is void of nail. She went to the doctor yesterday and they said they have no idea why it did that. She is healthy, but was a premature baby (32 weeks). She is also a nail biter. The doctor referred us to see a dermatologist...but that isn't for another three weeks. The area without nail is not painful. Any thoughts?
483814 tn?1214311480 It has definitely helped me with the recurring nail fungus, which was extremely irritating, especially as a woman, because you contaminate your nail polish over and over.
Avatar n tn But this is only on one side of the nail. One doctor thinks it might be a fungus, but my toes are not affected. He wants a nail sample for a lab test. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn My fingernail has a dent in it! How did it come down and how do I get rid of the nail dent?
745313 tn?1323142298 I knew about the thinning hair, which I am experiencing to a much, MUCH worse degree than I expected (but hey, it's summer!! ) But I have never read anything about tx affecting your fingernails. It only makes sense, as they are both made of the same thing - but has anyone else had this problem? Mine are awful! They are like paper, thin, peeling, and constantly ripping, even though they are cut completely short.
Avatar f tn This is so frustrating! I can't grow my fingernails out at all, because when I do, parts of my fingernails 'droop' over the tip of my fingers. It's not the entire nail -not like a club nail- it's just parts of the nail. Parts of the nail are straight while other parts of the same nail 'droop.' The mail becomes 'wavy.' Almost as if parts of the nail are stronger than the rest of the nail. All of my fingernails are like this.
Avatar f tn Some people do get nail fungus from these artificial nails, and the natural nail for everyone who wears artificial nails does weaken.
Avatar f tn s worth mentioning that the capillaroscopy was performed on my hands. After those 5-6 months, the nail started growing onwards again, but when the new nail tissue started appearing, it seemed like the old nail was growing in layers. The new tissue seemed completely normal. Everything was OK until a year ago, when it happened again. Now, it's happening on my other big toe as well. I should mention that my index toes are now growing slower than the rest.
1430129 tn?1283281475 I have a nail fungus that I've dealt with for nearly two years. I have had my doctor prescribe cream, I also took Lamisil (spelling?) I went to the dermatologist with my son yesterday, and he told me to file the side of my nail with the fungus all the way down, he said in order to get rid of the fungus that's in my nail, I have to get rid of that part of my nail. Is this true? I also think I have a fungus on one of my toenails.