What are fingernails made from

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Avatar n tn My fingernails are coming away from the skin just slightly down from the whites and I wonder if I've over-manicured or could it be a fungal growth? I now have to scrub my nails at least once a day as there is always a line of dirt regardless of how I've used my hands. I've tried soaking them in warm soapy water but this has absolutely no effect, the line of dirt appearing to be steadfast. If I leave them the dirt just mounts up, which not only looks disgusting but feels it also.
Avatar f tn I feel like I am torturing my child just trimming his fingernails. His toenails are not this way. Putting his fingertips in his mouth many times a day is not healthy and is causing him some undesired attention at school. He says it's all that helps. I don't even know where to start for medical or psychological help since I'm not sure which this is.
1674823 tn?1307263620 you inherited it from your mom or dad or some other family member I know my hands and nails are the same as my aunt.
Avatar f tn Vegetables are very important! Especially dark green leafy vegetables and broccoli. If you're not eating your vegetables, you likely have a nutritional deficiency. It's good you're addressing it now, though, because as you age, this becomes more and more important. You're about to enter puberty, so these vegetables are even more important when you start menstruating.
Avatar f tn Anyone have terrible fingernails with their VDD? I ask because for the past few years my nails have been very blah, the minute they start to grow they just split and peel. Now, I have noticed being on the VD for the past few weeks/months my nails finally seem to be growing slowly and not splitting or peeling, yet anyhow.
Avatar f tn does anyone know what can cause the reddish blue half moon on all of my fingers? they seem to be worse on my thumbs. thanks.
Avatar f tn But let’s say that there was blood from her in my mouth, what are my risks of getting hiv? I’m not sure about her hiv status. Am i at risk from giving her deep oral sex while she was bleeding? I don’t think my mouth has any cuts or sores, maybe throughout the act i rubbed my penis on her bloody vagina, the panic is killing me, can’t really remember.
Avatar m tn Anybody knows what to do when we run outta fingernails to chew away?? LOL True!!!
Avatar m tn If HIV fluid got under your fingernails from hand-genital contact, does the virus die immediately while underneath the fingernails? My understanding is that the virus is damaged/non infectious immediately when fluids are transferred onto the hands no matter if its under the fingernails or any other part of the hand. I think I already know the answer but I would appreciate a response. Thanks!
370143 tn?1206679669 i barely have to use my inhaler, but recently my chest has been hurting, i have been getting bad headaches almost everyday and they dont go away even with headache medication like advil, my fingernails are turning blueish purple at the bases going about half way up the nail. even little activities like making a bed and walking a few blocks winds me and im always tired.
Avatar n tn This sends me into a mode of panic, because there are people that say yes it can be transferred from fingering and others that say it can not. Please could you advise.
Avatar m tn While looking at the hair in my hand I noticed my fingernails had no cuticles! Feet are also affected. The skin between my nails and my knuckles on the back is peeling back from the nails. What could be the problem here. No cuticles for a month is a little nerve racking. My doc (GP) and several nurses are baffled as am I.
Avatar f tn I sincerely advise you to consult a dermatologist as treatment modalities for all are different and so a confirmatory diagnosis has to be made first. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
Avatar f tn My midwife checked and made sure there was no tearing. What the pain is from is my pelvic floor muscles being stretched. I have been doing the pelvic floor workouts but I'm just curious as to how long the muscle soreness will last.
560684 tn?1306712545 like moderate pitting of the finger nails (this has been going on for the past 3 months), weaking of fingernails along with peeling of nails and itching of the pubic area - past 2 weeks(without any signs of pubic lice - but when i scratch the 'root' of the hairs have these small while things - almost like some sort of internal moist dandruff...the skin is fine though).
Avatar f tn My figernails are separating from the nail beds and falling off. When I brought this up to my oncologist, he stated that it was from the Taxotere. I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem occur and what they've done for it. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Can HIV possibly get through a cut inside my ear? I had this cut through my own finger. I don't know if I had blood underneath my fingernails that time but it could be possible. What are my risks? Thanks people!
Avatar f tn The doctor says my thyroid hormone levels fluctuates as do my symptoms. My fingernails are the worst and I am so very tired and weak. They are very soft and thin with ridges. I thought the synthyroid was supposed to help with these issues. Am I wrong and is something else going wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/263637'>Fingernails indicative of thyroid problems?</a>.
Avatar m tn The skin on my hands is pulling away from my fingernails and no matter how much lotion I put on them, they look and feel so dry that when I straighten my fingers, I can feel the skin pulling on my index finger. It occurred to me yesterday that with the obvious swellings on my finger joints, the skin probably IS too tight! I'm 56, in good shape, athletic, but do have chronic Hepatitis C, which is where I usually post.
Avatar m tn My 7 year old daughter finger nails and toe nails are turning black and are seperating from the skin. I took her to a determologist and he really could not come up with a diaginosis or reason why this is happening. He ran some test of the nail and it came back negative for fungus. It appear to be spreading to other finger nials (so far 3 finger nails). He prescribed some cream to reduce the thickness and it appears to be working, although, keeps speading.
1067423 tn?1267740670 7 months after chemo i have 2 type w/ pinky my nails are bleeding hurt way more than anything please advise .... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/305857'>Chemo side effects - neuropathy - bruising under fingernails</a>.
Avatar n tn It is not often I get a chance to give 1-word answers but this is a case were I can. Emphatically-NO! Your friend is misinformed. No one has ever gotten HIV from masturbation even if they got semen under their fingernails, even with hangnails, even with healing cuts on their hands. Take care.