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5829441 tn?1383775568 If u need to stop what u doing and breath through it then go in also if u geting alot of thoughs but I dont think u have to go in if they arnt bothering u how often are you having them ??
Avatar m tn Im in a gay couple and my partner is HIV positive and Im HIV negative,he wants unprotected sex,wants me to f***k his arse and he is on antiviral therapy anf he says its ok to have sex as long as there is no blood,no RISK. He says he ill use a condom when he only f**ks me,but when I f***k him he doesnt want a condom. I want to use condoms and he says im not giving him any chance to let him have a word and let him have his opnions,im confused:( Help please!!!!
Avatar f tn Why do these f u c k i n idiot boyfriends wanna act like they can do whatever the hell they want when ur pregnant then blame ur hormones.
Avatar n tn Do u guys want to join the group?? On fb? If so either add me w w w . F a c e b o o k .
Avatar n tn 9/4/12 - call Dr. with severe UTI; begin Cipro 9/7/12 - call Dr. -no improvement; kidneys now involved; pain & fever increasing; sent to ER for IV antibiotic Roseffrin (sp?) IV; f/u injection next day; marked improvement in kidneys; bladder less so; sent home on Doxycycline for 14 days; not much improvement 10/1/12 - UA =K. pneumoniae >100,000CFU/mL 10/3/12 - DO prescribed Cefuroxime, 500mg/BID 10/8/12 - feeling worse; achy, constant 99.5-8 temp; call Dr.
8910309 tn?1408289348 Omg! That's so me. Especially today. Lol I literally said "f u c k off" to my husband today.
Avatar f tn Tell her to f u c k off and respect your wishes.
1222635 tn?1366396286 you'r telling me. mine is acting up. and now totally disappeared isn't answering phone or replying to text. i am sick of it also. i f u c k i n can't stand him at this point. i am sad and depressed. wish i had something fun to do. or my unborn child was here so i could hold. sorry you'r dealing with a jerk.
Avatar f tn Same here. Its gonna be hard a f u c k. But just do it. The reaction they all give you will be priceless ♡ they'll all feel like assholes when they want to be around the baby.
Avatar f tn s sum new everyday last night I made a comment like its so hard for me to sleep and ask can he adjust my pillows he acted as he was irritated but did it anyway so I said u just dnt kno how hard this is for me he responded sayin I really dnt but u wanted to b pregnant so bad so u got wat u want now I have to deal wit it he made me so mad till I just said f u c k him u act like I did this to myself dnt act like u once wanted this too !!!
Avatar f tn Im 38+2 nnd miserable as f u c k.!! Please help me.! Sex is total out. What else can help..?.
Avatar f tn hi punta rin sana ko sa saudi sad to say unfit rin ako because of hepa b share u naman yung vitamins mo kc yung ngpaconsult ako sa doctor ko f gusto ko raw uminom ng supplements ok lang pero wala raw magagawa basta wag lang maggain ng weight and ngpavaccine ako for hepa A for protection na rin...ikaw?...
Avatar m tn t work try lanoline or Neosporin or a topical hydrocortisone) oh and definitely cant forget to take your vitamin A E B D F U Q H G F T Y W X supplements!!!! oh and most importantly DONT LICK YOUR LIPS!"..... then go f**k yourself. i want you to know ive done all that stuff and nothing helps in the long run. i guess I'm not here to ask anyone for help, but instead to spread awareness for people suffering with CPCBLS (chronic permanent chapped botton lip syndrome).
Avatar f tn 2 cardiologists, an electophysiologist and my GP all denied any knowledge of the vitamin K / Calcification mechanism. I wasnt given a thyroxin test ever, I.V. Magnesium or urine test on presenting with af. Am I one of those 'read it on the internet' medical know it alls, or justified in feeling feeling a slight lack of confidence in my health system consultants? Any thoughts on my prognosis - thanks.
Avatar f tn Infecting other via the hands is very rare but not impossible. Some doctors have posted that cannot happen at all and so the risk must be very low. Washing hands after going to the bathroom and before touching anything important is usually best practice. Use hot water and soap to be sure along with a clean towel or paper towels. Some men diagnosed with HPV do not use the same hand on their sex partner that they use on themselves to prevent infecting their partner.