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Avatar n tn I have very weak, thin, finger nails that break or split horizontally and/or vertically, moons only on my thumb and 1st fingers, multiple thin ridges going up and down on my nail beds & a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. I also have mitral valve prolapse with regurgitation - grade 3. Are my fingernails indicative of either my thyroid or heart problem?
Avatar m tn I've had this white band that appears only on my index and middle fingers for a few months now (see pic). Also, the lunula on all my fingernails is becoming misshaped and smaller and smaller and it's completely gone on a few fingernails. Should I see a doctor?
Avatar m tn - white band at the top and pink at the bottom. O_O My thumbnails are the most notably affected. I have moons on the my thumbs so my nails were looking all white except for about a 3 mm reddish pink arc separating the moon from the rest of my nails. Today my thumbnails are still fairly white but not as bad as it was last night. The rest of my nails had milder white bands at the top last night but today it's not as bad either.
Avatar f tn I have hypothyroidism, and was wondering if having this was the cause of the pinkness under my fingernails where the moons (Lanulas) should be, also on my face and scalp are extremely dry patches Thanks aplofhisi
Avatar n tn For the first time in my life, I saw moons at the base of my fingernails. My toenails also normalized. This was after about 6 months of treatment. Also, my body temperature elevated to the 97's. Subsequent thyroid tests indicated that my thyroid was now suppressed, so treatment was discontinued. My nails flattened out. My hypothermia/lability returned. But my TSH was normal....
Avatar n tn weight gain, difficulty losing weight, IBS with constipation, dry skin, dry thinning hair, outer portion of eyebrow gone, ridged fingernails with no moons on fingers, brain fog, fatigue, mood changes, depression, high cholesterol, low blood pressure, slow pulse, headaches, sensitivity to light, decreased sex drive, menstrual changes,
Avatar n tn I am also on Synthroid and Thyroid (Armour)for hyperthyroidism. I have very weak, thin, finger nails that break or split horizontially and/or vertically, moons only on my thumb and 1st fingers, multiple thin ridges going up and down on my nailbeds & a few fingernails that are flat or bend under. Are these heartbeats normal for MVP and are my finger nails indicative of either my heart problem or my thyoid?
Avatar n tn My 10-year-old child has developed some new problems this week. The moons on his fingernails have turned a bluish color. He has been waking suddenly at night (apnea-type incidents since age two, but no diagnosis). He has seen flashes of white light and heard cracking noises upon waking up in the morning. This is a child with food and airborne allergies. We do not believe the current issues are allergy-related. There is an extended family history of migraine with aura, and one case of epilepsy.
Avatar f tn A deficiency in B12 has other symptoms too even causing MS (I have a book on this). I have read that a good indictor of lack of B12 is having no moons on your fingernails, the thumb being the last moon to disappar. I did take the sublinguals for quite a while and did feel better all round, but the moons that had disappeared on some of my fingers never did return. Some countries have a high threshhold for lack of B12. In the UK the level of B12 is much lower for example than in Japan.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know if there was anyone out there who has noticed the moons on your fingernails changing color at all? I have always had nice white moons but right before I started tx this past Jan. I noticed they were turning red and the moons were disappearing but now that I am on the last month of tx they are returning to normal. I have cirhosis and I was having horrible symptoms of bloating and pain in the abdomen.
Avatar n tn I noticed red blotches on my fingernails 2 months ago, now they are a pale pink/lilac colour, the moons disappeared (gradually got thinner till they vanished), the areas near where my moons where are a darker colour than the rest of my nails. I have red bands at the top of my nails just before the tips. I have undergone many blood tests due to tachycardia which started in April, I also have aching joints etc... My blood tests were all normal.
Avatar n tn Lately I have been very short of breath, waking up multiple times in the night with heart racing/gasping for air. I have a fluttery feeling in my chest and the white moons on my fingernails are tinted red(which I red could be a sign of heart failure). I have had the following test done: Chest X ray, CT scan of chest and EKG. All came back clear. If I have congestive heart failure would it show up on these tests -Can this now be ruled out? Thanks.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are lightheaded, dizzy, forgetfullness and confused, red palms on hands and bottom of feet, weight loss ( 140 to129 ) since february, blurry vision, floaters in eyes, eye pain, decreased feeling in hands and feet and sometimes head, slow hair and nail growth, losing moons in fingernails, small red pin spots on hands face and chest which my derm says it's just blood vessels, dry mouth, white tongue, sometimes nausious, muscle twitches, trouble swallowing, and the list goes on.
Avatar f tn ok, since february I have been experiencing blurry vision, dry mouth especially when I wake up in the morning, receding gums, weight loss, eatting like a pig and not gaining weight, lightheadedness, dizzy, losing the moons in my fingernails and it looks like I have what they call terrys nails, constipation but when I do go it's loose stool, frequant urination, feeling weak and tired all the time even after a good nights sleep.
Avatar f tn All of the above symptoms can be attributed to that. See if the white moons on each of your fingernails is visible - the pinky should be the only finger that you can't see a moon. If they are small on the other fingers or practically non-existent, this could also be a sign of B12 deficiency. If this is the problem, maybe you have poor absoption in the intestines or you lack intrinsic factor in the stomach. I know celiac disease can cause malabsoption from my own family's experiences.
140622 tn?1190102529 To Kalio1, I'm not sure about the moons on my fingernails..the only thing I see is that the mon part is very light pink and there is a halo surrounding the edge of the top of the "moon" that is much darker pink. Can you describe what the changes would look like? To Copyman, Sometimes a biopsy will miss the part of your liver that is cirrotic, and sometimes you can have some cirrosis and your labs show almost normal..Yes, I do have HepC.. But not the coffee colored urine.
Avatar n tn My legs hurt all of the time, and I get terrible sensations of blood rushing through my legs and chest, and my fingernails have a blue hue over them and I have lost all the moons. My question is:- What is the likelihood of a healthy person developing systemic invasive fungal infection? Do you have to have high fever with it? Is it detectable in your blood count, i.e. would any white cells be raised or lowered? I itch all day, my nose, inside my ears, I am tired all of the time.
Avatar f tn So where to begin? OK.. I have been steadily losing my lunulas(fingernail moons) for a couple years. My left thumbnail lunula is almost gone. Only leaving my right thumb lunula left. The red bands at the tip of my fingernails are getting wider. They look similar to Terry's Nails but the nail beds are not white, they are pale. I've also been developing splinter hemmhorages at the tips in the red bands. I've heard red bands are due to low B12. My B12 is high.
657020 tn?1238041118 My doctor said allergies but dismissed it as nothing. My fingernails also have no moons and where the moons are supposed to be, they were blue. My doctor immediately said 'Reynauds phenomenon". Again, dismissed. My chiropractor is the one who thought it was related to B12. He even mentioned this to my doctor but it was dismissed. When my primary doctor blew me off I decided to find one who would help me.
Avatar f tn The way to know if you are deficient of B12, apart from blood tests, is to observe the moons on the fingernails. Apparently, the thumb moons are the last to disappear with B12 deficiency. I like the sound of Mg Flakes for soaking. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn D Perhaps you should trim your fingernails, though, especially if your nose boogies -- don't know what you might pick up. :) (Singing "boogie oogie oogie...
1347434 tn?1282595378 So, maybe that's it - but what about all the other crap? Oddly, and I'm not sure if this is something totally off the wall or not, but my fingernails change during this phase too. I get deep lengthwise ridges and lose my moons. They also become really fragile and won't grow. This summer I was in a wired phase. It felt like I had a pot of coffee being constantly infused into my veins. Couldn't sleep, was up all night sweating, heart racing, palpitations.
317787 tn?1473362051 slightly, and I also notice those pale half-moons on the bottem of my nail, are no longer there, they dissappeared last year. I googled, and yes, it was a Hep sign, etc. My platelets were 66 at my EOT labs, on August 21st. Mine were at 120 prior to my Tx, so I think 107 is not too shabby.
Avatar f tn Sensitive to bright life's seems like, red thick V SHAPE things in nasal discharged, sometimes white half moons,bottomed of feet are mush and my fingers have lost feeling at the tips, all nails are just creamy white and peel off like long sprinters or are so hard you can't cut them off, stomach is distended ALWAYS ALWAYS hungryl and go bathroom soon as I eat.neg.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately after listening with a stethoscope , examining my abdomen and looking at my pale fingernails she said that it could well be my liver that is causing the problem . I did take some motility tablets and found the same day that my stool was thin and long , it's the only time that happened . i did have some strange shooting pains in my rectum afew weeks before but only twice . I have two young sons , one at 2 years and one at 4 months .
1711722 tn?1356491154 I was rather expecting the cervical and lower lumbar spine to act up since there is confirmed arthritis in both locations, but what took me completely by surprise was the ring of fire that developed on my left wrist. I had broken that wrist many moons ago, and then shattered it again in 2003 when a ladder collapsed underneath me.
Avatar n tn Since then I have developed tachycardia, palpitations, my fingernails have gone bluish purple and I have lost the moons on my nais, my teeth have lost their enamel very quickly (over days) and my GP thinks my symptoms are psychological because i have suffered from severe anxiety alongside my symptoms, my symptoms started the anxiety. I lost over a stone and a half within weeks, my muscles are sore and tired, I have had skin rashes, spots in front of my eyes, and lots of reflux and wind.
329994 tn?1301666848 A good sign is to check your fingernails. If they have ridges and most of your moons are gone, it's a good indicator!! I only have moons left on my thumbs. Your B12 levels are very important and can be life threatening and cause so many symptoms so similar to many that we all probably have.
Avatar f tn Fingernail colour changes, patchy looking fingernails. Blood tests - full screening - all fine. May 07 - started eating normally again, got lots of reflux, burping, on meds for tachy. Alternate pupil dilation - pupils responding slower to changes in light. One bigger than the other, next day, the opposite one would be bigger than the other. On going for over 2 yrs - twitching neck/spasm but felt it in back of head too.
Avatar m tn I do seem to notice a reduction in reactions after a few days or a week of abstaining from masturbation/sex. Do you guys have large half moons on the bottoms on your fingernails? I do, and I've read that this is a sign of zinc deficiency. This relates to masturbation because we lose zinc when we ejaculate.