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Avatar m tn Hi - around 2 weeks ago I noticed the my fingernails had small indentations, which I think is the start of nail pitting. Since then it's become mildly worse and I've noticed hit has spread to 50% of my other fingernails. I'm a little concerned something is not quite right, but I don't know how or what to relate it to. My family has a history of eczema but I have rarely had it, maybe once or twice and a very very small case.
Avatar m tn About 6/7 months ago I noticed some very tiny and superficial nail pitting in one of my fingernails. It then spread to most of the fingernails of the same hand except the thumb and to the same nail where it first started in the opposite hand. About 1 week ago, I noticed that on the last affected hand, my cuticle was starting to dry up and recede a little bit and then some very very shallow pitting appeared.
Avatar n tn I have pitted nails. All 10 fingernails. I don't have any other sign and symptoms associated with psoriasis or alopecia or other diseases. Only pitted nails.
Avatar m tn dear dr hope my question find you well i have been experiencing some changes in my fingernails,the first three fingers of each hand are having a slight pitting and my fingers are showing some slight ridges,i am far from home,and i need some help, no changes in colors and there is no nail craking, the ridges are barely noticible in the sun but the pitting are like the needle head and each finger is pitted slightely like three hole in each finger, kindly tell me do i need to travel home urge
Avatar m tn I can understand your concern for the pitting and yellowish discoloration of the nails. Two possibilities which can cause both pitting and yellowish discoloration of the nails are: 1) Fungal infection of the nails. It is also called onychomycosis and the commonest presenting feature is thickening and discoloration of the nailbed which may be white, black, yellow or green.
Avatar m tn Dear dr I wish to have someone professional to help me I was noticing my nails that there is some changes in them, i search the web and i found similar photos of mine , They name it pitting finger nail disease as if there is a disease hiden in me and my nails are giving me sort of notifications :( i would appreciate if any help can be given , i googled too much and i am lost and fraightened, My nails are pitted but not too much as in most photos, i have some pitting in each u can not notice
681148 tn?1437665191 Last night I discovered some shallow pitting in another fingernail if that helps further in trying to figure out this mystery.
3159358 tn?1343639853 Skin conditions like psoriasis are also associated with changes like ridges on fingernails, and pitting of the nail. It is best to consult a dermatologist and get your doubts clarified. I sincerely hope it helps. Take care and regards!
560684 tn?1306716145 pitting of fingernails is common with eczema, they can have ridges in them too. the pubic itching could be eczema, but i would get it checked out as it could be many other things too, not related to sexual activity etc.
Avatar f tn Some skin conditions like psoriasis are also linked with changes like ridges on fingernails, and pitting of the nail. Changes in nail health can be early indicators of changes in the general health of your body. For this reason, it is a good idea to pay attention to the state of your nails. While your nails can be ridged and perfectly healthy, deep ridges can be a sign of a problem, and horizontal ridges are especially dangerous. Likewise with dramatic color changes in your nails.
Avatar m tn I am not sure how long it takes for HIV to infect the fingernails but I heard that nail pitting is a sign of psoriasis which is can be an early indicator of HIV. I have no discoloration or pitting on any other nail, just several small indents on a single nail. I have had minor nail pitting every now and then even way before this episode ever happened, I guess this time just worries me because it happened coincidentally with an unprotected episode.
1549643 tn?1495762953 All of my toenails have turned white. Some ridges. One has some brown spots. My fingernails, you can see the change occuring but not as noticable & I have ridges in all of my fingernails. My doctor could not give me any explanation except that it wasn't due to fungus.
Avatar f tn Some skin conditions like psoriasis are also linked with changes like ridges on fingernails, and pitting of the nail. Infection which has no pain may indicate fungal infection or onychomycosis. The condition causes the nail to take on a yellow color and the nail may look like it is opaque instead of clear. One factor that encourages growth of these special fungi that attack the nails, called dermatophytes, is a warm and wet environment.
Avatar n tn A scar is not usually left when they go, but sometimes a tiny pitting (indented) scar remains. The most common treatment is to squeeze each molluscum between fingernails, or with forceps or tweezers. The aim is to squeeze out the central plug of each molluscum. This can be done by a doctor or nurse.
Avatar n tn Now, all my fingers (and thumbs) are peeling, and the palm of my left hand is too. There is also pitting on both index fingernails and my left thumb nail. On top of that, I had a friend tell me my fingers look swollen. The 2 toes closest to my big toes are peeling as well, and my left elbow was very dry and looked like plaque. The peeling on my hands started as what looked like little blisters. And on my head between my eyebrow and hairline there is a small patch of red irritated skin.
919799 tn?1246037666 I've had this swelling for months on the left leg but it starts at the bend where my foot meets my leg /ankle then there is a hump from there for about 2-1/2 -3 in up my shin area -wish I could post a pic with this iPhone.I don't have pitting and its not severe but I've definitely wondered about it for months no redness.
Avatar m tn Examine your fingernails. There are many signs in the fingernails that can show internal deficiencies. If the tip of the nail is spooned, it may indicate low iron or B-12. Pitting brown spots may indicate vitamin C or folic acid depletion. Longitudinal striations are often recognized as a sign of general malabsorption. White spots or marks can indicate low zinc or calcium. Nails that are thin and splitting can suggest magnesium, copper or essential fatty acid deficiency.
Avatar f tn - Constant palpitations, night time bradycardia (HR will stay within 50-55) - 24/7 paranoia, anxiety, and fear of dying. - Cold, tingling extremities, with purple toned fingernails. - Constant tension headaches, feeling of a rubber band around my head. - Shortness of breath every couple of hours, no wheezing. Feeling of someone sitting on my chest. - Periodic chest pains, shoulder pains, and back pains. Sometimes occurs with episodes. - Swelling and pain in both of my ankles, non pitting.
5171728 tn?1364667389 How long the indentation lasts when you press your finger is a factor that determines if it is pitting edema. Either way the doctor needs to determine the cause. It can take a lot of trouble shooting and patient history and labs so it helps to think what if anything you are doing differently that could be a factor. I did not have the healthiest of diets when I was Incivek.
73878 tn?1214056807 Fisheress I'm not so sure that that urinary infections and hair loss pre-tx are caused by the hep. It's easy to blame everything we have on the Hcv once we are diagnosed. Many docs will try to do that too. Unless your white counts are way down nowadays, I would make them look for other causes of these problems. Robin.... Most folks just have a thinning of the hair on tx. It falls out normally anyways but it is normally replaced right away.
Avatar f tn But the good news is that my hair stopped falling out and the spooning in my fingernails is almost gone, and they are strong and growing again. Anyway, from the way I'm feeling, I suspected rT3 and went and had labs drawn. I just got them back today and am confused how to interpret them or how to proceed, because the FREE tests seem fine, but the rT3 is high in the range.. My PCP isn't going to know anything about it. She mostly just does what I ask her to do. Here are my results.
Avatar n tn The first 2 -3 months, it all seems to be helping greatly, but these past 2 months, it's like I am not taking anything at all. And now, the skin under my fingernails are splitting and drying and painful. All of this is related to the arthritis as well. So if any of you find relief, post it. I need it.