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Avatar f tn 956 T4 6.3 T3 (uptake) 27 PTH 29 blood calcium 11.6 24 hour urine calicum test 388.7 From what I have read it seems as though it is my parathyroid that is the problem. The doctor seems to only be concered with kidney stones and wants to put me med for that. Help! Any suggestions/thoughts will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn 6 pg/ml (10-69) 2 years ago when I had routine blood work done, my calcium was within the normal range(don't remember the exact number, same lab), but 2-3 years before that, I remember my doctor telling me my calcium was slightly elevated(same lab). My calcium level seems to bounce around from slightly elevated to normal. So, my most recent calcium level dropped back into the normal range, but my intact PTH is low. I scheduled an appointment with an endocrinologist in a month.
Avatar m tn Over 99% of all cases of high calcium is due to a small tumour on one of the parathyroid glands causing hyperparathyroidism. The key to making the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism is repeated serum calcium, ionized calcium, and PTH. Healthy people will have the very constant labs from week to week but hyperparathyroidism will show calcium and PTH levels that go up and down from day to day, week to week. Vitamin D deficiency causes muscle weakness and osteopenia to name but two symptoms.
Avatar n tn If you have elevated PTH (parathyroid hormone) and elevated ionized calcium, you have it. If you have elevated PTH and normal ionized calcium, you probably have it...the PTH and calcium should always be either in range, or at opposite ends... Along with high blood calcium, you may also experience frequent heartburn, gallstones, kidney stones, headaches, muscle, joint, and gut pains...(especially aching in you low back/hip/pelvic areas)...constipation...You feel "old"...sound familiar?
665125 tn?1273027524 The surgeon later explained that a parathyroid tumor causes hyer-calciumism, causing the other three parathyroid glands to become dormant. My ENT later checked to see what my calcium level had been in previous labs. Unfortunetly there was no history! I had all 16 symptoms of high calcium, yet my calcium level had never been included in my lab orders. Not all, but most people with this tumor have elevated calcium levels. With your PTH being in the low-normal range.
Avatar m tn My doc said I have high levels of calcium in the blood and my parathyroids are functioning normally.. I wish I had some more information.. Currently take levothyroxine for my thyroid taken out due to pap Thyroid cancer..3 years ago Tg (thyroilogublin) 0.5 which is indectable But my thyroid levels - Tsh 0.18 and T4 = 24.0 What signs and symptoms do you look out for? Some fatigue, but otherwise ok..
Avatar f tn I have a 11.1 calcium level (high)with the parathyroid test coming back with 86. I had a nuclear scan done earlier this week, what are we looking for?
536009 tn?1293194381 I still take 2 grams of calcium citrate every day (I'm 43, and have no time to lose replenishing my calcium stores that the HPT made my bones give up) but my PTH and calcium levels in my blood remain normal...And I feel really well...It is really important to find a surgeon who is experienced in this surgery, because if they aren't, they can do permanent damage to you...Good luck, and don't wait too long...
Avatar n tn There's lots of things that can cause elevated blood calcium levels...if the PTH (parathyroid hormone level) and the calcium level are both elevated, it's usually caused by primary hyperparathyroidism...(This is usually caused by a tumor on a parathyroid gland) All the four parathyroid glands do are regulate the blood calcium levels...When the blood calcium is high, the PTH should be low or near normal...
Avatar f tn If you don't have a parathyroid issue, you'll have to have your doctor figure out why your blood calcium is higher than normal. For some reason, calcium isn't getting where it needs to be, which is the bones. Do you have a history of kidney stones? Have you had your thyroid levels tested? Vitamin D is necessary for the proper metabolism of thyroid hormones and since your level is so low, I'd have to wonder about your actual thyroid hormones.
Avatar n tn 6 for normal calcium and 12 to 67 for normal PTH. PTH is parathyroid hormone and this hormone regulates the amount of calcium in the blood. Please check out www.parathyroid.com for answers to eleveated parathyroid. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Norman's sight numerous times and have learned way more than I ever cared to about the parathyroid glands. I wanted to post my labs out here to get other opinions, especially Dr. Lupo's. Labs listed are in order of oldest to newest, starting in May of 2009. I've had a negative parathyroid scan (I know you can more than likely have a false negative). All other bloodwork has been normal (i.e. WBC, RBC, normal serum protein, etc).
Avatar n tn Please if you are reading any of these do research parathyroid problem's and make your doctor blood test your calcium and parathyroid hormone levels it will at least tell you what to do next.
Avatar n tn No residual focal activity is present in the neck or mediastium to suggest a parathyroid adenoma. Based on all the results, my endocrinologist says I need surgery to remove 3 ½ of my parathyroid glands. He said all four are bad but they leave ½ of a gland. From all the reading that I’ve been doing, when the scan is negative it usually means they did the scan incorrectly and that chances are, only one is bad. Any thoughts opinions on this?
Avatar n tn Two parathyroid left after surgery. This year I got an elevated calcium level 11.0. My doctor did a surgery again in June and couldn't find any problem with my parathyroids. Immediate after second surgery my calcium was 9.2 (normal). In July test my calcium level elevated again and become 11.0 with PTH level 47 (normal). Any idea why calcium level elevated again? Thanks.
Avatar f tn When you blood calcium gets too low, the glands release their parathyroid hormone into the blood stream, signaling your BONES (body's calcium storage) to release calcium. (This is what the ionized calcium measures). When the calcium levels are at a "happy place" again, the PTH level drops. In hyperparathyroidism, an outside influence, usually a noncancerous tumor on one or more of the glands, begins to cause a surplus of the PTH to be released.
Avatar n tn Right now I am being treated for depression given Lexapro, have had good results, but when i had blood tests to check my liver, kidney function amongt other tests I was told my calcium levels were elevated. Can this be an indication of a cancer returning? Should I be calling my oncologist, I do have an appointment in July to see him. My primary doctor who did the tests wants me to retake the test in two weeks, I had planned on going on vacation.
Avatar f tn I had a parathyroid gland removed in February after blood tests showed an elevated pth and calcium level. My calcium and pth returned to normal immediately. Last week, new blood tests showed a normal calcium level and an Intact PTH of 152.9 (14-72). The lab report says this indicates secondary hyperparathyroidism. My research shows this typicslly occurs when calcium levels are low. My level is normal. Other abnormal lab values: Creatinine 1.2 (.6-1.0) CGFR.
Avatar n tn 1, then you are almost guaranteed to have primary hyperparathyroidism and need surgery to remove the parathyroid tumor. A low vitamin D cannot ever be the cause of high blood calcium. " Also, "The most common mistake we see from family doctors and endocrinologists regarding the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism is that the low vitamin D confuses them and they think the patient has SECONDARY hyperparathyroidism.
Avatar m tn If it's parathyroid; you're in the right forum. Just to be clear... Free T4, Free T3 and TSH are related to thyroid function. Calcium and PTH are related to parathyroid function. The thyroid and parathyroids have nothing in common except their location in the body. Their functions are totally different. The thyroid controls metabolism, heart rate, body temperature and other functions, while the parathyroids control the electrical impulses in the body, in which calcium plays a part.
187722 tn?1280496986 I can only guess that when he removed the two thyroid nodules, that he thought one of the tumors was a parathyroid gland. Now my parathyroid levels and calcium levels are clinically elevated again and I will need surgery a second time. I have been to Mayo and the endocrinologist won't do anything because he says that the second surgery is very complicated. I finally told him about the clinical trials, because most endocrinologist do not know what to do with parathyroid paients.
215234 tn?1305146561 Hi, I've tonight found images showing the parathyroid gland, having searched for an answer to a recurring & extremely painful face & neck, hence why I am here asking questions The first time this happened I was diagnosed in A&E as a "probable lymph node infection, very rare & it was pressing on the Trigeminal nerve" & given antibiotics & told to take anti inflamitaries, use ice packs etc......
696393 tn?1254432807 For what purpose? Remove the parathyroid glands? Calcium is normal! If you have any thoughts, I would LOVE to hear...or any other info I'd gladly provide. (No renal issues at all) THANK YOU....
Avatar n tn If calcium levels are high and PTH levels are low, then the parathyroid glands are responding properly, but your doctor is likely to perform further investigations to check for non-parathyroid-related reasons for your elevated calcium.
Avatar m tn This question is assuming a subject with non-impaired, fully-funcional parathyroid glands Regarding low calcium intake, it is my understanding that with low blood calcium, the parathyroid glands will release PTH which will extract calcium from the bones to regulate the blood calcium level. If this statement is correct, then calcium intake and the release of PTH should have an inverse relationship.
Avatar f tn Did you have any other blood test that would rule out vitamin/mineral deficiencies? If you had elevated calcium it could point to a parathyroid problem. The parathyroid glands have little to do with the thyroid gland other then proximity but they can be affected by autoimmune conditions (which is what antibodies suggest - Hasimoto's), and these glands are responsible for regulating blood calcium. Well, that's my two cents if you made it past all the other back & forth above.
Avatar n tn Did they run a thyroid antibodies test with your labs or check your parathyroid glands? I too have all the same symptoms. Weight gain, joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, pain under left rib, etc. They have checked my thyroid via blood work for years it is always normal. Finally, a nurse practioner added the thyroid antibodies test to the list(no doctor ever ordered it even knowing that my mother has hashimoto's disease) my antibodies were elevated.
Avatar m tn 25mcg 2x's per day, which helps the Calcium supplement to absorb. Maybe your Parathyroid Glands and/or Thyroid labs need checked.... Good Luck!
Avatar m tn Norman's sight numerous times and have learned way more than I ever cared to about the parathyroid glands. I wanted to post my labs out here to get other opinions, especially Dr. Lupo's. Labs listed are in order of oldest to newest, starting in May of 2009. I've had a negative parathyroid scan (I know you can more than likely have a false negative). All other bloodwork has been normal (i.e. WBC, RBC, normal serum protein, etc).
Avatar m tn They are called parathyroid incidentalomas. If a patient has elevated calcium, the ultrasound can be used to locate the abnormal glands. The use of ultrasound guided FNA, and parathyroid hormone washings can confirm the abnormal glands. A blood calcium 15-30 minutes after the biopsy can help determine if the disease is caused by a single abnormal gland or multiple glands.” Hence you must get your blood calcium level tested and get high frequency ultrasound of your neck done.