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Avatar n tn If you are taking 4x/day then that would be 80 mg not 60 mg, which is not alot of extra calcium/day. Adults need between 1000-1500 mg of calcium/day. You definitely don't need to be taking any extra if your level is high at this time. I would ask your physician for recommendations about what else to take instead of the Peri-colace. Exactly how high was the level?
Avatar f tn The only thing I saw (doctor did not think it was a problem) was my blood calcium had crept up from 9.7 in December of 2012 to 9.9 in December of 2013. Note: I do take hydrochlorothiazide 25 mg/day. My Vitamin D was 32 in June 2013 and was 29.5 in December 2013. She told me to take supplements to increase it after 29.5 reading. Is 9..9 too high? No parathyroid or thyroid test done. Doctor thinks this is perfectly normal.
Avatar f tn com/pub/pdf/guidelines/HyperparathyroidPS.pdf If this calcium reading is coming out of the blue for you the dr will probably track your blood for a bit before getting to a diagnosis. Stay in touch.
393419 tn?1228450993 For 4 days I was on a calcium iv drip, had my blood tested every 6 hours and took supplements. When I was released, my calcium was back up to 10.0, but I am now on 4 500mg calcium pills 4 times a day and 4 .5 calcitrol capsules twice a day. Is this too much? Do you think I will have to take this much forever? My surgeon said that none of the parathyroids were removed, and that he transplanted 1 or 2 (i can't recall) and that all I need to do is be patient.
Avatar n tn statements that Robert R. Barefoot makes about coral calcium products. Barefoot claims that calcium deficiency causes more than 200 degenerative diseases (including cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's disease); that 90% of the disease in America can be wiped out by taking the right nutrients; and that a thousand people have told him that coral calcium cured their cancer. He claims that the underlying cause of these diseases is acidosis caused by calcium deficiency.
Avatar n tn I have POTS and just discovered that i also have high blood calcium (11) and high calcium in my urine... After reading about hyperparathyroidism at i felt like if I have the parathyroid tumor removed (that i am guessing i have from what the sight says) my POTS might go away???????? Mayo just did the tests on me (an endocronologist) and said that i need to come back for a nuclear scan and surgery consultation.... I am thinking about going to florida for the surgery...
Avatar n tn I have been slowly trying to work myself back along with my Endocrinologist to have at least a slightly functioning parathryoid, but so far it has been pretty tough. My blood calcium level recently was 7.3. I am slightly hypoparathyroid now, but I am being treated only with Oscal with D, as taking the Calcitriol causes the transplant to not function as well. I also had a stress test recently and had a positive result.
Avatar n tn Yes, and all the studies that I am finding are on goats or dogs/cats. Which you can make a reasonable connection in a way. In fact I was just reading about how Calcitriol, or Vitamin D works in conjunction with the Parathyroid hormone by shutting it down if there is a lot of Vitamin D in the blood!! So here we all are taking gobs amount of Calcitriol when we could be telling our Parathyroids to quit working by doing so.
Avatar n tn I have been running a high serum calcium level for several years now. I have had the following reading on serum calcium from 2007 to 2009. 10.5, 12.9, 10.9, 10.7, 11.0, 11.4, 10.6. I have had one PTH level done about a week ago and it was 46. I just had an ionized calcium level done and it was 5.7. I had a parathyroid ultrasound done last week and it did not show any parathyroid problems. I had a chest xray done and a test for sarcoidosis, it was negative.
Avatar n tn I had a relative in the hospital who was malnourished, and his blood work gave a false reading that his dilantin levels were too high. Is this a common phenomenon or did I misunderstand what i was told?
Avatar m tn I'm not an expert but have just sarted reading since I also was recently told I have a high calcium score (CAC = 730). Yes, calcium in the coronary arteries and plaque are the same. The plaque can be hard or soft. Both forms are dangerous. Usually, a higher calcium reading correlates with increased blockages. The more an artery is blocked (measured in percentage) the worse it is.
1164735 tn?1263993494 I was hoping to have the test and get a negative reading and move on. My father passed away at 61 from heart disease and had hbp since his early 20's. My results were not was I was hoping for. My calcium score was 43.70. I am a 42 yr old female 5'2" /140pds that eats right and exercises regularly. I feel like I have been handed a death sentence and am very concerned. I realize that the score may not sound that high to some but it puts me in the 91% for my age group.
Avatar n tn Hi: I had high blood calcium but not extremely high. It was around 11. I also had a "slightly" high PTH reading. I would recommend to find an excellent Endocrinologist who specializes in parathryoid and metabolic disorders. You will need at least a series of the same panel for calcium and PTH along with a 24 hour urine test.
Avatar n tn the parathyroid regulates blood calcium levels. If your blood calcium is high, then the parathyroid (PTH) should compensate by going down and be in the low normal range. If it's not compensating and high (even high normal) then it should be further investigated with a sestamibi scan. My blood calcium is always in the 10.2-10.8 range, not scary high, but I am on a low calcium diet, so it is abnormal. And my PTH was only 38 the last it was checked and my doctor still wanted to investigate.
1504101 tn?1299158864 The 5.5 could be your ionized calcium reading. -Like LazyMoose says, gets a copy of your labs and look at the range. Each lab can differ slightly. For standard calcium, the general range is 8.5-10.0 but the ionized calcium (the actual amount your body is using) is different. Just curious...have you ever had a parathyroid hormone level checked? (PTH) If your calcium is low, the the PTH should be high and vice versa as it is the calcium regulator in your system.
237039 tn?1264261657 Since the doctors were hammering me about this, I got a CT Scan at the same time and had to pay for it out of my own pocket. There was no Agatston Score then, but they considered the Calcium Phosphate deposits negligible, but I took the Statins anyway - your doctor knows best. Ten years later I did another Scan. It turned out, I had extensive plaque with a score of 1242. I quit the Statins then for good because of the terrible side effects I had.
Avatar f tn Can a person have a parathyroid problem with a normal PTH? Does taking Vitamin D increase calcium levels in the blood? I am 43 and have osteopenia and feel far older than I should. Any suggestions on how I should approach this with my doctor? Thanks!
874521 tn?1424120397 In interviews, Reid and his team explain why a calcium supplement appear to raise risk and not a high- calcium meal? They theorize that calcium supplements cause the mineral to collect in your blood...and high-calcium meals do not. that's true. Taking 500 mg of calcium alone isn't a good thing. Your body can't handle it. In fact, in addition to cardiovascular problems, it can cause problems with your kidneys, GI tract, nervous system, and even your brain!
Avatar n tn what does it mean when I have high PTH and normal calcium, is this hyperparathyroid or something else ??? because my calcium is normal all the time. I'm 30 years old and I been suffering with the following symptoms (past 18 months), all of which started all the same time: Eye puffiness Loss of energy Muscle cramps High blood pressure Heart palpitations Decrease in sex drive summary lab report: Date: June 2006 TSH 2.0 microunits/ml 0.27 – 4.2 Free T4 1.
Avatar f tn My endo also checked my parathyroids to make sure all was well and he regularly checks my calcium. Isn't lip tingling a sign of calcium def.? I was doing some reading on the subject and I've also found that hairloss is sign of it as well. I've got bloodwork scheduled this week as it's my 2 year check with thyrogen and scans and plan on asking to be tested. But, I was just tested a few months ago and all was fine. Can it happen that quickly?
Avatar f tn QUOTE: "My cardiologist has ordered a Calcium Score scan to determine if my arteries have been damaged by high cholesterol. No symptoms. My concern about the test is the amount of radiation I have already received this past year due to other conditions". .....I had a CAT scan 64 slice a little more than a year ago. The scan evaluates the the amount of soft plaque betwen the layes of a vessel.
Avatar n tn Thank you for the responses. Test indicated blood calcium level in the normal range. I had been taking calcium and magnesium supplements w/ Vit.D. I take only one medication - fosamax, 70 mg. weekly for osteoporosis and am in otherwise good health. At the moment I am off Ca/Mg supplements and free of any noticeable arrythmia. I suppose I could resume the supplement and see if the arrythmia recurs??
Avatar f tn The tests you had look for Lyme antibodies (Ab), which are the cells manufactured by your own immune system reacting against Lyme. The theory is that the greater the number of antibodies in your blood, the more likely you have Lyme. Good theory, but reality doesn't work that way too often. One of Lyme's tricks is to suppress the immune system, and that means you are producing few antibodies to be measured by the test.
Avatar n tn He also took my blood and the first time, the calcium count was pretty high. They drew blood again and it was high. They then took more blood to check my PTH level in my blood but it was normal. This really started to upset me because I was sure I knew that I simply had to have a bad parathyroid removed and I would be all better. On 11/19/06, I started to have some pretty severe heart palpitations.
Avatar m tn Since a little while I notice that my blood pressure reading on left arm is way higher than on the right arm (I'm right handedness). I always feel my pulse very strong and loud on my left side (take it on my wrist but also the big vein on my neck) but not on my right side and I have also left side chest pain often but all the time at rest and never if I do something physically.
Avatar m tn I generally feel tired and ill most of the time but over the last 3 years I also get aching particularly in my arms and legs I had attributed the tired and ill feeling to passing stones already present in my kidneys but I had the stones removed from my right kidney 3 months ago and I am still passing a stone every 6 weeks from this kidney. My blood calcium is about 10.2 and one test gave me a low PTH reading. I have most of the symptoms listed on the parathyroid.
Avatar m tn 00) After this test I think I ate some dairy products like milk, eggs etc 4th Blood test (From Lab company C) after 2 weeks PTh 61.20 pg/ml (15-68) Calcium, Serum 10.48 mg/DL (8.10 - 10.40) Calcium, ionized 1.28 nmol/ (1.16 - 1.32) Alkaline Phosphate 119.00 U/L (30 - 120) Phosphorus 5.00 mg/DL (2.70 - 4.50) Sodium 140 meg/L (137-150) Potassium, serum 4.30 meq/l(3.50-5.
1164735 tn?1263993494 I had a cardiac CT scan last week b/c of family history and some very minor pains that i couldn't determine if or not were chest related. My father passed away at 61 from heart disease and had hbp since his early 20's. My calcium score was 43.70. I am a 42 yr old female 5'2" /140pds that eats right and exercises regularly. I feel like I have been handed a death sentence and am very concerned.