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1093351 tn?1317810854 There is no reason to wait any more than 1 week for repeat lab tests, and there is no reason to get a urine calcium level on the vast majority of patients--its a test with no value. Finally, remember that getting scans is NOT part of the diagnosis of hyperparathyroidism. Ever.
Avatar m tn Blood Test-X 5 CBC, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Lipid, PSA, TSH, Lyme, HEP Panel, HIV Panel, Rheumatoid Arth. Factor, Sedimentation Rate-Westergren, EBV Panel, B-12, Alpha Fetoprotein Serum, H. Pylori.
4515626 tn?1369854914 got some blood test results today and am kinda confused on the matter test said i had low vitamin d which i guess everyone in upstate ny has for some reason and secondly high phosphorous levels has anyone had this and what does it usually mean for chiari patients
Avatar f tn Your lipid levels in the blood do not reflect the level of soft plaque, these are actual working lipids doing their job in the body. With a calcium test, the Doctor should take your age/sex/race into account because they roughly know the balance with soft/hard plaques. Of course, there are always individuals who get through the filter net. I assume your stress test was on a treadmill? You could have a stress echo which will see any abnormal wall motion when the heart is working hard.
Avatar n tn OK, just received results of blood test & says high calcium (10.8). Well.......All winter I've been very well, no colds, no brochitis even when the rest of the family was ill. I believe Vit D3 helped keep me well. Been taking about 5000 iu per day. Think that could be causing trouble with the calcium?
Avatar f tn My Vitamin D from this last blood test was 60 (normal for the first time ever!!), my calcium was 9.6 mg/dl and my PTH was 14pg/ml, my creatinine was .6 mg/dl. My doctor said all of this was in the normal range. It seemed a little weird to me that my PTH was so low (normal was 7-80) and my creatinine was the lowest possible normal number. I just want to know if this is right that this is normal.. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn What do these blood test results mean in a 4 week old baby. Also I was tested for vitamin d two weeks after these test results and found to be insufficient. 34 n/mol. My baby was formula fed pretty much since birth so has had vitamin supplements in his formula but has had symptoms of rickets or OI. Even though his blood doesn't seem to say he has these issues, is there something obvious I'm missing.? Urea – 3.1 normal range mmol/L 0.8 – 5.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry that you're experiencing difficulties. Hopefully you will have a chance to discuss these results with a doctor. I'm not a medical professional, but I looked online for information on test results (until you can see a doctor). Based on what I found, your labs results don't look alarming. What you posted suggested to me that your serum calcium and bilirubin were just above the lab's normal range in your blood test.
Avatar f tn Thyroid labs are good, but your calcium level is too low! Low calcium can make you sick sick sick! Are you taking high dosage of calcium with the right ration of vit d3 for absorption? I would run quick from any Dr that wants to tag you with anxiety because they are too lazy to figure out what is wrong! Look up the symptoms of low calcium. You deserve better care.....
Avatar f tn My cholesterol is now great (143 LDL and 73 HDL) and kidney function is also good. The only problem I had with my blood test (done on 12/5/2013) was that my calcium has crept up from 9.7 ti 9.9 from December 2012 to December 2013. They did not tell me about the calcium - I always ask about it since calcium was part of what was clogging my artery. They said the calcium level (9.9) was no problem. My Vitamin D was 29.5 and she did say to increase my supplement to raise to level.
Avatar n tn Ask for PTH blood test to check for hyperparathyroidism, which can cause calcium levels to be too high. ALT and AST are both liver function tests. I'd question my doctor about these tests. You typed "Thyroglobine Antibody 96.8 (0-14.4)" -- should this be "thyroglobulin" instead? If so, it would indicate that you may have some type of autoimmune issue going on. Suggest that you also ask for thyroid peroxidase antibody test (TPOab).
10913038 tn?1424227711 This isn't a question, I just wanted to share some good news. When I had the anatomy ultrasound they told us that our little girl had a calcium deposit on her heart. They weren't very concerned but they did mention that it can be associated with downs syndrome. I never had any early screenings so we weren't sure of my odds. I'm only 27 so they said it was unlikely.
Avatar f tn I am concerned with PTH (parathyroid hormone) test results and serum calcium test results being inaccurate because of high cholestrol and trig. I have controlled thyroditis (hashi's) I can not take statin drugs because I had a severe reaction to them. Testing presently because of higher calcium, kidney stones, and other calcuim problems which can be caused by Parathroid tumors.
Avatar n tn My brother recently had his blood test results back. There are many results which have a low blood count. Would anyone know what this could indicate? plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin d3 level 46 nmol/L serum ferritin 4.6 ug/L corrected serum calcium level 2.09 mmol/L serum total bilirubin level 5 umol/L serum alkaline phosphatase 65 iu/L ALT/SGPT serum level 12 iu/L serum creatinine 59 umol/L haemoglobin estimation 82 g/L red blood cell count 4.39 x 10'12/L haematocrit 0.
Avatar m tn I don't think it is too unusual for Calcium test results to vary somewhat; however, when you start having repeat results above 10, then it is time to get additional testing done. What, if any, symptoms do you have?
Avatar m tn I recently had a medical for life insurance for a new mortgage. The insurance company have sent a letter saying that my application has been postponed!! One of the blood tests shows a Phosphate level of 2.48mmol/L, I have searched the internet and it appears to lean towards hypoparathyroidism - but I do not have any adverse symptoms. Other results all seem fine to me.
Avatar f tn I am new here and I was hoping that someone would be able to shed some light on my most recent test results. Here is a little background. I am 31, female, and in poor health. I have Lyme, Bartonella, Babesiosis, RA, and a list of other health conditions. I was hospitalized in January for an infected port a cath (pseudomonas) which turned into sepsis. I picked up VRE while in the hospital which was treated with 14 days of IV Zyvox.
Avatar m tn my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days. Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.
Avatar f tn A recent blood test showed I have high levels of calcium in my blood, what problem would that might indicate?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the comments. Yes, I had been taking Tums. I repeated the Calcium test today will post the results.........