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Avatar n tn Had a yearly physical with routine blood work done and calcium came back elevated at 10.4 (8.6-10.2). Was sent for another calcium and PTH where calcium was 10.5 and PTH was normal at 20.2 (10-62). Was then told to recheck calcium in 3 months. Any concern that I should be checked for hyperparathyroidism? Or is there more likely another cause?
Avatar n tn The calcium of 10-11 (high) with a "normal" PTH is concerning for primary hyperparathyroidism with an inappropriately normal PTH. Usually these are 20-30 or higher, but have seen cases like this when PTH is 10-20, calcium is high and the answer is primary hyperparathyroidism. These adenomas do not usually cause a lump or intermittent swelling sensation. Would recheck PTH and check urine calcium excretion (24hour urine collection).
Avatar f tn Norman last August. Coincidentally, after my D levels were high, my PTH and calcium went back to normal. I asked the surgeon why my PTH and calcium had ever gone up and he said, "Two years ago it snowed in Florida." Well, I went back to my endo and told her that Dr. Norman said I should be tested for Hashi. I got the Hashi TGab and TPOab tests and the TPO was positive. I switched endos again because she didn't know how to treat my levels.
1093351 tn?1317810854 Anyone had High Calcitriol (85) and High PTH (78) ? ? This time, calcium was 9.1 but I gave up all calcium last month and drink tons of water. Nurse told me the only way to lower calcium levels was to flush it out. I had some lasix back in February and it worked. Dropped my 10.5 calcium to 9.6 in 2 days. Feel better too.... but no calcium intake isn't good either. Still fatigued and achy but headaches, nausea, most of flank pain, and occasional vomiting have stopped.
696393 tn?1254429207 I have had high PTH levels for over 2+years now, ranging from 323-787...normal calcium 9.3-9.4. Parathyroidectomy in 2002/removal of one parathyroid gland and benign tumor. Calcium levels returned to normal after being high for years. DX: breast cancer 5/2006...chemo/radiation/tamoxifen presently. PTH levels have tested extraordinarily high at various labs...my endocrinologist has run a RAPID/STAT PTH, and another regular PTH level, which will be known after 3/2/09.
Avatar n tn If myeloma were the cause of the high calcium, the PTH would usually be <20. It is possible to have both MGUS (or myelom) and hyperparathyroidism.
1611319 tn?1378618399 t even mess with it unless its way higher. My calcium was 10 (10.1) being normal and pth 55, and Dr Norman told me I needed a lot more testing. His website does say though that even ONE reading of a high calcium is enough to diagnose you. Your endos will most likely prescribe vitamin D, but I would be very weary on taking it before you know if it is hyperparathyroidism or not. You poor thing I REALLY hope your endo will help you with it.
Avatar f tn only job is regulating the level of calcium in the blood, and when the calcium is too low, the PTH rises and signals the bones to release calcium. As the calcium rises to normal levels the PTH is supposed to scale back. Right now, the PTH is erroneously signaling your bones to give up calcium even though your blood level is normal. The body gets rid of excess calcium easiest by urinating it off.
Avatar n tn Since the Ionized ca was high normal and the PTH is so high, do you think this might be consistent with parathyroid disease? I think because the ionized was only high-normal and not above the range with a normal total ca level, I may not get anyone to take me seriously. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar n tn My PTH is also high as is my calcium serum. My serum Vit D is very low. My urine phosphorus is LOW and my urine calcium is very low normal. Didn't get tests results back for the TSH yet. Took nuclear and contrasted scans and ultrasound of my thyroid and parathyroids but they weren't enlarged. I'm seeing an Endocronolgist for this. She's trying to put the pieces together. High parathyroidism can be Primary or secondary.
216703 tn?1277679177 Release of PTH is controlled by the level of calcium in the blood. Low blood calcium levels cause increased PTH to be released, while high blood calcium levels inhibit PTH release.You mention you have symptoms based off his site. What symptoms? might want to take a look at the court document and compare : - http://www.phillipsandcohen.com/CM/NewsSettlements/NewsSettlements516.asp hypocalcemia is the presence of low serum calcium levels in the blood, usually taken as less than 2.
Avatar n tn I have persistent high blood calcium. My PTH is normal, but higher than what it should be with high blood calcium. I have had CT scans and all looks great. It wasn't until my parathyroid scan (sestamibi scan) that "something" was found. They believe that I have a parathyroid tumor the size of a grain of rice, but they need to do a RAI uptake scan and superimpose the images to figure out precisely.
849461 tn?1239766369 The rest is just an explanation that if you had low or high PTH and low or high calcium then you would have which ever disease is listed....If you have high PTH and normal to low calcium you would have Secondary Hyperparathyroidism. So to have 89 means it is high. Your parathyroids are excreting too much hormone into your system. You should get your calcium levels checked if you haven't already.
Avatar f tn Really worried since my blood calcium level was high last year 10.7 and this year 10.6 dr. Wants me to see a kidney specialist since my parathyroid levels were normal....please tell me this isn't serious and that there can be a simple reason? Any ideas? Anybody experience this?
Avatar m tn My doc said I have high levels of calcium in the blood and my parathyroids are functioning normally.. Currently take levothyroxine for my thyroid taken out due to pap Thyroid cancer..3 years ago Tg (thyroilogublin) 0.5 which is indectable my thyroid levels - Tsh 0.18 ( 0.4- 4.0 ) and Free T4 = 24.0 (9 -19) What signs and symptoms do you look out for with high calcium? Some fatigue, but otherwise ok..
Avatar m tn i had normal calcium levels and a high PTH and had a hard time convincing my DR that something was wrong. i eventually found a great endo who did a 24 hour urine catch and that revealed an crazy high output of calcium into my urine. i had a scan done and that came back normal. i went to two surgeons. the first one immediately dismissed me as not having a parathyroid issue because both the calcium and PTH were not high at the same time. the second surgeon did an ultra sound and there it was.
641850 tn?1274893485 I have a Vit.D problem and was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Hypo. Just started on 75mcg Synthroid. I also have High PTH. As my D goes up, so does my PTH. It's supposed to be the opposite but my doc has no clue as to what's making my PTH go up. My calcium used to be high but now it's normal. I has a sestambi and a CT scan with contrast and nothing abnormal was seen.
Avatar m tn These calcium levels are consistently high, accompanied by high or high normal PTH levels. Your phosphorus has been high or normal, which is not typical with primary hyperparathyroidism. The vitamin D level looks normal. Alkaline phosphatase levels have been high or normal. This is suspicious for primary hyperparathyroidism but as a young adult, calcium levels can normally run in the mid 10 range. Therefore a second opinion from an endocrinologist may be warranted.
Avatar n tn My wife was recently told she had high calcium in her blood at around 10.5 -11. Pth was checked and it came back as 7.5. The Dr is wanting to rule out parathyroid because of this low number on the pth. Dr Norman's site says the pth should be near zero if high calcium and parathyroid is acting normal. What does near zero mean? Is 7.5 near zero in this conversation? I read another post that quotes an email from Dr Norman who says no one walking around has a PTH level less than 12.
Avatar n tn If you have elevated PTH and normal ionized calcium, you probably have it...the PTH and calcium should always be either in range, or at opposite ends... Along with high blood calcium, you may also experience frequent heartburn, gallstones, kidney stones, headaches, muscle, joint, and gut pains...(especially aching in you low back/hip/pelvic areas)...constipation...You feel "old"...sound familiar? Oh, did I mention frequent(maddening!) urination -all day and night? Good luck...