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Avatar m tn He said he thought there was no particular reason for the bleed, it was just 'one of those things'. Because of the blood in my eye I was never able to see anything more than dim shapes during recovery. Unfortunately at the 5-week check I was told the retina had re-detached because of scarring. I had a second operation (vitrectomy & silicone oil) on 8th July.
Avatar f tn If you don't have a parathyroid issue, you'll have to have your doctor figure out why your blood calcium is higher than normal. For some reason, calcium isn't getting where it needs to be, which is the bones. Do you have a history of kidney stones? Have you had your thyroid levels tested? Vitamin D is necessary for the proper metabolism of thyroid hormones and since your level is so low, I'd have to wonder about your actual thyroid hormones.
Avatar f tn There are other possible reasons for increased blood pressure such as kidney problems. If you are gaining too much fluid in the blood stream, pressure will increase. Simple blood tests can determine the condition of your kidneys. It can also be caused by blockages forming in blood vessels. There are a number of reasons but it's probably due to the menopause. You need to make sure you eat lots of healthy foods, no rubbish. If you smoke, stop. Regular exercise also helps to lower blood pressure.
Avatar n tn He dose a full blood/urin work up once a year. Antibodies if they haven't already been and for fatigue checked blood for iron. If you THINK you have adrenal issues, have them tested as well.
Avatar m tn You don't give a reference range for the phosphate, so we don't know if your level is low or high. Ranges for most blood tests vary lab to lab and have to be posted with results. Have you had calcium and PTH levels tested? Those, along with vitamin D, would be the ones that would indicate parathyroid issues. The only relationship the parathyroids have with the thyroid, is the location in the body.
Avatar m tn High blood pressure CoQ-10 can lower your blood pressure while boosting your levels of ecSOD, an enzyme thought to protect blood vessels from damage. CoQ-10 may also improve sperm quality, Italian researchers say. Japanese researchers found it can increase fat burning during exercise. Dose: 30 to 200 mg/day Vitamin D Problem: Bone weakness Vitamin D3 is a hormone that helps your bones absorb calcium.
Avatar f tn They filter and remove toxic wastes from the body via the urine, regulate Calcium and Vitamin D levels, maintain fluid levels, and secrete the hormone responsible for red blood cell production. Anything that interferes with the kidneys’ ability to function properly can cause kidney disease, which is the second only to cancer as a leading cause of death in pets. In most cases, progressive age-related deterioration is responsible, with no apparent cause.
Avatar f tn Adequate zinc is critical for maintaining optimum semen volume and blood testosterone levels in men. Researchers at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia have found supplemental vitamin E to dramatically improve sperm mobility and viability. Researchers at the University of Wisconsin suggest that consuming 1,000 mg. of calcium and 10 mcg. of vitamin D each day may improve men's fertility. On the other hand, for women, even small amounts of alcohol may interfere with fertility.
Avatar n tn It brings sugar out of storage for muscular action. It raises the heart rate so your blood circulates faster and turns off digestion. You are now prepared for FIGHT or FLIGHT. Some people will fight, their adrenaline response will be ANGER, most people will run, their adrenaline response is felt as FEAR. In most cases, the simplest WORKING DEFINITION OF ANXIETY is the way you perceive HIGH ADRENALINE. If adrenaline is moderately high for too long a time, people feel anxious and wonder why.
Avatar n tn I am 50 years old have CVD treated with a stent injuly 2006, I thought I ate wisely, and exercised a lot prior to my stent, so you can imagine I was shocked and fearful that this could have happen to me.I had previously been on medication for high blood pressure and anxiety with side effects tough to live with especially as a runner. I was also placed on a statin blood thinners etc after my surgery. I did not know what on earth I should do, which way to turn.
Avatar m tn I worked for a company that used water in several processes of manufacturing and we had to check the water for various chemical and mineral compositions. To do this we used a lot of distilled water (~100 gallons every couple/three days). To keep up on this we had our own distiller running 24/7 and shut it down every few days to get rid of the mineral build up inside the distiller.
Avatar m tn But the VA is only providing Sovaldi for the most critical need patients at this time. I was told hopefully treatment can start within the next 2 to 3 months. I was infected in 1980 non A non B with strong acute symptoms which lasted about a week 1999 diagnosis HCV 2000 biopsy Stage 2 Grade 1 !st Genotype showed 2a second test showed 2a 2c biopsy 27 Jun 2012 2 needle biopsies of tan to yellow-tan, soft tissue each measuring less than 0.1 cm in diameter, and ranging from 1.4 cm up to 1.
Avatar n tn presumably to test for vocal cord disorder, through about 4 different doctors now, and nothing at all has been found. I am scheduled for a 24hr blood oxygenation test tomorrow, and some sort of full asthma test next week. The doctors don't quite know.
Avatar f tn aspx Even if you don’t suffer from infertility, high-dose fish oil is the most important supplement you can take during pregnancy for several reasons, but most importantly for the development of the child’s brain. Long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids are critical for fetal brain development to provide your child the best possible mental advantage coming into this world.
Avatar n tn i had sexual intercourse about 7 or 8 times before seeing a doctor. the same occurred except for 2 times, in which no blood appeared. but the majority of times blood came out in the sperm, or only after ejaculation during urination, or both in the sperm and the urine. once i woke up without having had sex that week and urinated blood. i tested my blood, sperm, and urine and the only abnormality was a high psa level. my dr said it is very rare and is that high in 40/50 year old.
Avatar n tn and it can help to keep some of the drug complications( thrush, yeast infections, etc.. at bay and proteins are important for platelets and blood building!! but animal proteins are hard on yor liver... anyway.. good luck... do alot of research and look back at why Txs failed for you.. there maybe a reason, or there may be none.. but try again...don't ever give up.. take care...
Avatar f tn The NSAIDS make controlling bleeding very difficult and your doctors may have been thinking about surgery, the risk of critical/mortality-risking blood loss and the general guideline to avoid transfusions when you KNOW someone is going in for surgery. NSAIDS are also tough on the gut... There are a lot of reasons, your hysterectomy being another valid one, to pick precautionary steroids for conditions or their treatments...
Avatar f tn Since you have a stage IV systemic disease, then i believe that radiation should only be given for critical tumors causing severe pain or bone deformities, or likewise compressing other organs. Regarding diet, I believe there has been no standard recommendations save for avoidance of too much animal fat. Regards.
2186126 tn?1384961026 Even though I almost go to the vet at the drop of a hat (I had very good pet insurance for Frida), for some odd reason we missed doing a blood test at the 3-month interval, which is suggested for geriatric (vs.
9518579 tn?1408023080 Hello I'm a 35male that was first on the roxy30s for 2-3years then in desperation to quit and still be able to work went to a methadone clinic....5years later here I am even worse than what I was coming off the rox30s. I recently got into a car accident, fell asleep at the wheel coming back from the clinic...lost my job due to the accident and now my wife and family are pushing me to detox like now.
Avatar f tn didnot respond to ms treatmennnts, and a few more lesionss and he begun to see atrophy(they call it 'global' atrophy , i think the most is cerebellar and frontal lobe). I saw movementtt specialist, all the blood tests for genetics forms ataxias. year and half later when i have a udated mri was when they saw the hcbs in my brainstem and abnoralties in my putamen/basal ganglia. That cause symptoms very rare for ms.
9880688 tn?1414119247 I used sugar-free Crystal Light Tangerine flavor in mine. Orthopedic socks, the tight ones for the lower legs Ace bandages for the upper legs and arms, wrap tightly or use towels wrapped tightly Before wrapping everything up rub some Ben Gay or Tiger Balm into the skin or Heating Pads Achy Legs: So your legs aren't going a mile a minute but they are still achy and a little bit restless...
Avatar f tn Without knowing anything about your medical history or what medications you are on, I would not want to suggest any particular supplement or dosage. Everyone is different and what works for me may not be best for you. Good Luck!
Avatar m tn HEY dude your threw the worst of it now comes the mind games remember I told you this is 1/3 physical and 2/3 mental you need to prepare to fight on both fronts your addiction will be screaming for more pills cravings are common as is the way the addictive mind works you need to change the very way you think to overcome this now is the time for aftercare please dont try and skip this critical part of recovery we always speek well of both N/A and A/A because there free and many of our members mys
Avatar n tn Hypoglycemia is the body's inability to properly regulate blood sugar levels, causing the level of sugar in the blood to be too low or to fall too rapidly. Blood sugar, in the form of glucose, is the basic fuel for all brain operation and physical activity, including muscular. If the available fuel is too inadequate, any marginal physical or mental system may start to shut down.
Avatar f tn It was not discovered until I was hospitalized with critical levels of blood calcium, renal failure, and unusual mass of infiltrates on both lungs. The instructions I was provided indicate a 1% chance that IFN may induce sarcoidosis. I had good health prior to tx and, because friends had died, I became extremely concerned about my medical problem. I endured the experiment for ten months and expected all side effects to resolve within six months.
Avatar f tn The rest of the time I drink low-fat yogurt smoothies because I have osteoporosis and need to calcium load in order for my osteo meds to work. I don't think it is the calcium in antacids that cause the problem.
Avatar m tn i dont see why take calcium if you have no osteoporosis, vit d alone will solve calcium issues since it increases calcium absorption i d rather go to high dose vit d with no calcium and just check blood calcium to tsay normal. my ister got to 80ng/ml and she is getting normal range alt too despite hbvdna 190.
Avatar m tn ) and the extra salt just messes them up. My one doc actually told me to have yogurt daily both for calcium and to help my stomach. That being said, things I would try are moderate - since you know if you blast away at the exercise (I call the play/pay) you are out for days, don't. Stretch, walk and just do soft easy stuff. Your body is just not able to handle the stress of the other stuff - maybe later, not now. Don't worry.