Does bleeding between periods mean your pregnant

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Avatar f tn Is it too early to know if i'm pregnant or is it implantation bleeding or whatever that is? Does implantation bleeding mean i'm pregnant? please help me out. It's too early to be having my period again.
Avatar f tn Stress both physical and mental, irregular sleeping hours and diet poor in nutrition can all cause the periods to become irregular in a girl who started her periods less than 3 years ago. Try to regularize your routine and see. Eat a balanced diet and do something like yoga or meditation or listen to music to distress yourself. However, if such bleeding persists from period to period or is very prolonged in a single cycle, you can consult a gynecologist about this.
Avatar f tn Today I had some dark red/brown discharge in my panty. Is this Implantation Bleeding? I never had such bleeding in between periods before. I was done with my periods just one day before we had sex. Please reply. I am really worried. Thanks!
Avatar f tn But I have also been looking online and it seems that is a positive? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2? and what does Isolated mean?
1422615 tn?1334067834 Bleeding while you are pregnant is called decidual bleeding. Because your hormones raise constantly while you are pregnant it causes bleeding in some women. No, you cannot. Because when you are pregnant, the embryo in attached to the uterine wall. When you have your period, the blood, and liquid would basically wash the embryo off and out! So if you think you might be pregnant, you will know if you are when you start missing your periods.
130265 tn?1450986981 What is the main difference between spotting and light bleeding? I don't know what it is that I'm experiencing, and for me to define the difference would help. I don't have insurance so I can't go to the OB, and it costs $125 for bloodwork. The pink and brown stuff is only there when I wipe. This has been going on for 8 out of the last 9 days. It comes and goes. My period isn't due at least until this friday, and this started last monday. Light cramping, high temps. Coverline is 96.
Avatar n tn Stress could also be a culprit. The bleeding you are having does sound abnormal, if it persists and pregnant test still negative, I would consider calling the doctor. Keep us updated.
Avatar f tn ) - Did you have any other sex before or after February 18 / 21, or was that all the sex you had between your last period and learning you were pregnant? (Was that sex protected?) - How did you learn you were pregnant, a home test or a doctor? - When did you learn you were pregnant? - Have you had an ultrasound yet?
Avatar f tn I think there could be a small chance of getting pregnant on your period, I mean anything can happen. I would call a Dr. as soon as you can, also browse the web a bit and see if you can get answers maybe Google ... Also try a HPT and see what that says, and as soon as you can go in to the Dr. and see what he says even if the test is neg. just to make sure there isn't any other problems going on.
Avatar f tn i got off birth control in february and periods been pretty regular i guess i have like a 30-31 days between every cycle. I started bleeding on the second of this month and ended on the seventh or eigth i ovulated and thought hey the mucus seemed really fertile about four to five days after ovulation (thirteen days after period ended) i started to bleed again. didn't seem normal either.....was a lil bloody mucus and almost like light colored blood and it lasted days.......
Avatar n tn Hi. Plz help,my circle z 24 days so i got periods 18october n i wssuppose to get my periods onda 11 0f november. My breast has in painful my bras r not comfortable at all. I saw spotting on da 13 th of november only if i wipe after pee.dnt knw what is going on.
594732 tn?1219252744 be prepared for some nasty post back to your question . if you are on bc and not wanting to get pregnant than why not take it like your suppose to. only you put yourself in this position, and why is adopiton not an option??? i see how your saying about your career than why wasnt ur bc important enough to take every day. its not my place to judge you but i will give my opinion and say that no baby deserves to be killed because you were not responisble enough to take your pills everyday.
Avatar f tn I have all the symptoms of my normal periods, but no bleeding. I've always had irregular periods so its normal for me to skip, but having these cramps for Oct a week and no bleeding isn't . I taken 2 hpt's and both came out negative. I don't have insurance for a doctor. I just wanna know ways going on. And either start my period, so these cramps have a reason to be here. Or be pregnant.
Avatar n tn i been gettin sudden sharp pains in my lower stomach....does anyone kno wat this can be...does this mean im pregnant or am i been self influnced to believe it..
Avatar n tn February the 7th came and the cycle was brown, but full, “no spotting”, the 8th brown spotting, the 9th spotting, 10 gone? Implantation bleeding maybe 2? How long/soon does this happen if it was/is implantation bleeding 3? I don’t believe in drugs so I don’t take medications/ birth control pills, nor do I smoke or drink. I’m not strict on my diet but I have an ok one. I am healthy and my family has no trace or any cancer.
Avatar f tn What about bleeding in general? I heard that it can be common. "...bleeding in pregnancy does not always mean miscarriage -- even if it is red and has clots. Anywhere between 10% and 30% of pregnant women who carry to term remember having some amount of bleeding or spotting at some point in their pregnancy." I've also heard some women saying they had periods up to their 4th month of pregnancy. Can anyone relate?
3248624 tn?1346992198 It's also an indicator of bleeding that is possibly slow, or from a few days ago. It doesn't necessarily mean anything is wrong, but it would pay to discuss this with your primary care physician.
Avatar n tn Connie, You are so very, very sweet! Thank you for your kind words. You are a special person. I've read your encouragement to VicQueen and others on this forum, and you really have your heart into us. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to know that there are others like you out there to be able to talk to. This morning I have to leave to go help my Mom take care of my Dad, who just had hip replacement surgery. I have got to act "normal" and strong.
Avatar m tn ovulation bleeding happens sometimes and is due to the high surge of estrogen around ovulation .. it doesn't mean you are pregnant but it does mean that you are fertile and could get pregnant if you have unprotected intercourse at this time.
Avatar f tn For my other shot and like im sexually active i had a period for two weeks then stopped bleeding for a week then started bleeding again and now ive been bleeding for a month what does this mean
Avatar n tn I can't believe they have it as a form or birth control. I hope your periods subside. Mine are normal after coming off of it. I hope you can talk to a doctor about what you are going through. Don't let them tell you its normal. That is just crazy. They told my friend that and then put her on the pill to control the bleeding. Just so you know the pill for my friend did control her period. She got it once a month for a week. On time every month with normal blood flow.
Avatar n tn By all means work out the maths, even chart your temps if you are concerned about O but at the end of the day it is a union between you and your partner and hopefully it is all fun and love and not a streesful experience. I wish you all the best of luck with concieving and keeping the lil bump till the very end! MMMWWAA.
Avatar n tn Hey there. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I had my implanon removed 4 weeks ago me and my partner had unprotected sex 3weeks ago and again 2wks ago. I am not due my period for 4 more days. Yesterday i started a little bleed not heavy at all barley noticed it it was light pink when i wiped. This smorning i wole up same thing. I went shopping and came home as i went to the tolite i noticed a little dark red patch in my underwear. It has stoped again.
Avatar n tn I am now getting a ultra sound on my uterus because they can't stop my bleeding..If your bleeding sorry to say even if people say it does happen it is not normal and just because another bled and went full term..Better to be safe then sorry keep going to the doctor for check ups and if your not happy change doctors..our taxes pay them they go study to become doctors so they should know the reason for it.
Avatar n tn They arranged a blood test for the following afternoon and have just received a message telling me that they had infact risen. Could this mean that i am infact still pregnant as my periods vary between 27- 32 days and i got a positive with an early preg test.
662361 tn?1225338107 He said it is a non-specific test and a positive does not really mean all that much unless it is high and specific to one of the patterns. If I remember there is the speckled pattern, mozaic pattern I think.
Avatar n tn just cuz you eat a lot doesnt mean your pregnant.
Avatar n tn I used to have this, couple of light days, then it would get heavier and then lighter the last couple of days. If your AF was due and you got any bleeding, I'd say you're not pregnant. Not all periods are exactly the same, and I'd say if you've just started ttc, you could've had a period in the past exactly like this and just not noticed it like you are now. Take another test if it doesn't get heavier just to be sure.
Avatar f tn there is no such method called the withdrawl method that wont get you pregnant. its a way most girls get pregnant.