Does bleeding between periods mean your pregnant

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Avatar n tn I googled what it could mean to be bleeding in between and found that implantation bleeding usually occurs 4 weeks after conception and it's been exactly 4 weeks since I had sex = /
Avatar f tn Today I had some dark red/brown discharge in my panty. Is this Implantation Bleeding? I never had such bleeding in between periods before. I was done with my periods just one day before we had sex. Please reply. I am really worried. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I had my period end last tuesday (October 25). I had unprotected sex the day after. Now i'm concerned because i went to the bathroom and noticed spotting on my underwear and when i wiped myself it was brown blood on there. Is it too early to know if i'm pregnant or is it implantation bleeding or whatever that is? Does implantation bleeding mean i'm pregnant? please help me out. It's too early to be having my period again.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know when I should count/expect my next period cos if its from the first bleed I'm late!!! If the second I'm not!?
Avatar f tn that sounds either like implantation bleeding, if it occoured before your period was due, or bleeding around the time your period is due is due to there not being enough preg hormone to stop a small period like bleed but enough to keep the pregnancy viable.
Avatar f tn if unprotec and he ejaculate inside you..then you can experiance misscar.but if you had protected sex then its your periods blood...dont worry....
Avatar f tn s not always the case. Brown discharge does not indicate pregnancy, nor does it rule it out. If yoou and your fiance had unprotected sex on the 6th of January and she got her period on the 16th of January, she is likely not pregnent, especially if that's what the test indicated. I wouldn't think too much of the brown discharge, as often women can get this in between periods. To be safe, i would see what happens come the 16th of this month.
Avatar f tn But I have also been looking online and it seems that is a positive? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2? and what does Isolated mean?
Avatar f tn I have vaginal bleeding and spotting in between periods. Its been going on for over 3 years. My gyno doctor just keeps changing my birth control pills. I'm very frustrated at this point. Is this something that you experienced?
Avatar f tn March 26th it happened after sex again very light mixed with sperm. What does this mean could I be pregnant could it be implantation bleeding. Please help.
Avatar m tn I am on the pill and have had a normal period cycle for 2 years because of it. I just had, what seemed like, a period between periods. I was in the middle of week 2 on my pills. I missed a pill last month and still had sex. I took the morning after pill at 23 hours after sex. Could this "period" between periods mean i am pregnant? I have one week until my next period and the tests i have taken have said i am not.
Avatar f tn i got off birth control in february and periods been pretty regular i guess i have like a 30-31 days between every cycle. I started bleeding on the second of this month and ended on the seventh or eigth i ovulated and thought hey the mucus seemed really fertile about four to five days after ovulation (thirteen days after period ended) i started to bleed again. didn't seem normal either.....was a lil bloody mucus and almost like light colored blood and it lasted days.......
Avatar n tn does a negative pregnancy test mean your pregnant? NO. even if you were pregnant its not likly that would would get a postive hpt that early....5 days after having sex.
11403762 tn?1417924478 Help im 19 years old and for the past 2 months I have been spotting heavily between periods. I get my periods like normal. My last period was a week ago. I normally just get red blood on the toilet paper when I wipe but this time it's heavier and its been going on for 2 days now. Im totally freaking out! My stomach kinda feels like im getting period cramps too. I have not had sex in 2 months and have gotten all my periods so whats up?
Avatar n tn anything is possible.I knew ladies who had full on periods through there whole pregnancy. ..Take a test when ya stop flowing.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I'm 27 years old, I've never had kids or have been pregnant or on birth control. I've started randomly bleeding between periods about 1.5 years ago. At first it started as just a strand of blood in my otherwise normal discharge, then I started having blood tinged discharge after exercise and after orgasm (no penetration). Since about year ago, it's gotten progressively worse to wear I'm bleeding in between every period.