What does bleeding between periods mean

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Avatar n tn I googled what it could mean to be bleeding in between and found that implantation bleeding usually occurs 4 weeks after conception and it's been exactly 4 weeks since I had sex = /
Avatar f tn Today I had some dark red/brown discharge in my panty. Is this Implantation Bleeding? I never had such bleeding in between periods before. I was done with my periods just one day before we had sex. Please reply. I am really worried. Thanks!
Avatar f tn What does cycle length mean when u create this app?
Avatar f tn But I have also been looking online and it seems that is a positive? What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2? and what does Isolated mean?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know when I should count/expect my next period cos if its from the first bleed I'm late!!! If the second I'm not!?
1552510 tn?1294194411 I am 19 and i need a little help. Im not sure what this little bit of bleeding is and what it means.....Implantation bleeding? Ovulation bleeding? Cysts? Im confused. I usually get my period at the end of every month lasting until the beginning of the new month. My last period started the 18th of Dec. 2010 (which is werid because that is the middle of the month) with unbearable cramps and heavy breathing that usually do not occur, but went on like a normal period but just slightly heavier.
Avatar f tn I had my period end last tuesday (October 25). I had unprotected sex the day after. Now i'm concerned because i went to the bathroom and noticed spotting on my underwear and when i wiped myself it was brown blood on there. Is it too early to know if i'm pregnant or is it implantation bleeding or whatever that is? Does implantation bleeding mean i'm pregnant? please help me out. It's too early to be having my period again.
Avatar f tn I have vaginal bleeding and spotting in between periods. Its been going on for over 3 years. My gyno doctor just keeps changing my birth control pills. I'm very frustrated at this point. Is this something that you experienced?
Avatar n tn Spotting between periods could be caused by uterine polyps. You should ask your gyno to do an ultrasound to rule that out before you get the IUD. The IUD helps for bleeding but only if your uterus is clear of polyps and/or fibroids. Otherwise you'll still have bleeding issues anyway even with the IUD.
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently found out that my mom is bleeding between periods and she hasn't gone to the doctor about it yet. It has been going on for over a year now and it usually lasts up to a few days between her periods. My mom is turning 44 and is generally in good health. I'm worried about her as she refuses to go to the doctor. Please help!!
1552510 tn?1294194411 I am so confused on what this bleeding is. Implantation bleeding?...Ovulation bleeding?.....Cysts? so many different things on the web. I usually have a period at the end of every month and it stops at the beggining of the next month. My last period started on the 18th of Dec. of 2010 (which is kinda weird bc thats the middle of the month). I had really bad cramping which i usually don't and was breathing heavy but had a regular period just a little heavier than normal. Well Jan.
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Avatar n tn umm it could be implantation bleeding, but spotting between periods can also result from using the pill/patch for birth control or from some stds or from just menstrual irregularity. take a pregnancy test and if it still concerns you, you may want to see a doctor. hope that helps.