How long does bleeding between periods last

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Avatar f tn thanx. and if you get that bleeding, how long do you wait to get a pregnancy test.?
5803688 tn?1375011747 Since you are having regular periods with regular cycle lengths (between 25 and 35 days) then you are likely ovulating. Your period can last for up to 7-8 days, and a small amount of brown discharge for a few days at the end of your period is normal. It sounds like you are having some irregular bleeding now. Sometimes women can get some spotting with ovulation -- this is not dangerous and can be normal.
Avatar f tn or skip it? i wanna know how long will this period last my periods normally last 3days or 4 nothing more but its been 8days :( i need answers please.
Avatar f tn 2) that I am experiencing implantation bleeding but everything I have read about this indicates it is a few drops once and does not last for 2 weeks. The bleeding is dark in colour but has a lot of mucus in it and at times it is bright red ligth normal blood. I have no idea why I am bleeding but I am also experiencing quite severe pains in the lower part of my abdomen that come and go.
1552510 tn?1294194411 I am 19 and i need a little help. Im not sure what this little bit of bleeding is and what it means.....Implantation bleeding? Ovulation bleeding? Cysts? Im confused. I usually get my period at the end of every month lasting until the beginning of the new month. My last period started the 18th of Dec. 2010 (which is werid because that is the middle of the month) with unbearable cramps and heavy breathing that usually do not occur, but went on like a normal period but just slightly heavier.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know when I should count/expect my next period cos if its from the first bleed I'm late!!! If the second I'm not!?
Avatar f tn Mine only lasted probly. 6 days...last 2 was very light and almost nothing...
Avatar f tn How long does implantation bleeding last and what does it look like? Im curious cuz im on day 10 after sex but its also the day before af is supposed to visit. I started bleeding light but it has since stopped after a few mins. Im going to keep an eye on it just in case but i was just wondering if its still hopeful.
1302038 tn?1439575232 I have been on my cycle 9 days now and i am becoming very SCARED i started metformin last monday and the medicine is working great i started my period last tuesday and it hasnt stoped yet I have PCOS and I never had a cycle last this long.
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently found out that my mom is bleeding between periods and she hasn't gone to the doctor about it yet. It has been going on for over a year now and it usually lasts up to a few days between her periods. My mom is turning 44 and is generally in good health. I'm worried about her as she refuses to go to the doctor. Please help!!
1552510 tn?1294194411 I am so confused on what this bleeding is. Implantation bleeding?...Ovulation bleeding?.....Cysts? so many different things on the web. I usually have a period at the end of every month and it stops at the beggining of the next month. My last period started on the 18th of Dec. of 2010 (which is kinda weird bc thats the middle of the month). I had really bad cramping which i usually don't and was breathing heavy but had a regular period just a little heavier than normal. Well Jan.