How long do heavy periods last

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Avatar f tn Do you have painful periods as well or just heavy bleeding? Blood clots are usually normal but with heavy bleeding it could be something else.
1310773 tn?1317095445 How long would a normal cycle last before having to get worried or speaking to the docs? My cycles last any where between 38 - 42 days - is this normal?
Avatar m tn Now it is September and I got it a few days later then normal but nothing to bad and now its the eighth day of my period and I am worried something is wrong because I keep having very long periods. Can anyone give me any advice? S.N. I am only eighteen and been having periods since I was eleven I think.
Avatar f tn I can't say how long it'll last it seems to be different with every woman. I experienced this too and my doctor told me it happens because your body isn't getting s period but still has .ro flush some old stuff out its common in 8-12 weeks to happen for a few days. I was assured the brown was a good sign cause that's old blood from when you got periods not new bleeding. Just try to relax rest as much as you can with legs level and drink tons of water that's what they told me.
Avatar f tn ok so my periods usually last at least 6 or 7 days, but they arent very heavy. this month however, it came 3 days early and its been over a week now ( like 10 days) and really heavy with a LOT of clots. is there any reason this might have happened? i just recently started going to the gym and getting back into shape but i heard that is supposed to make your periods lighter or shorter. im miserable is there anything i can do to stop it!
Avatar f tn So I am on my first period since having my daughter and it has lasted longer than the normal 3-5 days I'm used too. How long should I wait before calling my doc about it I am on day 8 now.
1842569 tn?1320917441 For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I have been having a period about every 3 months for awhile now, that normally would last about a week. The last one was real light for a week, then very heavy for a week and has been light now for over 2 weeks. Has anyone experienced this? I have also had hot flashes and trouble sleeping.
Avatar f tn s old blood in the cervix. How long can this last? I had a normal red color for about 3 days then it hit me with black/dark brown blood... it's been a little over a week. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Hi there, About a month and half ago my gynecologist prescribed me Seasonique as a way to treat my heavy periods. She explained that I would only have a period every 3 months and when i did have a period it would be light and only for a few days. Two weeks ago i started spotting but i figured that was normal and to be expected but it started to get heavier like a regular period. So basically i've had a period for over 2 weeks now. I'm really starting to get worried.
Avatar m tn Since mid 2008, this has been happening over and over. I never really know anymore when I will get my period or how long it will last. Though I usuallly get one every three or four weeks, it can sometimes be as long as six weeks. And I never have a period that lasts for less than two weeks, though it can sometimes last up to 24 or so days.
Avatar n tn They started after a heavy meal, went away at night and retuned a day later after a heavy lunch. So I do think there's some connection with food. What? No idea. I need to experiment with diet and lifestyle changes to figure it out. Tums seemed to work a bit. Need to try cutting out carbs and such. Ugh I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem.
Avatar n tn Like another comment said, birth control can help with long or heavy periods. It has been prescribed by many doctors for those specific reasons.
Avatar m tn hello. when you are having heavy periods that means iron deficiency . bcoz this happen with my sister and she went to doctor and doctor told her that this is normal but you have to take iron supplement and it will be normal when you get married . And also my sister is 19 years too. you shud eat well. best of luck.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply! My periods aren't that heavy though, or any heavier than they used to be. If it's a hormonal imbalance do you think it'll just go back to normal over time?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! I'm new here and really wasn't sure where to post this. Back in Augusif last Year I was told I had one fibroid. I don't know How big or how small it is. Right now I'm dealing with some anxiety issues which I'm need to all that as well. They put me Mononessa birth control pills to regulate my periods. Before then my periods weren't heavy just very very painful. Especially two months prior to taking birth control. It felt like I was in full labor.
177019 tn?1258150191 thank you so much for your kind words. sometimes it means the world just to hear someone say something positive. in answer to your question, no, my doctor didn't do hcg testing, and i'm expecting them to definitely do it on monday. the whole experience has lasted so long....almost 5 months! it's hard to contemplate that it may ruin our "honeymoon" too.
Avatar f tn You can get this back if you were clean for 15 years. That is a huge accomplishment. How long you WDs last depends on how much you were using each day. Hopefully you weren't using that much.
Avatar f tn **When will I have my next period if for November, I had long periods? I want to know when I will get my next period? **How is ALTHEA compared to YAZ?
Avatar f tn or skip it? i wanna know how long will this period last my periods normally last 3days or 4 nothing more but its been 8days :( i need answers please.