How long do heavy periods last

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Avatar n tn if it's really that heavy and you've been having it for that long, i suggest you need to see a doctor. take it seriously. i'm not trying to scare you. heavy bleeding is not normal unless something is wrong. there goes my one penny.
Avatar n tn how long do these withdrawals last if I'm on day 14 and was throwing up today and still feel all those symptons they say happens to you? i stopped cold turkey and i just want to know when all the pain will go away.
Avatar f tn I'd like to be optimistic, but it is hard given how crappy I feel right now. So ... how long do these periods last? I can find lots about "exacerbations" but they never really say how long they last. Just when I feel a little bit better, the next day is bad again. I would love to hear from some of you folks who have been through this. I'm feeling very lost and alone right now.
Avatar n tn They started after a heavy meal, went away at night and retuned a day later after a heavy lunch. So I do think there's some connection with food. What? No idea. I need to experiment with diet and lifestyle changes to figure it out. Tums seemed to work a bit. Need to try cutting out carbs and such. Ugh I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem.
Avatar m tn Since mid 2008, this has been happening over and over. I never really know anymore when I will get my period or how long it will last. Though I usuallly get one every three or four weeks, it can sometimes be as long as six weeks. And I never have a period that lasts for less than two weeks, though it can sometimes last up to 24 or so days.
Avatar n tn Help could I really be pregnant??????? And how long should I wait if my period doesn’t come tomorrow before testing again?
Avatar f tn It was after she stopped taking it that she found her periods were more regular, but she does not know how long on the pill it would have taken her for this. She went through menopause in het mid-50s and my sister who has smoked on and off went through menopause at about 52. My other sister who is 47 is still having periods.
Avatar n tn , this I am sure brought on all changes. My question is how long do I go on before seeing doctor, is this just a mid-age problem or related to fibroids which according to GYN they had actually seemed to shrink between visits. I am against any medical procedure unless absolutly necessary, if this continues and is a "fibroid" related issue, are there any alternative therapies that will shrink these etc.
Avatar f tn However, most women go without it for long periods of time. I have had the opposite. I went two years where I only stopped bleeding for about 2-3 weeks total. I went on birth control this spring and it took 4 months to stop it! I am 31 years old and I went through the same symptoms as a teen and birth control fixed it. I had two children and after my second, I had post pardom depression for two years. I am thinking that this change in hormones messed me up again.
Avatar n tn How long did the spotting last? I first noticed a very light pink discharge late 10/04 or early 10/5. Then I had brown spotting on 10/6 and again today on 10/7. It is nothing that evenrequires a panty liner but it is evident when I wipe.This is my first cycle TTC and I have 3 older kids and never had implantation bleeding with them so I am trying to find all the information that I can about this. I am also trying to keep myself from tkaing a HPT.
Avatar m tn ihave been taking nurofen plus for a few years now, tomorrow will be my 5th day without any substance at all. i would like to know how long i can expect the withdrawal to last,this is the longest i have been off them, this is also my first atemptand i will make sure it is the last, i take ( sorry took) 24-36 tablet in 1 go, and between 50-60 per day. does it make a difference if i took them all at once or over a period of the day, could my body obsorb that amount.
Avatar f tn Over the last year they've been awful! I can have a week long heavy period then within 3-4 days it comes again, very heavy for another week! Then I can go about 5 weeks without one then it suddenly appears again - always heavy & long each time! My GP prescribed Tranexamic Acid tablets but half the time they don't work, only when I go a few cycles without taking them. They've also become extremely painful, to the point where some days I'm in agony a week or so before my period even arrives!
Avatar n tn how long do you blood while having a miscarriage how do u know its over and how long should it be before i start my period again i am sorry once again but thanks for all the nice people out there that can help me through this thanks again tina
Avatar n tn My average period length is 8 days but on this last cycle I was bleeding for 16 days. I didn't realize how much my m/c would mess up my cycles. Talk about adding insult to injury!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply. My gyne is not too concerned, and confirmed it was normal to be irregular and was most likely to be hormone related, but I do have a check up scheduled for Monday. In the meantime, the second period was light and only lasted just over a day.
Avatar f tn or skip it? i wanna know how long will this period last my periods normally last 3days or 4 nothing more but its been 8days :( i need answers please.
Avatar f tn I stopped my birth contol 2 or so months ago and my skin was fine until now. for the past 2 weeks my skin is breaking out around my mouth and my chin. They are deep cystic break outs. idk if im just stressed out or if its from going off the pill. any advice, sould i wait a couple more week or go back on it??
Avatar n tn It is your right to keep calling your doctor's office and telling them how severe things are and how they are getting worse. Do not minimize your symptoms at all when you talk with them. If you faint or feel chest pain--get someone to drive you to the ER or to your doctor's office. Take care. The anemia was the hardest part for me. You won't believe how much easier TX seems when you are no longer anemic. Also, remember that it takes a minimum of 2 weeks for the Procrit to kick in.