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12205224 tn?1424027156 I am 53 years old. I have always had heavy periods, but lately my periods have lasted a long time, sometimes two weeks or more, and they become very heavy with lots of clotting. I have to wear two super plus tampons at a time and a pantiliner because they always leak. I hate it! What should I do? What can be done to make this more tolerable or stop altogether?
Avatar f tn I'm seventeen, and sexually active. My periods are normal, and always have been. I have clotted before, but my mother said it was normal, and nothing was ever bigger than a quarter really. I'm not trying to get pregnant, but yes me and my boyfriend so have unprotected sex, and he does release in me. I would not be upset if I was to get pregnant, but I am not trying. I have had my periods regularly the whole time we have seen each other up untill this month.
Avatar f tn m 17 and I have a period every month and it lasts 2-3 weeks and it finishes for about a week and then starts again but I keep having blood clots in my period and my periods are heavy. Cancer runs in my family and I'm wondering if I should be worried about it or if it's nothing to worry about?
Avatar n tn Incidentally, it may take awhile for your periods to regulate so dont be surprised if you miss a few, alternate between light and heavy periods, and the clotting changes from period to period (i.e. sometimes you might not have any clots, other times you might have a lot).
Avatar f tn Conditions like endometrial polyps, fibroids can also cause heavy bleeding, clots, and cramping with periods. Heavy bleeding with periods can also be can also be a sign of an underlying blood clotting disorder, which can often be genetic. For a definitive diagnosis of this condition you will require an examination by your OB/GYN .Keep me posted. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar f tn I dont have Gas, But I suppose it could be a start. Also, Why would I all of the sudden be getting very heavy clotting periods out of nowhere. I've never in my life had heavy periods, they just started in November.
Avatar f tn Both of these conditions can lead to abnormal periods and heavy flow. This can increase the likelihood of menstrual blood problems such as clotting or thickness.
Avatar f tn No sex since December 10. Heavy clotting period in end of November, Heavy Clotting Period in end of December. Fluttery feeling in my lower stomach and look Bloated. Started period today, Heavy and clotting. Any possible way I could be pregnant?
Avatar n tn Well, im 19 and i've had blood clots and heavy periods since before i started highschool so my doctor put me on ortho tri cyclen lo but it didnt help because i still had the bad cramps, and blood clots. But my blood clots are really small and havent notice any bigger then a pinky nail(lol, im not trying to be funny). I told my doctor that im still getting heavy period on the bc pills and she told me that i need a stronger pill but decided not to because i fel like it hasnt helped me.....
Avatar f tn I loved the Levora because it regulated my periods to 28 days apart like clockwork and also alleviated the heavy flow and cramps. Even when I went off of it for a few months my period remained regular. Well I was forced to get off of it at age 27 after a blood test came back and showed I have Prothrombin Thrombophilia, a genetic disorder that increases my risk of blood clots.
Avatar n tn I have recently started bleeding heavy and clotting alot during my cycle and my lower abdomin has been sore. to top it off i have been feeling faint and dizzy at times.
Avatar f tn my periods were always like that. Heavy bleeding lots of clots and horrible cramps. Started when I was 11.
Avatar n tn I am 36 also and noticed end of last year my cycle was changing to heavy and clotting. It Used to be a moderate no clotting,4-5 days. Now it's lasting 5-6 days. I'm guessing it has to do with getting older.
Avatar m tn Hi- I am asking for some insight. I have done some reading online about Implantation bleeding vs. menstruation and am trying to figure out what could be going on. My husband and I had unprotected sex around the time my last period was 'supposed' to come (end of October)--I did not, however have it at this time. My last period started Sept. 25. I tested November 9th with a negative result. I also contacted my Doctor, who I am going to see on the 18th.
Avatar f tn Hello, I don't know if anyone has heard of cryomalisis (I know I'm not spelling it properly), but it is a procedure where they shrink your fibroids by freezing them, an alternative to a hysterectomy. Well, I had this done back in July of 07 because of clotting, and my OBGYN felt like something needed to be done about it. After the procedure you are supposed to have a heavy flow for about 3 months and then go to basically NO bleeding at all. Well...
Avatar n tn I would be looking for fibroids which can cause heavy periods. I would also wonder if you might have endometriosis. There are other options besides oral contraceptives. One really good option is the Mirena IUD. Sometimes taking anti-inflammatories such as Motrin or Aleve or Lysteda round the clock during your period can reduce flow as well. These are all NON-hormonal.
Avatar n tn Don't be worried. The same thing happened to me after I delivered. After I stopped breastfeeding, my period returned (very heavy flow) and it was full of blood clots. I "assumed" because I never did ask my doctor, that it was uterine tissue and residuals from post delivery. I don't know about the low progesterone. I have been told If you see any blood clots the size of a .50 cent piece or larger to let your doctor know.
Avatar f tn In November, December, January, February & March I've had really heavy clotting periods, on time every month, lasting much longer than usual though. I haven't had any sexual intercourse since December 10, 2011. But since January I have been feeling movements all over my stomach, by my ribs, in the middle, in the bottom, on the sides, everywhere. Any idea what this movement could be? Please Helppp!
Avatar f tn I had a Novasure Ablation on March 1st. I was having heavy periods with sever clotting every two weeks for the past 5 years. Although the immediate recovery for me was rough after about 10 days my bleeding went to a brownish pink discharge and almost completely went away until around 4 days ago when I started bleeding bright red again (very watery blood, pads dont work too well for it). I am due for a period right now and isn't anything like my old periods but is this normal?
Avatar n tn The erratic nature of periods during perimenopause wouldn't concern me, but the heavy flow/clotting is not normal for me, so that would spur me to call my doctor. Did you check in with your doc?
Avatar f tn If the clotting gets worse and your period gets super heavy, you should get checked by your ob/gyn for fibroids. Cause fibroids can cause that to happen. And although some women are still able to carry a baby to term, depending on the size and location of the fibroid(s), other women end up with problems. Maybe just keep an eye on it for now but if it gets worse, go see your ob/gyn.
Avatar m tn A few years ago, I started having heavy periods with intense clotting. During this, I had my period for about 6 months with a few days of no period in between. I reached the final straw when I woke up with pain one day. I received blood work and an ultrasound to eliminate any ovarian cysts. Everything was fine and clean other than having anemia. They prescribed me hormones and birth control to regulate the cycle. However, the birth control made the pain worse so I decided to stop taking them.
Avatar f tn It was really light and pink.. Then got really heavy and clotting on 6/25... Then this morning is was really light and brownish. And now basically nothing at all...I have always had very regular periods lasting 6 to 7 days. Starting off very heavy and getting light in the 4th to 5th day.. Am I pregnant? Is this implantation bleeding?
Avatar n tn i had two periods in one month now im bleeding heavy and having clots what could be wrong should i seek medical attention
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 16 and I have always had very heavy periods with some clotting. Is this ok?
Avatar f tn I also have a lot of stress in my life due to OCD. When I do have a period they tend to be heavy with menstrual cramps. Sometimes I get clotting, but small pieces, and shreds, not balls, although sometimes they can be about an inch+ square but flattish. As my Mum was irregular I never worried about it and put it down to genetics and sometimes stress, but now I worry about PCOS and/or endometriosis. This year I have also become more regular (i.e. around 30-32 days although one was 24 days.
1725328 tn?1321073783 Hello, You seem to be having the symptoms of metrorrhagia(heavy periods).Various factors causing it are endometriosis,ectopic pregnancy,hormone imbalance,endometrial hyperplasia,polyps,use of IUD’s and depo shots, sexually transmitted diseases,PCOS and benign and malignant pathologies of the uterus. Get it evaluated from your gynecologist to confirm the diagnosis.
919507 tn?1267591732 They will be lighter or just some brownish spotting. If you have real heavy bleeding you should call your doctor. Especially if you have clotting. Roke is right, could be a miscarriage if heavy or clotting and it really wouldn't hurt to go see the doctor either way just to be sure.