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Avatar f tn I'm 18, and just found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time, and this past summer I realized I hadn't gotten my period so he asks me to take some tests. They come out negative so we think "alright close call". I then get my period, or what I thought was my period. It started off as spotting and would get heavier, then subside. I eventually thought i was off my period, and then my boyfriend realized I was still bleeding during sex.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you are certain you are done with the babies, and this would be great with all the camping you do. I don't remember if it is a pill form or shot. Maybe ask. Heavy periods are the worst! I remember when I was a kid, my mom would wear two pads, one on bottom and one on back of panties so that she would not leak everywhere and then have to sleep on a towel! She had a hysterectomy when I was 16 and has never been happier!
Avatar n tn Search Results for what does it mean to have heavy menstrual bleeding for 3 weeks straight , stopped for 2 weeks, then start again with large amounts of clots
Avatar f tn Well, it could be a number of things. I know that birth control can cause weight gain. As far as being lazy...maybe your having issues with your sugar levels? Pregnancy can also cause fatigue, which in turn can cause laziness lol. As far as your pains go, I would highly suggest seeing your doctor. You could have what's called an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy in your fallopian tubes, and it can be fatal if untreated.
Avatar f tn First of all I would strongly suggest you see your OB/GYN to rule out any medical problems, especially since you've been bleeding for 8 weeks. But before you get alarmed, my second GUESS is that, at age 47, you are in perimenopause which is the begining stage leading to menopause.
Avatar n tn does no periods at all mean menopause at a early age without me knowing due to my body never going through what every other female has gone through. I do get alot of stomach pains where my stomach feels heavy sometimes and sometimes it feels tight. Does it mean my body is trying to tell me something due to the lack of periods that i never have. And can i still have children even though i never get my periods.
Avatar f tn One thing that is worrying me is my periods. I have always had irregular periods, except when on the pill for 2 short intervals in my 20s. However I have often fallen into some kind of cycle, e.g. every 6 weeks (about), every 5 weeks etc. 7 weeks would be max but very rarely that long unless very severe stress (I have an anxiety disorder).
551683 tn?1220659708 I recently had a vaginal ultrasound because of heavy, irregular periods and pain during periods, in abdomen, in pelvis, and during intercourse. I blamed this pain on fibromyalgia (diagnosed 9 yrs ago). My test results showed 'samll uterine fibroid, some ovary cysts, and thickened endometrium. Gyn. gave me progesterone (sp?). She said this should help with periods.
Avatar n tn I am 35 and have had three kids. I have had painful, heavy periods since starting at age 12. After having a breech baby, I ended up with a stage one bladder prolapse. Because of my heavy periods and the prolapse, my doc suggested surgery for the prolapse and a possible hysterectomy when I am closer to the age of 40. He felt I was still to young for a hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn Ive took a at home test about 1 1/2 wks ago and another one a little less that a wk ago and now I'm wondering if maybe it was too soon. Does anyone know what this could be? Do you think I could be pregnant?
629252 tn?1222249515 Sorry I couldnt tell you but I had a similar thing happen... I had some clear discharge from my breat only the right side.. I thought i couldnt be PG i took a test it said neg... and so i took a blood test at the doc. appt. i had and it said i was PG but the number was only 14 thats why the pg test i took said neg the hcg level was low for a ept test ... but I had a M/C recently soo it could be ur Pg or maybe just discharge from being rub against something like a bra or something.. the doc.
Avatar f tn Mild weight gain even while dieting Extreme fatigue/napping GERD/Heartburn/chest pain Mostly constipation mixed with diarrhea Depression/anxiety/forgetfulness/brain fog Abdomen swells for no apparent reason Neck/jaw pain/swelling/pressure Scratchy voice Migraines, dizziness and back of neck/head pain Very cold feet and hands and sometimes a feeling like ants are biting my feet Endometriosis (2 years ago – cured after one year of birth control) Irregular/heavy periods and menstrual-like crampi
Avatar n tn I'm 5'9 and weigh 120pounds, I eat healthy (about 1600 calories a day) and exercise normally (20 minutes a day). I don't know why I'm not getting my period? I feel healthy. does this mean I'm infertile? please help me and tell me what I'm doing wrong.
Avatar f tn I hardly take contraceptives because of the effect as it is safer to withdraw when having sex with my boyfriend. Please what does it mean? Do I need to to see a doctor? Please someone reply.