What does heavy periods mean

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Avatar f tn Well, it could be a number of things. I know that birth control can cause weight gain. As far as being lazy...maybe your having issues with your sugar levels? Pregnancy can also cause fatigue, which in turn can cause laziness lol. As far as your pains go, I would highly suggest seeing your doctor. You could have what's called an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy in your fallopian tubes, and it can be fatal if untreated.
551683 tn?1220656108 I recently had a vaginal ultrasound because of heavy, irregular periods and pain during periods, in abdomen, in pelvis, and during intercourse. I blamed this pain on fibromyalgia (diagnosed 9 yrs ago). My test results showed 'samll uterine fibroid, some ovary cysts, and thickened endometrium. Gyn. gave me progesterone (sp?). She said this should help with periods.
Avatar f tn Every time i get my period i always have severe cramps up to two weeks before my period, and the cramps just lead to painful and very heavy, unbearable periods. Does this mean anything serious? What’s the cause of severe cramps and heavy periods?
1205707 tn?1266940532 what does it mean when you spot light brown but that same time red but i havent started my period and i been stressing alot. please help need a accurate answer thanks.
Avatar f tn Also I have noticed that when I wipe myself I have a brown substance mixed with blood does this mean anything?
Avatar f tn I was 36 weeks with my daughter. The doctor said I was 80% faced N 3 centimeters dilated. I went into labor 2 weeks later. Had my daughter at 38 weeks. So u can go into labor at anytime. U r dilating but not contracting. Just take it easy. No walking for long periods of time, stretching bending or swimming.
629252 tn?1222245915 Sorry I couldnt tell you but I had a similar thing happen... I had some clear discharge from my breat only the right side.. I thought i couldnt be PG i took a test it said neg... and so i took a blood test at the doc. appt. i had and it said i was PG but the number was only 14 thats why the pg test i took said neg the hcg level was low for a ept test ... but I had a M/C recently soo it could be ur Pg or maybe just discharge from being rub against something like a bra or something.. the doc.
Avatar f tn The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. Just because your breasts are heavy does NOT atuomatically mean you are pregnant. Do a test.
Avatar f tn Lie I said he is now 1 yr old and I am stil lactating, I am very concern because I do have the IUD placed in and it worries me that I may be regnant and it cause harm to the baby. What does this mean, is it normal, should I worry??
4977329 tn?1361831521 Painful periods, though very frustrating, do not necessarily mean you are infertile. I would ask your doctor to check you for endometriosis which can cause heavy and painful periods. That can be treated. See your doctor about your concerns so then can help you feel better.