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Avatar f tn Ocella is supposed to be the same as Yasmine, but fillers are diferrent and I reacted differently on ocella. Yaz has 24 pils and Yasmine 21. Yaz is supposed to take care of the PMDD symtoms better. 10. My MIND is a lot cleared on YAZ but the side effects and physical effects are unhealthy and I have not been able to engage in excercise etc because of the symtoms. I will rather go on Yasmine and have no physical side effects and I will try to manage the remaining mood swings myself.
Avatar n tn I am on my second week of Yaz-put on it for really bad PMS and extremely heavy periods. (When my period came back after having my daughter and nursing her for a year, my PMS symptoms got progressively worse each month.) Now, on YAZ, I am having mood swings from extreme calm to extreme anxiety (close to full blown panic attack) and back again. I am easily irritated and have had heart palpatations since the second day on this medicine.
Avatar n tn 5 years old due to irregular and heavy periods. I came off 3 times to fall pregnant, which I did the month straight after eg off pill period then fell. Each time the mini pill wasn't strong enough to control the bleeding. A year a ago I was on a pill and I thought that my anxiety and weight was an issue so I changed to the Yaz combined pill. My anxiety and weight haven't changed.
Avatar f tn The new pills made my period crazy, but yaz made it come the same time every month. However, yaz made my periods last longer, and I would bleed on and off for a week towards the end of using yaz.
Avatar n tn Ok so I have been on yaz for 4 or 5 months. Last month I got my period but it was pretty light and ended soon, which I thought was normal for yaz. I had sex the night or day after I finished. Now I just finished my whole yaz pack, all the white pills, and no period! Last night i took the last pill, and since I had no period, i took a pregnancy test. It came out negative. But then this morning i had brown discharge. I'm scared it came out negative because it is too early to take it?!
Avatar m tn So I have been on the birth control pill YAZ for about 2 years now and I've got a few questions and concerns. I originally started the pill because I suffered from very intense, painful periods. It has worked for me and I don't mind taking it. Then I start to hear about all this recent controversy where women have had problems and sued over the pill. I will admit I am a smoker and I know it says you shouldn't smoke but I have not suffered from any major problems.
Avatar n tn I had protected sex 10 weeks ago, and was on the contraceptive Yaz at the time. I missed my period for that month, and was terrified. The next month, I got a period but it was shorter than usual but much heavier. This month, I also got a shorter, heavier period. Over the past 10 weeks, I have taken 19 pregnancy tests, ALL negative.
Avatar f tn We have been using other forms of protection since. I finally got tired of such heavy and long periods, so I decided to start taking the Yaz I was described again. Since beginning it, I am having terrible heart palpitations. I feel like my heart is jumping out of my chest and I don't like this feeling at all. I am trying to decide if I should stop taking them or if my body will adjus to them and the palpitations will subside.
Avatar m tn Well I got on Yaz for a while. It was a Godsend!! I know exactly how she feels. I've been off of Yaz for 2 years now and the pain is starting to come back with my period getting longer again and longer time between them. I'm debating getting back on it. She can talk to her gyn about it. I also take perscription strength Ibuprofen during my cramping days. And during that time of month when I ovulate I have the same excrutiating pain too. I take the ibuprofen then too. it helps.
963403 tn?1247176873 I've been on Yaz for almost three months everything was ok until friday i started spotting brownish and got worrien because i still needed 3 active pills for my placebo pills. and now its been almost 7 days and am still bleeding very light is this normal?? am worried.??
570141 tn?1216920644 Ever since he was born I have had irregular periods (about 1-2 a year and spiratic). Doctors have tried to get them regular with medications, birth control, etc and nothing seems to work. I took 2 weeks worth of Yaz and then my husband begged me to not take it anymore because my mood swings were horrific. About a week later I got a period (June 24th). After that of course we were sexually active as we have been wanting another child badly.
Avatar f tn Have you been to a gynecologist or physician about this? There is something going on, and you need to figure out what it is. It's not healthy to have such long periods and is often a symptom of hormonal issues or other problems.
Avatar f tn I used midol pills to easy my period symptoms and now since then my periods are horrible,i used to have light periods, but now are super heavy with big amounts of blood clots is been 6 months since then, I went to the doctor and they put me in the pill, but no luck please help..
Avatar f tn Also my temp has stayed between 101-103. I am on Yaz Iv been on it for prolonged periods since I was 12. I still usually have medium to heavy cycle but I'm having sticky dark red clotting over the size of a quarter do I have any reason to worry?
Avatar n tn I am also on Yas I haven't experianced the sickness(thank God) but I have craved things suddenly like applesauce, cucumbers and dill dip. I wasn't sure why. I also have very tender breast like they are growing. I am a 36DD I don't need any growth.
Avatar f tn I tried to post this earlier but didn't seem to work. Apologize if it's a double post... I am now 36 and was on Yaz for 1.5 years. I went off of it about 5 weeks ago because of 10 days of headaches culminating in a migraine. I went off Yaz immediately after the migraine (and my doctor agreed that was a good decision). Therefore, I went off Yaz mid-pack. In general, I do not react well to BCP. I had been on several when I was in my early 20s.
Avatar f tn Hi, this is going to be long so please bare with me. I am almost 24 and I have been off of birth control for about 2 1/2 years now. I was on it about 4 years prior and decided to give my body a break. I had normal weight on birth control, 127lbs, I have always been thin. I went off Yaz and started to notice weight gain after a few months, in about 2 years I gained a little over 40 lbs. I am absolutely miserable. I've tried dieting, exercising, and nothing has happened.
Avatar f tn ve always taken them within the same 3 hour period. Since on Yaz (over a year and a half), my periods have gotten slighter and slighter, later and later - my doctor said that was normal except this month I've missed my period. My fiance and I had unprotected sex once (pill was the only protection). I have been stressed much more than normal lately so I'm wondering if that has played a part in my missing a period. Am I pregnant? If not, why does this happen?
Avatar f tn 5 months and was recently switched over from yaz to gianvi which is the generic brand of yaz. I had no choice. I had my period around the end of the month and into the beginning of this month like normal. I started spotting around 2 weeks before my next period and its lasted about a week now. Its a brown discharge like color sometimes with little red blood and very small clots. I have tiny cramps sometimes. Is this normal? Why is this happening?
Avatar f tn i have been on some form of birth control since i was 16 (i think, or 17). i am 20 now. i have been on yaz for the last 2 years. i can't see my gyno, being out of state now, but i will talk to her about this of course before doing it. what should i expect? i went on it initially because i had heavy periods and bad cramps. when i get my period now, it's light with minor cramps. i never had acne or anything, but i think it might have helped clear up my skin a little.
Avatar n tn I've been on the pill for a little over a year now (Yaz) with no problems. This week I started spotting on Tuesday and it continues today (Thurs), although my period is not due for over a week. I've NEVER spotted between periods before, so I'm worried... what's going on??
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor but she put me on birth control when I was 16 (yaz, diane, and now a totally different brand). No matter how long I am on the pill it will never correct my period. Since last year august I have completly stop with the birth control but now my periods back to the same old same old. I don't know what to do so just recently I started with the birth control again because my period was coming extremly heavy to the point where I had to change my pad every 2-3 hours!!!.
Avatar f tn I have always been regular before this and the last time i went off BC (after only a year 8 yrs ago) everything went back to normal right away. 32 day cycle -heavy, medium light periods 5-7 days. I AM NOT PREGNANT. I'm tired of people saying I am. I test almost weekly. I am not overweight or underweight. I eat healthy, mostly organic. Take my vitamins. 28 yrs old. I am worried should I be? When will I get a normal period again?
Avatar f tn I expected to bleed some after I stopped, but I am not sure that is should be this heavy. I started bleeding two days after I stopped the pill. That was three days ago. I am on my third day of bleeding and it doesn't seem to be sloowing down at all. I can't remember what happened last time I stopped taking BC. Is it normal to have heavy bleeding? If so, how long should it last and when should I be concerned? I just feel like I am bleeding a really large amount.
Avatar f tn I usually have medium to heavy periods Iv been sick with the flu and this period is light. I have had some red bleeding along with alot of big red blood clots in the toilet when I go to the restroom.i have some cramps to. But I still have the brown stuff now but no red I usually have the brown at beginning but not all the way through. The brown stuff appeared on the time I was suppose to start my period this is the5 th day. Is this implantation or what could it be I'm worried.