Heavy periods in menopause

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12205224 tn?1424027156 I am 53 years old. I have always had heavy periods, but lately my periods have lasted a long time, sometimes two weeks or more, and they become very heavy with lots of clotting. I have to wear two super plus tampons at a time and a pantiliner because they always leak. I hate it! What should I do? What can be done to make this more tolerable or stop altogether?
552580 tn?1296478693 I am new to all this. I am 43 and experienced some of the same things lately. Just got a new gyn. who would at least listen and try something. She put me on Progesterone but I haven't started it yet. Like I said, I'm really new to this. She scheduled a vaginal ultrasound just to have a look and did some blood work to check for onset of menopause. Blood tests not back yet but ultrasound showed overian fibroid, cysts on both overies, and thickened endometrium.
Avatar f tn I got the depo shot back in January or February. Before that my hormones were all jacked up and my periods we heavy and lasted 4 months. I had enough and went in to get checked out. Of course there number one solution is to try birth control. The gyno told me depo should help my dysfunctional uterine bleeding... however it made matters worst and I bled for two months with abdominal pain and clots the size of golf balls, terrible mood swings and the like.
Avatar n tn The erratic nature of periods during perimenopause wouldn't concern me, but the heavy flow/clotting is not normal for me, so that would spur me to call my doctor. Did you check in with your doc?
Avatar n tn I had very heavy periods, all the sudden they stopped to very light, I'm 47 should I be concerned
Avatar f tn and, does anyone know if anyone can get PCOS in menopause, or something like this carries on from periods to menopause? My periods were also very heavy and I do have that hair growth going on on my face in particular since peri-menopause. I have water filled cysts going on, weight gain that is harder to take off, skin tags, sleep apena, believe it or not all signs of this. Thanks much, as always.
Avatar m tn These weird things happen at the start of and during menopause. So are heavy periods that go on 2 weeks or more, and 2-3 months or so without a period. Ovulation gets all messed-up so intervals between periods go wacky. But it's always best to have an obs/gyn referral from your doctor, and get checked out thoroughly so you can rule out any other problem first. (I was a regular visitor to my ob/gyn specialist for a couple of years!! They got sick of seeing me!
552580 tn?1296478693 You could pick up some natural progesterone creme at the health food store. It made all the difference in the world for me.
Avatar n tn I have been wanting to get pregnant for a while now and my fiance had a vesectamy and i have had irregular periods for the last 4 months now. The one month i was 3 weeks late and the following it was like i didnt have it at all and the last 2 lasted 2 days and werent very heavy either. Could i be pregnant or am i going through menopause.
Avatar n tn the first week it was light now it is so heavy with blood clogs. Is this normal or is this the start of menopause. I will be 46 this June. Please help!!
Avatar n tn Yes, age 51 or 52 is the average age of menopause in the U.S.
Avatar n tn I had the same symptoms about 4 years ago. I had heavy periods that would last about a week. I had an ultrasound and my doctor found a uterine polyp. I finally had it removed two months ago.. I had one period since my surgery and my period was lighter. I took one iron tablet daily through those four years and I'm still currently taking the iron supplement.
53833 tn?1234996629 Very heavy bleeding - feel like hell. Wondering if this is a sign of menopause or something else. Hear people who start skipping or spotting in between but this is a full blown one. Sister is 51 and began about a year ago. Any info anyone has will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have a question when a woman starts menopause do they always have irregular periods in the months before and then they stop or do they have normal periods and then just all the sudden stop?
Avatar f tn I experienced that at the very beginning of menopause, when I was just a little older than you. A couple years of irregular but extremely heavy periods where I couldn't really be away from a restroom for more than 45 minutes.
Avatar f tn My pattern as I go through menopause is actually super heavy periods. Like triple homicide if you know what I mean but only for shorter times like 3 days max. I have cramping and bleeding like I never had before. My doctor says this is a common pattern. I'm regular though. My good friend had her periods just peter out and come less and less and were shorter and shorter until they were gone by 52 years of age. Your hormones are also shifting at all times as we age.
679575 tn?1245115450 s often start having peri-menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, irritability, irregular periods, heavier periods, etc.). Menopause is the actual cessation of your periods. Except for sleep disturbances (but is that Lupus?) I only get the odd hot flash. When I suffered from my ovarian cysts last spring my peri-menopausal symptoms were crazy as were my Lupus symptoms (at that time undiagnosed) and my hypothyroid levels were wacky.
Avatar f tn Could be early menopause or not....My periods changed at 37, but I still got them regularly and at 43 am pregnant without any medical assistance. Guess it can be pre menopause, but until you actually "pause", you still may be fertil. Keep using birth control and go ask your Dr. Just don't stress about it.
Avatar m tn its not painful or anything, but im going to the doctors tomorrow to see what is going on, if you were going towards premenapausal, you wouldd have hot flushes,heavy periods,dizzyness, but it is best to get checked by your gyno! good luck.
Avatar f tn s quite possible you are approaching menopause. My doctor who is a female physician told me to expect possible heavy periods sometimes and that the periods would vary sometimes being light, sometimes heavy. I not quite sure about your reference to the numbers say I'm postmenopause. Anyway, call your doctor. See what he says. It sounds to me like you're approaching menopause. What about your symptoms makes you think cancer?
Avatar n tn Yes I am actually 54 and should be in menopause by my FSH level but I still get periods. I went for 4 months without one then have had a regular one for 3 months then spotting for 7 days then 21 days later very heavy period for 7 days, then two weeks later spotting so far 8 days. I am glad others have these same issues as it sounds normal. Most seem to say you get irregular before you stop altogether. It is frustrating.
Avatar n tn High level of stress, cholesterol, hormonal imbalance, chain smoking, dramatic changes in your life style may be some of the common causes of you irregular periods. Menarche and menopause are also important causes of irregular periods. Some time is taken for the body to get used to the hormonal imbalance during menarche and menopause. So the irregularity. Are you having heavy bleeding or pain during menstruation along with the irregularity?
Avatar f tn Periods can still come and go and be very erratic as well as being either heavy or light.. The menopausal symptoms can go on for many years. Once periods cease completely and do not return within 2-3 years you will know that you have completed that stage of your life. Missing only 3 menstrual cycles is not a good indicator to be certain that you are menopausal. If you are sexually active, it may be a pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I’m 46 years old and have had regular periods (like every 28-32 days) all my life. I am on day 92 (3 months) with no periods yet! As in my periods just stopped with no warnings! I Did not go through any other symptoms before with peri menopause except one month of hot flashes which I think was from drinking a bit too heavy as I was off due to ptsd. Had anyone went into menopause with having no irregularities and just stopped periods?
1478129 tn?1446975332 It may be. The last couple years of my perimenopause were quite messy. The periods were erratic and when they did come, they were heavy and rather gross. I couldn't plan to go anywhere just in case. . . . . I was so thankful when they finally stopped. A few years after menopause I developed a large ovarian cyst and had to have it removed. They also discovered I had some fibroids.
Avatar f tn Well I haven't even looked at the boards for months and this am I decided to check in on some old friends in the HEpC forum...but I hit "menopause" instead. I had a uterine ablation 16 years ago and I WOULD DO IT AGAIN WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED! I had heavy, heavy periods for a few years in my later 30's and I was literally unable to leave the house for more than an hour or so..plus breakthrough bleeding during the month for several years. It just got worse and worse.
53833 tn?1234996629 I think my situation is unusual in that I thought you started to have less periods as you began menopause. It started 2 months ago - had a normal 5-day period - then 2 weeks later had another 5-day period - then went a month before the next one hit which lasted for 5 days,which I thought had gotten back to normal. Not so - 2 weeks passed and have just started another period.
Avatar f tn Then on March 12th I started bleeding heavy like my normal period.So far I have not had and bleeding thru this mth. The pain in my back and the cramps are getting worse. Is this something I should be worried about? I do not have ins. I have friends say that it might be early menopause,something that justs happens sometimes during periods or even cancer. I dont know what to think or believe.Can you help me understand what this is?