Heavy periods prior to menopause

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Avatar n tn Ifit doesnt heal and/or i have internal bleeding i will have to go infor a repair surgery. if my heavy periods come back my dic said my only option is to have a hysterectomy... I hope all of you thar are looking into novasure or have it done have a better experience than i did...
53833 tn?1235000229 This is at age 46 after a lifetime of regular, heavy flow, intensely crampy but predictable periods lasting 5 to 7 days every 28 days, which last year turned into periods lasting 8 to 10 days with extremely heavy flooding. When will there be an end to this madness? It seems like I get about 3 days a month where I feel like my normal self, then it all starts again.
Avatar f tn It's also quite popular to find fibroids and attribute any heavy bleeding to them. But heavy periods in perimenopause are not as nearly as attributable to fibroids as some sources indicate - at least 50% of women get fibroids after 30-ish - and most are actually asymptomatic- (only certain types of fibroids actually bleed) and begin to shrink as menopause gets nearer.
Avatar f tn I am 48 years old. For the 2 years prior to the last, I have had normal periods mixed in with a month here and there of skipping a complete month, then back to normal. Always normal pap smears, no mention ever of fibroids etc. Normal period length of 5-6 days etc. I have since moved to another state and of course new obgyn....and for the past year however I had a period that lasted 3 weeks....
Avatar f tn I saw the doctor and she said basically nothing is this normal to just stop not taper down or become irregular prior to going through menopause? Could there be a problem other then maybe menopause? I would swear all my symptoms are exactly as feeling pregnant but my blood and urine came back negative.
Avatar f tn we plaaned to check it again this weekend....if it's still a negative could I be on the way to menopause..have read that clomid tablets,a fertility tablets held...how true is it?again got loads od symptoms of being pregnant,bloating from abdomen ,eating much,cramps,boobs bigger and heavy,missed my period,fatigue,dizzy spells,strong smell of urine....anyone there,,need your opinion....
577132 tn?1314270126 Now I have started overheating and wonder if it could be linked to menopause. The sense of overheating is very different from the one I was having prior to tx but I'm curious to know if anyone else experienced this. It is definitely related to sunrise and sunset, all good during the dark hours. Maybe I am just transforming into a vampire? Ladies, any thoughts, comments, suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Last week I began bleeding. Could stress have been the cause for me to just stop having periods? Would love to hear if others have experienced the same.
Avatar n tn Hello. I am 50 years old and am certain that I am "in Menopause". But prior to being sure of that, 6 months ago I experienced a near fainting spell. Since that time, I have had equilibrium problems, some minor dizziness, mild nausea and some pressure in my head; these symptoms have finally subsided after 6 months although I now have brief periods of those symptoms and they are much less extreme.
Avatar n tn That's the beauty of being past menopause. It might be a return of the endo, also. Fibroids are supposed to decrease after menopause and if they don't, that's another potential problem. So far, all these possibilities are benign until proven otherwise. Believe me, I asked my doctor a ton of questions and make sure you do, too. Get your money's worth from that doctor's visit. It will drive you mad to guess at a cause. Leave it to your doctor to put your mind at ease.
1853950 tn?1319678110 At first the doctor blew it off too and told me that it was normal to miss periods because I am in the age of per-menopause but I didn't like that answer as these periods are not sporadic, they are every two month which tells me that something else is going on. I asked for a blood tests.. and they came back with a higher testosterone level than what I had on a previous blood test 1.5 years prior. I also asked for an ultrasound of my uterus and area.
Avatar n tn I think the average is around 45 to 50 with all that premenopausal stuff kicking in up to 10 years prior. I believe a couple of years before menopause you wuld get irregular periods. I know that my mom used homeopathic pills called Agnolyt that helped her get through those years. They are probably only available in Europe. Definitely a good idea to avoid heavy medication.
Avatar n tn Also, in the mean time do I need to worry about this heavy bleeding?? The doctor didn't seem too concerned about the heavy bleeding, it's just a little scary for me losing this much blood. Thanks!
Avatar n tn it took exactly 1 year and 3 months 4 my periods to return i am now havin very heavy painful periods every other week and this is ruinin my life. i have no sex life and am desperate 4 a baby.
Avatar n tn Now I have had 10 days of bleeding in the last month, it started out spotting, but then seemed to progress to a period with some clotting for several days then back to spotting. Cysts are still there, and endormetrial biopsy that I had a year ago for some light spotting showed normal so my doc did not do another one this time. Does anyone have any similar experiences, and what did you do?
Avatar n tn In the past couple of months, I've noticed that I've become irritable and tired, and my monthly periods have become very short. Where I used to have heavy periods lasting 5 - 6 days, they now only last 2 - 3 days with only one heavy day. In addition, I don't sleep through the night anymore and have been having more headaches than normal.
Avatar f tn Ok, I did get my results back, he did a blood pg test on me and it was negative, and he said I was going even going through menopause either. He said when I miss my 3rd period to come back in and he will do another blood test. Now my breasts feel very heavy, not sure if this is a symptom of menopause or not. Does anyone know? So far I have gone 63 days with no period. In my first post, I forgot to mention when I stopped having a period for 15 months, prior to that, I was always regular.
Avatar f tn I'm 20 years old and I had the Mirena fitted about 18 months ago due to heavy, long, agonising periods (7/8 pads a day, 5 weeks if not more bleeding at a time with only a few days in between [caused me to become anaemic] and symptoms so bad and painful it was affecting my education and my everyday life) due to Polycystic ovarian syndrome. I had tried everything else first (all the pills, losing weight) and nothing else had worked.
Avatar n tn I will be 47 in Aug and often have experienced heavy, painful breasts prior to my period. Painful breast always go away when period starts except for this time. My last period started 2 weeks ago tomorrow and my breast are still so painful - they are not as engorged, just really tender around the nipple and aereola. I am really worried because I have had some crusting on both nipples and was suppose to go for a mammogram awhile ago.
Avatar n tn Everything is posted I have. the head, dizzy heavy feeling in the eyes and I think sometimes I`m going to dy due to a fatal health problem. All this is Stress and Anxiety. I had several Blood tests and all came negative, I also had an MRI and I had nothing. I still get this symtoms and Now I know I Stress and Anxiety. Someone told me to fight it with Vitam.
Avatar n tn It has not stopped or slowed the bleeding yet, whereas when I first went on it, it stopped it for a month until 5 days prior to surgery and then it was only spotting. Now it is heavier again. He mentioned trying Zoladex if the Megestrol didn't work, and if that didn't work, then a hysterectomy. Up until now, I have had regular periods and he said a couple of months ago, my hormone level suggested a couple more years of menopause.
Avatar f tn Like day one is light. Day 2 heavy day 3 EXTREMELY HEAVY day 4 heavy day 5 medium day 6 medium to light day 7 light and usually i am exhausted and done. My cycle runs every 26 days faithfully. No bleeding in between nor anything "unusual". What do you suggest? Should i wait or go for it? Im trying to lose weight in the meantime. thank you. I had 2 normal healthy pregnancies and 1 miscarriage. I had a D & C. Other than that no female problems but these fibroids.
534800 tn?1217170959 I have been in menopause for at least a year now (no periods for 13 months), have been seen, tested and examined for every symptom and, fortunately, can manage OK with most. I have had my FSH levels tested and according to my doctor "your levels are so severe you would benefit greatly by beginning hormone replacement therapy" and has presribed 0.025 of Climara patch and progesterone.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 as well and was very regular and never very heavy or anything. I had no symptoms prior to surgery - they found the dermoid as a preventive U/S based on family history. So everything has been thrown into whack after no problems at all. As far as recovery - I had a horizantal incision for a 5+ inch mass with removal of ovary. I was off pain meds 3 days after surgery and one week after surgery I felt I was back up to about 75% speed.
Avatar m tn I am 44 years old and always have had heavy periods. My doctor sent me to a female doctor and he started to do the ca-125 test and it has came back normal, slighty high, and the last time higher. My paps come back normal along with my pelvic ultra sounds, they even took a biopsy of my uterus with came back fine. My mother was diagnosed with stage 1 ovavian cancer at 60. they are insisting i have surgury and have both ovaries out.
1179666 tn?1265306468 Yup its true. I hate it this will be my last time I hate it that bad. I hate not being normal. It really *****.
219241 tn?1413541365 Seems the past few months they are quite heavy and then seem to just stop. Ka-put! I used to be a 4 week girl, on the day, I could predict it even t the time of day and I was always right! Ok I am getting on in DNA expiry date...my birthday was May 30 (thanks for those who didn't say Happy Birthday!) I turned 47. Still young in biological age! The females in my family never got their hot flashes till late their late 50's! Ok ok ok....I digress.....as usual......
Avatar n tn Theoretically if you have endometrial ablation you no longer have periods b/c there is nothing to sluff off even though you're still ovulating. IF, however, they don't do it right you will bleed nonstop and depending on the kind of ablation you have done, can be in a lot of pain afterwards. The one where they go in and scrape the uterus out and cauterise it is suppose to be the best one, but they have to get every bit of the endometrium out in order for it to work.
Avatar n tn Since I work as a waiter, I'm going to have to stop working to get off this. Please tell me what to expect, and how long I should plan on being out of work. Also has any one noticed an increase in rate of hair loss from Klonopin?... WILL THE HYPERACUSIS GO AWAY? this is my biggest concern at this time. Please help me. Thank you, Steve.