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12205224 tn?1424027156 I am 53 years old. I have always had heavy periods, but lately my periods have lasted a long time, sometimes two weeks or more, and they become very heavy with lots of clotting. I have to wear two super plus tampons at a time and a pantiliner because they always leak. I hate it! What should I do? What can be done to make this more tolerable or stop altogether?
Avatar n tn Long periods do go hand and hand with menopause. Unfortunately menopause isn't something that appears one day it is a long process. For approx. 7 years I was on the road to menopause. It began with irregular periods, several periods in a month, periods that lasted anywhere from 1-8 weeks. It was not a fun time in life at all. There were several times when I went as long as 8 months without a period...only to kick back in regular as clockwork. Talk about disappointing.
Avatar f tn I am 40 years old. Am I going through menopause? My periods aare all messed up. Some times I get them twice a month. Sometimes they only last a few days and are very light. Sometimes they are extremely heavy and painful, with HUGE clots. I've had ovarian cysts before. This has been going on for a few years. My doctor has recommended possibly cauterizing (sp ) my uterus to minimize the flow of blood. Has anyone had this done?
Avatar n tn re already noticing some changes in your cycles and certainly these long, drawn out periods are certainly charactertistic of perimenopausal change type periods. After these types of periods, usually come the "was that a period?" type periods. Then, the...."Whoa....where'd my period go? Haven't seen it for a couple of months???" Based on this one period and the one FSH test levels, I'd not be concerned at this point in time.
Avatar n tn I'm having irregular periods and i got periods after 6 months. Now still bleeding for 12 days. Why will be the reason?
Avatar f tn I don't know whether I've gone through menopause or not and now have bleeding that concerns me. I went 8-12 months without a period (unfortunately not sure exactly when periods stopped). I also stopped having hot flashes, which were severe but have been gone now for around 8-12 months. My breasts also lost density and became more like merely sacks. I definitely assumed I was in menopause.
631676 tn?1333718203 The two most common patterns I hear is actually an INCREASE in bleeding, heavier periods but for shorter duration. This is me. Wow, some cycles I'm like holy cow! Clots and lots of bleeding. More so than ever when I was younger. I have friends who have a slowing down of their cycle with lighter periods, shorter duration. However, in all honesty, if I were you, if you are skipping cycles but still having them, I'd ask for blood work and get your thyroid checked.
Avatar n tn I am 48 y.o. I have never been exactly regular with my periods, however, have not had any difficulty having children. I would go sometimes 65 days without menustrating. If 66 days had passed, I figured I was pregnant, and was usually right. I had 4 healthy pregnancies. However, this is not my problem. Now, at my age, I am constantly getting my period. I have never felt worse during them. I usually do not make it passed 2 weeks before I start again.
Avatar n tn Hello, The normal age range for the occurrence of menopause is somewhere between the age of 45 and 55. During menopause, the production of most of the reproductive hormones, including the estrogens, progesterone and testosterone, diminishes and becomes more irregular, often with wide and unpredictable fluctuations in levels,resulting in various symptoms.
Avatar f tn I am 51 years old. I started menopause about 10 years ago. First missing periods the hot flashes then totally no periods. Well questions is last nite, after 4 straight years of no periods no bleeding at all, i start bleeding and bad. I amconcerned about this also i have pain i right side area and low bladder area and low back pain. Is this normal or should be checked out? I have not bled a drop for over 4 years. Please help i am concerned and worried.
Avatar f tn I received the call today - tests came back okay, but the hormone levels are off. You should not be bleeding. We are going to do an ultrasound, then also an endometrial biopsy. There is a family history from both sides, of ovarian and cervical cancer...I get checked annually. This time, they have me scared. My Maternal Grandmother made it to 83 with only missing periods when she was pregnant. But my mom had a totally hysterectomy at the age of 27 due to cervical cancer.
16921377 tn?1452396949 if you are having any kind of bleeding, it is still having periods. Menopause is simply when they stop coming.
Avatar m tn As long as the bleeding is getting less and less, you are OK. If you start bleeding too often, to heavily, or for prolonged periods of time, it is time to call your doctor. If the symptoms are really intense and interfering with your lifestyle, there are some hormone prescriptions that can alleviate them. Most people are trending away from the hormones unless the symptoms are really miserable.
Avatar f tn My pattern as I go through menopause is actually super heavy periods. Like triple homicide if you know what I mean but only for shorter times like 3 days max. I have cramping and bleeding like I never had before. My doctor says this is a common pattern. I'm regular though. My good friend had her periods just peter out and come less and less and were shorter and shorter until they were gone by 52 years of age. Your hormones are also shifting at all times as we age.
Avatar f tn For the last 3-4 months, I've had bleeding that lasts from 3-4 weeks, sometimes even longer. It will stop for about a week or two then come back. I recently went to the doctor for my yearly exam, explained this to her and she feels that what I have is PCOS. So, she put me on birth control. In the past, I've been on birth control due to my irregular periods. Currently, I've been bleeding for 5 weeks and I've been on the BCP Trinessa for a week and 2 days.
Avatar n tn Question about menopause. A few months back i have had irregular periods, but the end of april it was very bad. (bleeding, cramping,etc). Now I haven't had one since then. Also, hot flashes - heat comes on quick then I feel chilled. Doesn't last long at all. At night, I have to sleep with the fan on and ac. and have mood swings. My mother went thru this in her early 30's, I will be 31 in sept.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Im also 49 and I have had the same thing as you, for about 5 months I had periods every 2 weeks, sometimes bleeding for up to 3 weeks. After years of having regular 28day cycles. Well now for the past 4 months I have had no periods at all! I believe this is the beginning of menopause. Happy days!!
Avatar n tn I would like to know if it is possible that fibroids can cause this discharge? Are the frequent periods possibly due to the onset of menopause? I do not always have periods this close together, just occasionally. I have an ultrasound and gyn appointment, but it isn't until May 1 and I am worried. Thank you for any help you can offer.
Avatar n tn why is that i am mot bleeding while i grt periods. For the past 1 year i am facing the same problem. i am 35 yrs old.
Avatar n tn I am 48 and am pretty sure I am going thru menopause I have been having a period for over a week now and am bleeding really heavy and lost a lot of blood and I am real weak and kinda scared if I go to the er is there anything they can do or should I even go
Avatar f tn Hi there, you are too young for menopause unless you have peri menopause. Typically, as one approaches menopause they actually have an increase in bleeding during their cycle. I'm in that stage now. A doctor can test if you are in early menopause. But I am doubting this. Your symptoms actually do not follow that of early menopause. (43 is EARLY!!) I had an issue with infrequent periods due to a thyroid issue. My thyroid was working a bit too slow, hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn After a blood test, my doctor confirmed that I am in menopause. Nine months later I started bleeding. I called my doctor and he took an endometrial biopsy. I am scheduled for a hysterosonogram (saline infused sonogram). I've been bleeding now for one week. I am concerned that it could be cancer. So far there are no results from the biopsy. I am not in any pain.
Avatar f tn I am 43 years old and my periods have always been super regular and last about 4 days. This month I thought I had skipped a period but it came about a week and a half late. I am now on day 9 of bleeding - I am not soaking through pads but the flow has not tapered and I have been passing clots the whole time. The soonest my gynecologist can see me is 5 days from now. Everything I google leads me to Cancer and I am really nervous.
467797 tn?1216211257 I am 40 years old now but 3 years ago I had an endo ablation because I was having severe pain and erratic bleeding with my periods. Since then I have not had a period and it has been a heaven sent - no period = no pain. Before the ablation I was having severe hot flashes at random times, night sweats, insomnia, headaches, low labido and mood swings. I was beginning to suspect that I was entering an early menopause.