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Avatar n tn 2006 - Went on Yasmin but changed a year later due to an insane amount of bleeding. 2007 - Went on Yaz instead and bleeding was much better but libido decreased tremendously and seven months later, had a HUGE anxiety attack while out of town for a conference. My GP put me on Lexapro, felt good for about 3 months, and then we stepped me off of it because I assumed it was ennvironmental stressors and not linked to Yaz. Two months later, another huge anxiety attack.
Avatar f tn A little over a month ago I had break through bleeding and it hasn't gone away. The bleeding varies between moderate to little flow. My dr didn't seem to concerned with it but I have a history of anemia and am concerned. Anyone else have problems like this with Yaz?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been taking the YAZ contaceptive pill for the past 7 months and due to adverse side affects such as longer periods, I was prescribed yasmin, which I began taking on Monday ( I have taken 3 yasmin tablets from monday to today, wed). In the yasmin leaflet it is reccomended that one should take the first yasmin tablet the day after the last active yaz tablet, which i have done.
Avatar n tn I am 21 years, and have also taken depo provera a long time ago (think I was 18). When I was on the injections, I started to bleed a little between my periods, and after some time I experienced big bleedings after orgasms. Since that time, I have tried several different p-pills to control my period (which the last 3 years has been almost constantly), and nothing helped.
Avatar f tn I've not had any problems with Yaz or Loestrin 24. I'm on Loestrin right now because Yaz made me pretty low emotionally. However, I think because they are so low dose pills, they shouldn't cause such a problem. I've heard bad thinkgs about Seasonal/ique, though. I dunno. I take Loestrin continiously and haven't had an issue, I don't see why you would bother with a pill specifically marketed as "less periods" when you can have them with any.
Avatar n tn Ive ben on yaz birthcontrol for about 3 months now. I hade just got off my period a few days ago and started a new pack of birth controll for the new month. Its ben 6 days that i have ben talking the new month n i hade just hade unpretected sex for the frist time. I have been expericing random brownish redish milkey bleeding off n on befor i hade unpretected sex n after. is this sumthing i should be concerend about since i just hade unretected sex? should i worrie about being pregnant?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone this is my first time on this site and i am looking for some answers, i had my mirena put in almost 2 yrs ago just after my first baby, i had it removed on april 19th, started bleeding on the 22nd, before my mirena my cycles were regulated by my birthcontrol so i dont know how long i usually go in between however i did get pregnant while on yaz with my first child. I have not started yet and its been a full month? any thots on y? my prego tests all come back negative.
Avatar n tn I looked this up and most implantation bleeding happens around 8dpo or 9dpo. My breasts have been on and off sore. What are your thoughts and experiences with implantation bleeding?
Avatar n tn since 12/08/09 the last day of my period i have had unprotected sex with my bf,, i thought i was pregnant as i was feeling sluggish, my period are due the 10th , today the 3/09/09, i woke up with terrible cramps, and slightly/ heavy bleeding with clots,never had periods like this, could this be implantation bleeding, i really need a positive answer, i do want to have a baby.
Avatar n tn Should I take the date from my first bleeding on the dummy pills (June 30-5) or my second bleeding when I totally stopped the pills (July 11-15). I feel pregnant because my hunger has increased and I feel boloted. What do ya'll think?
Avatar n tn I'm 25 and have had postcoital bleeding and bleeding between periods for a year. I've had cultures done, colposcopies, laparoscopies, and 2 D&C's. The D&C's are a short-term solution however, the bleeding/hyperplasia keeps returning. Two "spots" were found during laparoscopy that suggest possible endometriosis. Otherwise, every other test reveals nothing. The report always comes back as proliferative endometrium/endometrial hyperplasia.
Avatar n tn if you stopped your pills the 6th.....bleeding on the 10th is a stopping the pill bleed.....AF. i started bleeding 2 days before AF was due and bleed for 2 days and spotted for 5. i am now 5 weeks PG. when i was on the pill and stopped taking it i had a really nasty period. did you stop mid pack? i did and that was the worst period ever. remember the pills in the beginning and middle of the pack are stronger and if you stop taking them then your period after will be awful.
Avatar n tn I to have the same bleeding after sex and somtimes during a bowel movement.
Avatar n tn was on leveln for 5 months swapped to yaz due to bad mood chnges been takeing yaz for just 12 days now and have had thrush and extreme bloating been bloated for 4 days now feel pregnant and fat?
Avatar n tn I was having mild period like cramps with the brown spotting but now with the bleeding i have a pain on the left side of my pelvic region. I haven't taken a preg test yet bc i am waiting until a week after my period would normally start to get the best results. I was doing research and found that this could be a symptom of numerous things. (PID, ectopic preg, ovarian cysts, etc. ) has anyone else found out anything?
Avatar n tn My last period started on May 13th and I started on June 12th with a very light period. I typically have very heavy periods and this time it is light. I have read all about Implantation bleeding and not sure if that is what I am going thru. I have heard many things and not sure which to believe. I have heard to wait 2 weeks after i stop bleeding to take a test, some say ok to test while bleeding and others say to wait a few days after I stop.
681562 tn?1226597451 Are there any other people who have had mood swings, depression, spotting or anything else since starting to take Yasmin Birth Control Pill (YAZ) ? I have heard of some pretty bad stuff. Feel free to leave comments or share your story in the forum. I'll try to find some more information to put here soon. Here is the site address: http://yasmin-side-effects.ning.
Avatar n tn you can get pregnant on the pill if your on a low dose, i.e. your only on it for irregular periods.
963403 tn?1247180473 I've been on Yaz for almost three months everything was ok until friday i started spotting brownish and got worrien because i still needed 3 active pills for my placebo pills. and now its been almost 7 days and am still bleeding very light is this normal?? am worried.??
Avatar f tn Hello, You need a thorough evaluation for your condition. Bleeding in between periods and irregular periods can be due to several causes. The commonest cause of is hormonal imbalance. The two hormones regulating a woman’s cycle are estrogen and progesterone. If they get out of balance, one may have spotting. Pelvic inflammatory disease, STIs, atrophic vaginitis, cervical or endometrial polyps, cervical erosions are few common causes of bleeding in between periods.
Avatar m tn I felt like a fog had been lifted and I had very light periods, but I was missing periods and had a lot of break through bleeding. So my dr. prescribed nuva ring which I then researched and found that hair loss is VERY common on that so I decided not to fill the prescription and ask for something else and I now have a prescription for orthotricyclen low which I have yet to fill. So that makes it 6 different BC's in 3.5 years that I have taken and 8 different BC's that have been prescribed.
Avatar f tn 2 months ago in between my periods i had breakthrough bleeding for 10 days that was red so it wasnt just old blood. i started and stopped my periods normally also. i went to a new OBGYN (I moved in June) and they did both kinds of ultrasounds. They said that they found a polyp in the lining of my uterus so I went back about a month later for a hysterosonogram (which by the way hurt like HELL!).
Avatar f tn Birth control can help prevent certain types of cancers. It does affect your menstruation cycle, which is why many women get on it. I got on my pill originally because my periods were debilitating. Seven days long, heavy, blood clots, nausea, back pain, severe cramps. With the pill, they became three days in length and light to moderate in flow. Cramps lessened, nausea went away as well as the majority of the back pain. Some women try to use it to help regulate their periods as well.
Avatar n tn I have been on Levothyroxine for about a month now. Its 25 mcg. STarting to feel some benefits like more energy, skin isnt as bad, etc.. Prior to diagnosis of an enlarged thyroid (levels are "within normal limits" but the doctor still hasnt sent me exactly what they are), I was having menstrual problems- long, heavy periods. I had a D & C in August was was put on BC pills (Yaz) to help keep things under control. The first month was great.
Avatar f tn I am also on Vyvanse for ADHD and that decreases my appetite. However, I have been on Yaz for a few months, and I swear it reverses all the positive effects of Vyvanse (more energy/decreased appetite) because I am so tired and hungry all the time. In the past I have tried Lo-Estrin, Nuva-Ring,& Ortho Tri Cyclen. Does anyone have any recommendations for the perfect pill--i.e.
Avatar m tn I am 22 years old. I have always had irregular and intense (severe cramps, bleeding, mood swings) periods. I have tried several types of birth control to help with this and of course they do regulate the periods, but they are never less intense and the other side effects of the pill (nausea, weight gain, constant mood swings) are always so severe that I honestly would rather just have the irregular periods.
Avatar f tn Also my temp has stayed between 101-103. I am on Yaz Iv been on it for prolonged periods since I was 12. I still usually have medium to heavy cycle but I'm having sticky dark red clotting over the size of a quarter do I have any reason to worry?
603463 tn?1220630455 its cost is between $10 and $50. It can be obtained without a prescription by women over 18 years of age, and with a prescription for those under 18. With a doctor's instructions, emergency contraception can also be made up from standard oral contraceptive pills to create the second type of preparation. Emergency contraception works by several possible methods, the most likely being by delaying or preventing ovulation.
Avatar n tn I recently got my period back, but now I've been bleeding for almost 3 weeks and there are no signs of it stopping! My doctor also told me to go back on the pill when my periods resume so now I've been taking Yasmin...(and I guess I'm almost due my "next" period next week...) Has anyone else had anything similar? I realise of course that periods after childbirth vary a great deal and of course my body is just adjusting itself etc.