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Avatar f tn Question for anyone out there using the birth control pill Yaz. Has ya'lls period stopped completely? Need to know if that is normal.
449128 tn?1205429496 I have been using yaz for about four months now and I am extremely pissed off at the side effects and changes it has made to my body. The first two months were ok, ecept for the two0three migraines I would get all of a sudden, some in which were treated only by going to the ER and having shots to reduce the pain. Then followed constipation, headaches, backaches and anxiety that in the current month (fourth pack) has increased to panic attacks. I am having to take 0.
Avatar n tn my daughter is eighteen yrs old and is not sexually active but she is not getting her periods. Shes been dianoised with crohns disease over a year ago and is taken 9 to 10 pills aday for that. Please tell me what could be wrong. She has no pain from the crohns or lack of periods.
Avatar f tn my doc gave me femara to induse my periods and it work with no side effects! i have pcos and ther is no folicles on my overies but i was suggested to go and get IUI,and hopefully it will work as it will grow and i will ovulate naturally.. i suggest u speak to ur doc and c if IUI would be good for u! because i am on puregon to grow them and maybe that is what u need! u shud find out. i really hope all goes well for u!
Avatar f tn Since then, my periods haven't been 100% regular and it also differs a lot with how heavy it is. So based on this, I'm either 4 days late (heavy periods) or 1 day late (very light, almost no bleeding). I've been taking my pill religiously since I started back in 99. Should I be worried that I just have extreme cramps and no bleeding?
Avatar f tn It's an issue I'm dealing with - please don't make fun of me! I have been on yaz for three months straight now, just wondering which day on the sugar free pills you all get your period on Yaz? There is only 4 sugar pill days. I'm so worried I won't get my withdrawal bleed because I have taken it for 3 months straight and then I will convince myself I'm pregnant!!! Please your advice on this!
Avatar f tn It's an issue I'm dealing with - please don't make fun of me! I have been on yaz for three months straight now, just wondering which day on the sugar free pills you all get your period on Yaz? There is only 4 sugar pill days. I'm so worried I won't get my withdrawal bleed because I have taken it for 3 months straight and then I will convince myself I'm pregnant!!! Please your advice on this!
Avatar n tn I skipped many periods on YAZ. Talk with your doctor who perscribed it, but it does happen and if you are taking it correctly you are probably not pregnant and it is just a hormonal change.
Avatar n tn Last spring I was having breakthrough bleeding problems with OrthoTriCyclen Lo, so my GYN switched me to Yaz. I've had absolutely no breakthrough bleeding since, and my periods are only 3-4 days max. Love it!
Avatar f tn With Seasonale I only had 4 periods a year, but I have still always been able to predict my period down to the calendar day. Not with Yaz. This may sound gross, but I have no idea what my underwear is going to look like when I pull them down. It isn't just blood. It', I guess. I figure it's just the lining of my uterus flaking off, which leads me to believe that it's not just spotting. For example, I had a period from August 28th to September 3....heavily.
681588 tn?1275086789 I had a hormone panel done and my cortisol levels do not decrease drastically during the day nor are my androgens as out of whack as he had originally had claimed. With that said, he said Yaz may in fact be an adequate treatment without the nasty steroid side effects. I did some research and Yaz and Yasmin have been prescribed to treat LOCAH with success. Problem is it will take about 6 months versus 3 days on steroids to start seeing results. But I can live with that.
Avatar n tn Her next period was 2 or 3 days late now she is 3 days late again with no pms symptoms and she thinks she is pregnant . Is it possible this could just be caused by the birth control ? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/323984'>period every two weeks after stopping yaz</a>.
Avatar f tn I am not pregnant and I am penicing.. please help. The doctor said I should take Yaz to jump start my periods and it isn't working so far... whats wrong? Am I going to have a problem conceiving?
Avatar f tn I never get sick, so I had no clue what to do with heatburn, ..finallhy ended up with pepacid and gas x 6. The periods are SO painful that I have a jar of ibuprofen in my office , car and home..I have to take morning afternoon and night during my period. I am currently back to a 7 day period but still HEAVY flows than usual for me 7. The nail in coffin was this past month...scaitic nerve issues. I scream with pain!!. I had to sit at the airport for an extended period..
Avatar f tn I have also been on bc pills and to be honest with you, I think that just screwed me up even more! When I got off it my body went crazy (light periods to no periods to bad cystic acne around my chin and jaw). It took about one year to get my body to the pre-bcpill state. Through the years I've found ways to help prevent massive breakouts.
Avatar n tn it is not a possibility that i am pregnant i have not been active in over 5 months, but the last three months i have not gotten my period. i am on Yaz and have been for almost a year with no issues prior , i have recently lost my health insurance so have not been able to go to the gyno, what can be causing this?
Avatar n tn I am 28years old and have had two pregnancies. I am on yaz birth control, and I have missed 2 periods. I took 5 home pregnancy tests which all have resulted in negatives. I have never missed a period other than when I was pregnant. I did not miss any pills of birth control and have been on no other medication. I am slighlty stressed and thought that was a reasonable explanation as to why I missed my first period. but now that I have missed two I am wondering....
Avatar n tn Watch out for Yaz. I'm 42 but a fitness nut, a non-smoker who's thin and active with no family history of any kind of clotting problems. I was on Yaz for six months before developing bilateral pulmonary emboli. I was in ICU for 3 days, the hospital for 2 more and am on blood thinners until October. My hematologist hasn't found a thing that predisposes me to clotting. Look around the internet. It seems like there is an unusually high number of life-threatening Yaz problems.
Avatar n tn I had my withdrawal bleeding but ever since then I have had a very light period with no PMS symptoms every 2 weeks! I am also very bloated and have tender breasts. Could this be pregnancy? Please help!!
Avatar n tn I had the same thing with the Yaz. I was on Yasmin and switched to Yaz and promptly gained about 5 or more pounds. No problems at all with Yasmin, and I was on it for 5 or more years. I still work out like I did on Yasmin, and I've never eaten a lot, although, the Yaz does make me hungry all the time, and I can't seem to get rid of this bloating. I spot constantly and cramp. I have another friend that is the same way.
863833 tn?1249781250 this is something only your doctor can answer. it depends and no one here is a doctor.
Avatar f tn maybe you could see about getting the IUD i had one inserted and was told it was supposed to help withheavy periods but im no doctor and i also have had three kids but talk with your doctor about it and see what they will have to say.. i feel soo worried about you and i dont know you... someone has got to be able to figure something out im sorry i cant be of any help to you.....
Avatar n tn It can reflect any thyroid medicine you are on. I am taking yaz, so far no problems for me. It does interact with whatever medicine you are on. So just keep trying a lower dose one until you find the right one.
Avatar f tn I have had hormonal tests, blood tests and my transvaginal ultrasounds all come back clear. When I had my US last time I bled my lining was 5 mm with no unexplained thicknesses. Doc can't find a thing. Just don't know why all this bleeding, anyone ever had this and got help? Now I am back on my old pill Tri Levlen since it always worked hoping it will even me out.
Avatar n tn I went off birth control in May 2009, mostly because I was no longer sexually active and I simply didn't like being on a medication. I was on Yaz. I had one very light period after that, and then no period or spotting for the next 5 months. Also, during this time I perceived that I was getting pain in what felt like my left ovary during the time of the month that I SHOULD have gotten my period. (In retrospect maybe I constructed that detail...
Avatar n tn I've been hoping it wasn't the pill, because I love having clear skin and no periods (I don't even spot). But for the last two days, I have been in bed with major lower back and abdominal pain. I too have had slight weight gain, and my already large breast feel heavier. After reading some of the forums, I have finally concluded it's the pill, and it has to go! (My husband will be happier!). I am going to the doctor to try something different.
Avatar f tn I must say, I was on YAZ from December 2006-February 2010 and never had any problems, except the first week I started taking the pill. I had all the symptoms of being pregnant, but a lot of BC tend to make you feel that way when you first start. I obviously was not pregnant, seeing how I was not sexually active. My dr.
Avatar n tn I've been on the pill for a little over a year now (Yaz) with no problems. This week I started spotting on Tuesday and it continues today (Thurs), although my period is not due for over a week. I've NEVER spotted between periods before, so I'm worried... what's going on??
869854 tn?1239981806 I have been off the pill for years. I had no luck with the copper iud for 4 years hormone free but the bleeding never go less and the duration never did either. The nuva ring made me depressed tried that for 4 mnths after the iud. I am 39 and my hormones are changing greatly my which they say can happen at this age. my normal periods all my life are changing to every 21 day last period came 109 days later. My GYNsuggeseted the pill. Even though I am against hormones.