Bleeding between periods while on the pill

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Avatar f tn Now, this all isnt enough blood to fill a tampon or pad. I have never had any spotting while on the birth control until now. My bf and I do have unprotected sex and he ejaculates inside me every time, whish is about once or twice a week. I have been stressed with school and everything else. I dont really know what to do. Could i be pregnant? Could there be something wrong with me? Or is this normal?
Avatar m tn i've had functional cysts before and the treatment i was told for this would be bascially to put me on the pill which because im trying to conceive isn't an option.. my OB said cysts are abnormal at all and as long as we aren't in pain they don't really do much about it.. my only concern is usually with a the funtional cysts in the past they apparently pop and i do a slight bleed for about 2 -3 days max then i get my period about 2 weeks later..
Avatar m tn Thins that can cause bleeding inbetween periods include taking the emergency contraceptive pill injury or disease of the vagina – for example, from having rough sex, an infection, ulcer or varicose veins a recent abortion – if you’re bleeding heavily, seek medical advice sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as chlamydia – if you’ve recently had unprotected sex with a new partner, it’s a good idea to get tested reproductive hormones not working normally – this is common in women ap
Avatar f tn The fluid stopped as soon as I had sex for the first time in several weeks. While still sexually active the brown/reddish fluid came back the same day I took the last active pill. The fluid continued until my period started. However, that was the quickest menstrual cycle I have ever had; it lasted about one day and all fluids were gone that same day. I also restarted a different type of pills the day my period started. Because my period was so short I took a pregnancy test and it was negative.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to stop in-bewteen bleeding while on the pill by taking extra doses of the pill? I have been on for several years and every time I skip the fourth week I still bleed. Could I possibly shock my body with extra estrogen?
Avatar n tn I am 23 years old and since the middle of January I have been experiencing irregular spotting between my periods. I am on birth control pills which I take every day at the same time. My spotting ranges from barely noticable when i wipe to period like. I only have the slighted bit of cramping with it, and about a week ago I noticed that when I used a tampon only one side is saturated with blood.
Avatar n tn They will give you what is know as withdrawal bleeding, or a period that is simply due to the BCP hormone not being given in the last week of the pill pack. You need to find out why you are not having periods. Its not impossible for you to become pregnant with irregular periods, but your chances will be better if you correct the underlying problem. Every woman should see their doctor prior to trying to conceive, anyway.
Avatar n tn I have just found out i am 7 weeks pregnant and have also been on the pill for 5/6 years I stopped taking the pill on the day i found out i was expecting and had no bleeding at all.
Avatar f tn I started bleeding on the second of this month and ended on the seventh or eigth i ovulated and thought hey the mucus seemed really fertile about four to five days after ovulation (thirteen days after period ended) i started to bleed again. didn't seem normal either.....was a lil bloody mucus and almost like light colored blood and it lasted there something wrong with my body....does it make it more unlikely for us to conceive?
Avatar n tn I started pink spottingVaginal bleeding between periods 4 days before I started the placebo pills. The pink spottingVaginal bleeding between periods got darker as the day went on like I was actually going to start my period then it just stopped, same thing happened the next day.
1422615 tn?1334067834 Although a scary thought, it is not generally considered to be a health risk to neither mother or baby. 5. Getting pregnant while on the pill. This is often associated with bleeding during a pregnancy and can be confused with a menstrual period. Many women will have several bleeding episodes before they realize something isn't right.
Avatar f tn I quit my pills at the middle of the pack too and had bleeding (withdrawal bleeding) so I pretty much had two periods in a month. not a pretty sight! Good luck!
Avatar f tn Not to provide you with additional worries, but some women are just not protected well enough on the pill. When my best friend was 21 and then 27, she got pregnant both times while on the pill. She is adamant that she never missed any pills, and that she conceived both of her daughters while on the pill. It does happen, and is more common than people think. Birth control doesn't necessarily fail, but when used incorrectly, the protection fails.
Avatar n tn You do not ovulate while on the pill...that is the whole point. However, I was one of the ones who conceived while on the pill. Maybe I should restate---if working correctly, and if it is the right pill for you, you don't ovulate while on the pill. But, yes, it can and has happened.
Avatar n tn Your timing on the bleeds (not to mention the kind of bleeding) is not suggestive of implantation bleeding. If you had ovulated around the first, you would have seen implantation bleeding (if you saw it at all; many women don't get it even if they are pregnant) by about a week later, well before your light period. A home pregnancy test can give you a reliable result after a missed period, or on Day 1 of the missed period.
Avatar f tn I had previously been on LoEstrin and while on it before I had no problems with it, no spotting, cramping and extremely light periods. On June 10th I had unprotected sex. Within the next few weeks, especially last week, I began to feel extremely nauseous during the day, I was tired, moody, I was having mild cramps/back (almost on my side) aches, and was constantly urinating, and then around June 23rd I began having a dark brown/red bleeding.
Avatar n tn then trying to get pg i had sex again on the 28th because I was due to i started lightly bleeding on the on the 30th, with cramps and it got a bit heavier the next day..only lasted 3 days..not normal for my cycle...could this be implantation bleeding..mind you...i'm not due to have my period until May 11th considering i have a very regular schedule...please help me!!
628735 tn?1273879377 I didn't think of the mini pill, im not sure if it will help with the reason they put me on the BC though, my AF cramps arent all that bad... my pain is constant.... but ill look into it for sure though! the other benefit of the BC is to stop the endometriosus from spreading again. the dr seems to think that the pain, even after the surgery, is because the endo was so bad and it will always be like this unless im on the pill or have a hysterectomy.
Avatar m tn It's also possible to have breakthrough bleeding (bleeding in between periods) while on the pill. The only way to know for sure is take a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn Hello, If you are taking the pills regularly then chances of pregnancy due to pill failure are less. The bleeding that you had after the last active pills can be considered the periods. Ensure that you have the pills regularly without missing any. Oral contraceptives suppress ovulation and hence ovulation does not occur. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn It is common to have irregular vaginal bleeding or breakthrough bleeding while on Levlen between your periods. Irregular vaginal bleeding may stop after your body has adjusted to LEVLEN which may be after about 3 cycles.Brevicon can also cause breakthrough bleeding. Illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, stress or rapid variations in weight, disorders affecting the thyroid gland all can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Take a balanced diet and a healthy meal.
Avatar f tn days 5 to 11 says is fertile and the ovulation date was the 11...I had sex on the 10 and took the plan b pill 11...when should I get my period if I took the pill???
Avatar f tn Nausea, bloating, headache, changes in appetite, weight gain, tiredness, swelling, acne, hot flashes, breast tenderness, or irritation/pain at the injection site may occur. Vaginal bleeding between periods (spotting) or missed/irregular periods may occur, especially during the first few months of use. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Your periods may stop completely after you have been receiving this medication for about a year.
988694 tn?1332363079 I was on both the birth control pill and thyroid replacement (synthetic T4 only) for a while. I was on the pill before I started on the thyroxine and once I came off the pill last october the dosage of thyroxine didn't seem to be altered. The birth control didn't seem to bother my thyroid levels too much. But one thing I was advised to do is to take the pill and thyroid meds at different times of the day...
Avatar n tn I haven't had sex since before March 17th. I am on the pill. During that time i had took my pill everyday and my boyfriend used condoms but he did insert his penis for a second or two without a condom. How long does implantation bleeding last and what does it look like. Does what i describe sound like implantation bleeding or regular spotting due to the pill?
342647 tn?1291111533 I stopped BF Harry when he was 12 months and then went on the pill. I have changed pills from the original one i was put on since stopping BF as it was not agreeing with me (headaches, pimples ect). Anyway I have now just had my second period since being on this pill and like the first it was very short.
Avatar n tn They dont' tell you any of this when you get on the shot or the PILL for that matter!!! I had a mc with my first, and had been off the pill for 10 mos. I know it was the pill that did it. I wish i would have known i would have so much trouble conceiving after I was on the pill! (never have had the shot so i don't know) BUT the fact of the matter is that we took medication that altered what our body intended!! I didn't think of it at the time ( i was 15 when i started the pill).
Avatar f tn I'm 21 i had sex on the 2nd day of my periods i asked my bf to get me the pill but he said i dont need it he says i won't get pregnant because im bleeding,im worried today is my 5th day of periods and the blood flow is more like spotting can i still have ecp to not get pregnant please help me