Bleeding between periods on birth control pill

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Avatar f tn Did u have irregular bleeding before starting birth control? Any bleeding in between periods?
Avatar n tn It is common to have irregular vaginal bleeding or breakthrough bleeding while on Levlen between your periods. Irregular vaginal bleeding may stop after your body has adjusted to LEVLEN which may be after about 3 cycles.Brevicon can also cause breakthrough bleeding. Illness, medication, nutritional deficiencies, hormonal changes, stress or rapid variations in weight, disorders affecting the thyroid gland all can lead to irregular menstrual cycles. Take a balanced diet and a healthy meal.
Avatar f tn part of the pill, but my periods are really heavy and my cramps are awful!! Does a birth control pill stop the bleeding completely, or just extend the amount of times between periods? Also, I have read online that there are estrogen or progestin-based there one that will work better mainly for the purpose of decreasing my flow or stopping my period all together?
364288 tn?1300144506 I have been on Ortho Tri Lo but the past few months I'm having bleeding between periods with it. My OB decided this past week that I need a all-month high dose instead of the low, medium, high dose pack that the Lo has. She called in a new kind but I forget the name...haven't picked it up yet because I need to finish out the Lo pack first. We'll see! I will say the Lo has made my periods a breeze, very mild cramps if any and no PMS.
Avatar f tn Sometimes with the pill you can have bleeding between periods all of the sudden. And sometimes rougher sex can make you bleed a little, too. It could be either one, I wouldn't worry too much.
Avatar n tn Hi have been on the combined birth pill since I was 13.5 years old due to irregular and heavy periods. I came off 3 times to fall pregnant, which I did the month straight after eg off pill period then fell. Each time the mini pill wasn't strong enough to control the bleeding. A year a ago I was on a pill and I thought that my anxiety and weight was an issue so I changed to the Yaz combined pill. My anxiety and weight haven't changed.
Avatar f tn When I had irregular periods I went on the birth control pill long enough to straighten out my periods.
Avatar f tn Hmm, I would suggest seeing a gynecologyst to discuss your symptoms. Are you on the Birth contron pill? Usually a lot of women with irregular and heavy periods such as your can benefit from the BCP. I would especially bring up with the gynecoplogist the dyspareunia or painful sex. There are treatments or ways to manage that.
Avatar n tn i then had it removed and went back to he pill which i then started to get breakthrough bleeding on. one doctor upped my pill dosage to a higher one which i got breakthrough bleeding with as well. in august last year i stopped all forms of contraception in hopes of letting my body right itself and maybe falling pregnant. since then the bleeding has progressively got worse since.
Avatar n tn Is it normal or appropriate for a 47 year old woman to be taking birth control pills for reasons not related to pregnancy prevention?
Avatar n tn but you can still spot and bleed sometimes while on the pill. even if you have been on the pill for a year. it happens. it doesnt usually mean anythings wrong.
Avatar f tn To be honest i never used a birth control before i got pergo is there a way i can change to a different birth control ?
Avatar f tn Bleeding in between periods can happen as you adjust to a new birth control, but to me, this sounds like a bigger issue then that- since you are on the third pack and you had the same issue with another hormonal birth control option. Have you called your doctor to let them know the abnormal bleeding is still going on? There are other non-hormonal options or light hormone options that you and your doctor could discuss trying instead- to see if that helps.
Avatar f tn I am on Trinessa birth control pills. I was wondering if I could use my birth control pills to start my period about a week early, only because my boy friend is coming home from the military the week that I am supposed to start my period and I don't really want this to happen. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Had unprotected sex on the 14th. Took Jolessa birth control pill on the 15th. I do not take the pill regularly, as it sent me to the ER for hemorrhaging and severe, chronic migraines. However, my old OB told me the morning after pill is the same as a double dose of birth control if you are not regularly taking it. Had a period start early on the 27th of Feb. Lasted 4-5 days, though no cramping as per usual. March 7 had protected sex, with condom breaking. Took one Jolessa pill on the 8th.
7290973 tn?1403777469 m looking forward to going back on the pill! I have the worst pregnancy acne on my shoulders. The pill cleared it up when I was in high school.
Avatar m tn s also possible to have breakthrough bleeding (bleeding in between periods) while on the pill. The only way to know for sure is take a pregnancy test.
Avatar f tn I have not personally tried the patch. I believe it lasts for one week, so you use one a week for three weeks, and then have an off week. It's odd that a 21 day pill pack messed up your periods, since the usual effect is to make them super regular. Were you taking them at the same time every day? It's possible that that brand of birth control just wasn't right for you, and that's why it was screwy.
Avatar f tn Hello, Sudden stopping of the pills can cause withdrawal bleeding and even breakthrough bleeding or spotting. To postpone the bleeding, you can start with another pack of birth control pills without taking any break in between. You can also postpone your periods by taking norethisterone which is often used to postpone a period. The dose is 5mg three times a day starting 3-4 days before a period is due. It can be continued for up to 2 weeks or so until you want to have a period.
172826 tn?1423422956 i had really bad periods before i got on the pill when i was 13...and then got on the pill went from bleeding for 15 days and throwing up to bleeding for 9..then after having cameron i was only bleeding for 4 days and now im back to 7...and it starts out heavy and ends like a dead stop...its odd...
Avatar f tn I've always stayed on the pill
Avatar f tn If you don't have any underlining health problems, meaning like cysts or pcos then I would say get off birth control then. Switch to something eles, like an IUD if you can. Or just use condoms for now, and figure it out in a few months. It's not your doctors choice if you wanna stay on birth control or not, it's yours. And yes the thining is from birth control, that I deff read somewhere.
Avatar f tn Years ago I started having problems with bleeding between periods. My gyno said hormonal, take the pill. Two years ago I stopped taking the pill, had spotting consistently every month about day 20, continuing until I got my period. This past October I decided to take birth control again because all the spotting was not doing much for my relationship. I went to PP because I'm unemployed and no insurance. First they put me on progestin only because I'm over 35 and I smoked at the time.
Avatar m tn I am currently still taking it and have had normal periods throughout my time on the pill during the placebo (iron pills) week. I should probably also add that I am a stickler for taking my pills at the same time for pregnancy prevention since I am a student in college. I take my pill every night at 10:15 pm exactly. Here's where my concern comes in. I had sex on May 29th and the condom got stuck inside of me.