What does a very heavy period mean

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Avatar f tn I'm 18, and just found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I have unprotected sex all the time, and this past summer I realized I hadn't gotten my period so he asks me to take some tests. They come out negative so we think "alright close call". I then get my period, or what I thought was my period. It started off as spotting and would get heavier, then subside. I eventually thought i was off my period, and then my boyfriend realized I was still bleeding during sex.
Avatar n tn Hopefully it's OK since you're only lightly bleeding. Have u told your doctor that u are bleeding? They should work you in if you are. If you're concerned, go to the ER. They are obligated to do blood work up & vaginal ultrasound to make sure you're OK or to determine if u are having a miscarriage. I had the same problem as you at 7 weeks. It started out light & spotty, but by the 3rd day, it got heavy like a period so I went to ER.
Avatar n tn ) I’ve included some of the test data and my understanding of what the numbers mean. Thyroid Antibodies-A Thyroid Peroxid (IU/ml): <3.0 (0.0-3.9) Thyroglobulin (IU/ml): 26.4 (0.0-14.4) Indicates inflammation C-Reactive Protein Hs-CRP (mg/L): 84.9 (<3.0) Indicates infection T-3 Total T3 (ng/ml): 1.70 (0.6-1.8) High end of normal range TSH (Ultrasensitive) TSH (uIU/ml): 0.04 (0.35-5.
397657 tn?1202283206 I'm getting kinda tired of it because I can feel it when I'm sitting down or walking. It's like I have a period almost every day. lol Just not like heavy. Sorry if TMI but.. it's like I'm never dry. I'm always feeling wet and it's just discharge coming out. What do you think is going on? Anyone else had this b4?
Avatar f tn It could be implantation bleeding and your pregnant. But only if you've been having sex.
Avatar n tn Also, really bad back spasms, leg and foot pain (sometimes just walking makes me cry), extreme unexplained weight gain (I can't fit into any of my cute clothes and feel like a pig) and now I am 2 weeks late with my period (my other periods, although heavy, were always like clockwork). My belly is all bulging and cramping and this past Monday (after working all night Sunday night) my fiance took me to the ER since I was doubled over in pain.
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Avatar m tn Hi, If you had something that large come out of you I would go to the doctor, or ER. The size of a grape fruit? Bloodcots during periods shouldn't usually be larger than a quarter. Like I said, I would contact your doctor. Good luck to you.
Avatar n tn From what I have read from the posts, it sounds rather normal to have a heavy period. I had a miscarriage on April 23, 2009, naturally. I had a period in June but it was rather light. I just got my period again and like you said it has been as if I am miscarrying all over again. A tampon was only lasting every 2 hours if that. I probably soaked through my clothes two days in a row because it was just so heavy. You are definitely right, it is disturbing.
Avatar n tn Ive took a at home test about 1 1/2 wks ago and another one a little less that a wk ago and now I'm wondering if maybe it was too soon. Does anyone know what this could be? Do you think I could be pregnant?
Avatar n tn He is a heterosexual male and does not use drugs. 2 weeks later I had a sore throat on my left side with a very swollen and tender gland on the left side as well. 2 days later the left side of my tongue swelled up a little and has been red there ever since. and 2 days after that my left hand is numb/very week and both of my arms were heavy and very shaky. I have had no fever through out this, have just been very shaky.
Avatar m tn Since you are newly diagnosed and probably still freaking out a little, I can ofer you a few words of comfort and advice... First, this is a disease of DECADES and rarely does it mean you only have months to live. Most people who remain infected with it die of something else before they die of the Hep C. Second, do as you are doing...Educate yourself and ask questions -no question is too unimportant. If you decide to pursue treatment, prepare yourself beforehand.
Avatar f tn i just need to ask a question... my period is also very light this month and i also had it for like 4 days and then it just kinda stopped... but i normally have my period for like 6 days and its normally heavy but i had unprotected sex about a week and a half ago.. could i be pregnant?
Avatar f tn ive been havin really bad cramps and very heavy period and quarter size blood clots. im scary does anybody know what is happening?
Avatar n tn ok sooo iv been trying and trying to get pregnant with my husband my periods are a lil irregular and when i get them each month i dont go thru that many pads they are light periods,tis month i was 10 days late and i have had very large clots and in pain on and off i feel very weak and white as a ghost i dont have ins but im scared i dont know if this was my period or a miscariage what other symptoms should i look for ???
Avatar m tn The eye sight thing must have been scary. I wonder what it could have been. I hope it was just a one off thing. You are working very hard, maybe you should slow down a bit, like no over time, if possible. Make sure to get enough rest and don't forget to drink fluids when you are at work. Hugs to you bro. Just wanted to say that I'm concerned about you and that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn gee, it just depends on sooo much. first, are you sexually active and if yes, was it unprotected? lets take it from there. you really didnt provide a whole lot of information. birth control? on any new medication? change in diet? lots of stress? vigourus exercise?