What does a very heavy period mean

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Avatar f tn but i was really drunk and figured it would be ok to have sex since i was having my period the next day for sure (very very regular cycle). anyway, its not a week later and i have dark brown stains around my vagina and on my underwear , its like dried blood, except i have been showering? my period was really heavy anyway, but im still worried im pregnant considering this brown blood and im still getting cramps etc... can anyone help me?
Avatar f tn Last month I had what I thought was my period, it didn't act like it normally does. It wasn't as heavy and I started spotting a brownish discharge that wasn't even enough to fill up a tampon after that it stopped so I was thinking maybe I was almost off my period which was unusual because of the amount of days but then it started again only it was a light pink color. My periods only last for 4 days but the spotting went on for 5 1/2 days.
Avatar n tn Hopefully it's OK since you're only lightly bleeding. Have u told your doctor that u are bleeding? They should work you in if you are. If you're concerned, go to the ER. They are obligated to do blood work up & vaginal ultrasound to make sure you're OK or to determine if u are having a miscarriage. I had the same problem as you at 7 weeks. It started out light & spotty, but by the 3rd day, it got heavy like a period so I went to ER.
Avatar f tn I'm about to turn 16, my period is not normal what-so-ever, and I've had sex before. I started getting brown discharge. I don't really keep track of when my period comes and goes. Sometimes it's two months, other times it comes each month. I used protection. My period is very strong and heavy. But the brown discharge is too. I don't know if it's an infection, I tried telling my doctor and she told me it was normal but I want it too stop. -.
Avatar f tn Go to the er it could be a MC and im not saying this to scare you im saying this from experience
Avatar f tn Well, it could be a number of things. I know that birth control can cause weight gain. As far as being lazy...maybe your having issues with your sugar levels? Pregnancy can also cause fatigue, which in turn can cause laziness lol. As far as your pains go, I would highly suggest seeing your doctor. You could have what's called an ectopic pregnancy, which is a pregnancy in your fallopian tubes, and it can be fatal if untreated.
397657 tn?1202279606 I'm used to having some discharge b4 and after my period. My last period was this month. Around the 8th-13th I suppose. I'm still having discharge. It's a lot. Everytime I go to the bathroom theres some stringy discharge. I'll have some on my pj's and some still coming out. I've never had this much b4. Even b4 and after my period, it'll only show up like maybe once. I usually have the creamy kind. I'm not used to the stringy stuff.
1610083 tn?1301682647 It's a blood test to confirm your pregnancy. You can watch the numbers if they rise every 2-3 days like they should.
Avatar f tn About 2 or 3 days ago I started noticing a brown discharge on my liner, today it is a bit more than what it was when it started. I feel like I'm going to get my period but it never comes. Any information would be really helpful.
Avatar f tn So I usually have heavy periods that last 5-7 days, but this month when I got my period it was only 3 days long and extremely light, like not even filling up the tampons after several hours. But I know it was a period because I had cramping for a couple hours on the second day....what can cause this to happen??
Avatar f tn try taking hpt , or sometime periods are heavy and lighter too dont worry.
Avatar f tn ive been havin really bad cramps and very heavy period and quarter size blood clots. im scary does anybody know what is happening?
Avatar f tn Were you sexually active and had unprotected intercourse? When was the last time if so? The nipple discharge is hormonal and unrelated to pregnancy (not a pregnancy symptom but more a symptom of hormones out of whack). Being late or having an irregular period could also be a symptom of having out of sort hormones. Not too uncommon even if it has never happened to you. So, when was the last time you had sex? We'll start there.
Avatar f tn I suggest going and taking a pregnancy test especially if like previous poster said you havent had a period for a while. That should be your first clue but then again some women just have irregular cycles.
Avatar f tn i am sixteen years old and i am sexually active but for the most part always protected sex. but my period this month has been very odd. i usually have a super heavy period and for five days my period was pretty much non existent. and after five days it picked up a little bit. but i am really scared. nothing like this has ever happened. yeah sure the off periods monthly but this was on time which is weird. i am freaking out!! please help!
Avatar f tn i just need to ask a question... my period is also very light this month and i also had it for like 4 days and then it just kinda stopped... but i normally have my period for like 6 days and its normally heavy but i had unprotected sex about a week and a half ago.. could i be pregnant?
613471 tn?1244201788 My period should be here by Monday/Tuesday, I checked my cervix today and its very high and hard as a rock…also I have tons of CM I mean its a lot and white, usually before my period I am very dry cause sex is very uncomfortable if we don’t use some type of lubrication. What could this mean?
1461361 tn?1315677290 Just an update I took a test earlier and got a faint positive... What does this mean? I'm on my phone so can't upload a picture till I get home tonight...