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Avatar m tn creatinine clearance by 24hrs urine collection once a year blood creratinine every 3 months blood Phosphorus every 3 months blood calcium every 3 months checked creatinine/microalbumine ratio once in 3 years i prevent damage by fibroguard and keeping urine ph around 7 and when lowers to 6 or 6.
Avatar m tn 00) After this test I think I ate some dairy products like milk, eggs etc 4th Blood test (From Lab company C) after 2 weeks PTh 61.20 pg/ml (15-68) Calcium, Serum 10.48 mg/DL (8.10 - 10.40) Calcium, ionized 1.28 nmol/ (1.16 - 1.32) Alkaline Phosphate 119.00 U/L (30 - 120) Phosphorus 5.00 mg/DL (2.70 - 4.50) Sodium 140 meg/L (137-150) Potassium, serum 4.30 meq/l(3.50-5.
Avatar n tn ok here are the results... TSH- 1.48 Range- 0.40 - 5.50 Iron- 59 Range- 40 -190 LD- 160 Range- 100 - 250 ALT- 11 Range- 3 - 60 AST- 17 Range- 3 - 50 GGT- 14 Range- 3 -80 Alkaline Phosphatase 48 Range- 20 - 125 Bilirubin, Direct- .25 Range- .00 - .30 Bilirubin,Total- 1.22 Range- .20 - 1.5 A/G Ratio- 1.9 Range- .8 - 2.0 Globulin,Calculated-2.8 Range- 2.2 - 4.2 Albumin- 5.4 Range 3.7 - 5.1 Protein,total- 8.2 rANGE 6.0 - 8.
Avatar m tn I'm 23 year old. Recently during a routine blood checkup, I found high calcium and low vitamin D. What is the diagnosis for it ? I followed a vegan diet for last 2 years and lost around 15 kg and I did not take any dairy products. I work on the computer and don't go out much. Can calcium levels rise if I had been living on a diet which had very low calcium for 2 years ? I'm not sure if I had gotten sufficient calcium from vegetables.
Avatar n tn I decided to take a more active role in my good health so have had blood tests taken. I will list below the name the reference ranges then my results: Total Protein 5.9-8.4 8.1 Albumin 3.2-5.2 4.2 Globulin 1.7-3.7 (h) 3.9 A/G Ratio 1.1-2.9 (l) 1.1 Glucose 70-109 85 Sodium 133-145 142 Potassium 3.5-5.3 3.
755175 tn?1334998378 G Ratio----------------------------------- 1.09 Calcium Total------------------------------ 9.40 mg/dl Phosphorus---------------------------------4.60 mg/dl Sodium--------------------------------------138.00 mEq/L Potassium---------------------------------- 4.70 mEq/L Chloride------------------------------------ 103.
1916673 tn?1420236870 8 mg/dL) Together with BUN and Creatinine, an abnormal phosphorus level is the primary diagnostic indicator of chronic kidney failure in dogs. Most (85%) of phosphorus is stored in bones, but a small amount circulates In blood as phosphate ion. The latter is crucial for nerve function and muscle contraction. A dog’s kidneys control the level of phosphorus circulating in the blood and prevent the level from rising too high.
Avatar f tn A calcium lab that measures both ionized and serum A Vit D test Phosphorus and another PTH With symptoms you describe and seeing the higher end of calcium in your blood it would be good to get a second opinion from a parathyroid specialist.
Avatar f tn Would remeasure vitamin D as 25-OH-D. And repeat blood calcium levels. Urine Calcium is a bit high. Usually primary hyperparathyroidism has calcium >10, but not always and the high urine calcium may be a good clue (although it is not that high in your case). The sestamibi scan is for patients with primary hyperparathyroidism to help locate the source of the problem - it is not used to make or exclude the diagnosis. The T-score for bone density of -3.5 is quite low for age.
Avatar n tn Despite much research, the causes remain unclear but include repetitive physical trauma, ischemia (restriction of blood flow), hereditary and endocrine factors, avascular necrosis (loss of blood flow), rapid growth, deficiencies and imbalances in the ratio of calcium to phosphorus, and anomalies of bone formation. It can be treated and please follow up near an Orthopaedician for further advice and instructions. Take care!
Avatar m tn I had no idea till now. The vet just emailed them to me. BUN 24.3 Creatinine 206 Phosphorus 2.96 Calcium 2.86 WBC 15.8 Hemoglobin 220 Hemocrit 60 Urine: Protein 3+ Protein creatinine ratio 7.25 Chemistry Renal Profile: Albumin Low 23 BUN 21.5 Creatinine 150 phosphorus 2.79 Do any of you know how to interpret these results? Except where indicated, they were all marked as "high".
19691093 tn?1488197669 4 Is there a scenario where Calcium goes up as the Phosphorus goes down? Perhaps with kidneys failing they cannot process calcium into the blood, so the brain wants calcium from bone, and this creates the higher calcium level in blood? If this is so, then I wonder if giving a calcium supplement would help if the kidneys cannot process it into the blood? Would the calcium supplement be urinated out and not enter the blood?
1916673 tn?1420236870 1 ratio of calcium to phosphorus intake. But this gets more complicated when the binder adopted is also calcium-based. It strikes me this is another reason for having regular blood checks undertaken, just to see how things are balancing out. My question for now ... what phosphate binders have you used and how effective do you think they have been?
Avatar n tn The joint pain and fracture of his ankle should be addressed by ortho to see if he has joint instability, endocrine wise as this is my area, I would assess but not aggressively unless we see other reasons, looking at bone issues like parathyroid hormone, vitamin D levels and an enzyme called alk phos, as well as calcium, phosphorus and even thyroid.
Avatar m tn C.L.I.A) REPEATED TESTS OF PHOSPHORUS, CALCIUM, URIC ACID (on 20th July, Blood drawn at 9.a.m) PHOSPHORUS (4.87) 2.5-4.8 mg/dl URIC ACID (5.77) 2.3-6.1 mg/dl CALCIUM serum (9.89) 8.4-10.6 THYROID TESTS (DONE ON 8TH AUG): TSH (Ultra sensitive), serum by CLIA (3.05) 0.45 - 4.5 T3 (Total), serum by CLIA (93.42) 70 – 204 T4 (Total) serum by CLIA (8.80) 3.2 - 12.6 Free T3, serum by CLIA (3.03) 1.4 – 4.4 Free T4, serum by CLIA (1.15) 0.8 – 1.
Avatar n tn 0 age 34 bun/creat 12 L gfr 91 uric acid 5.0 calcium 9.5 phosphorus 3.8 sodium 139 potassium 4.4 chloride 107 co2 30 anion gap 2 oemolality 277 albium 4.7 protien 7.8 a/g ratio 1.5 sgot/ast 396 H ldh 270 H sgpt/alt 946 H total bili 1.
1778046 tn?1318440702 0.87mg B/C Ratio: 20 (high) Sodium: 141mmol (normal/borderline) Calcium: 10mg (borderline) Phosphorus: 4.3mg (borderline) Albumin: 5.0g (normal/borderline) Globulin: 2.4g A/G Ratio: 2.1 (normal/borderline) Direct Bilirubin: 0.20mg Indirect Bilirubin: 0.80mg (borderline) Total Bilirubin: 1.
Avatar m tn There is a combined diagnostic process for kidney disease. This includes BUN, creatinine, phosphorus, calcium and potassium levels in blood. Specific gravity and protein leakage (and any UTIs) in urine testing. Blood pressure check. Ideally, a scan and xrays of the kidneys.If possible, an SDMA (Idexx Labs) test should be done as well. Collectively, these are the indicators for kidney disease, although only some of them being abnormal would point to early disease.
Avatar m tn C.L.I.A) REPEATED TESTS OF PHOSPHORUS, CALCIUM,URIC ACID (on 20th July, Blood drawn at 9.a.m) PHOSPHORUS 4.87 2.5-4.8 mg/dl URIC ACID 5.77 2.3-6.1 mg/dl CALCIUM serum 9.89 8.4-10.6 THE 1ST TEST OF URIC ACID WAS WITHIN THE NORMAL RANGE 5.2, N STILL I USED TO GET JOINT N OTHER PAINS. P.S : 1) I have nt been able to do much acitivity after having slip disc.
Avatar f tn GFR Non- African American Vitamin B12 Level Sodium Potassium Phosphorus Magnesium Glucose CO2 Chloride Calcium BUN Creatinine Aldolase Sedimenation Rate AST ALT TSh Creatinine 24 hr Cortisol, Urinary 24 hr free
Avatar f tn 2 chloride serum 99 97 -108 carbon dioxide total 26 20 - 32 calcium serum 9.8 8.7 - 10.2 phosphorus, serum 3.7 2.5 - 4.5 albumin serum 4.6 3.5 - 5.
Avatar m tn 89 Normal - CALCIUM: 10.4 Normal - PHOSPHORUS: 3.5 Normal - ALBUMIN: 5.4 High LUTEINIZING HORMONE (LH) - 01/24/13 Result: - LUTEINIZING HORMONE SERUM: 1.6 Normal T4 FREE - 01/24/13 Result: - T4 FREE: 1.37 Normal The endo also sent me for an MRI, which came back with nothing. He said that he has run out of options for finding the root cause and that I just have low t. He prescribed me androgel, which I started last week. I am on no other meds or supplements.
1778046 tn?1318440702 0.87mg B/C Ratio: 20 (high) Sodium: 141mmol (normal/borderline) Calcium: 10mg (borderline) Phosphorus: 4.3mg (borderline) Albumin: 5.0g (normal/borderline) Globulin: 2.4g A/G Ratio: 2.1 (normal/borderline) Direct Bilirubin: 0.20mg Indirect Bilirubin: 0.80mg (borderline) Total Bilirubin: 1.
Avatar f tn A full blood panel test that includes BUN, creatinine, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, sodium, total protein, WBC, PCV. And importantly, an SDMA test (Idexx Laboritories). URINE: Specific gravity, protein leakage and a culture and sensitivity test for any UTIs. Important too ... make sure they do a blood pressure check.
Avatar n tn My nephrologist (kidney doctor) runs a CBC, Renal Panel (Lytes, Urea, Creatinine), Liver Panel, Calcium, Phosphorus, Protein, Albumin and Uric acid for blood tests, and he runs a Urinalysis, Micro/Alb/Creat Ratio, and a 24 hour urine that measures protein, creatinine, and creatinine clearance. The nice thing is you don't have to fast for any of those tests. I am in Canada and we have public health care so it is possible that the doctor runs more tests than is essentail.
Avatar f tn It would be interesting to see what calcium is doing and calcium to potassium ratio. These two minerals along with phosphorus are closely linked in canine kd. She definitely needs a kd diet, as that's the only way to keep the blood numbers stable (in addition to the phosphorus binder). Even though phosphorus levels may be seemingly in control, they will start climbing again if you don't maintain a low phosphorus diet AND give the binder every day with food.
Avatar f tn 0 Urea- 32.8 Creatinine- 218 Phosphorus-3.51 Calcium - 2.99 Total protein - 78.4 Albumin- 42.9 ALT- 252.3 ALP- 507 Bilirubin- 2.7 Cholesterol- 11.22 Amylase- 522 Urine protein creatinine ratio 0.8 Don't know what any of these mean apart from high in comparison to the reference values on the paper. The vet did mention that the increase in calcium levels could be to do with the 'shadows they discovered in the spleen' Any advice??
Avatar f tn The extra requirements for calcium may be a result of high protein or phosphate levels (kidney disease, poor diet), hormonal diseases or imbalances, nutritional imbalances (high Mg/Ca ratio, low pantothenic acid), celiac disease or other intestinal conditions that interfere with calcium absorption, prescribed medications that promote calcium loss, random self-supplementation of the wrong vitamins and minerals, and others When high calcium is suspected but no resources are availab
15606543 tn?1442316968 Do you have the blood results with you? If so, tell me what the calcium and phosphorus levels are. What kind of diet is Jojo on? Are you aware it needs to be low phosphorus and with some high-quality protein and carbohydrates. Fatty meats are good too, such as chicken cooked with the skin on. All vegetable should be peeled and cooked to reduce phosphorus intake. White rice is good. Sticky rice even better.