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Avatar f tn The ratio of LDL and HDL is calculated by dividing the total cholesterol by HDL. For example if the cholesterol is 180 and HDL 82 then the cholesterol ratio is 2.2. An inappropriate ratio leads to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Avatar m tn What's the difference between LDL and cholesterol? Do I have anything to worry about? My blood test results show this: Test Name Result Reference Range LDL, Calculated 2.36 1.70-3.00 mmol/L Cholesterol 4.70 H 3.20-4.60 mmol/L Triglycerides 1.10 0.60-2.30 mmol/L HDL cholesterol 1.84 >=0.
Avatar n tn It is really the ratio of HDL to LDL that matters, not the total cholesterol so much. Your ratio is excellent - statins seem like an extreme step for someone like you (I must take them for genetic reasons). You could eat oatmeal every day - this really does help.
Avatar n tn I've been following this forum and news articles over there (used to be for years. They always have the latest news relating to heart disease. I'm not plugging them, just think it's good reading for anyone interested in heart disease.
Avatar n tn I have to agree with you doctor, you need at least one cholesterol medication, more likely two, and agressive diet and exercise. As a diabetic, you are consider a risk equivalent to a patient who has had a previous heart attack. If you look at the charts for long term outcomes (risk of death or heart attach), the graph a diabetic is superimposable over that of someone who has had a previous heart attack.
Avatar m tn i recently had blood work done and this is my report- Triglycerides (110),cholesterol total (183),hdl cholesterol (36),ldl cholesterol (125), chol/hdlc ratio (5.08).I am wondering why i am out of range for two of the five test performed? I am a 39 yr old male and try to eat right constantly!! Anyones help is greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn This is something to discuss with your doctor..
Avatar n tn HDL 81, LDL 199, triglycerides 111. Hemoglobin 14.6, platelets 264, white blood count 4.2 Thyroid 2.620 1 year ago cholesterol 234, HDL 61, LDL 155 Thyroid 3.080 What is the ratio of cholesterol supposed to be?
Avatar f tn I recently received my blood test results from my cholesterol screening and I'm not sure of the meaning of my ratio. which is 2.8. My HDL is 72, LDL is 114, Triglucerides are 96. I swim daily, but I do have MS and about 28 years ago was told I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, which I don't take anything for and also have no symptoms. Can you tell ,me if my ratio is good or not. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I've lost 70 pounds, but do still need to lose about 50. My cardiologist did not have time to explain my blood test results and I'm not familiar with the newer tests (VAP). Is it possible to get clarification on just the out-of-range results here? 1)Will losing the remaining weight improve any of the out of range results? 2)How "bad" is my Lp(a)? 3)What do the other results mean?
Avatar f tn What is your diet like? Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides are high for a 17 year old.
Avatar n tn Total cholesterol - 258 HDL - 123 LDL - 119 Cholesterol/HDL Ratio - 2.1 HDL/LDL Ratio - .97 I understand that the ratios are good, but I'm concerned about the 258 total. I've read that the ratios are more important than the total, and I understand that my total is high because my HDL is so high, which is good. According to the report I received, all my numbers are in range except for the total cholesterol.
Avatar f tn The information you need is in this article - and you will learn more about the numbers - http://www.livestrong.
Avatar m tn 2F), swollen eye tissue, mild constipation, elevated cholesterol, and several more. I know this high FT4/FT3 ratio can be seen in early Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis where the T4 is high (because of spillage from a damaged thyroid into the blood stream) and/or peripheral cellular resistance as these levels indicate a decreased conversion of T4 to T3.
Avatar n tn I have some questions about cholesterol readings. 13 years ago (age 40), after getting an initial total cholesterol reading of 305, being quite concerned, I started cutting fats from my diet, which HAD included whole milk, eggs fried in butter, lots of fat in general. Since then I've had 5 full cholesterol screenings. The first one was 3 months after the 305 reading, after a lot of low-fat eating. It was total=162, LDL=102, HDL=44, TG=78, which gives a ratio of 3.
Avatar n tn I play in a men's indoor soccer league as well as doing regular excercise. My latest blood tests came back with a Chol level of 219, HDL of 48, Triglycerides of 60, but an LDL (direct) of 159. I weight 170 lbs and am 5' 10". For the life of me I can not get my LDL down, despite trying low fat diets (except for almonds!) Someone mentioned that there are two subtypes of LDL and that one is bad and the other not so bad.
1399363 tn?1462346210 If you have high blood glucose, cholesterol, or have hypertension, or even just high emotional stress that can make things worse. All just food for thought.
Avatar f tn 279; HDL: 34; LDL: 203; Chol/HDL ratio: 8.2; LDL/HDL ratio:5.97; Triglycerides: 210. Other abnormal results: ALT (SGPT): 47; GGT(GGTP): 92. He is 49, BMI 26.5; healthy, fit, normal BP. He was quite shocked at the results. He was started on Lipitor 20mg once daily. Due to my family history of heart disease, I cook very low fat, but he " supplements" his diet with steak, etc. Is venison an acceptable alternative meat? Is shellfish OK? What else can we do to lower his cholesterol?
425200 tn?1368744670 The most important indicator is the ratio between total cholesterol and HDL. If that number is in line, statistically there is a much better chance that there is a healthy balance of fats in the cardio vascular system.
Avatar n tn (The LDL is higher than 130.) Cholesterol 285 mg/dl HDL 117 mg/dl Cholesterol Ratio 2.4% LDL 158 mg/dl LDL/HDL Ratio 1.35 mg/dl Triglycerides 50 mg/dl I will try to pay more attention to my fat intake per day. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn Arthur Agatston, the author of "The South Beach Diet" is also a renown cardiologist. He also has written a book which I recommend titled "The South Beach Heart Program." In it he writes about "aggressive prevention" of heart disease. He advocates aggresive management of cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglycerides. That means statin drugs. He also says that people with known heart risks that follow his program can have a normal life expectancy.
Avatar n tn Total cholesterol: 177 HDL: 33 LDL: 127 Triglycerides: 85 VLDL: 17 Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 5.4 Glucose: 108 Here are my numbers from last week: Total cholesterol: 198 HDL: 33 LDL: 138 Triglycerides: 136 VLDL: 27 Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio: 6.
Avatar f tn Thyroid resistance? I have a quick question, how do I figure the ratio of these two values if they are measured in ng/dl and pg/dl? Please help. I have a follow up endo appt next week and can't wait... REVERSE T3 RANGE 11-32 ng/dL - RESULT: T3, Reverse: 35 (H) FREE T3 WITH TRACER DIALYSIS RANGE 210-440 pg/dL - RESULT: Free T3: 232 By the way, here are my other results: TSH 1.55 - RANGE: 0.35-4.00 uIU/mL T4 FREE 1.30 - RANGE: 0.81-1.
Avatar f tn I finally found a doctor to listen to me, and she requested A LOT of bloodwork. I found out that I have a high Chol/ LDL ratio of 4.86 (I know, horrible!!!) and I'm freaking out. My lipid panel is this: Total LDL: 115 LDL: 103 Lp(a): 3 IDL: 9 Total HDL: 35 HDL2: 7 HDL3: 28 Total VLDL: 19 VLDL 1+2: 8.0 VLDL3: 11 Total Cholesterol: 170 Triglycerides: 101 I know that my good cholesterol is low, which stinks, but my question is...
Avatar f tn Hi jenn, Im Heather. Im 34 and 4'11" and have just got back my blood labs also. My cholesterol is high (dont have my paperwork in front of me) but Dr said I need to switch diet and work out. I have an office job so I need to exercise to make up for an otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Im taking it seriously as heart disease is on both sides of my family and both my grandpas had quadruple bipass surgery. I smiled out of empathy for your fear of having blockage, as I too worry about that.
Avatar m tn That number is important in interpreting your total reading. Take the ratio of total cholesterol (214) to hdl. If the ratio is less than 5, you are not in much danger (though 3.5 or less is ideal). Check out this website for more info:
Avatar n tn Dear Lee, Your question raises several important points concerning cholesterol. A high cholesterol level was identified as a major risk factor in the development of heart disease in the 1970s. Lowering cholesterol for secondary prevention, that is preventing second heart attacks in persons who already had had one, was next demonstrated in the eighties and primary prevention of heart attack and stroke (In persons who had never had a prior event) demonstrated in the nineties.
1810531 tn?1344533317 transfats, high polyunsaturated diet), untreated hypothyroidism is the second most common cause of elevated cholesterol. Genetics are a rare cause of elevated cholesterol. Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune thyroid disease) is the most common cause of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is commonly misdiagnosed as the standard TSH test can be within "normal" range with thyroid disease.
152159 tn?1200086054 The reason for this is that a stress test may not show ischemia (lack of normal blood flow) because cholesterol builds *within* the artery wall. Most heart attacks are caused when the plaque accumulates to the point the artery wall becomes weak, and ruptures, releasing plaques into the bloodstream. The blood forms a clot around this plaque, and voila, a heart attack happens. This is why aggressive management of cholesterol is vital. Stress tests are good, but not perfect by ANY means. 2.