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Avatar f tn The ratio of LDL and HDL is calculated by dividing the total cholesterol by HDL. For example if the cholesterol is 180 and HDL 82 then the cholesterol ratio is 2.2. An inappropriate ratio leads to increased risk of cardiovascular diseases.
Avatar m tn Your LDL is borderline high, which makes both your total cholesterol and your ratio of total cholesterol to HDL a little too high, also. Your triglycerides are good. Your HDL is okay. LDL is really the only issue here, and even it's not crazy high. The common advice for borderline high LDL is to eat less saturated fat, make sure you are eating a good amount of soluble fiber in your diet, lose weight if you are overweight, exercise regularly, and don't use tobacco. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I recently received my blood test results from my cholesterol screening and I'm not sure of the meaning of my ratio. which is 2.8. My HDL is 72, LDL is 114, Triglucerides are 96. I swim daily, but I do have MS and about 28 years ago was told I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, which I don't take anything for and also have no symptoms. Can you tell ,me if my ratio is good or not. Thank you.
Avatar f tn The information you need is in this article - and you will learn more about the numbers - http://www.livestrong.
591515 tn?1219013583 m concerned about my blood pressure and cholesterol levels. I take blood pressure medicine and average 110/65. Here are the results of my cholesterol numbers which I don't really understand, inspite of what I've read on the internet. Thank you very much! Cyn Triglycerides 146 Total Cholesterol 212 HDL 71 LDL 112 CHOL/HDLC RATIO 3.0 GLOBULIN 4.
Avatar m tn The published evidence is quite clear in documenting that the actual total cholesterol level itself is not the most important risk factor of cardiovascular disease. It is the ratio between the level of HDL-"good" cholesterol and total cholesterol that we need to be concerned about. Therefore, in adults, the HDL-"good" cholesterol/total cholesterol ratio should be higher than 0.
Avatar n tn Your cholesterol is great and so are your triglycerides. Actually remarkably good. The reason why your cholesterol isn't very low, is that you have lots of the good cholesterol (HDL). This cholesterol is protective against cardiovascular disease. So your cholesterol profile is perfect. You would rather prefer your cholesterol profile than a total of 160 and a HDL of 37, for example.
Avatar n tn m a 71 yo male, had a single stent in the midportion of my left anterior descending coronary artery 6/20/08 for angina with marked exertion, some other vessels are 50-60 % stenosed, no diabetes or hypertension, height 5 ft 7 inches, weight 135, athletic (15 marathons), blood lipids and cholesterol always good( cholesterol 153, HDL 56, LDL 85, triglycerides 59), currently cholesterol 106, HDL 54, LDL 45, triglycerides 36 on Lipitor 20 mgm qd; CRP 2.4, Hemoglobin A1C 6.
Avatar f tn What is your diet like? Your Cholesterol and Triglycerides are high for a 17 year old.
Avatar f tn Frenchie - I don't know what my ratio is. I know they consider me high risk/heart diseased because I have a history of stroke (even though I was 24 when i had the stroke and it wasn't due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol or anything like that). So I think the range numbers are lower than for someone with no stroke history, I suppose they want it lower than normal to compensate for health history. How do you figure out ratio? Brooke - Thanks.
Avatar m tn (1) if the 'good' cholesterol range is 50-200mg as I understand it to be, should there be concern if one's cholesterol drops below 50mg? And, (2) although my 34mg HDL is below 40mg, it is also more than twice my 16mg LDL. I wonder if this ratio means my HDL may not be too low? Thank you in advance.
5461254 tn?1368376816 See your doctor and get a physical, part of it will be blood work that will give you a cholesterol level you can discuss with your regular physician. Or else you printed this out wrong, since your triglycerides are so high. You do see these numbers don't seem to add up to 192, right? The big question is, what's your diet like? Triglycerides come mainly, though not exclusively, from eating a lot of hydrogenated vegetable oil, but fewer products are being made with that.