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2046116 tn?1330102721 Yes my blood work is fine. Haemoglobin is good, blood count is good, white blood cells good and blood pressure is normal. No cancer. I am not anaemic. There is no problem showing, but there is obviously one. I can tell you when one is going to start. I get immense pressure in my head, eyes and gums, then out of no where bleed. After bleeding, due to so much blood loss, I get a headache and really dizzy. They have no explanation. can you think of anything?
1093351 tn?1317810854 Fluctuations of calcium is a red flag. The diagnosis page from the parathyroid website states this: "If you can read and understand this ONE page, you will know more about parathyroid disease than 90% of doctors." O_o This info below is from the advanced diagnosis page... "Summary: The Diagnosis of Primary Hyperparathyroidism. In summary, the diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroidism is made by looking at a patient's clinical presentation and their labs. NOT their x-rays.
Avatar f tn I am 49 yr old male, non-smoker, and my score has jumped 73 points in 5 years to 126 even though I have been on 5 mg (and 10 mg the past year) of rosuvastatin over the last 5 years. My LDL was 127 a year ago. Stress test 7 years ago was fine. Any advice? Also, is this an accurate statement? A calcium score of 101-400 signifies intermediate risk of an event. The predicted 10-year chance of an event is between 13-16%.
Avatar n tn What could it mean if I have too much calcium in my blood? I guess it is just slightly more than regular, but my doc is monitoring it. Also, do small goiters usually go away with Synthroid?
Avatar m tn my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days. Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.
Avatar m tn 1- is it true that calcium might be affected if he has low vitamin D even though the blood tests showed nothing concerning calcium ? 2- is there any relation between both ? 3- should he take calcium needles even though his blood tests were normal ? p.s , he is already on track on solving his vitamin D deficiency .
Avatar m tn The CAD score does not involve calcium as a mineral in a blood test. The calcium score is a recognition of a process of calcifying lipids and other substances within the vessels wall and referred to as soft plaque that can cause vessel stenosis (narrowing). You have some soft plaque build up and your doctor may advise some diet changes and/or medication to reduce cholesterol, etc.
Avatar m tn I checked the blood test results online yesterday and it showed higher blood ionized calcium than normal. He did other blood tests including a vitamin D test only because I asked him to because my other son's vitamin D is so low. The vitimin D and other tests are not back yet...well, they are not showing up online yet. I don't know if his doctor isn't in today or what.
1611319 tn?1378618399 Was your calcium level of 10 tested at the same time as the pth? They like to see them together. Your endo will probably tell you it is a vit D deficiency that is causing the increase. If your pth is inappropiately high at the same time as the calcium it could be a problem. Regardless, I am almost CERTAIN that a one time calcium reading of 10.8 means you have hyperparathyroidism. The problem is most docs other than Dr. Norman won't even mess with it unless its way higher.
Avatar n tn 1000 IU of vitamin D is a maintenance dose. I had a look at the parathyroid website and found this... "Teenagers with hyperparathyroidism typically have blood calcium levels between 10.9 and 12.3--it isn't subtle. For us adults over 35-40 years old, however, "frequent or persistent calcium levels above 10.1" means we are almost guaranteed to have a parathyroid tumor. As you will read below, a calcium level of 10.
Avatar m tn The disease has been inactive (or so we believe) since the late 90s. She has just been informed that her blood calcium is high. Could this be caused by the inactive sarcoidosis?
Avatar f tn hi i have had some private tests done and it has come back that i have verry high calcium in my blood cells and was wondering what this could mean?! the doctor told me that it was becouse of low magneseum levels but a friend doctor seems to think he may be going down the wrong root, and may be a diffrent matter. i have been treated for graves disease and have taken the radiocative iodine could this have anything to do with it?
Avatar m tn my left leg calves BECAUSE they don’t have any strength. After showing him he said its due to lack of calcium. He did blood test. See below the results. And I had to go through ultra sound physiotherapy for 5 days. Haemoglobig : 11.6, Nutrophlis 51, Eosinphlis 02, Lymphocyte 45, Monocyte 02, ESR (westergren): 17, CReactive Protein:<6mg/I, Calcium CA++ 8.47.
Avatar n tn I had a parathyroid adenoma a couple of years ago myself, so I was familiar with the problems of high calcium and requested some tests. They have come back and shown a calcium level of 10.; 10.2 and 10.6. However, his PTH was 10. Further tests have shown hypocitraturia (199 mg in 24 hr. urine test); 24 hr. urine volume of .97; PCR .6; and normal calcium level in urine. One stone was evaluated as 60% calcium oxalate monohydrate and 40% calsium oxalate dihydrate.
721523 tn?1331581802 she did the usual blood work and called to tell me that my calcium level was high and that I needed twomore blood tests. I went to the hospital to have them done. i called the office today, they said that the results should be in later today. Noone ever called to give them to me and the doc is not in clinic until Monday. I think that it is the 5K iu of D that my MS doc told me to take.
Avatar f tn The very first thing to do is to try a calcium supplement. About eighteen percent of those with high blood pressure will have the pressure reduced with such a supplement. That data comes from a study I reviewed two decades ago for a major pharmaceutical company researching calcium-channel blockers. Squre two is to go to four cloves of garlic a day. Calcium supplements should be tried before introducing any medication, but these days many physicians get their M.D.s by sending in boxtops.
Avatar f tn Brain fog, irritability, muscle spasms, bone pain, depression, and the list goes on. They removed 2 glands on the right side. My blood work yesterday showed a 10 for blood calcium, with the cut off at normal of 10.1, a normal ionized calcium level, and a normal PTH level. In the hospital, my blood calcium went to 9.4. Does anyone know how long it takes for muscles to settle down, along with the rest of the issues? Some are much better, but the muscle spasms are still there.
2164985 tn?1337123013 Can i get an answer? i have been order to do an ESR blood test it reads 30 that say positive my ENA reads 5 and ANA ANF 1/10 dilutionS SAY fine speckled patteren ++.....GETTING ALOT OF TINGLING ON MY FINGER TIPS PAIN ON BOTH LEGS AND FEET cannot take the heat in my vehicles whin driving.....
Avatar n tn 4, low Creatine Phos low 24, LDH low 114, iron normal 82, Urine Calcium high 273-330, Ionized Calcium high 1.32, boarder normalized calcium 1.28, MCV boarder 101-96, WSR high 33 TSH 2.07 - 1.48, Free T3 3.3, Free T4 1.2, PTH 18-23, Vit D 38, high uptake on thyroid 34.
4939681 tn?1361299299 2 (range 11-15), sodium 138 (range 135-146), bilirubin total 1.1 (range .2-1.2), AST 13 (range 10-30), ALT 10 (range 6-40), calcium 10.5 (range 8.6-10.2) 11/8/12: T3 total 96 (76-181), TSH 2.13 (.4-4.5), FT4 2.6 (.8-2.7), TPO >1000 (normal <35)... WBC looked good then, however Albumin 5.5 (3.6-5.1), A/G ratio 2.3 (1-2.1), calcium 10.4 (8.6-10.2) 9/13/12: WBC 4.2 (4.0-10.5), ANA for lupus negative 8/14/12: TSH 2.86 (.4-4.5), T3 total 79 (76-181), T4 1.8 (.8-2.7)...
Avatar n tn I recently had dental x-rays taken, the Dentist said that I had Calcium deposits on the right side of my Jaw/Neck. how concerned should I be over this? I suffer from high blood pressure also.
Avatar f tn My old doc just told me to take iron supplements without bothering to determine a cause for the hemoglobin drop. The iron pills did raise my hemoglobin to over 14. For the elevated calcium that showed up a couple of months ago he just told me to drink more water, see you next year. I switched primary docs and told the new doc about the iron pills.