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Avatar f tn Hes having another cat scan thursday as well for the lymphoma so I,m bit anxious about that but wish you all the best for your other tests . Take care of yourself till then .Hope everyone else is ok and bye for now .
20823674 tn?1524234669 I am so devastated. Last week my husband let my yorkie out while I was taking a bath and did not tell me until i was desperate to find him two hour later. My husband and I have argued before about letting him out unattended because he was getting senile. It was at night and he was almost deaf and did not see well. Long story short, I spent the entire night searching for him and when daylight came a neighbor found him dead in their yard.
Avatar n tn I'd just assume he's clinging because he is unnerved and anxious. The best thing you can do to settle him and give him confidence is to work with him, teach him things, have fun together. When he understands what you want and how to please you, he should settle down. It's great that you are sensitive to him and connected, now you need to help him learn what his new life is like - and that is confident, happy, and stress-free! Good luck!
2004373 tn?1335416840 My husband was overly anxious and called my nurse 4 times in less than an hour. Me, on the other hand texted everyone of my girlfriends, none of whom lives in Florida asking them to become my Thelma as in Thelma and Louise, so that we can drive through the clinic, jump on the counter, hold a nurse hostage and demand my results. Once again everyone just LOL, LMFAO or ROTFL at me and my hormones talking. I am amazed of some of the crazy text that I sent out there.
Avatar n tn Our 4yr old Yorkie has had a few similar problems. There have been 3 or 4 times over the years when she appears to be sick. She tries to hide, shakes as if in pain, doesnt eat much. Just yesterday this happened. She did eat later than usual, but does not want to be held, and had no temperature. The Vet tested her for Addisons a couple years ago, but that was negitive thank goodness. I feed her only Evo food, and home cooked chicken and roast beef, and am limiting vaccines.
684665 tn?1282171934 Hi Laurie..... Oh, I'm so glad your husband went for a second opinion.....What kind of dog is your guy? What's his name? I'm curious about the outcome of the new testing......I didn't realize that Addisons Disease could strike in a dog this young......Nor did I know that it's this painful! When I get time, I will be doing some research on it!
450140 tn?1317950904 My left arm hurts and I guess I get anxious about that cause then my chest hurts!! Now while all this is going on I break out in sweats and get drinched! This is driving me crazy!!!!!! Plus I get scared that its my heart> I have had an EKG and had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. All was fine. I called my neuro yesterday to see about getting a sooner appt than May 5th. Told the nurse the problems I was having. Also, asked about results from the spinal MRI.
Avatar n tn 28 DH:29 (almost 30) pet Yorkie: Gordon 4 ruler of the house until the baby gets here married July 2003 Little Gordon has been the boss since i got him 4 years ago and i know this will be a big change for him. I dont know how well he is going to handle the baby.
Avatar f tn thanks ginger. I am not giving up on him. I love my Yorkie like my child and yes he has a fragile immune system but surely they can do something for him. I am taking him next week to see a specialist and I am hoping something can be done for him. I spoke to a prominent parasitologist and he told me the Canadian government has authorized Toltrazuril has been approved for Coccidiosis in dogs since October 18th and he is going to speak to the specialist for me.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had to put down my 10 year old Yorkie last night and it was the worst experience of my life. I have a question about Pallidia, oral chemo for mast cell tumors, and its effects on the kidneys. I started Ruby on Palladia and when I went back for her two week check up her kidney values were a little elevated, nothing alarming. The Palladia was working. We had an appointment set up for 4 weeks after 3 doses weekly of Palladia.
286207 tn?1249285627 i no longer have him,i gave him to a friend that can handle him. i now have a tiny yorkie-poo. who knows what caused it. i wish i knew. i'm terrified this time . i had my levels checked this time for the very first time. the doc said they look great! i go next week on friday for my first us! very scared!!!!!!! what are the odds of it happening again?
507875 tn?1423163861 once i get the email from the lady ill show you what she has generated. and now my aunt wants to get me a little puppy and i said i want a yorkie. well her best friend has a male and she wants to breed him so once she finds someone to breed, i might be getting me a little girl yorkie. and NO jason has no idea it will be a complete surprise and if he finds out before hand, he will shoot me!! but i know he will love her!! i plan on naming her Safyre (sapphire) which is Aidyn's birthstone!
Avatar m tn I started going thru the same thing w my 9 yr old Yorkie a month ago. It was sudden & after a week they wanted to put her down. After an ultrasound, blood work, etc. she ended up in our dog hospital & the vet there recommended an Internist in Baton Rouge. When she got there, they immediately put her on 9 meds (just in case). After a CAT scan & another Ultrasound, I was told she "possibly" had Lymphoma, but only a liver biopsy would confirm & she was too frail.
147426 tn?1317269232 Hope your parents are ok ! You must be really anxious at the moment Why these things tend to happen at the same time I dont know ?
1832268 tn?1326819610 And just when I was hoping to have her around for years to come,this May she started going down, eating occasionally, very loose stools, tired, anxious, problems sleeping, vomiting huge amounts of white foam, not the usual, the vet changed her medicines: maalox, ranitidine plus rubenal plus some antibiotic (?? I wondered if it was okay in kidney failure?) this June she only had two good weeks but the rest she was in a really bad state. that was the first time when I realized that it was over.
612551 tn?1450025775 So, please do not be over anxious to take the dog outside off lead. Try to get into a daily routine. Take him out often and praise if he does his business outside. If you catch him marking inside, give a firm, "No! Bad boy! Outside!" And take him out on leash. What you might do, if he poops in the house, is take it outside in the yard and leave it in an area you want him to go in.
281219 tn?1219118514 I can't wait to put all her little onesies and dresses and little items away in her dressers and nightstands...!!! it just seems like we are not prepared yet and Im getting really anxious. I don't even know what color we are gonna do for the walls.... our furniture is 'cream' color with flowers (victorian) painted... i am not a big fan of it, but will work for now! =) I'm thinking doing beige walls with an accent wall in pink and maybe do a pattern? Oh hell i have no clue.....
413852 tn?1317312312 didnt get much this year, but LOVE what i did get, IPhone Another puppy, a pure bred Yorkie, we named him Dymond (now we have a Silky [Safyre] and a Yorkie [Dymond] both AKC reg) he is SO small, i hope he gets about the same size as her but i think he is going to stay small, hes about 2lbs, BIG ears and little head, so cute!! she is 6lbs right now. anyway, T and Sammy, i hope you get those BFPs, Sammy were waiting for yours!!!! T - ToMoRrOw!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn Hi folks. My 9 pound yorkie has been on pheno from June 8 to now June 27. At her 15 year old age, the vet is thinking she has a brain tumor... and that it is just a matter of time. I can't even think about that.. as for the pheno, Her amount was adjusted from zombie level to a lower dose will be two weeks this coming tues, and I will go for re evaluation . In the meantime, she has exhibited this behavior, and ..... I don't know what to do with this info.
220917 tn?1309788081 Sadly, I think is another very misunderstood disease. I'm having a bad time, thanks for asking. Anxious to talk to Dr. K next week and see, what, is the next step.
Avatar n tn If you are able, please post and let us know what is going on. As Yorkie said, prayers are going upward. Be well...
661200 tn?1225486613 Right now, my entire life revolves around Fei's well-being, but I'm also trying my best to not ignore my 8 yr old Yorkie, Murphy in the process. He'll be getting his annual senior checkup tomorrow. I'm praying for everyone that is going through this same ordeal as I. I wake up several hrs to make sure Fei is breathing peacefully and snoring. There's nothing I can do at this point but worry until his condition is stabilized.
Avatar n tn This is one of the best questions that has been opened on the threads, IMO, and I've taken every one of them to heart (with the exception of vettezr1 suggestion about the jet ski!!!!) As Thomas050 says, the depression leads to a shitty cycle of using, feeling good for a few minutes, feeling guilty, and starting all over again. It sucks!!!
Avatar m tn A stay-at-home mom comes by our house every day with her infant and toddlers with a two-Yorkie escort. The mom makes some pin money and the dogs get their exercise and socialization. Like I said in my first reply, the fact that your Saints have lived so very long is evidence that you have given them top-notch care from the very first day. Your dogs may end up taking this painful decision completely out of your hands. They have a way of letting us know when it's Time.
220917 tn?1309788081 I have a notebook ready for my next conversation with her, when she calls with the results. I'm anxious for results and to find out the next step in my treatment. I miss you, too. Thank you for the prayers. Hope you know, that I keep you in mine, as well.
Avatar f tn If you read enough on this site you will see that there are very knowledgeable people here who deeply care about dogs and cats alike. They have been a very good comfort to me after I lost my Jack Yorkie in the fall. He was around 5 and died suddenly from something I knew little about, but he took medication.
314833 tn?1263263099 i have two chihuahuas and a yorkie i showed quarter horses for years and still have a horse but ride recreationally now i ran away from life 3 months ago...lolol i am left-handed and very creative i need ritalin...iv pump...extremely ADHD. daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang...all the regulars have already been