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Avatar n tn Father had first heart attack at 40 with two bypass. Grandfather and grandmother both died of heart attacks in there 40's. Mother, brother and sister all have HBP. I have ALWAYS had rapid pulse running as low as 80 to 112. is very common on a daily basis. My blood pressure runs (at home) 117/72-79 and on other days, it runs 130/84-89. I went to my family doc. about 7 days after having an episode of strong pain in middle of my chest. My blood pressure was 138/94.
Avatar m tn If you did not do a Stress Test, where the electrical activity of your heart was monitored while you were under physical stress and the heart rate (and presumably the ectopics as well) were elevated, consider asking your Doctor if a Stress Test might be advisable. Are you Asian or of Asian descent? There are certain problems associated with Asians that can effect the Heart Rhythm and require careful evaluation by a Doctor to rule-out this possibility.
Avatar m tn but once it gets close to when i want to go to sleep my chest starts hurtin above my heart and it gets hard to breathe..ive been cuttin back on my food intake and lifting weights now but i was just wonderin if this was all in my head and if it is what are some ways to get it out??
Avatar m tn Last night I decided to relax and meditate when the racket in my heart started up (yes, I do hear them). It worked. My heart calmed down. Will definitely give it another try tonight.
Avatar m tn Symptoms of anxiety/panic can vary greatly from person to person, but below is a list of some of the more common (and accepted) manifestations: Overwhelming fear of impending doom Chest pains Shortness of breath or feeling smothered Palpitations or increased heart rate Trembling/shaking Sweating A sensation of choking Nausea/stomache/diarrhea Feelings of "unreality," strangeness or detachment from the environment Numbness/tingling in hands or feet, or around mouth Chills or flushing F
Avatar f tn Oh dear!
Avatar f tn I love being pregnant and feeling my little boy move and hiccup and kick me but I'm so done with the heart burn and discomforts and pains and just everything lol I want him to be here and to have my body be normal again! I understand!
2024900 tn?1330719807 im o stressed hyperventilating
Avatar f tn My next dr appt is in a little less than 2 weeks but I just can't help but get super nervous before every single one of them! I'm 18 weeks today and I'm not 100% sure if I've felt my baby boy move yet or not. Which is probably why I'm so anxious for my appt. I just want to hear his heart beat again and know everything is okay. Is it normal to feel nervous in between appts? When did you feel flutters for the first time?!
Avatar f tn Ftm 38+3 last night I got admitted because I thought that my waters had broken so they hooked me up to the heart rate monitor and did all the checks for my baby boy and then had a doctor check me with a speculum ( if that's what they are even called lol) and it honestly really hurt me! Couldn't relax. Now I am really anxious and scared of giving birth. Has anyone who is a second time mummy got any advice for me please???
2039502 tn?1334876850 So I'm 39 weeks 6 days and my csection is tomorrow :) I'm so anxious and nervous but excited to meet my lil princess! I know I needa rest but I can't sleep :) Good luck and congrats to all the mommas out there!!!
Avatar n tn Will be hearing heart beat jan 8th, just nervous, wanting everything to be good and normal. A girl I work with has had a miscarriage and stillbirth and her stories and stuff scare the **** out of me. Just want things to be good! Ahhh Thursday needs to come!
Avatar f tn no heart problems in the family and i have had 2 ecg's( thats when they stick all those wires to ur chest?
1090984 tn?1463769850 My daily pulse is between 54-60. The past 3 week I have been feeling anxious and as if my heart is pounding and I feel so tense. I went to my cardio and my pulse was only 66. He treated me like I was wasting his time. Yet when I get home, it bouncing between 67-90. I know my body and something feels wrong, I don't even feel good but I don't want to bother him again. I am getting tired of this heart pounding sensation and anxious.
Avatar f tn ve been excited to meet our little pumpkin but today has been so different. My heart has been racing since I woke up, and I feel so anxious like my adrenaline is pumping. I have barely eaten anything today because I just can't. It feels like I'm on a drug or like I drank a whole pot of coffee. I have had 0 caffeine, and I haven't eaten or done anything different. Anyone else experience this? I'm wondering if it's a sign that labor is coming?
156741 tn?1212748547 I am pre tx and have horrible GI problems - have for yrs (got hep C 36 yrs ago) they say its IBS, gastritis etc. All I know is that is is a major pain. I was hoping it would go away after tx....bummer. I have to eat very small meals - all bland. I bloat like crazy after I eat. Pain in belly, back, heart, liver. Lots of burping. Antacids don't help.
4020799 tn?1355825570 I just want to say that as a generation we are far too anxious when it comes to eating this, doing that..... its possible that we are doing our babies more harm than good!! Women have been having babies for millions of years yet now we cant do half of the things those women have been doing for all those years!! Saw a question asking "can i have a bath?" How did the women possibly ever carry babies to term before the shower was invented???
8171562 tn?1408628833 22 weeks today, I'm excited we've made it to this point. Yet, I'm anxious for Thursday to come, we go back in for another ultrasound to check baby's heart. Please I ask that you send positive thoughts (or prayers, if you pray) our way. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have nothing bad to say he is excellent, but yesterday he told me to go to the hospital because his heart beat was very low he also said he was worried about him. Anyways he told me to go across the street to the hospital and register to get monitored for an hour. The labor rn said my baby's heart is healthy and that i have mild contractions but hasnt dilated and that the contractions arent strong enough to dilate...
Avatar m tn I am very much anxious for her and I beg to all of you to please help me what to do and what type of food and fruit will be better for my mother.. pls help me everybody what to do..
Avatar m tn s say you wake up anxious and have chest pain whenever you are laying on your side, and your heart is racing, or some other more borderline abnormal symptom --- then I would ask your doctor. Arm not getting enough blood = obviously no issue if you have been sleeping on it, but it could be independent of other symptoms. But if anxious, or having chest pain, and/or maybe you have risk factors that havent been looked at in a while, this is not the result of lack of blood flow to the arm.