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Avatar m tn Last night I decided to relax and meditate when the racket in my heart started up (yes, I do hear them). It worked. My heart calmed down. Will definitely give it another try tonight.
544292 tn?1268886268 Worse, last night I paced the floor for hours anxious, shaking and unable to relax enough to sleep, I felt terrible. Today, feeling worse, I had to come home from work and searched the internet for informaton about Tramadol and thankfully found this website. I took a Tramadol three hours ago and already I'm starting to feel "normal" again. I'm off to the Doctors tomorrow to start slowly decreasing the dose to get off this drug before it takes over completely.
Avatar f tn I know when its coming I start feeling weird and my heart starts pounding! As it intensifies everything that's I do is extremely fast to me, anything is loud everything is loud even when I talk to myself in my head its LOUD and like my dog that was in the same room as me her breathing seemed loud and double pace! I get a weird fear that I won't be able to get back to reality and always want to get out of the feeling as soon as possible!