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4293524 tn?1358044300 I am due in 81 days. My husband and i are anxiously waiting since this will be our second baby and our first baby girl. I want time to go by fast i dont know what to do to keep myself distracted. Any of u going through the same thing?
1223218 tn?1268327014 i am going with the digital this time... no room for doubts!! My husband is currently deployed to haiti and i would lovee to surprise him while hes there, the way things are he'll probably be there for the next 4 month or so so i know know hes coming home to not only me but a baby will def keep him motivated :D i just really hope this time is for real...
Avatar f tn I'm so anxious for my baby to get here. I know that everyone feels this way but this is my second pregnancy and I don't remember feeling as anxious the first time around. I'm 24+4. My due date is Christmas day. I just keep wishing time would speed up. I've had some complications and have already gone through so much during this pregnancy. I'm so eager to have her here with me.
1926783 tn?1329945412 Alright so me & my husband have been ttc our 2nd. & I'm just so anxious my periods have always been irregular I was on north control after my daughter was born 4 months ago. My last period was November 16th-24th. & the husband & I have tried all month from December 1st on. I know it really soon to want a result but since I don't know when my period should show up when would be a good time to take a test? I took one this morning out of curiosity .
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have been having really uneasy feelings when I'm out in public. I feel really anxious that someone is going to harm me and I won't be able to get away or protect myself like I would if I wasn't pregnant. It's gotten to the point I don't like going places alone. I know this is strange but I'm wondering if anyone else feeling this way?
906115 tn?1344200509 Thank God other people are dealing with this and its not just me. My mother and my husband are starting to pester me about it. My husband and I are in the middle of moving and renovating our new house and I feel like I am wasting so much time by resting even though I know I need it. Ugh I can't wait for everything to get in sync, cuz this is driving me bonkers lol.
Avatar f tn I have the same issues but my bottom half feels as if someone just stuck a 50ft pole up my vagina and on top of that my 1yr old son is clingy and y husband sometimes act like he doesn't give a ****.
Avatar f tn Maybe it is just guilt from having a one night stand but sometimes I get very anxious thinking that maybe I might have caught something and I don't know it. My Husband and I don't use condoms and my world would shatter if he got something from me. He had surgery for his shoulder and I figured they would have done tests for bloodwork, and if there was something, the doctors would say. Now I find out that bloodwork before surgery doesn't include alot of tests.
Avatar f tn Me and my husband are ttc. We've been trying for months and nothing, and this month my period was 6 days late and as soon as I get ready to go get a hpt my period starts. I don't know what we're doing wrong, it seemed easier with my first 2, and I want to have my third and last before I turn thirty, which gives me two years. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm anxious.
Avatar f tn My son was 8 days early and I went into labor with him shortly after intercourse with my husband. We did it this morning, and now I'm anxious about whether or not she's coming today. I know I'm being silly because she's coming when she feels like it, but I'm so excited! I can't wait to meet my baby girl and to see my son and husband fall in love with her.
Avatar f tn I have a huge problem with people looking at my private parts. Even doctors. My husband barely gets to look on a good day. So I know that the pelvic exam that the doctor does on the first visit has to happen but I was wondering how long the actual exam takes and what all it entails. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 20 yrs old and I need help. Ok me and my husband have been trying to get pregnant for a yr. I started my period on the 13 of December and it ended on the 16 of December I did this thing where it calculated my period would come next on the 13 of Jan.
7417215 tn?1403487102 My husband and I started buying discounted unisex clothes before I was pregnant. We figured that we would be having a baby eventually one way or another so we didn't see the harm in it. But that's just us lol. I say if you want to buy one...
Avatar f tn I am 33 weeks tomorrow and feel the same way! But I also realize I better get as much rest and enjoy the alone time with my husband as I can now! Haha This is our first and I can't wait to finally meet her though!
393709 tn?1295964416 I am so anxious today. It is day 8. Is that normal? I feel like I am going to turn inside out. I am a little dizzy too ( aside from my normal dizzy).
2562986 tn?1358192701 I'm jealous my husband works all day and I just lay on the couch,I can't believe I'm complaining about that lol but its boring!!! Good luck!
Avatar f tn I work 2nd shift and while I am at work my husband watches the baby. My husband is a big kid himself and likes to play video games. He will often set the baby up in her stationary walker or on a blanket or in the crib with some toys and take a time out and play a game. Before the game is over, the baby usually starts to fuss. He will usually finish the game before tending to our daughter. ( lasting about 5 minutes). I know this because I witness it first hand when we are home together.
Avatar f tn Ok so I have been EXTREMELY anxious to find out the gender of our baby and they are making me wait till I'm 22weeks ahhhhh only 4 more weeks!!
1305271 tn?1320984748 I know I'm jumping the gun here but my husband and I have been trying for a little over 2 years now with no luck. I took a ovulation test today getting my first positive for lh surge! It just so happen that we had just had sex and I was curious to see if I was.
Avatar f tn What to do if your husband is depressed about your pregnancy? Very worried about finances and not excited at all?
Avatar f tn m asking because my Dad is a twin and so is my husband. I was also told that the older a male gets the more sperm they produce and my husband is 41.
1194973 tn?1385503904 I want to go out and party after my husband retires, lol. we decided to start a family young so we could retire young and enjoy the golden know, when you're old enough to appreciate the things you didn't appreciate when you were young, but you're still young enough to actually enjoy the things you're just starting to appreciate.'ll be great, Clysta...deep breaths...and if you're ever afraid, call your midwife...
Avatar f tn Sometimes I think it would have been easier to have them younger but then I would not have been with the wonderful husband that I have now. I am so much more stable, emotionally and financially than before. I think we have more patience and wisdom truly does come with age. I am not saying that you young mothers can't do a good job as well! My mother was only 16 when she had me (back in her love child days) and I think she did a great job, we are closer than ever now.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a mom of four boys with little to no help from the husband. I have been suffering from what I now think is anxiety. After my fourth son was born I started feeling really anxious and it has now developed into a fight everyday against my thoughts. I have myself convinced everyday that I have a serious disease. Whatever ache or pain I'm feeling at the moment I convince myself that it's horrible and serious. My teeth are bad right now and are in need of attention.
Avatar f tn t sleep or relax my head is constantly buzzing, i panic everytime i leave the house to the extreme, i am really anxious so i wonder is it just anxiety i am feeling or something more. This is almost worse than being depressed i can't settle and i feel like i am going mad if i don't calm down soon. I had felt calmer for a while less anxiety but more depressed but now i am hyper. Does anyone else get like this?
Avatar f tn I got back with my husband a couple of months later, he got tested, we both got tested for HIV (I came out negative 6 months after my last sexual contact). Our sexual life has been monogamous ever since and we have had no signs or symptoms of any STD infection. HOWEVER, four days ago my husband noticed a small bump on the shaft of his penis, right at the base, above his testicles. It is a small ball, smaller than a pea, you can tell only by touching it.