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Avatar f tn Okay, here I go, I'm a housebound agoraphobic of eight years and about three months ago I began to write down quotes (from books, tv etc.) to help with my anxiety. They've helped me to deal with stressful situations and tasks so I thought maybe they could help someone else too.
346570 tn?1267503627 But as i was just sitting here reading emails and getting ready for bed i get this weird feeling in my chest. like my heart is pounding fast and coming out of my chest. i took some deep breathes and took my pulse. it was normal but damn that was weird. now im have\ing an axiety attack(i havent had one of these in months) and all worried. also for the last few days i have been having dizziness.
225237 tn?1333142599 Hi, What did your Doctor attribute the T-Wave changes to? Have you informed your Doctor of the pain in your arm? What arm is experiencing the pain? I have been thinking that something is going to happen with every bout of my arrhythmia that I have had since I was about 16 years old. I am now 50. I still have the same concerns. Because of this, I schedule periodically with a cardiologist and keep him apprised of changes in my symptoms.
6579347 tn?1388505968 I do not get mental drain, in fact, when feeling that anxious knot, I do crosswords or read to help myself. Worst thing is the big black jittery feeling in my chest. The shakiness, the fear of not coping. I like your idea of internet help and am going to look up the things you have suggested. Thank you for that.l I do not like being alone, so my best weapon is getting out and trying to stop thinking what is going on in my head and body by doing something else.
2092330 tn?1375366262 Well I am dealing with it, I go out, I am back home now, I am looking for work, I go shopping even when I feel anxious! I dont know what the **** I am supposed to do now, I'm doing everything I was told to do and I'm getting no where. So how do I get rid of this? Will I ever get rid of it, will I be myself again? or is this my life now? I'm still holding back with alot of things because i dont know if I can handle it. Should i just be doing everything I did before the anxiety?? I DONT KNOW....
Avatar n tn Medhelp won't allow us to post other web addresses, but just do an internet search for what I put in quotes and you'll find them.
Avatar f tn you will feel better soon! i was feeling good and then about day 27-28 started feeling like crap again...anxiety etc...but that didn't last long...and it started to get better and better....you are doing great girl!
Avatar n tn The only thing I came up w/ was a clentching of teeth causing nerve compression sort-of like TMJ while doing wk'outs. Spoke to a DDS friend & he said some tests have shown a problem & others didn't. Suggested a mouth-guard or ck. w/ a gym abt mouth-piece. Maybe even a special design may be needed. Don't know if you're familiar w/ these. I'm not & don't know who to call. I did find a site that did run a stress test focusing on jaw vs weight.
Avatar m tn I’m worried, panicked out, scared, anxious, nervous, and worst of all I feel doomed. I do not want my parented to be involved so I’m keeping this bottled up inside… My anxiety attacks are becoming stronger and stronger every night, and more difficult to cope with knowing each day I had put myself at risk for transmission of STD’S and worst of all HIV … Please give me your feed back with accurate answers..
Avatar f tn I would wake up every morning with panic, and then shower and try to drive somewhere, and go to sleep every day with the same feeling. It NEVER went away. It was a constant feeling. Most people with clinical anxiety or panic disorder usually have SOME period of relief or feeling okay. I did not. It was just the way every second of every day was.
526906 tn?1261875396 My mom has been amazing. I hate feeling like a burden to people. I guess the cancer is a burden, not me. I have a hard time separating that out. Thank you community of support. I need it.
Avatar f tn It turned out that right when she arrived I felt a horrible feeling and went and threw up in the toilet. This reaction also happens when is something is just instantly put upon me. Like if my dad said my cousin is spending the night at our house right now, I would get the weird feeling and possibly throw up. Currently right now I am talking to a girl over snap chat.
547573 tn?1234659310 Last few weeks though, I've been have these weird sleep disturbances where I wake every hour or so with an anxious feeling and thinking that I had a disruptive dream, although I can't remember it. I'm hoping it's something that'll pass soon. If not, Ill talk to my psychiatrist for something to help me sleep the night through, although sleep medication is one that I'm not to comfortable.
725941 tn?1297885809 I can't use that because I am afraid my asthma will flare up but that's really the best thing to try to make your cat less anxious. And make sure to spend some time with your cat, pet him as much as you can so he does not feel rejected. Good luck... I hope you keep your cat!!
Avatar n tn is it a compulsion to use it when you're not anxious or panicy or to zen out or the feeling of rapid tolerance developing so it doesn't feel like your prescribed amount is enough and wanting or actually taking more, or feeling that your brain or body isn't at "the right level" to feel normal regardless of anxiety or panicy or maybe something else I haven't thought of. I have to give up my valium while on it for this new dr to have prescribed it.
Avatar f tn Like Karen99, I get the feeling of increased weakness, of feeling like I'm going to collapse, with stressful incidents. Also numbness. So, like Karen99, I simply try to avoid known stressors. I will not go to see any violent or cruel movies. I avoid people I don't like. Of course, living with a bipolar teenager guarantees unavoidable conflict/stress, but I'm always looking for new techniques on how to decrease that.
Avatar m tn I have spent the last month doing nothing but living in fear, feeling anxious and thinking of all the worst possible senarios. I have finally tested multiple times to mention 4 in total hoping to reduce my anxiety but each time it was not reduced. Today was the 27th day of my second exposure which involved mere kissing and i even feared that and got tested to find a negative result.
Avatar f tn what I'm finding is that things I've had all my life, like chest fluttering, may be ms related. In my case it is occasional missed beat, feeling like a flutter when mild and a shove on the chest when not so mild) I've had it mildly and occasionally for many (30+) years, and once for a few months in my thirties. I had it checked out after almost forcing my gp that a young person could need testing for this.
5559430 tn?1369934941 Have you called your doc's office and reported the problem? That would be my first stop. And tell him/her what you say above about feeling bad enough to go to the ER. Docs have a hard time gauging how bad people feel, and bad enough for the ER is a pretty good marker. Herxes are different in everyone, depending on what your infections are. I didn't have bartonella, so can't speak to that one .... and if you have others lurking, that can change the symptom array too.
Avatar n tn The gastro man thought it a good idea and said based on my findings and how I was feeling he would recommend I did. As soon as I have wheat/gluten I start to get the old symptoms back within a day. The new Endo I am seeing was also interested in my wheat/gluten intolerance and has taken it into consideration with his investigations of my thyroid problems. I am incredibly interested though in the posibility of the thyro anti'bs possibly causing a false negative and the links with thyroiditis.
Avatar f tn An Atlas of Depression. There are several quotes in this book that were very comforting/inspirational to me. I thought you might like this one: "It is not weak to take medications; it does not mean that you can't cope with your personal life; it is courageous." Now that I am back on meds (Zoloft), I do not want to go back to where I was. My child will be better off with a happy mom rather than a depressed/anxious/angry/sad.... mom.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I have wound up making a 15 minute speech to potentially 100-150 volunteers next Friday and am more than a little anxious. Because I volunteer for the MS Society and am a chapter president (volunteer) I have worked with a community partner group that fundraises for us across Canada. Because the president of my division (staff) cannot attend this upcoming convention, the local community group members nominated me to do it.
620004 tn?1227828906 I was once told that I have a Spastic Colon which goes along with that feeling of shakiness. The doctor told me that if he put my intestines on the table they would shake. That helped me to understand that I did need that extra help. I also grind my teeth and wear an appliance to keep my jaws from clenching. It is difficult to also have to give up so many foods that you may enjoy but it helps to feel better and it is a much healthier way of eating.
585994 tn?1218454219 On top of feeling miserable, I have to go into work everyday and put on a happy face when all I feel like doing is sleeping. I know the best thing to do is keep busy but my biggest concern is the last of sleep. I'm been in the hospital for suicide attempts when I was in college and for suicidal ideations/lots of depression more recently (especially in the past year been in the hospital 3 times already).
Avatar n tn but I would find my strength was actually normal, despite the limb FEELING weak, feeling like I needed to rest my arm on something. Very bizarre sensation. Neuro exam has always been essentially normal, MRI has only small nonspecific spots, attempted spinal taps never resulted in getting any fluid to test. This has been going on 12 years (dizziness much longer) so highly unlikely to be MS though I haven't had exhaustive testing, no spine MRIs except cervical.
Avatar m tn I hope you are doing alright,...I have read you are feeling stronger, and that is so good to hear. My better half is anxious to start feeling back to his old self, but like I told him, everybody is so different. I have read where some didnt jump back for 6 months, then others felt better right away.
Avatar n tn I have never felt depressed, just crawling out of my skin anxious. However, he seemed to be right because the Effexor work right away. He told me after a year I could try going off of it. After 1 year I went back to him and he said I needed it and needed to stay on it. I tried getting off on my own and WOW... what a mess. This drug has some horrible side effect to shake. At the recommendation of this forum, I spent 6 weeks getting off of this and it was far better. Here is my current problem.
Avatar m tn last pill sat at 4 , so roughly 38 hours in. How bad are the next few days going to be. So far, not too bad , but really feeling the pull. Any info is greatly appreciated. I am 55, partially disabled, and severe heart issues which I heard can be affected by withdrawal . Any info would help. Thanks and God Bless.
Avatar f tn Hi there.. I know that feeling too..saying, "ahh, how is today going to be?" I have generalized anxiety and have had a wide range of worrying/tensing up over everything, : my heart, how I am doing on something/work related, did I say the right thing? did I do the right thing? ...I find this type of constant SELF -criticism/awareness, is very unnecessary....and it is usually always, always fabricated in our mind, and not true.
Avatar f tn 2 Well 3 months ago I went to my Endocrinologist and told him that im not feeling much better I have been on Synthroid (100 MCG) for about the past 3 years and have not really felt “good”. I am a 26 year old female who is very healthy. I run 3 miles a day and eat very healthy. I have lost 45 lbs since beginning running 4 years ago. I now weigh 160 lbs. My weight fluctuates so horrible. I can easily gain 10 lbs in a week as well as lose 10 lbs in a week!