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424839 tn?1268186246 My question is about these quotes I have been posting I would like to know if I posted some on religon would that offend anyone being that must would be refferancing Buddhsium but when you read the quotes the can be transfered into anyones faith so I would like to know if people would be offended thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm usually (never) one to create a post, I'm more of a watcher. Okay, here I go, I'm a housebound agoraphobic of eight years and about three months ago I began to write down quotes (from books, tv etc.) to help with my anxiety. They've helped me to deal with stressful situations and tasks so I thought maybe they could help someone else too.
Avatar f tn I became very anxious out of the blue in response to feeling overwhelmed at work. In response to the anxiety, I had catastrophic thoughts about how damaging this anxiety was going to be - it would mean I couldn't function, impact on my relationship and also just felt plain TERRIBLE and couldn't be tolerated. Unfortunately, this kind of thinking has maintained the original anxiety and it just keeps going and going.
541150 tn?1306033843 Oh you did alot of typing there Apple, thx for sharing.....all the insights into the world of this marvelous creature called a CAT...no wonder we all love them so much!! ZQ, I MISS her too!
Avatar f tn as I know alot of my MH friends are as well... I thought it would be cool to get some of our favorite quotes in one place.... So, here's my first favorite and I'm sure I will post others later.... Can't wait to see yours as well... " If you can't convince them, confuse them!" -HARRY S.
Avatar m tn I am feeling so anxious and crummy. I am able to sleep however.
402205 tn?1230481005 you are doing so fantastically well... and just remember that when I was feeling anxious and a little stressed a few days ago, you wrote to me and gave me lots of support... we will all have our 'off' days but we also have each other... the key to this is to keep posting.. see, it works, yes??
Avatar f tn This isn't a question I'm just feeling so anxious now that I've hit 10 weeks... I've tried not to obsess about my pregnancy too much as I know the chances of miscarrage are high in the first trimester, and I have been so thankful for every day that nothing bad has happened. But I just want to know that my baby is healthy in there :( I want to be excited and know that everything's going to be fine! Waiting *****!!!!