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Avatar m tn Dear Doctor, hi doctor , i have been masterbating for 5 years ..atleast 1-2 times a day...will it affect my wife's pregnency and my masculinity ,kindly answer my question.i wanna masterbate before i go to sleep is it any prob??.does it have any side effects..
Avatar f tn Plain and simple, too much pumping will cause you to get joint pain, cramping, glaucoma, laziness, forgetfulness and a slow decline in your masculinity. Go find yourself a ***** and use a condom and let the blood flow and feed oxygen to your brain.
Avatar n tn Hi guys, Does masturbation cause any harm, I have been masturbating since the age of 15 like at least once each day until now......too much energy I guess. Advice: don't do it too kills ur pride man...
Avatar m tn Odd question to ask but how can a man keep his masculinity in a relationship and in the age of feminization
Avatar m tn Contrary to common opinion, gynecomastia in guys your age is usually due to an excess of testosterone. It's a sign of masculinity, not of femininity. Early epiphesis closure results in cessation of bone growth, also a sign of high testosterone level. Gynecomastia is guys your age usually disappears after a few months, but since yours has lasted 2 years it may be permanent. Nothing to be ashamed of.
Avatar m tn You were feeling the need to experience your masculinity. The things that went on inside there is another issue but going to the club itself, i dont think you should feel so quilty. Whats done is done and learn from what you have experienced. It was a learning experience.
Avatar n tn What should he do? Or what advice can I give him to help him without completely ruining his masculinity?
Avatar f tn Redness usually means some kind of inflammation. I agree that maybe he should be neutered. Unless of course you have a definite plan to have him as a stud dog, and breed from him. But I know neutering would be the best answer. This kind of thing could keep recurring. I had an entire male dog before. I thought "why should he have his masculinity taken away from him"? "Why interfere with Nature"? And all those things. He fathered (wanted) puppies. I was proud of him.
Avatar f tn Shave mine too :P,, i hate body hair. I think hair on the tummy is a guy thing && it shows masculinity.
780665 tn?1239026549 t cried since i was about nine or ten), i used to see my self as a strong person full of confidence and always looking to the future and planning ahead, now i feel the opposite, like im a new person who has been stripped of their masculinity. Dealing with this has been the toughest this thing ever in my life and have i have been doing my best and trying to fight this off to feel normal again but to no avail and i still feel the same as i did after day 1.
Avatar m tn I often wish to have friendships with women like I did when I was younger. I also hope to mitigate the intensity of my anxious (sometimes wrathful) reactions to things that upset me. I have had this wish for many years now. I have been speaking to my psychologist and therapist and they both think I should meet with a medic who can help me with antiandrogen.
Avatar m tn My whole life I have known I like boys. My parents said that being gay humiliates and demeans a man’s dignity and masculinity. I want my parents to love me. How do I convince them I can be straight. I don't want to go to this reparative therapy. I like my friends and my school. Please help me.
Avatar f tn Oh my.. I wasn't even thinking of the due date..That's so soon! Of course, he's nervous. I'm nervous and I still have 3 1/2 months to go. I wish you a very positive birth experience♥ I'm sorry for your flustering feelings. I wouldn't like that either. Keep in mind it is his insecurities or whatever causing it.. try to keep it separate from you as much as possible. I almost didn't marry my husband because of his attitude against getting tested for STDs.
Avatar f tn I dont see anything wrong. Im having a girl and hate pink...but the only reason shes going to be weari wearing pink is because I have a hard time finding girl clothes without pink/: but I do find clothes that could go both ways so I have some clothes that I guess you could say are boy clothes but idk. Shes a newborn shes not gunna care lol. But her room/carseat/stroller wont be pink. Im thinking about going the light gray and light yellow route!
Avatar m tn If being male and doing something takes away masculinity and femininity is the female equivalent of masculinity then is a woman less feminine after performing the same act on a man? Why not? Is it their contention that it says so somewhere in the Bible? I would posit that 2500 years ago, in the Middle East, sex was not something anyone wanted to do all that often and they would probably not write about how much fun it was.
Avatar m tn Hi there You're very young to be dealing with all of this worry! I think the main question is who do you think you are and who do you want to be? I don't think you need to be afraid of being a transgender, if you don't want to be transgender then don't worry that it's coming! Or are you worried about people's reactions if you do want to be transgender?
Avatar f tn Im due August 8th with my fourth child. I am anxious and very ready for birth. I guess im more anxious to see the baby. Congrats and good luck!!
Avatar f tn Im 11weeks and 5 days , and im not showing not even a little bit when will I start anxious to see my belly its been 7 years since I been pregnant im ready for a belly lol.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have been having really uneasy feelings when I'm out in public. I feel really anxious that someone is going to harm me and I won't be able to get away or protect myself like I would if I wasn't pregnant. It's gotten to the point I don't like going places alone. I know this is strange but I'm wondering if anyone else feeling this way?
Avatar f tn I'm a FIRST Time Mom.. && I'm 11wks Pregnant && I'm ANXIOUS Too Know My Babys' Sex! When Do I Find Out?????