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Avatar m tn Well masculinity includes lots of different things - every man is different ! :) What started this whole thing? Are u afraid of becoming older, becoming 'a man' and that means ur not 'allowed' to enjoy certain movies or something?
Avatar n tn and that makes me even more anxious that i really want to be a woman bcause i think about that social stuff too like a real transgendered person would.. but mostly i somehow hate the thought of me being a girl in my head, it's like an unreal feeling of sadness and anxiety.. i cant stop thinking about this sh*t, it happens against my will.. many people have told me this is just my OCD including my therapist, OCD-sufferers and even my mum..
Avatar m tn A few months later things started to get better i got a new job, found somewhere to live and things are going well with my new girlfriend so I want to question why am I depressed and anxious NOW? A few months ago I started seeing a new girl and she is amazing. However this is where I think my issues of self worth started.
Avatar f tn and masculinity very sexy, as well as their personality. I had also often admired other girls' beauty and because of my low self esteem often find myself comparing myself to them. I never wanted to be in a relationship with a girl, I had always pictured myself with a man and fantasized about being with a mysterious man or having sex with them. When I was in high school I had started watching lesbian porn and it turned me on a lot as it was taboo and kinda crazy.
Avatar m tn I also hope to mitigate the intensity of my anxious (sometimes wrathful) reactions to things that upset me. I have had this wish for many years now. I have been speaking to my psychologist and therapist and they both think I should meet with a medic who can help me with antiandrogen. I also hate the sight and feeling of the hair that has grown on many parts of my body since I was about 13 years old that was not there before.
561451 tn?1257479950 It has to be something with thier masculinity(sp) lol. Although some men look better out of those uniforms lmao!
369224 tn?1200677576 CatfishJohn is manly enough, I am sure, to be secure with his masculinity and get in touch with his feminine side? Take a Prenatal vitamin if thats all ya got in the house! Whatever it takes, is what I say! We are here for ya. Keep plugging away. You encourage me!
Avatar n tn First of all, *all* guys have this happen occasionally. However, erections are really, really sensitive to anxiety, and a lot of guys are anxious about their erections. So, maybe he lost his erection once and panicked, thinking it would happen again, which of course virtually guarantees it will. The porn/masturbation might be a result of that anxiety; he could be essentially reassuring himself that he still can get aroused, have an erection, etc.
Avatar m tn Bacterial epididymo-orchitis resolves in a few days with the correct treatment and usually does not cause any problems with fertility or masculinity. With viral infections, thre may be problems with fertility later in life. If you are experiencing tongue pain, this can be from bacterial or viral infections or an injury from, for example a broken tooth or biting the tongue.
Avatar n tn If so he has got to get a grip. So in a way I am saying you have to man up and meet his new masculinity head on. I hope that was helpful.
Avatar n tn is this performance anxiety because I can like jack off 5 times a day, i get erections all the time its JUST when i think of actually being intimate with someone i get limp and anxious. please help!
192055 tn?1263559137 The key here is, I was a [good] competative swimmer, but always very anxious, before during and after events. This is when I first frightfully noticed, retraction issues. [Please note, severe anxiety was definately related]. Anyway, since this has been something of a concern for some 40yrs. [way before the internet] I've sought from time to time any possible info over the years. I can concur, if you experiance it, you know it's definately real!