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Avatar f tn I had the same issue to the point it was effecting my weight gain. My appetite would come and go. My doctor suggested milkshakes and I also drank ensure in between meals.
Avatar n tn The inhomogeneous echo pattern means that thyroid tissue is not uniform ( cysts and nodules are present) The Complex cyst means that it contains fluid and solid matter; the “low-echogenic solid focus” term could be the synonym for hypo-echoic nodule, means it reflects less ultrasound waves then the surrounding tissue ( such types of nodules are considered as having more chances of being malignant especially if they grow fast) The nodules with degenerative changes in many cases needed FNA as the
Avatar f tn WHile "pressure" is sometimes used as a synonym for glaucoma it is not an exact term. Your description of the problem is too vague for me to make any comment.
1711379 tn?1308311984 I have some type of inverted/opposite erectile dysfunction. I get an erection doing anything, even when I am not (consciously) sexually aroused. I might be sitting, standing, or walking and it happens, even when nothing sexual is on my mind. Being a trans female (or male crossdresser, which isn't an exact synonym but will help with the basics if you don't know what that means), this is a nightmare.
Avatar m tn White mass and gray mass of the brain is a synonym for white matter and gray matter. So white matter mass is just speaking about what we would call White matter disease, This is a large group of diseases that would include all the things that cause lesions in the white matter including MS and all of its mimics. What have you been suffering from? And welcome to the forum.
Avatar m tn MEIA stands for Microplate Enzymatic Immunoassay. This is a synonym for ELISA, which is a better known name for the test. MEIA measures the presence of antibodies, which are produced by the immune system in response to HIV infection. Both the aforementioned tests are valid and in your case, you have taken them at a time frame which can certainly be considered definitive. You don't have HIV.
Avatar f tn This definition includes sinus tachycardia. Often, however, in a clinical setting, it is used loosely as a synonym for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT), which refers to those SVTs that have a sudden, almost immediate onset. A person experiencing PSVT may see his heart rate go from 90 to 180 beats per minute instantaneously." [And often back to normal or nearly normal just as quickly].
Avatar f tn Im due August 8th with my fourth child. I am anxious and very ready for birth. I guess im more anxious to see the baby. Congrats and good luck!!
Avatar f tn Im 11weeks and 5 days , and im not showing not even a little bit when will I start anxious to see my belly its been 7 years since I been pregnant im ready for a belly lol.
Avatar f tn I'm 22 weeks pregnant and I have been having really uneasy feelings when I'm out in public. I feel really anxious that someone is going to harm me and I won't be able to get away or protect myself like I would if I wasn't pregnant. It's gotten to the point I don't like going places alone. I know this is strange but I'm wondering if anyone else feeling this way?
Avatar f tn I'm a FIRST Time Mom.. && I'm 11wks Pregnant && I'm ANXIOUS Too Know My Babys' Sex! When Do I Find Out?????
Avatar f tn I'm only 24weeks and well seeing everyone having their babies its making me soooo anxious to meet my baby boy already I'm due Feb 18th trying not to think about it but kinda hard not to but wanting him to stay in as long as possible even if I pass 40weeks so he's healthy. What do you ladies do about being anxious??
Avatar f tn My next dr appt is in a little less than 2 weeks but I just can't help but get super nervous before every single one of them! I'm 18 weeks today and I'm not 100% sure if I've felt my baby boy move yet or not. Which is probably why I'm so anxious for my appt. I just want to hear his heart beat again and know everything is okay. Is it normal to feel nervous in between appts? When did you feel flutters for the first time?!
Avatar f tn I'll be 38 weeks on Sunday n also no sign of labor:( this is my 2nd baby n I'm just as anxious to meet her as I was with my 1st. But it kinda runs in our family for us to have to be induced instead of being early so I know I'll be waiting for another 2 1/2 to 3 weeks to meet her...