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Avatar f tn Often, however, in a clinical setting, SVT is used practically as a synonym for paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT). This term refers to those SVTs that have a sudden, almost immediate onset and are regular. A person experiencing PSVT may feel their heart rate go from 60 to 200 beats per minute instantaneously, often in response to a quick movement such as picking something up from the floor. Because physiological sinus tachycardias has a gradual (i.e.
1825134 tn?1317529652 Just seemed to hate life all the time...couldn't cope with stress, highly anxious, depressed all the time, HORRIBLE PMS, yeast infections, bladder infections (later found out it was Interstitial Cystitis), chronic sinus infections, anger problems, mood problems, gained a bunch of weight, irritable bowel, hair loss...I can keep going on and on and on, but you know the drill !!!!
Avatar m tn No illnesses or family history of heart disease or HP, but Thyroid problems. I am an anxious person and really nervous. I was sent to the cardiologist for a little chest pain after running more than 5 minutes so they sent me to see the cardiologist just to make sure (the pain was not like an angina it was just a little pain in the chest). I had several EKGs and they were normal, I also had a stress test and it was normal. And then, the problem came.
Avatar n tn Of coarse, when the addiction sets in good, my grades drop, and I get very anxious around people, especially when I try to quit...nothing gets done. So, now that you all know me as good as I feel I know you all, here's my questions: What are good OTC drugs to take for the withdrawals? Are there any good foods, drinks, etc to help easy the symptoms and speed up the detoxification? Any herbal medicines, OTC drugs, anything...I'll try it. Just post what works best for you.
Avatar m tn which cures macular holes and vitreomacular traction without causing cataract (I don't know if this traction thing is a synonym with pucker, but if it is, that is some great news). The cause of the bleeding over the macula may be many. I am 1.75m tall. 9 weeks ago I was 117kg. I had times when my blood pressure was 15/11 when sitting on the couch watching TV; imagine how much it would be when I did physical effort.