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Avatar f tn I have 47 days to go and i am so anxious to meet my baby and get this over with..
220090 tn?1379167187 Funny, I was walking around today saying to myself, "I need a good joke to send my friends and relatives". And outta the sky came this one! Bump! Right in front of me! Thank you!
Avatar f tn ) WHY SHARKS CIRCLE YOU! Two great white sharks were swimming in the ocean and spied survivors of a sinking ship. "Follow me son" the father shark said to the son shark and they swam to the mass of people. The wise old Father told his Son, "First we swim around them a few times with just the tip of our fins showing." And they did. "Well done, son! Now we swim around them a few times with all of our fins showing." And they did.
2048234 tn?1330814100 Boy I remember that feeling really well scaredmommy. That sick sinking feeling that comes right after you tell a Dr. or pharmacy NO. Only you know what surprised me most about that? The feeling I had the next day. It was AMAZING and I felt like a million bucks because of that decision. I bet you will too. :) (congrats on the new job - I love animals too and it sounds like a great place to work!
1968244 tn?1327144041 , then he confessed he only had the one i asked him why he lied about it a he said it was a joke not a lie. Im getting so fed up of the lies and empty promises its getting me down and he is constantly saying i have a face like a slapped arse and im a kill joy, but i cant relax its like im waiting for him to become a ***** with me the outcome which i know will happen.
Avatar f tn Ugh, i never been more anxious to have my baby. Im not to pressed about labor & all the pains, i just wanna be comfortable again. I cant sleep at night cause my back always hurts, i cant take a nap cause my hips & my back hurts & in some certain ppsitions i sit in my back hurts. Not to mention the two hyper *** dogs running around the house all the time its just never ending!
Avatar f tn Just a thought to make you smile (at least it made me smile when I thought about it). I think GOD played a mean joke on pregnant women. HE gave us a very sharp sense of smell and horrible farts. Lol! Have a great day.
Avatar m tn Very good! I heard the newfie birthday joke told by a man at his 90th birthday party. My husband missed the fact that he wasn't telling a real first person story and his reaction of horror was even funnier than the joke. I'll pass the You're a Newfie If... to my cousin in Alaska. Half of it could apply to Cajun culture (arrived in deep south by way of new foundland. All I gotta do is substitute some gators and high water). The airbag story will definitely get forwarded. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Holy heck Rosy it surely is no joke. Especially when you add chronic pain to the mix. Amazing though coming here and finding how many others are suffering the same misery, gives strength to know you're not alone.
Avatar m tn Hello i have hypochondria ive been anxious about anything has to do with my body .. heart cancer strokes .. u name it i saw a show for doctor was about schizophrenia since then my anxiety been the worst i think that i have it the whole time ive been forgetting alot im scared if that is a sign of it (btw i have fibromyalgia ) i mean for example yesterday my friend tried to wake me up from sleep (im a heavy sleeper ) he told me that i screamed at him when he tried to wake me up ..
5886921 tn?1379639057 As the days pass im more and more anxious to have my bby .. besides the fact that its getting super uncomfortable to lay sit or do anything due to this uncomfortable pressure or idk what its down in my pelvic area I feel like if I squat it will come out... so weird. . Nausea is coming back , cant sleep just want this to pass so I can hold my bby .. (23days) anyone feel like this?
Avatar n tn Have you tested your HBV surface anti-body level?? If the level is positive, you are completely immune from the HBV.