Anxious when smoking weed

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Avatar m tn So then she let up the windows and turned on the heat and was still smoking. So when we got to Wal*mart, she get out the car and from then when she came back, my body was going numb. My entire body went numb, and I thought was about to die, I was so afraid. And I didn't know what was going on. I was praying asking God to cover me, ,and I was asking for my mom and sister because I was seeing things while I was gone. So then I was okay for about 5 mins, and It happened again.
Avatar n tn And of course i do at times get anxious or nervous when i smoke weed, but that comes with the territory of doing drugs. But that is easily controlled once i get a grip and it lasts for a few minutes or so. I have to problem with anxiousness or nervousness. It isnt a choking feeling either and like i said my breathing is normal.
Avatar m tn m high I just get the screw-it sort of attitude and lose my willpower. Also when I quit smoking I got really anxious and that didn't mix well with weed as it made me really paranoid. I think drinking and smoking weed are pretty big triggers for a lot of people. Best of luck to you!
Avatar f tn is it safe to keep smoking. will it always make me sick.? when i smoked again a got a little nautious and anxious. and it never really bothers me when i smoke its either the next day or two that i feel these symptoms ..
Avatar m tn i'm on wellbutrin to STOP smoking weed, does it really works for that?....and if i smoke what would happen?....or if i get drunk? dose is 150, twice a day so in a day i take 300 mg's...and i also take clonazepam for sleeping disorder....
723959 tn?1314744225 I had panic attacks during smoking weed back in my day. That's kind of when they started. I didnt know I was having panic during... I thought it was just a bad high... and it was. But! My Dr. said even if I NEVER smoked weed.. it was probably just a matter of time before I got a panic attack, regardless. Smoking prob. just helped induce it.
1642784 tn?1534922281 Hi I need help ok so if you haven't read my other post I've been experiencing alot of anxiety due to smoking weed I've only done weed 2 times in my life and I dint like it I've recently started obsessing about turning skitsophrenic and I was so scared of it I have a friend who might be psychotic he's been smoking for a long time and was kinda mental before he started smoking and I've been anxious for about 3 months now I think I hear wispers or something it only happens
Avatar m tn I rarely have a day off and when I am out of weed I get anxious. But the frustrating thing is smoking makes me paranoid and anxious too, I am not as social as I used to be. It upsets me and I need help. When I look to the future, even shortly down the road I don't want to see weed in it, I really don't. My friends and family do not really get it, neither does my girlfriend I don't think because I keep it all inside.
Avatar f tn I very often don’t eat all day until around dinner time and this is when I have smoked weed. I’m not hungry at all - and physically can’t eat - unless I’ve been smoking. I’m not sure if this has something to do with smoking or if smoking just helps me eat and this is an unrelated issue? I’ve been randomly throwing up as well, I will get sick every 2-3 months or so for 1-2 days since last summer and I’ll be throwing up, having to miss work, then the next day or 2 after, I’m completely fine.
1642784 tn?1534922281 ok you shouldnt smoke weed but it doesnt do that to you smoking weed causes a short term feeling of euphoria. it does not kill your brain cells! It does later cause shortness of breath after extensive use due to the fact that it is still smoke in your lungs. Dehydration causes dizziness and fainting! Just relax and dont think about it!
Avatar m tn I have sweaty hands and feet, face feels hot but no temp (98.6), arms and legs feel hot. Ive been smoking weed, should this be causing it? Or is it not a good idea that i smoke while in an anxious mode?
Avatar f tn so not really gonna matter if she sits by people who smoke weed. Honestly shed be better off smoking weed herself rather them cigarettes.
Avatar f tn At 19 yo, I start having panic attacks just after I finish smoking some weed... I continued to smoke weed for 1 month but I had more and more panic and felt like I wasn't normal all the time. One day I was sit in a philosophy class at the college and I had a panic attack without smoking weed... And start having panic attacks everywhere. I saw a Doc and he told me to stop smoking weed cause its the worse drug to trigger paranoia and panic attack...
Avatar m tn this what happen i had 10 dollars it was a sunny sunday i head to the part to meet my friends and her brother is a weed man. i got 2 dime bags .5 minutes later my mans come no homo come with another bag so it was6 people to 3 blunts.after i smoked we start acting stupid but i got depressed and i was six blocks away from home.i had to walk by myself all the way .when i got home i went straight to bed the to the shower my heart goin 100 miles per hour.
Avatar f tn You are fine. I quit smoking cold turkey cigs and weed also when I found out at 8 weeks. Now I'm 28 weeks and 4 days and my baby girl is perfect and very active. Don't stress yourself out about it.
Avatar m tn Hi their is so many strains of weed out their you don't know what you are smoking , But please leave alone it Can mess you up Mentally what you are going through will pass , Stay well away Please , take care
Avatar m tn In no way you should stop taking the Ativan, it have a short half-life of about 10 hours so the withdrawal symptoms can appear really fast. By smoking weed you produced a decrease of GABA therefore producing anxiety symptoms like increased HR and probably high blood pressure. The way to counter this would have been to take the Ativan and cannabis at the same time.
Avatar m tn 6 idk what the cause was yet but i just wanted to know if i can continue to smoke weed because before the stroke i was smoking ciggerets and weed on a daily baisis i want to smoke weed but idk if it will cause me to have another stroke or what i need some help
Avatar n tn okay well one time when i was smoking weed i reacted to it wicked funny. Like everything around me started to go in slow motionn. i couldnt walk rightt and when people would speakk i couldnt understand them, and it was almost like things where like strechingg. i didnt like it AT all and it would last like 2/3 days. I thought that maybe the weed was laced but i did like 4 times and everytime it happend. it was different weed from different people too. Is this normal? is it bad?
Avatar f tn So all this talk about weed and pregnancy made me dream that I was smoking weed just for the fun of it... I felt horrible in my dream (and after) but I just couldnt stop smoking.. idk if this is how these women feel but its not a good feeling. I guess now I understand these women a little better but ivstill wouldnt actually do it for myself.
Avatar n tn If you had no symptoms of anxiety BEFORE you began smoking, (and according to what you wrote, you were smoking weed like a house afire) then it's my humble GUESS that the weed is at the root of your problems now. You also must take into consideration the move from high school to college. It's a big step and can create it's own set of anxieties even without weed being involved, but mix the two and it can exacerbate the anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have smoked weed back in my high school days, I was already kind ok anxious so smoking it through me into a panic attack! My bet is either in your psyche or maybe the weed was laced with something.
Avatar n tn I don't smoke cigarettes at all but was wondering has any one else smoked weed while prego?
Avatar n tn t have to do a drug test...someone called CPS on her, staying that they knew she was smoking weed while pregnant...when things get called in to CPS they have to was still in her system when she had her baby...and I didn't smoke weed (don't smoke at all) and my babies are smart...both of mine where spelling their first and last name by the time they were three, counting to one hundred, knew abcs, colors, shapes, etc...
Avatar m tn im very glad your choosing to quit smoking weed but you should have stopped when you found out you were pregnant. my mom smoked weed when she was pregnant with me and i have depression, anxiety, asthma, thyroid disease, other numerous health problems and i went through withdrawls when i was born. i was also born 2 1/2 months early and weighed 1 pd 3 oz. i fit into the palm of my moms hand when i was born. ive had so many problems bc of her smoking weed.
Avatar n tn Ok I just found out I am 5 weeks and ive been smoking weed pretty heavy this past month. Will my baby be okay if I stop now?