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Avatar n tn And of course i do at times get anxious or nervous when i smoke weed, but that comes with the territory of doing drugs. But that is easily controlled once i get a grip and it lasts for a few minutes or so. I have to problem with anxiousness or nervousness. It isnt a choking feeling either and like i said my breathing is normal.
Avatar m tn So then she let up the windows and turned on the heat and was still smoking. So when we got to Wal*mart, she get out the car and from then when she came back, my body was going numb. My entire body went numb, and I thought was about to die, I was so afraid. And I didn't know what was going on. I was praying asking God to cover me, ,and I was asking for my mom and sister because I was seeing things while I was gone. So then I was okay for about 5 mins, and It happened again.
Avatar m tn this what happen i had 10 dollars it was a sunny sunday i head to the part to meet my friends and her brother is a weed man. i got 2 dime bags .5 minutes later my mans come no homo come with another bag so it was6 people to 3 blunts.after i smoked we start acting stupid but i got depressed and i was six blocks away from home.i had to walk by myself all the way .when i got home i went straight to bed the to the shower my heart goin 100 miles per hour.
Avatar m tn Then there's also the uncomfortable feeling I get when it's dark. Mostly I feel way more positive when it's light and sunny and stuff. (Side note: I also suffer from ADD and am classified as HSP, these things probably play along in the process as well) but there doesn't seem to be anything I could do right now, except for finishing the Xanax dosage and then starting with an anti-depressant which is safer for long-term use, as advised by my psychiatrist.
Avatar m tn Hello I am 28 and I quit smoking weed a little over 7 years ago and was told I had anxiety attacks and social anxiety dissorder and now I have headachs all the time back pain and dont sleep good at all and I was told that weed would help with all these things but I am worried that if I start again it could bring on more attacks because the heart speeding up in the start of the high and im worried that it could cause heart problems now I know in alot of states weed aint legal but I have put some
Avatar m tn Wouldn't go so far as to say I was "brilliant," but if you want to think so, please be my guest. I still believe that this episode freaked you out........did indeed trigger "anxious thinking," since you've never stated that you had a problem with anxiety or panic BEFORE that evening. I think you're sitting there in your "flat" (I'm trying to speak the Queen's English here) and ruminating the hell out of this! STOP IT!
1642784 tn?1534925881 please i need help i started smoking weed for the first time in my life i got really stoned my first time 3 weeks later i joined soccer the first week of practice when by great then i started fetting anxiety atacks 2 times a day for one day after that i felt light heade for 5 days then it wore off i decided to try it one more time and took 1 hit i felt alright but then i woke up feeling very anxious that night and ive been feeling anxious and like im in a dream for 1 week and 3 days i need help
Avatar f tn Sounds like textbook panic attacks, which is VERY common when someone smokes weed. You were extra vulnerable because of your sensitivity to the MJ. You can browse the anxiety forum, you will find lots and lots of threads where people also experienced panic attacks during/after smoking weed. The good news didn't harm yourself or do any damage...the bad news is, it can take some time for the residual anxiety to dissipate. What happens is basically a fear response...
Avatar m tn in my lungs, or if when I'm high I just get the screw-it sort of attitude and lose my willpower. Also when I quit smoking I got really anxious and that didn't mix well with weed as it made me really paranoid. I think drinking and smoking weed are pretty big triggers for a lot of people. Best of luck to you!
Avatar n tn I have suffered from depression since I was 14 and love to smoke weed because it is relaxing and because I stop worrying/thinking when I am high. The last couple of times, I have had a racing heart, and a feeling of anxiousness. For the past couple of weeks I have been wondering if I am happy because I am so unhappy in my own head. Does anyone else relate to this?
12927270 tn?1427819539 There are a lot of people who after some time became anxious after smoking weed. All our bodies take it in differently and sometimes people put other crap in it. I highly doubt you did any brain damage from a hit of weed. What you do have is anxiety from a bad experience and it is likely causing the physical symptoms you mentioned as they continue because you are worried. If the anxiety doesn't go away talking to a therapist can help. You can learn different ways to change your thought pattern.
Avatar f tn I have a problem with weed and i don't know how to stop . When i don't have it i get very angry at the world i can't think straight and i feel like i am gonna blow. I am not sure what to do can anyone help.
Avatar n tn Hi, This is most probably related to your smoking weed. 'Effects of smoking are generally felt within a few minutes and peak in 10 to 30 minutes. They include dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, impaired coordination and balance, delayed reaction time, and diminished short-term memory.
Avatar f tn 6 Months ago, I had spent a day out at a University Campus which had consisted me of drinking throughout the day till night and smoking lot’s of weed here and there. It was a lot, but I’ve had more worse nights. I got home pretty late, around 6am the next day and had popped a melatonin pill and went to sleep. I woke up around 12ish and than went to go help my friend out with some work.
Avatar m tn It can also be the trigger but when the day after would suggest you are not having anxiety anymore due to weed but to the the trigger of you anxiety caused by THC. Low levels of GABA have been associated with anxiety/panic attack and benzodiazepines work exactly in a way to increase the GABA levels by agonizing the GABAa receptor.
Avatar n tn Weed can be psychologically addictive but not physically addictive -- that is, you won't suffer any physical withdrawal symptoms from quitting weed like you might from other drugs, such as Lorcet. If weed is making you feel like ****, now is a great time to get off the stuff. I have no moral or philosophical problem with weed, and I indulge in it occasionally myself, but I know it can be harmful to the lungs, esp. in the amounts you're using.
Avatar m tn Here's my own opinion, for what it's worth -- when weed turns bad on you, it's time to stop taking it. And you should also know that an anti-anxiety medication doesn't solve any problems, it just gives you a temporary respite from your anxiety if it works. Antidepressants can give you a longer relief, but then you're on an antidepressant for the long term. If this sticks around, I'd say you need to get into therapy, as weed brings out of us what's inside us.
1642784 tn?1534925881 ok you shouldnt smoke weed but it doesnt do that to you smoking weed causes a short term feeling of euphoria. it does not kill your brain cells! It does later cause shortness of breath after extensive use due to the fact that it is still smoke in your lungs. Dehydration causes dizziness and fainting! Just relax and dont think about it!
723959 tn?1314747825 I had panic attacks during smoking weed back in my day. That's kind of when they started. I didnt know I was having panic during... I thought it was just a bad high... and it was. But! My Dr. said even if I NEVER smoked weed.. it was probably just a matter of time before I got a panic attack, regardless. Smoking prob. just helped induce it.
Avatar n tn Stop smoking weed then! It's a classic symptom. If you don't enjoy being high, and it makes you feel like that then why smoke it? I smoked it for 3 years and loved it. Then met someone I wanted to spend my life with so cut it out. Now I'm starting a family and don't regret it at all. There will always be a small part of me that wants to smoke some but lets face it - some peoples bodies don't react well.
Avatar m tn I started with shortness of breath then started getting constant lightheadedness/dizziness, then heart palpitations, I would feel my heart like literally POUNDING, especially at night when I'm trying to sleep. I did my research and I've read that weed has short-term effects that includes anxiety and that it will eventually pass after several days. Well, it's been 9 days for me and I still have the symptoms. How many more days do you think I have left before the marijuana has left my system?
326505 tn?1304172825 I Have to Smoke Because of All My Stress! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Stress is considered a cause for smoking by many people. Actually, smoking is a cause of stress. Recent correspondence dealt with reasons people give for going back to smoking: social situations, parties, alcohol consumption and stress. This month I wish to amplify on stress. In January of 1979, Chicago and vicinity was devastated by a major blizzard.
Avatar m tn About 4 years ago I started smoking weed vary lightly I was taking baby steps. And after about a month of smoking weed I hung out with some buddies and smoked a little too much and had a panic attack. Heart felt like it was going to beat out my chest the smoke from the week went straight to my head from my lungs, got really dizzy and couldn't even walked and next thing you know I was on the ground. I was really high obviously. I was rushed to the ER and they already knew what my situation was.
Avatar n tn Maybe find an addiction therapist or just a talk therapist and arm yourself with resources when your ready to make this big decision and it is big when you've been smoking for so long. You can do it if your sick of it enough!!
Avatar f tn My under 6lb birthweight might have been due to her size but more likely was due to smoking. I grew like a weed in every way despite having parents that smoked around me. Im 5'10 inches tall lol and, I think, a happy and decent person. Smoking isnt healthy for sure but I hate to see it villified. Not that anyone here is doing that. In culture Im sayin. What matters is love. Good luck. I hope at all goes well and you can still breastfeed.