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Avatar f tn Don't stress yourself, look into names or read your baby a book , maybe even try putting head phones up to your belly for baby to listen to music. My oldest son loved listening to guns and roses and used to kick away when I played it!
Avatar f tn Gypsy Caravan....... sorry, I was hoping someone knew this music.
Avatar m tn I understand what you are going through, A few years back I was working in an office where we were exposed to extremely loud music daily. Yes it was unpleasant and I got rather anxious but then when I had focus on my work, I just mentally switched off and at times the music was okay.
Avatar f tn I’ve been having intrusive music in my head. I do have OCD and anxiety and this symptom started a few months ago. it’s whenever my minds isn’t concentrating on something the song starts playing without me realizing and it’s so frustrating.
2141910 tn?1356447938 just dont think about it to much and if it is getting harder and harder for yo to fall asleep take a hot bubble bath not too hot as hot as u can stand it and after you get out of the tub warm up a glass of milk and drink the whole glass not too fast and not too slow then turn the lights down low leave a little night light on and look up medatation music for deep sleep i promise you it helps so much but before you turn the music on get real comfy then you will be alsleep within minutes 20/30 min
539694 tn?1434569547 One of my key relaxation techs is music - there is one particular song that I listen to when I am feeling anxious or losing control and it works well for me. music can indeed soothe the savage beast and I agree on playlists that match moods, I have several like that.
908392 tn?1316526499 songs that fuel anger - disco or folk type music - makes me anxious. Except for Barry White, I actually liked his disco type songs. He was a really great musician IMO I guess thats why I liked him. songs that I play in order to think are Christian instrumental.
Avatar m tn I would like to know if anyone else here starts to crave because i know a lot of us put music on to relax but what happens when the song is about drugs or taking drugs there are so many songs out there like that to name one its simply called heroin by lou reid that seems to glorify drugs i just wondered if effected you or is it just me and may be it could start us to crave i try not to listen to them but as iv said there are so many what do you do if a song comes on ?
Avatar f tn I used to start breathing deeply and hyperventalating when I got anxious. Now I get anxious about my health. I got chest pains about a week or so ago and since can't stop worrying about it. The problem is, when I think about what health condition I could have I get more symptoms of the condition like say for example left arm pain. Has anybody experienced the same thing? If yes what should I do? I am so scared..
5704911 tn?1373088507 Hi sorry you are so anxious. It will get better if you just keep going . 6 days is awesome. You could turn the corner any day now or it may take a little longer. Just please keep going . Try to watch a movie or something to take your mind off of it. Go for a brisk walk . It really does help . Just keep it up my friend .We are not lying when we say you are just beginning to heal.
1514613 tn?1385096318 I'm sure I'm not alone here, but after feeling depressed for about 6 years, I've become ever more aware that I've always had some particular affinity for music that could be descrbied as melancholy. Not necessarily just all out sad (although certainly much of it merges into this territory), but the windsome, nostolgic, doleful, brooding sonnets of the blue, the melancholy experience that is so much a part of the tragic beauty of life.
Avatar m tn I make music. Send me a message if you hear music in your head- I might be able to make something out of it and possibly offer pay if I get it to the right artists/show. Maybe this will help to "release" it and turn it into smoe beautiful.
Avatar f tn My hands were trembling ever so slightly. Not that anyone but me noticed. At least I wasn't trying to read sheet music through the usual brain fog. Please see my Autoimmune Disorder Tracker for all the days not marked on this tracker.
Avatar f tn Listen to your favorite calming music and be as relaxed as possible. Break out the camera! Take some photos of that belly, your baby will love to see some preggy mama pix in the future. Have fun and best wishes to you.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks here and I'm already putting music on my belly. I listen to Phil Collins, Seal, and easy stuff like that. I think as long as your not playing Marilyn Manson or anything harsh like that you will be good.
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy after 14 yrs and after being told my tube were blocked. I am happy, anxious n want to get a son of right now. Have ro wait 3 more days. I eike up and saw some slight spotting but now more. I am nervous. So we are feeling the same. Just relax that's what I'm trying to do.
Avatar m tn Like Krissy suggested, music, music, and more music. It helped me so much with the anxiety when I was detoxing off trams. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. Hang in there!!
1569985 tn?1328251082 I had an episode of irregular beats -- enough to double my meds and send me home to put my feet up for a few hours -- while attending a music class. I am learning the mountain dulcimer and tend to like the music when played slow, but joined this group and was trying to keep up with other players when this happened. I am very discouraged, as I haven't had an episode like this in a very long time.
511142 tn?1211097619 With one exception. I need music. ALL the time. If I'm not listening to music (any music, even some of that store muzak will do the trick), or extremely focused on something (I'm talking about shutting out the world and focusing on one thing as hard as possible), I feel like I start to go crazy. Hearing things, arguing with myself, my mind wanders constantly, I get all antsy (I believe antsy is the correct medical term) and I can't even sleep without music.
Avatar f tn Of course, I read that listening to other music will help you to get rid of the ear worm; and that helps a lot, but, another song got stuck in my head also. This time, the song didn't last long; it has gone away the next day. My head was silent for a moment, but then, another song from the movie got stuck in my head too. Once again, I listened to other musics to get that the song out of my head, and another song got stuck. Ugh! And ever since then, I still have this song stuck in my head.
Avatar f tn My obsessions have stopped me from being able to listen to their music a lot of the time, or when I am with headphones especially it can get very hard, as I have to complete my ritual in my head before I can turn the music off, so all the while this music is playing I'm having a nervous breakdown with such a tense, anxious mind, just waiting for the relief when it feels right in my ritual so I can close down the song... half way through.
299229 tn?1192235266 Well, I'm very anxious I don't know why, but I am... I was just sitting here listening to music && I thought wow the volume level sounds uneven &&& then all of a sudden I decided to take a drink && it was like I couldn't feel it in my mouth , but I felt it running down my throaht and it felt all weird, and then... My hands got sweaty && I was like **** and I just blinked and tried to ignore it .. but it's hard.. really it is...
4614494 tn?1368359985 I redirected myself. Cane Hm from store and took bath. Now the urge has passed. Listened to some amazing worship music that spoke to my heart. (After all YOU are constant, after all YOU are always there. Not for a moment will YOU forsake me. Not for a moment will YOU forsake me!!!!) I'm good now. Thank u ladies It's just a process of ups and downs. Its called life. Right?? Love you girls.
Avatar m tn I am a music head......1974 Argent Hold Your Head Up.......greyt lyrics greyt song!Do not give up Bob.....think of it this way....what would granma want for u as she is at peace now and hurts no more.....she would want u to stay dad gone 2 years now...was so proud i stopped my addiction..i FEEL him all around me....looking down as well.......and my 90 yr.old mom in assisted living with Lewy Body Dementia and failing health is/was so proud of my recovery...
Avatar n tn Hi there everyone! My son was born 15 months ago via emergency caesarean due to fetal distress throughout the labour. I was induced 11 days before my due date because of high blood pressure. I could have delivered naturally but had a caesarean because his heart rate started to drop after my obstetrician pressured me into an epidural cos she thought I wasn't going to handle the birth. I'm due for our 2nd baby next month, so they'll be 16 months apart.
Avatar n tn Loves to work on computer like microsoft money, powerpoint, Google sketchpro etc. Very good in music. Excellent memory and scientific understanding for a 6 year old. Does 2nd grade math and reading. Not atall interested in toys. Doesnot respond if he is reading a book when called. Has trouble following directions Tendency to manage others. Has trouble focussing Hates to do coloring, cutting and gluing projects. Handwriting is not good.
Avatar f tn I have not taken any pills (perks 10)since thanksgiving last night I had severe cramping behind my knees and I'm very anxious today,any suggestions?
377493 tn?1356505749 My son's preschool has music every Wednesday. Mr. Joe comes in and plays a few different instruments, the kids get to "play" them as well, there is singing, dancing, etc. For a very long time while getting ready in the morning I would say to my little guy "Yay, it's music with Mr. Joe today" and he would get super excited. He just loved it. A few weeks ago, out of the blue, he tells me he doesn't like Mr. Joe. I asked him why, but no response.
Avatar f tn I often find myself contemplating on my problems -either real or made up by my anxious mind- much more obsessively at night, I guess because I'm basically doing nothing and there's nothing to distract me; and they seem, well... much bigger and scarier than in the daylight. What do you do when you can't sleep because you're anxious when you're supposed to be sleeping?
Avatar n tn I feel very anxious at night before falling asleep. How can I get rid of this without increasing my meds?