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2141910 tn?1356444338 just dont think about it to much and if it is getting harder and harder for yo to fall asleep take a hot bubble bath not too hot as hot as u can stand it and after you get out of the tub warm up a glass of milk and drink the whole glass not too fast and not too slow then turn the lights down low leave a little night light on and look up medatation music for deep sleep i promise you it helps so much but before you turn the music on get real comfy then you will be alsleep within minutes 20/30 min
Avatar m tn Like Krissy suggested, music, music, and more music. It helped me so much with the anxiety when I was detoxing off trams. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for you. Hang in there!!
5704911 tn?1373084907 Hi sorry you are so anxious. It will get better if you just keep going . 6 days is awesome. You could turn the corner any day now or it may take a little longer. Just please keep going . Try to watch a movie or something to take your mind off of it. Go for a brisk walk . It really does help . Just keep it up my friend .We are not lying when we say you are just beginning to heal.
Avatar f tn This is my third pregnancy after 14 yrs and after being told my tube were blocked. I am happy, anxious n want to get a son of right now. Have ro wait 3 more days. I eike up and saw some slight spotting but now more. I am nervous. So we are feeling the same. Just relax that's what I'm trying to do.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks here and I'm already putting music on my belly. I listen to Phil Collins, Seal, and easy stuff like that. I think as long as your not playing Marilyn Manson or anything harsh like that you will be good.
Avatar f tn I’ve been having intrusive music in my head. I do have OCD and anxiety and this symptom started a few months ago. it’s whenever my minds isn’t concentrating on something the song starts playing without me realizing and it’s so frustrating.
539694 tn?1434565947 One of my key relaxation techs is music - there is one particular song that I listen to when I am feeling anxious or losing control and it works well for me. music can indeed soothe the savage beast and I agree on playlists that match moods, I have several like that.
Avatar m tn but yesterday and i went to a concert, it was very loud. and im used to being arround loud of music, cause i play in a band, and im always going to concerts. but after i got home my ears were buzzing really loud. and sure ive experience this before. but when tryed to go to sleep i could still hear the drums and the people talkin, it was almost like my mind recorded all the sounds from the show and played it back when i went to sleep.
Avatar n tn as we called it, to music by slamming our heads into the pillow nite after nite and in the car to music in the back seat. my head would get red at the foerhead when i did the thrashing in my room in my bed on the pillow. i think with all the shaken baby syndrome out there and how it can affect a persons life, i'm concerned that it has affected me as well. we use to "bump" our heads to music for mom thought it was cute..??!!
Avatar f tn I am leaving for a brain MRI in a couple of hours and I am a bit anxious. I have had MRI's b4 no big deal, but on my cervical spine MRI, I felt like there was very little air. I think part of it was the pressure on my neck from it being tilted forward a bit, but they had to redo 3 series. Does n e one have any tips for relaxing b4 the MRI. I am thinking this one is going to be a bit harder than the last one.
10973934 tn?1414701423 What kind of music is good for baby's to listen to while they are in your belly?
Avatar f tn I guess that depends on what you mean by "effective." I try to spend as much time as possible with music playing nearby. My son kicked and punched and did flips when I went out while pregnant to the club my husband DJs at, I always figured he liked it. My son is smart but I don't attribute that to music playing in utero. He loves music and singing and playing instruments but he's heard it every day since he was born, not just in utero.
Avatar f tn If i have headphones in can my baby here the music or do i have to put something to my tummy?
Avatar f tn I've become absolutly engrossed in music In my last 5 months clean. But it doesn't make me think of my pills. Some songs make me feel guilt of the things i had done,some caused grief in the things I've missed out on,some cause love because they remind me of my husband,some cause sadness because they remind me of someone I lost but didn't have the emotions at the time to grieve for them because I was high. The music makes me hate the pills more but never love them.
Avatar f tn I don't think loud music affects a baby in the womb. I could be wrong but I don't think it's bad until they're born because you don't want to hurt their little ear drums.
Avatar f tn Anyone else let your little one listen to music? I read to my tummy and put little nursey songs on for my him. And he starts noving a lot . Does anyone do this ?
Avatar f tn My baby moves with the rhythm of music. ..
Avatar f tn Im almost 19 weeks so I played music on my phone and held it against my belly I wonder if he or she liked it or of it scared em lol (:
371980 tn?1276740809 So i just got my new I-Pod and i am filling it up with all my music. I love music!! Anyways, wanted to know what everyones fav songs are. Whether its new songs or an older songs!! Thanks!!
Avatar m tn lmao, mike i can hear it from here. i find music helps too. this post just made me turn on some tunes, feeling better already.
541953 tn?1262586226 ok, I listen to the radio all the time and just wondered what music everyone listens to....
Avatar f tn Its my third day off vicodin... Honestly I was told that music can be a great comfort.. I thought NO WAY...Well, I'm feeling like crap so TRYING IT really couldn't hurt right? Well I'm listening to Aaron Neville and believe it or not...