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Avatar m tn ve become so hypersensitive/obsessed with it that I always hear them barking and become anxious and depressed by it. I would sell the house in a minute to get away from this hell but sadly nothing is moving in this real estate market where I live. As a result, I feel I'm at my wits end. Medications don't work, I've also tried therapy but quit because the therpist was really bad. I just don't know what to do! Please share any advice/reflections that you may have with me.
419792 tn?1208270826 my dog has been constantly barking while we're not home, we live in the basement of a house so its really annoying for the people who live above us... any suggestions on how to get her to stop?
Avatar m tn The root of the anxiety may have been caused prior to you having her - or it could linked to the bedtime regime. She may look forward to bedtime so much, it causes her to become anxious - or indeed it could be the reverse, that something about bedtime is making her feel afraid and anxious. I have had rescues all my life, and some do preset some odd lifelong behavior that is often difficult to change.
Avatar n tn I just can’t figure why he has started barking. We haven’t tried a barking collar and don’t really want to try one. How can we get him to stop barking so much??
Avatar f tn she goes out there till i yell for her to come in and the people behind me are so rude they have actually called the cops about her barking and she is only outside for like 2 mins. but the cop just blew it off he was nice and said animal control cant do anything unless the dog barks for more than 15 mins. or before 7am. one morning my hubby was outside with her and she was barking and the lady was cursing at my dog over the fence and i have 2 kids one 4 one 2!
6669309 tn?1462648142 Hi. If he's happy and energetic and eating okay when he's awake, don't worry. Dogs dream exactly the same as humans, but slightly more so because they fall into light sleep (the dream state) more often and for longer periods. And they dream in much the same way, usually about things that have happened during the day while their brains slot memories into their various slots in the brain.
Avatar n tn 3 nights ago the cough has gotten worse, at night its like a barking, rather than a cough. I took her to the docs, and they sent her away. I then took her back and they gave a steroid tablet. Shes very warm, not eating much, and coughing every few minutes day and night. We are both shattered. What can I do now? The relaxin inhalor which is supposed to suppress her cough doesnt work, and she has been having it loads more than she would ever use it.
Avatar f tn My dogs did the same thing and i would leave the tv on or sometimes a radio so they wouldnt hear anything outside or the neighbors and they did good there was no more complaints of them barking once i left a tv or radio on for them
Avatar f tn Anybody know how i can stop my 6 month old chihuahua from barking at people and dogs when i take her for a walk ??
Avatar f tn We tell her enough, stop barking, quiet or no. but she continues. I have tried praising her when she is quiet but she continues to bark or growl. When she barks and we say "quiet", she will respond with a quiet growl. She also does this at night when we first go to sleep. If she hears a car in the street or just noise from the wind she growls. It's not an aggressive growl but more of an aniexity growl. I have tried everything and nothing works.
1145020 tn?1281419567 I am now getting complaints from the neighbors that she is barking no stop while I am at work. I have tried leaving the radio or TV on for her but nothing seems to work......PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn He was easy to house break and appeared to be very smart. Every toy introduced to him had to be torn up and destroyed, his excessive barking had me purchase a Sonic egg; it helped other dogs from barking but Charlie barked even louder. He is very active and demands me to play ball with him. It's the only activity he enjoys now is chasing his ball. At one year old the Vet suggested that I neuter Charlie and I did.
1367196 tn?1278065582 My dog is one year old, he is mixed golden r.-labrador. When he was a puppy he didn't cared about storming, or raining, or ringing the bell of the door.... But now (in this present moment) outside is lighting, not raining too much. And my dog is freaking out of the sound of the storm - he is barking like crazy, he don't stop for a second. I gave him drug, not helping!!!!!!! He is barking over and over again!!
203342 tn?1328737207 I hate feeling like this. I don't know if it's anxiety or a form of ocd or what. I have so many good things in my life, friends, family, my relationship with my Lord whom I love very much. But I will fixate on the one bad thing that comes up and fixate on it, stress about it, obsess about it, to the point that it's all I'll think about.
Avatar m tn My French bulldog won't stop barking at our maids whenever they are upstairs. He barks at them whenever my other dog(a Shih tzu) is with him and whenever they are upstairs, if they are downstairs he doesn't. My maids are having a hard time cleaning because of him, how do I stop him from barking at them? Keeping them out isn't an option because we have two other dogs(a pug and a mixed breed Labrador) outside and if we keep him out they fight.
250155 tn?1485295939 i tried adding a post to another question i posted about this but i guess i'll ask this way... for those of you who have dealt w/ the croup... is the "barking cough" a common occurance w/ a child's cold? nolan has another cold right now (we all do actually) and he has the barking cough again w/ it. this time though he's not doing it just at night its all day long... but he does not have a fever and is still happy and playful... he just has lots of snot and a bark!
Avatar f tn He just looks at it and continues laying there lol to funny. He was barking at my belly the other day.. I was like what are you doing? Barking at the baby? I wonder if they know... lol crazy dogs.
Avatar n tn My dogs used to bark at the fence at the other dogs barking now they just ignore the barking on the otherside and sleep through it...My neighbours have asked me " do you still have your dogs because we never hear them barking anymore" .....
Avatar f tn HELP, my 6 month old male border collie wont stop barking he is good with my son and obeys commands like sit, fetch, etc toilet trained and enjoys long walks but wont stop barking at my tv cabinet it makes no difference whether the tv is on or off and I dont know what to do anymore please help any suggestions greatly appreciated thanks
447939 tn?1235061943 last night i took my dog to bed about 5am i woke up cause she was barking, she really startled me, my heart was racing i got really really bad chest pains and left arm pain, i eventually fell back asleep, today i had to go xmas shoppin and had a big panic attack i had tummy troubles all day too.
203342 tn?1328737207 I'm not sure if anyone can help with this or not. I have a 10 year old maltese mix dog who is a little overweight and was diagnosed with Cushings last year. I've really seen him age a lot this last year. He has arthritis, I think. He struggles to get up if he's been laying down for awhile. He also has trouble with stairs. The vet pointed out the blueish tinge across his eyes recently so I guess he has cataracts or something and doesn't see as well.
Avatar m tn When I am the full swing of my bipolar episode (anxious, angry, irritable ) I must have silence. Any loud noises. Tv. Dogs barking my partner wanting a conversation; it send me off the deep end. Then I lash out because my silence has been broken. I don't want everyone on egg shells or me a recluse. I have just resumed 300mg valproate doping that hemos. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn 8 weeks ago, I got a pom from a couple with a son that had ashbergers that couldn't keep her. She is 4 and in great shape, we got her a check up at the vet, she is happy and a extemely sweet dog, I've even thaught her paw and we are working on sit. She has an excessive barking problem, whenever someone comes over she will sit infront of them and bark endlessly, then she will finally go down stairs but at the slightest noise she will be back upstairs barking.
676912 tn?1332812551 Oh jeez...beagles are just like that. our old neighbor's beagle would bark -all- day long....and it drove me insane when Kahlan was little. We finally had to talk to the apartment complex and I don't know what she did but the beagle went from 24/7 barking to only barking for about 45 minutes every time she left the it was tolerable. but yikes..I don't know what I'd do in your situation. beagles are just NOTORIOUS for being uncontrollable barkers :(.
Avatar n tn The problem is that at night she will awaken every two hours and begin to bark making it necessary for me to come down to quiet her. I usually will take her out, but often she will just stand there barking until I bring her back in, so I do not think it is a bathroom issue. I think she realizes she is alone and that is what causes the barking. We have tried leaving lights on all night, or the TV, we even got her a heartbeat pillow, but still she will get up and bark every two hours at night.
662972 tn?1270166301 Wow I have been a member on medhelp since Oct 08 and thought only community for animals was the ask vet or large animal (cows etc) This is wonderful and I am thankful for this community. I have a Saint Bernard female 3 yrs old named Santana and she is like my child. She has one problem and it's barking!!!!!! Now she lives inside and goes outside use bathroom or for fresh air...
Avatar f tn *****************HUGS************** I just couldn't imagine anyone trying to take Hobo off me, regardless of their reasoning on barking......................find out your legal rights! Just some thoughts on Diesel's bad barking day, They say you only have up to 30 seconds to tell the dog off, before he can't associate your unhappiness with his behaviour, so you really do have to be quick to catch him.
1488931 tn?1288238416 Was just told by a neighbor (living in apartments) that she is barking while I am gone. Don't know what to do. She can smell me out in the hall so hard to do fake trips out for training. Thinking of putting her in the bed room there I can shut the door and there isn't anyone but below and I am home by a reasonable time, I would rather correct the problem. Can you help? Please I am in much need so as not to get into trouble over the matter. She is cairn terrier mixed dog.