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506570 tn?1215839900 In the meantime he will be anxious, and howl. Your mum needs to really bond with him. It doesn't quite sound like she's managed that yet. I guess she's busy. But she will have to make time to really devote to him, and also some training. She needs to spend real quality time with him, plenty of walks and interactive games.
Avatar n tn I was cooking dinner as she was asleep in her crib upstairs and I heard an odd barking noise (she was only 9weeks old) ... I went upstairs to investigate only to find her at that young age propping her entire body up with arms stretched out trying to get air. She had croup all of a sudden and was blue. As I immediately picked her up, her airway cleared and she resumed pink, we raced to the pediatrician who gave an injection of Decodran (steroid) and meds and she was okay.
Avatar m tn Now, I know of people who don't even hear these dogs bark when they are in my house but in my case I've become so hypersensitive/obsessed with it that I always hear them barking and become anxious and depressed by it. I would sell the house in a minute to get away from this hell but sadly nothing is moving in this real estate market where I live. As a result, I feel I'm at my wits end. Medications don't work, I've also tried therapy but quit because the therpist was really bad.
428266 tn?1295648380 she doesn't have fleas, i have checked over and over. I don't know what to think. She's also very anxious at times especially at night. she'll start barking at herself, her reflection. Its funny. lol.
6669309 tn?1462651742 You might try this overnight and see if it has any effect - there are good reports of it helping anxious dogs. It's available on Amazon. There are also a few natural variations, but I've not heard any reports about whether they work or not on most dogs.
Avatar f tn she goes out there till i yell for her to come in and the people behind me are so rude they have actually called the cops about her barking and she is only outside for like 2 mins. but the cop just blew it off he was nice and said animal control cant do anything unless the dog barks for more than 15 mins. or before 7am. one morning my hubby was outside with her and she was barking and the lady was cursing at my dog over the fence and i have 2 kids one 4 one 2!
Avatar f tn relationship was too much for me, I'll take some barking, but I am trying to signal (he is deaf) him that barking makes me unhappy.
Avatar m tn The root of the anxiety may have been caused prior to you having her - or it could linked to the bedtime regime. She may look forward to bedtime so much, it causes her to become anxious - or indeed it could be the reverse, that something about bedtime is making her feel afraid and anxious. I have had rescues all my life, and some do preset some odd lifelong behavior that is often difficult to change.
Avatar n tn He has flown before and with each trip gets more anxious. He flies in cabin and has been tried on xanax and lastly Valium. The valium made him absolutely out of control. Barking, crying shaking severely and acting very confused.He was not permitted on the plane and my daughter is devastated. What can we give him to get him across the country and back home.?
Avatar m tn When I am the full swing of my bipolar episode (anxious, angry, irritable ) I must have silence. Any loud noises. Tv. Dogs barking my partner wanting a conversation; it send me off the deep end. Then I lash out because my silence has been broken. I don't want everyone on egg shells or me a recluse. I have just resumed 300mg valproate doping that hemos. Any suggestions?
203342 tn?1328740807 Another thing I've noticed is if there's too much chaos or noise it will make me anxious. If the dog is barking, the TV or music is too loud or someone raises their voice, my stomach will tighten up and I feel anxious. Or is this just stress? I can't tell if it's stress or anxiety. Whichever it is, are there any suggestions that can help, besides moving to a monastery somewhere and living in solitude,lol.
1367196 tn?1278069182 And my dog is freaking out of the sound of the storm - he is barking like crazy, he don't stop for a second. I gave him drug, not helping!!!!!!! He is barking over and over again!! When I am outside with him there is no problem he is lying in the yard, playing with his toys... But when I'm inside he is doing this. He is very anxious when it about me, cause I'm the only one paying him attention, but sadly I cant bring him inside nor staying out all day long.
447939 tn?1235065543 last night i took my dog to bed about 5am i woke up cause she was barking, she really startled me, my heart was racing i got really really bad chest pains and left arm pain, i eventually fell back asleep, today i had to go xmas shoppin and had a big panic attack i had tummy troubles all day too.
605458 tn?1539232408 Feeling out of control, letting go of control, watching it happen, made me VERY tense and anxious. The noise, the people, the movement was overload and I longed for quiet and ORDER. It was very stressful and I was ready to leave when it was over.
5986700 tn?1380794980 Now she's moved again and the tenant below her is complaining about the barking during the day while j is at work. Uggghhhhh!. I said she could come back while j figures something out. Le sigh. Ruby has issues.....always has. Extremely nervous and a controlling herder. I hate it. She got Earl in the throat a few yrs ago. ...blood dripping...omg it was awful! Any suggestions about the barking would be welcomed. I thought of one of those "security" blanket coats.
Avatar m tn Hello everyone so lately I've been stressed and anxious over this fear of rabies due to what happened earlier this week. Here's the story: On Monday night I was walking my dog as usual around 8:30ish PM at the park and we passed by this bush and there was a hole in it and so my dog started to get closer to it and sniff it. I didn't think anything of it and I was on my phone at the time. All of a sudden I hear my dog bark at something and half of her body was inside the bush.
Avatar f tn I just finished this thread..and I have to say..that this quote sums it up so nicely... "As anxiety sufferers, we need to realize that the outside world is not going to change for us, it is our struggle to find ways to cope with it. Your anxiety is your battle to fight, not your neighbors. Even if they did get rid of the dog, it will be something else that triggers your anxiety next time. Continue to keep trying to desensitize, in time this will improve.....
461781 tn?1285613081 HOWEVER, ever since Paco was a puppy (we got him at 12 weeks) he's been very insecure when he's not around Santo or around us, he starts whining over anything, then if he sees a dog or anything move outside through the window, Paco starts barking until we tell him to stop a few times, when he's laying on the floor alone he's constantly licking his paws until we tell him to stop.
1097036 tn?1325021947 Another thing, she seems to be barking a lot more, at what seems to be nothing. She use to just bark if she heard a car door, if someone was coming up to the house, or if she could see kids playing from our back yard. I'm really worried because I am pregnant with twins and I'm worried she will be aggressive with the babies. Any advice would be great.
306455 tn?1288865671 I live in a cottage next to rest of my family, so I'm often over at the big house and I can hear her crying the whole time. If I'm out in the yard, she's crying and barking so on and so forth. I feel bad that she's so upset at my absence but it also drives me crazy. I never make it a big deal when I leave, I don't give her treats coming or going. It's not easy to correct her because she stops the second I walk in the door.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else have a painful, tender nodule? To me, it feels like a hard hunk of glass is rubbing around in my neck, right above my clavicle and next to artery. Sometimes, it is so creepy feeling that it almost makes my stomach queasy. It hurts to palpitate the area. Sometimes it feels like a tooth ache, sometimes sharp and sometimes dull and rubbing around in there. I've been bounced from Doctor to Doctor, specialist to specialist.
Avatar f tn The sympoms were nasal congestion (although not quite as much as I expected), sore throat, myalgia, ear congestion, lethargy, barking cough (prominent symptom) and mild fever. I rested and had a couple of days off work and then returned. I felt much better for a few days but then all the symptoms returned. I was put on antibiotics - in the end I had courses of amoxycillin, ciprofloxacin, and then a month of doxycycline (GP was concerned I may have Lyme disease and test was not back yet).
1241622 tn?1268342149 disability was schizoaffective disorder were the standard two or more voices commenting on each other but sometimes could be music or when I was paranoid misperceiving sounds such as before I started medication at all thinking a dog barking from a car was a person screaming at me. Then again everyone's specific auditory hallucinations are different and schizoaffective disorder is different from bipolar with psychotic features.
Avatar m tn I only feel worst after reading such statements! I am feeling more anxious the more i think about it. I feel that until i take the test at 6 months post exposure, i can't be relief. I am healthy and still young. So my questions are: 1) Is 4 months post exposure really considered conclusive? (negative) 2) What are the chances that there will be a false negative? Or rather, under what circumstances will the anti-bodies then show up on the 6 months exposure mark?
Avatar n tn I've noticed that I'm still restless and unable to relax, very irritable too. People talking, dogs barking, every little noise seems to irritate me. I do a lot of self-talk therapy to help me through these rough days, but oiiii is it tough. Been taking long walks, trying to be around others, yet my irritability is still there. Sometimes I push myself too much which adds to my anxiety. I'm also a 24/7 caretaker for my father who suffers from chronic multiple sclerosis.
Avatar f tn Thank you for the advice:) We're now on day 3 and Dakota (my dog) seems a little better, still a bit confused & seems to be barking more than he ever did. My bf was sitting with him last night and Dakota began to growl at him which I've never witnessed him doing before to anyone, we then let him have his moment to grieve and he was pretty good for the rest of the night.
Avatar f tn I had that happen though where I was baby sitting dogs outside in my backyard and they were barking at two in the morning and so someone called the police on me. I couldn't do anything though because they weren't my dogs so they wouldn't listen to me so the police said if I can't do anything they were going to call Animal control. Some people on base are kind of mean and strict.
Avatar n tn She was going crazy barking and I was telling her to stop, and usually she does, but she just kept barking and barking and I was going crazy, so I went to smack her back end but I missed and got her just under her ribs and she yelped and I felt HORRIBLE. She got all submissive and scared of me for a few minutes and that was even worse. She's fine now, but I sure felt bad. Oh well. Have a happy day all!
Avatar m tn They are quite anxious and distressed and the way that dogs usually express anxiety is by becoming active (barking, chewing, digging, etc.). The fact that your dog is 10 years old and that he is behaving normally when you are at home (cheerful and active) suggests that he has adapted to his new schedule quite nicely and is using his time alone to relax and sleep.