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Avatar f tn Girl, I am nauseous and 6 weeks pregnant and I am SO jealous of people who have passed this awful stage. When you have your baby, your jealousy will subside, don't be hard on yourself and be patient!
Avatar f tn I am very jealous of everyone that has had they baby ! I'm so anxious haven't experienced my first contraction yet! And it makes me sad, I'm 38 weeks and 1 day! I'm just walking so I can have a fast and easy labor.
Avatar f tn I think this is silly but understand he has had a lifetime of worrying that people judge him because of a disability -- so he is very anxious to not rock the boat, to try to get along with everyone. Am I being overly anxious? Advice on how to deal with this would be VERY welcome!
Avatar n tn It sounds like you've had some long standing anxiety issues, and THIS particular exacerbation of anxiety is presenting itself with the jealousy and insecurity. Catastrophizing is definitely an anxiety behavior. I think you're on the right track. Medications like Lexapro can be very beneficial in the management of symptoms, while you work on making some more long term changes in your thinking process, and how you react to feelings of anxiety.
Avatar f tn He even cries when we're together because he said he is so sad, and feels so badly for hurting me. The jealousy I feel toward him and his new g/f is unimaginable. I was always the "jealous type", and the thought of him with anyone else was enough to make me stay. Now that he is actually with someone else, I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I can't seem to get over him (even though I realize it's still fresh), and I worry that I never will.
Avatar f tn I know ur anxious. I sure was! I felt butterflies at 20 weeks. At 22 weeks 5 days, he started getting more active. I'm 25 weeks now and my niece fell asleep on my belly yesterday and my Lil boy kicked her head REALLY hard. Lol. He's getting stronger.
18642316 tn?1467563462 I will try this in the evening before bed as part of my meditation ritual to improve my sleep and anytime I feel anxious or unable to focus. I will name my feelings as i feel them and notice how my body feels then do the deep breathing to calm any uncomfortable feelings. The following is a chart on how my feelings affected me with my ex husband. 1. anger - when i felt angry with him i would freeze.
Avatar m tn He has been physically abusive and mentally. His behaviour goes beyond just jealousy and paranoia and i believe he has some kind of mental health problem. He has poor social skills and will just say things out of the blue that dont tie up to the conversation, he doesnt realise how out of place these comments are. He things im belittling him when im not. He will become really angry and anxious over really trivial things such as someone eating a biscuit he was saving for himself.
Avatar f tn ok so this isnt a question just a bit of venting and jealousy. so i am only 7w1d booooooo haha i come on here and have to see all the mommies way further along talking about bellies gender and movement .. and im like i havent even thrown up yet or had an u/s .
Avatar f tn for about a year now i have been actualy being sick when i look or be around my friend and i dont know how to stop and i feel really anxious all the time even when i am not around her and its getting harder and harder to live with and i dont know what to do?? can you help ??
4347725 tn?1356750577 I find out the sec tomorrow I am SO excited I cant sleep lol I bet your super anxious Monday is right around the corner ! My biggest worry is my 5 year old being jealous. Any tips on how to deal with that ? Tomorrow he will be attending my apt for the first time im trying to get him involved as much as possible you know ?
Avatar f tn long story short, I absolutely consider her my first baby! Anyway, I see some jealousy there, especially with this baby actually coming from my belly & the room situation but overall she has been really excited & asks all the time when baby will be here, touches my belly, talks to her...sharing is hard but when you make it fun it helps! She's getting some upgraded big girl things for her half of the room & helping redecorate & we took her along for the gender reveal ultrasound.
5536886 tn?1455830946 But remember, this is a disease, just like having diabetes, and although unlike diabetes you can talk yourself out of it, it takes a lot of practice and professional help and doesn't necessarily work, but try it and see if it helps. If it doesn't, us anxious people can be pretty blunt with telling you to knock it off.
237249 tn?1211293998 So, I am anxious to talk to him, however, dissapointed (in a wierd way) that my numbers were not too off - only because I am soooooooo tired right now and I was hoping to pin point it to something with my thyroid. *sigh* Guess I'll just keep taking it easy? It has been almost a month, I think I'd feel better but man I get tired so fast.
Avatar f tn If so, then the first thing you do is make sure you give them equal attention. When you pet one, be sure to pet the other in the same way. This avoids any jealousy issues. If its just a territory issue, you may want to give the aggressive cat kitty's own room. This would be a room the other cat doesn't go into. It might give him the emotional security he needs to make the wilder cat feel he's got his own piece of uncontested territory. Make sure they're both fixed/neutered.
Avatar n tn Im not sure f im depressed, anxious or get panic attacks, but what i do know is that my thought patterns are very internal, ie, i analyise everything. My thinking seems to be going around and around like a stuck record. I wouldn't call my thoughts negative even or particularly bad, just weird and strange, as if i am somehow not connected to my world aound me. On the whole i love life, i dont feel down so much just as freaked out by my thoughts of detachment from my surroundings.
Avatar n tn Is your daughter getting enough exercise ,what activities does she do during the day, I doubt if punishments will work in fact may make her anxious ,if she cant help it, if she is at school do you know if she is stimulated enough ,what would the children do there?
3137343 tn?1350832760 Yay getting closer to my due date, so excited and anxious! This is going to be my second child and I was just wondering if anyone who already has children, were your kids happy?sad? Mad when u were pregnant? My sons only gonna be two..terrible two! And it seems like the more preggo I get as the days go by he seems like he gets more grumpy n upset.
Avatar f tn I involve him in every think since ive vfound out but now I'm coming upon the thoughts of when the jealousy will begin?
Avatar f tn That's what im thinkin^^ the more u think about it the longer it seems I have 9 days left and sooo anxious our time will come were almost there
Avatar f tn I got tired of weighing and measuring food, I became obsessed with what I am going to eat next,I became very anxious and crabbie.I was going through an emotional rollercoaster along with mood swings. One thing I realized I am allergic to wheat gluten and many foods contain that. I must read labels now.
Avatar f tn While watching, I got the sensation that the female enjoyed it more (more moaning, more sensitivity, receiver of pleasure, more positions, focus on pleasing her, better/more orgasms, G spot, etc). Jealousy of female sexuality/pleasure arised. The guy seemed to do all the work and get a fraction of her pleasure. It seemed unfair. - While masturbating, I noticed that it wasn't all my friends said it would be. It was like rubbing my arm. The orgasm was good, but over quickly for all that work.
Avatar f tn I never thought of jealousy because of her reaction of fear. I would think jealousy would make the child cling to me or push another child away but you never know with kids. Thanks for your input.
1529131 tn?1360210141 It's been just over a month and the jealousy hasn't subsided at all. I think when the due date passes it may be easier. We all just have to hang in there and believe everything happened for a reason (mind you, it's really hard to think of any reason good enough to take my baby) So, hang in there Hun, it will happen for us one day.
Avatar f tn We are trying to conceive, and the emotions surrounding our venture are confusing, sorrowful, hopeful, jealous, happy, ashamed, and anxious. I am finally mourning our loss. But I took too much time, everyone else has mourned and started to rebuild. I just kept going and stayed strong for everyone else, and now I can feel again. Of course we started trying as soon as the doctor said ok, because that's what we want, a family. I am scared, I am scared of loss.
Avatar m tn The weird thing is that this works both ways -- that is, the anger is usually from being worn down by the OCD, which used to take the form of jealousy and obsessions about my partners' past in 3D splendor just to torment me. I'm also a writer, and I've always had my dreams of making it big. And yet, an editor once wrote a book blurb comparing my work to Hemingway and I immediately thought it was ridiculous -- I didn't even want the blurb.
Avatar f tn Lol and ANOTHER friend of mines water broke tonight!!!!! She wasnt due til April! Lol. Sooooo much jealousy. Glad Im not alone. I thought I was going crazier!
480448 tn?1426952138 Not from my "book"...just some thoughts. I wish we could all get together in person and share our stories over a cup of coffee (or tea...or whiskey), but unfortunately this will have to do for now.
Avatar f tn And also, her whole life is about to change, she may have been excited before, but now that it's close enough to touch, she might be feeling anxious or worried she'll lose attention. I would try to really talk with her alone if you can, sometimes moms can connect better with children alone than with the father present. Let her know she's going to get just as much love and attention.