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Avatar m tn Several members of my family have the same issue as you. They get anxious around big groups of people, at church, at restaurants. Each handled it a different way. Medication mostly, but I understand your desire to avoid that route. I've been listening to tapes from the Midwest Center on anxiety and one thing they recommend is just throwing yourself into the situation that scares you.
Avatar m tn I am a 53 year old male, professional, intelligent and successful, and outwardly i appeared in control of my life, yet inwardly i was a mess, i had low self esteem, i doubted my abilities, and was ambivalent to my job, my family and my life. With the tapes, i learned the cause of my anxiety which was the first step to turning my life around.
97676 tn?1340405373 Quote: "It's almost like a natural reaction of mine to think negatively about the people around me, possibly exerting negative body language. This negative reaction was a defense mechanism of mine. Now here I am trying to break it but don't know how! " I believe you being consciously aware of this is the most important.
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with anxiety for eight years, normally I can deal with it, I have been on medication for about six years. About 4 weeks ago my doctor took me off of klonapin 0.5mg once a day. Im still on cymbolta 60mgs. once a day, but my anxiety is terrible, today so far the worst. Everything seems like it is in a fog. Im really irratible, can't focus, can't go out in public, because I fill like im twiching and everyone is looking at me.
1387175 tn?1326400997 What I Have To Say Is Have Anxiety Issues But These Neuro Symptoms That I Have Are Not Mental.. I Was In The Nut House In May For Anxiety And The Assholes Kept On Feeding Me More Medicine They Dont Care They Care Themselves From May 18- Present I Been Seeing Blurry Vision White/Black Dots Neurological Symptoms. If The People Say On The Brain Tumor Forum Its Mental, There Wrong The NUT HOUSE Destroyed My Thinking.
1138687 tn?1548643978 And this state of constant concern is what brings on my social paranoia, or anxiety. I feel like I have to relax myself, and get away from interacting with people when this gets bad. It happens kinda frequently. I mean it is almost always happening to some extent, but soemtimes it is hardly there, sometimes it is not there at all and I feel basically relaxed and well.
Avatar m tn You may also have an anxiety disorder along with bipolar. I have generalized anxiety disorder, which means I just get anxiety for no apparent reason about everything. But, there are lots of types of anxiety and if it is negatively effecting you, then you should talk to a professional. Also, try the relaxation tapes and other techniques like breathing exercises or meditation. Sudden changes in the daily routine can be a bother.
721601 tn?1230607363 Aw man. I know how you feel bro. I've been like that before. I'm having some mild anxiety right now. I've been anxiety free for 5 months.. and I'm disappointed that it's even mildly here.... can't sleep at night... my mind races at night.... nervous stomach... no appetite.. I drink a lot of soda too... that's not good. Get to feeling bro. I know you will. You will become stronger.
Avatar f tn yeah i was diagnosed with anxiety and that comes along with stress. ive had this lump problem for about a month now. How did you relive this?
Avatar m tn Then the third one tried bio-feedback, relaxation tapes, self help tapes and told me that I have been suffering with Anxiety and agoraphobia for a long time. He tried some of the newer antidepressants, but my throat closed up, my blood pressure dropped, all my muscles got sore, my eyes felt like they were going to expode, numbness, confusion,bad headaches and a number of other side-effects. He said, without the antidepressants the therapy would not work.
Avatar m tn My daghter is 11 and say a show called lost tapes and it was about vampires so now she thinks she has one in her closet she now hates the dark and she won't sleep in a room unless she can see it with light or she needs Someone to be awake or she won't sleep I'm worried and she saw that show when she was about 9.5 that's about one and a half years what should I do?
1497278 tn?1289708073 s not a pill to be on for a long period of time, just temp to help sleep and major anxiety. Try relaxation tapes or reading a book or a cup of warm milk before bedtime and ONLY take them if you need them for they are addictive...Benzos are not meant forever, just to help and with therapy....It really helps to speak to a professional and that's what I am still doing, weaning off med's and getting therapy....GOOD LUCK and TRUST IN GOD!!
Avatar n tn This is done in the operating room under sterile conditions using fluoroscopy (x-ray vision). This catheter is secured to the skin with dressings and tapes. The first injection of medications is made via this catheter. The patients are then kept in the hospital overnight. The second injection is done the following day. On the third day, the catheter is injected and then removed. The actual injections only take a few minutes.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately some of us are even allergic to "hypoallergenic" tapes. I am allergic to the adhesives in tapes...and every time I tell them that in the ER they say, "Even paper tape?" Yuuuuuup! Even paper tape. Every time I go to the hospital I get IV Benedryl. Careful, it packs a kick!! It will make you feel like you got a shot of morphine almost!
618210 tn?1223926965 ive been suffering from anxiety and depression for about 4 months now and im taking 50 mg of zoloft a day..... lately i havent felt anxious or depressed at all but i feel like im not myself any more, i feel like i forgot how to be myself, im not the same with my friends and family no more, i dont act the same, i dont talk the same , i dont care about the things i use to, i dont know what i like and what i dislike, its like i forgot how to be myself......
341903 tn?1225388712 Anxiety in and of itself is quite painless. What anxiety can cause OUR MINDS to make our bodies feel is another story. We can not tell you what meds you should take or even if you should take any. You need to see your doctor about the pain you are having and let him/her rule out a physical cause for it. Then you can discuss dealing with the anxiety.
700966 tn?1228661931 The Anxiety Tablets are Beta Blockers,Hopefully they will work.
Avatar m tn m happy next im getting this wierd feeling in my body as well as chest pain, coughing, my throat swelling up, and this sinusitius that wont go away. very anoying, i really think its something else besides Anxiety, Does Anxiety make u very cold and numb, and some days so tired you cant even get out of bed.. someone help me please! i need doctors advice.
Avatar f tn 6weeks.32yo. have moderate to severe anxiety. Any tips on Natural anxiety relief. Any tried n true on medication. .but would like to take t least medication that i can..
Avatar n tn ve found that regular exercise helps me a lot to deal with generalized anxiety. I think many anxiety sufferers become deconditioned, and this leads to high heart rates and high blood pressure, and that really makes anxiety much more disturbing and unpleasant. Stay conditioned, and look into cognitive behavior therapy. After years of trouble, those are the two things that have really allowed me to feel good almost all the time now.
502999 tn?1211504568 If the ER docs told you there is nothing wrong....then it is up to you to seek the help you need. You're so stuck in the anxiety cycle....and prolonging treatment is only making it worse. What is holding you back? Be honest. Do you WANT it to be a phsyical problem versus anxiety? When I was suffering sooo bad with PA's and anxiety...I would have moved heaven and earth for relief...ANY relief. The quicker you accept this...the quicker you will actually feel better...
Avatar f tn After several years during my teens, I kept on having anxiety and panic attacks, and knowing that anxiety runs on one side of my family I was pretty sure it was anxiety. Well I waited until just a few years back, when I found a godsend of a doctor and helped me get healthy. During my earlier teenage years, I felt anxious all the time (more so in social settings), depressed quite a bit, and had a very tough time in school. Not saying I did bad but I worked really hard for my good marks.
199976 tn?1305716364 Epidural steroid injections (ESIs) are a common treatment option for many forms of low back pain and leg pain The goal of the injection is pain relief; at times the injection alone is sufficient to provide relief, but commonly an epidural steroid injection is used in combination with a comprehensive rehabilitation program to provide additional benefit.