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5973125 tn?1378579463 If it is essentially a non medical reason (although anxiety depending on its depth could be a medical problem), then a natural solution might be available. However, you would need to be more specific about the cause of the problem to get help. If he does not have ADHD or ADD, then I certainly agree with you about not taking Adderall! However, if he does have ADHD or ADD, then there is no proven natural medicine that would help.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Natural Mental Health Supplements That Work Explore safe, effective natural supplements for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and brain health. Adapted with permission from the Harvard Mental Health Letter: October 2011, published by Harvard Health Publications. Even the best available medical treatments don’t work for everyone.
203342 tn?1328740807 Ok, I admit it. I have had problems with anxiety for probably years. Some days it seems worse than others, or I can go a long time and be fine. I tend to be a worrier, also a bit of a perfectionist. I'm not depressed. I feel pretty good about myself, for the most part. I have a deep faith and that helps a lot. In the past I've had a lot of problems with fear.
Avatar n tn people with anxiety tend to reach for something tangible to blame their anxiety on, rather than just accept the fact that it really is usually in your head. Celexa completely cured my anxiety... searching for conditions on the internet to further your anxiety is only going to hurt you... As for the arrythmia part of that question, i only know about SVT because its the only one i had, but i know that i was born with it and anxiety doesnt cause it.. it triggers it..
Avatar f tn hi lynn57 ive never tried any meds for anxiety.
398624 tn?1266273049 Can symptoms of anxiety last 24/7? The only relief I get is taking 1 xanax a day, but as soon as the xanax starts to wear off, I feel the symptoms come right back. Can anxiety get that bad?
Avatar f tn Started out with kidney stones and then I was hooked! I have 4 children 2 grandchildren and everybody relies on me for everything including my husband. It was easy when I was on the perc, just pop one and I was super woman. It never use to be that way, I was fine without them. I just want my life back. I pray, take vitamins and drink green tea. The not sleeping is killing me, but everyday I get up and do what needs to be done very reluctantly!
Avatar n tn Are there any natural, non-addictive methods for helping with a pain killer (vicadin, percoset, I'm not sure of the others) detox? I've heard of foods that boost serotonin, are there any particulars that can help restore a malnourished pain-killer addict? I want to help a friend, I myself am a recovering alcoholic, but I have no specific experience with narcotic pain killers. My friend has been weened (tapered?) off pills for about a week now, and they are very depressed, tired, and weak.
1043913 tn?1279685292 I feel like I am getting weaker by the second...
Avatar f tn You asked for a natural method to help him deal with the effects of this... I would suggest any form of MARTIAL ARTS. At MANY facilities, they will even have an instructor that speacializes in children with ADHD. Martial Arts will help sharpen the persons focus.
Avatar f tn Neurologist had absolutely nothing to say of any assistance - exercise helps but I believe it is just good for me anyway! It does nothing for the relief of symptoms.
9787569 tn?1416488772 I want to prepare myself for a natural drug free birth (no judgement). Realistically, what is the pain like for giving birth naturally??
Avatar f tn yes it is its on and off, days worse than others , but thats the answer ,you have to ride the wave and get off when its over, i learn that, its not going to kill me and that it will end soon. i go on with my life and if bad i force myself to get out house go to mall walk around before i know it , its gone, if i had chest pains i would go outside cut grass see if it was really anxiety or heart attack, lucky justs anxiety. you have to work throught it , dont give up ,you will WIN.
Avatar f tn I also started taking rescue remedy stress relief from super supplimentstaking this i feel i have less anxiety with my young children. Counseling and meds from doctors are great for those who need stronger meds. My parents both are in your situation and need higher meds. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn If you are now having pvc's I would say you have had anxiety for quite some time. By the way women who have children are prone to have hiatus hernia's according to some medical professionals. Tachycardia is very common to anxiety. Some with anxiety cannot stand to watch a heart beat on television and if they do their own pulse begins to run faster and faster. When they hear someone had died they become nervous and anxiety kicks in. Does any of this sound familiar? YOU CAN BEAT IT.....
Avatar n tn Has anyone had experience with any of these? Does anyone know of a natural remedy that is safe for kids that might help?
Avatar n tn After I stopped that last medication, I felt better for a few days (it was such a relief, I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a normal stomach!) but alas, my body was teasing me. One doctor seemed to just get frustrated at me as I was almost crying during a consultation and told me it was probably just anxiety (such a bulls*** cop-out in my opinion). I KNOW it's not that.
Avatar m tn Thank You sooooooooo much. I am going to try your suggestions. I to, used to be able to drive the freeway like a crazy person. I actually LOVED the freeway & driving itself now I fear it everyday. I take back roads to work & have not driven the xpressway in a year but I want to so bad. I try to tell myself that this is NOT going to control me & some days are good & I feel like I can drive forever...but most days are a real challenge. I have trouble at stop lights....
2198057 tn?1338534805 My panic returned with a vengeance within 6 months. Zoloft is actually the most prescribed SSRI for anxiety disorders, specifically panic disorder, and it has a great success rate. You are always going to hear horror stories with any med. As with any med, people will have varying experiences. Your best bet is to go into this with an open mind and not any preconceived notions based on other people's stories. Allow yourself to have your OWN unique experience.
Avatar n tn Just do your best to ignore them and try some anxiety medicine. I don't know why doctors give depression medicine, like celexa, to us for anxiety? Maybee someone knows? I have a great job, 3 kids, beautiful wife, and no explained reason for anxiety. Doctors did so many test and found nothing, so they tell me it's anxiety related to stress? Good Luck!
3060903 tn?1398568723 Exercise regularly Exercise is a natural and effective anti-anxiety treatment. For maximum relief for generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), try to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity on most days. Aerobic exercise relieves tension and stress, boosts physical and mental energy, and enhances well-being through the release of endorphins, the brain’s feel-good chemicals.
Avatar n tn In theory these camps work well for children seeking attention through bullying or behaviour issues but for a child that has a diagnosed mental health issue, cuts and has been in hospital for many years it is not possible to abuse the illness out of them. Often this is a factor into the disease manifesting.
1335749 tn?1277373021 No anxiety. Just relief that I could concentrate on my four children, without the constant fear of pregnancy. When I was first hospitalized with depression/anxiety, I was 42, divorced, two years into college. When hormones were once again brought up by people with no understanding of mental disorders, my doctor said I was not admitted to hospital because of a hormone problem.
Avatar f tn If you wear correctional glasses, take them off. For some reason sight plays into some peoples anxiety problems. Ok, now for when you are in an actual panic attack. Cold water on the face, forehead, neck, and wrists can help calm the anxiety or panic down. If it's cold enough, it's kind of like shocking you out of the attack.
Avatar n tn Hi my name is Jennifer and I am 29 yrs old. Last week for no reason at all I started having anxiety attacks bad ones I lost 5lbs.
2107676 tn?1388977459 You may actually need help for anxiety and need to be on the proper medication for it. But work with a doctor who understands your addiction and is compassionate and will find something that helps. Getting back on the merry go round isn't the answer and it can happen in the wink of an eye so "guard up" as they say. Pulling for you always...and your friend.
618210 tn?1223930565 Hence I suggested a new forum for people who may have experiemented with drugs and ended up with anxiety or some other related illness. Best to be with the people you know best. Like us argagraphobics stick together on another forum. Because we all went through the same thing. We understand where the other persons problems are coming from. As another ex drug user would understand were a fellow ex drug users problems are stemming from too.
Avatar n tn I am currrently 7 weeks pregnant. I had been taking zoloft and klonopin (.5mg) for the past two years for anxiety and panic attacks. When i found out i was pregnant i stop taking my klonopin as my doctor told me to, if i was every to get pregnant. But now i am so anxious and have a lot of panic attacks. I am not sleeping and not eating....which is all bad for the baby. I want to go back on my klonopin but i don't think my doctor will allow it. What should i do?