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Avatar m tn i am trying to eliminate possible causes such as anxiety. I want to get Similasan, would you recommend it? I am sorry i am little vague but if have questions please asked.
Avatar n tn Refresh Dry Eye Therapy is a good product and it comes in unit dose packages so you can bring them with you. There are also homeopathic products called Similasan. They have a dry eye relief product. If you go to and type "dry eyes" in the search engine a minimum of 55 products will come up. Jennifer R RPh www.drugstore.
Avatar f tn Many people with chronic health conditions share some of the same symptoms that Sjogren's patients often have (dry eyes, dry mouth, etc.). Your eyes could be due to allergies alone. There is a product you can purchase at Walgreens or online.... it is homeopathic, but works wonders for me. It is called, "Similasan Allergy Eye Relief". They also have one for dry eyes as well.
Avatar m tn I'm referring to eye bright being used directly on the eye. There are commercial eye drops that contain it such "Similasan Allergy Eye Relief " or "eyebright drops wisdom of the ages" I've tried some antihistamine eyedrops such as Zaditor but they irritate my eyes.
Avatar m tn warm compresses seem to dry my eyes out more than provide that soothing relief. They are not too hot or too cold, they are of perfect warm shower temperature. Eye drops such as GenTeal Artificial Tears, Similasan for Dry Eyes and Systane Ultra leave my eyes feeling drier 30 minutes after application. The overnight gels don't work either as I wake up with dry eyes and no sign of the gel residue whatsoever.
Avatar f tn Then I developed strep throat week later, got rid of it. I been putting Similasan earache releif it helped a little. And now its september 2, my ears don't hurt as bad but I think I lost some of my hearing, I can't hear like I use to. Now I'm having a problem with my left eye and left nostril watering.
Avatar f tn MedHelp has an Anxiety forum too, maybe you can post there and get some help with anxiety. I know that is certainly difficult to deal with. Keep doing research and don't give up. Definitely keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Is it possible this is reflux or other digestive problem -- digestive problems are really common in us anxiety sufferers and can be dealt with usually by altering your diet or the way you eat or through relaxation techniques or through using gentle natural remedies. But you do need to know if you're able to find out what the cause is so you can try to fix it.
Avatar m tn Your psychiatrist can combine stimulants with other medications such as mood stabilizers that should bring relief. The research shows that you are most likely to get symptom relief that lasts from combining cognitive behavior therapy with medications. Best Wishes, Dr. Rebecca Resnik Disclaimer: The information in this post is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace face to face psychological or psychiatric care.
Avatar f tn Hi ! My mother has Sjogren's Syndrome and as you may know... dry mouth and dry eyes are classic symptoms of this autoimmune disease. My mother has used prescription medication for her dry eyes, but prefers an over the counter homeopathic remedy called "Similasan" --- it is available at Walgreens or on the internet.
Avatar m tn My friend is 65 years old, has eye allergies (dry eye and allergies) and will soon be starting on Zaditor and Similasan Dry Eye and Allergy Eye formulas.
1534233 tn?1523388856 My doctor says the chest pains and burning sensations are probably gastric or maybe caused by anxiety. He prescribed omeprazole in July, I took 10 and saw no change although I did blame an attack of palpitations on them. I have started on Omeprazole again, for 4 days now (20 mg once a day). I see no improvement and get burning feeling on chest for long periods, its usually relieved when I lay down.
341903 tn?1225388712 Anxiety in and of itself is quite painless. What anxiety can cause OUR MINDS to make our bodies feel is another story. We can not tell you what meds you should take or even if you should take any. You need to see your doctor about the pain you are having and let him/her rule out a physical cause for it. Then you can discuss dealing with the anxiety.
Avatar f tn The day after that my eye was swollen, smaller(kind of like pinkeye) and had unsightly red veins on only one corner of my eye(the corner closest to my nose) and a small off white bump touching my iris! I used similasan and it made the swelling go away and i also used rohto yesterday as indicated in the box. Rohto made my eyes really white and the redness go away except for the veins connecting to my iris and the off white bump is there.
Avatar f tn 6weeks.32yo. have moderate to severe anxiety. Any tips on Natural anxiety relief. Any tried n true on medication. .but would like to take t least medication that i can..
Avatar n tn ve found that regular exercise helps me a lot to deal with generalized anxiety. I think many anxiety sufferers become deconditioned, and this leads to high heart rates and high blood pressure, and that really makes anxiety much more disturbing and unpleasant. Stay conditioned, and look into cognitive behavior therapy. After years of trouble, those are the two things that have really allowed me to feel good almost all the time now.
Avatar m tn t have any effect on the ear), hot steam bath, Similasan Ear Relief drops that are supposed to clear up water in the ears, jumping up and down with my bad ear tilted toward the ground, jogging, and of course trying to dig out ear wax with the ear wax curette that I have. Unfortunately, nothing has worked, and my hearing has been about the same ever since a week ago when it went out (diminished) for the second time.
Avatar n tn t tell whether depression or anxiety was the worst problem, and it wore down my ability to believe in any relief, especially when the first med did not provide more than 6 hours of minor relief, every day. Those clouds of grey came in like steel curtains around 4 pm, no matter how well I had been doing up to then. As for meds, there are so many, and relief depends on your diagnosis, so you need to see a professional for a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I don't know from your post whether you have an anxiety problem or not -- everyone gets a little nervous before important things, the adrenaline produced by it helps us be alert. If you don't suffer general anxiety but just from your stomach bothering you, then you have a gastric problem perhaps unrelated to anxiety. One way this can happen is if you don't chew your food thoroughly.
Avatar m tn One product that I use to treat my dry and often itchy eyes, is a homeopathic remedy called "Similasan". It relieves the burning and itching symptoms. I buy my drops at Walgreens.
Avatar f tn And my anxiety about the situation was not helping either. I have an anxiety problem when it comes to health related issues. I am the type of girl who gets a little pain in the back of my neck and automatically assumes it is meningitis. So, needless to say, my muscles were not relaxed at all for at least a 5 day period. Then it was time to travel back to my school once the holiday was over.