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Avatar m tn Now I live in fear of having the next one and become a recluse in my house. I don't want to get hooked on strong anxiety meds and was wondering if there is something I could do that doesn't involve me popping pills for the rest of my life! Also are there pills out there that aren't as addictive that could help... something that won't get in the way everyday activities such as working out.
Avatar f tn hi everyone ive had a tough few months with my anxiety. it mostly comes on me at night last week my heart seemed as if it was missing a beat and i ended up going to hospital i had full bloods done a chest xray i was put on a heart monitor for a couplr of hours and every test was clear. i cant seem to relax at all and its really getting me down. i feel as if im going to stop breathing and im more noticable of my heart beat lately.
Avatar f tn I stayed up for 7 days straight and it was the worst. RLS, nausea, headache, joint pain, fatigue and anxiety are all going to be present. some OTC drugs witll help but do not take too much! You can OD on Acetominiphen if you take too much. Also some OTC mixing will make your headache or RLS worse. Hot baths and fruit smoothies are a godsend. You will not want to eat - your sense of taste will be hightened and will bother you. But you need vitamin replenishment.
Avatar n tn Oxycotin is supposed to be used in cases where the patient needs to take it for long term use, it is not recommended for post-op pain relief, despite this many doctors still do perscribe it for pos-op pain relief. If your brother tells the doctor that the percocet is not lasting the full four hours maybe he will either switch him over or tell him to take the percocet every 3 hours instead, after my first surgery i was taking percocet 2 tabs every 3 hours for months.
9880688 tn?1414119247 (Updated 10/5/14) This is not a recipe...this is a guide using suggestions from members who have been through the process. Some things will work for one person but not for another. Please listen to what is said to you in your posts. If someone has used the same DOC (drug of choice) as you follow their lead. ****PLEASE NOTE: Before using any of the vitamins, medications or supplements mentioned in this list please consult with your doctor.
Avatar f tn (Updated 10/5/14) This is not a recipe...this is a guide using suggestions from members who have been through the process. Some things will work for one person but not for another. Please listen to what is said to you in your posts. If someone has used the same DOC (drug of choice) as you follow their lead. ****PLEASE NOTE: Before using any of the vitamins, medications or supplements mentioned in this list please consult with your doctor.
Avatar f tn I usually don't have anxiety problems and I am on Prozac 20mg/day. Since the news a week and a half ago that I would have to put my dog down I haven't been able to sleep, I've been having horrible nightmares when I do sleep. I feel like the world is falling down around me and I am losing control. I called my doctor today and he recc. Ativan 0.5mg 1-2 tablets every 6 hours as needed. Well, I took it and I don't feel any different. Is there anything else would work? Valium, Xanax?
Avatar f tn I have had anxiety since I was a kid. I am 24 now and did pretty well dealing with the symptoms and the panic attacks. Lately I have been under more stress and my anxiety is uncontrollable. I had a bad episode and had a black out and went to the emergency room where they prescribed me Valium. I went to my follow up appointment and they started me on Zoloft. The first day I took it I was severely nauseated and dizzy I could barely function or eat.
Avatar f tn After doing some research on the internet, I understand that propranolol will only relieve the anxiety symptoms (trembling voice and shaky hands) but will not relieve the anxiety itself - I understand that xanax will give some relief to the anxiety itself - so that's probably why my doctor prescribed both medicines. I will keep u posted on what happens during the presentation.
379754 tn?1227127988 Since then I have had to be on wellbutrin and celexa for anxiety and depression. I was having trouble falling asleep,the blues, anxiety and a fear that something terrible was wrong with me. I have tried bioidenticals because an obgyn said it might help, it didn't. A new Dr. said not to take them because I am not in menopause, I had a test done that said I was still producing eggs. Although I had a hormone test done and I am low in testosterone and estrogen for my age.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a long term PATM sufferer who has tried almost everything to find relief from my symptoms. I was depressed, filled with anxiety and virtually a recluse. One of the only things that gave me a little relief was a Ketogenic diet. This type of diet is high in fat, moderate protein an low to no carbohydrates. I recently had an improvement in my finances and decided to find out what was going on with my body.
Avatar n tn itself will cause the anxiety. This would be something you should talk to your GP about. I have anxiety that comes and goes and i too start feeling really sick when i go to leave my house, shaking, nausea, lightheaded, ect...i've had anxiety on and off since my teens but never this bad so i too am looking for some advice and talking to my dr about it.
Avatar m tn Does anything for the anxiety does not even make me sleepy. Anyone else have this trouble with Xanax?
Avatar f tn I've just started up fluoxetine (prozac) for the second time and am having trouble functioning. Does anyone know when they started to feel ANY relief from anxiety? also, I really need to gain some weight back so does fluoxetine give anyone an INCREASED appetite? Thank you for your help! Also, I'm taking it at night... do any of you think that is a bad idea?
Avatar n tn I do not need to take any meds - except my thyroid meds now. At my worst I was taking 8 .5 tablets of xanax daily with little relief. Why are you on Blood pressure meds? did you have high pressure prior to RAI - usually a beta blocker is given for heart palps until levels are in range. Also a complex B vit can help regulate you.
Avatar m tn many people visit their doctor with acute anxiety looking for a quick fix/immediate relief from their symptoms which are (i speak from personal experience) highly unpleasent.patients often show frustration at being prescribed an anti depressant type medication due to the fact that these medications in some cases can take a good few weeks to start taking effect, they research the internet and the first thing they see are the good old benzos and request these from the doctor.
Avatar f tn Ive had it for 4 years now with no relief. I've been to every doctor imaginable and have no relief. I currently take zoloft but i have been trying to slowly take less in case i get pregnant but my anxiety and panic attacks get worse. I desperatley want a baby but my fear of being pregnant with no medication scares me terribly. Has anyone taking medication while pregnant and is it ok? everytime i get off it i end up in the hospital.
Avatar f tn your heart is fine but you can take an ecg and echo as that will give you lot of relief for anxiety. concerning the ferritin level how much is it? is it too low like less than 50? if yes then try taking some iron tablets for a limited time like for 1 or 2 weeks as iron overload is harmful too. also whats your hemoglobin and rbc count? low level of it can cause various fatigue symptoms and possible heart palpitations.
Avatar f tn I've lost a little weight during this time (which is not a terrible thing, as I am overweight) but my main concern is the fatigue, temporary loss of appetite (I need to eat with my pills), and anxiety. Could anxiety be the main culprit behind all this? Am I still healing and need all this rest? Do I need to change my diet? I have an appointment to see a doctor on 2 February, but if anyone has any ideas I am very open to suggestions.
Avatar m tn It seems like after my mom died I became super aware of my body. Very VERY anxious (I have anxiety disorder). In March of 2013 I saw a doc to vent about all these worries. She tested me for H-Pylori because of the nausea and wouldn't you know it was positive. So of course with the correlation between H-Py, and gastric cancer I had a good month of high anxiety over that. I've since been rechecked and it's gone.
221913 tn?1372280261 I've been on Xanax 1 mg tablets for about 2 years and I've found that my anxiety will start to set in once I get to work unless I take one in the morning when I wake up. I am also a regular coffee drinker and here lately I'm starting to think that the caffeine is counter acting the effects of the Xanax. I get constant headaches thru out the day and when lunch approaches I take another tablet otherwise the anxiety will come back.
Avatar n tn I don't believe people should suffer when there's relief available. It's unfortunate that the same mechanism that enables drugs like Vicodin to relieve suffering also builds tolerance and dependence. Another thing I believe in is being honest about why you're taking a pill or a drink or whatever.
Avatar f tn Partial relief should begin within 5 minutes, complete relief when the combined effect of the oral benedryl kicks in (20-30 minutes). Relief from the itching should last approx 3 to 6 hours. All the benedryl WILL make you sleepy. NOTE: sometimes the lanacaine alone works pretty well but for best results consistently I had to do ALL the steps EXACTLY as I described. My doc said it was a pretty ingenious regimen I came up with and had nothing bad to say about it.
Avatar n tn Also, it affects serotonin levels and if serotonin receptors are permanatley affected this could cause anxiety. Also, not only are ecstacy tablets produced from amphetamines, the tablets can contain MDMA and other substances such as amphetamines or Dissociatives like DXM or ephedra or antihistamines all of which can cause anxiety, especially amphetamines and DXM, and DXM resembles symptoms of schizophrenia and causes anxiety.
Avatar f tn Blood tests that this doctor did showed my thyroid function as normal but my iron stores as being low - I had been on iron tablets for almost a year at this stage. I took the ADs but they made me worse, on day 3 I cried all day (for no reason) and thought I was really losing my mind; I then stopped taking them and visited a homeopath for acupuncture which really helped. I've since being seeing another therapist for CBT and continue to take the iron even though it constipates me.
Avatar n tn For the last two months I have experienced severe anxiety on a daily basis and a tremendous fear of having another panic attack. I feel short of breath often and lightheaded as a result. I've lost my appetite and a few pounds as well. Doctors ran blood tests to check for thyroid problems-came back NORMAL. Funny, I surely don't feel normal!
Avatar f tn As I weaned down, anxiety has set in really really bad. Restless legs accompanies this but I have had this in the past and was on Vicoden 2 at bedtime for a year for this. I am going crazy. I feel like I am having a mental breakdown. I cry four hours a day. I feel like i'm shaking like a leaf, my skin is sensitive, legs and forearms hurt and the anxiety is crippling. I went to a psychologist and he asked me what I was anxious about...
1460652 tn?1340252330 I am convinced without a shadow of a doubt that my nervous system has been damaged by taking these drugs and this is why i urge people to try other avenues first in their quest for relief from anxiety and not to stay on them long term.
Avatar m tn Palpitations Heat intolerance Nervousness Insomnia Breathlessness Increased bowel movements Anxiety Light or absent menstrual periods Fatigue Fast heart rate Trembling hand Weight loss Hair loss Muscle weakness Staring gaze Warm moist skin These are just some.